Dapper Drawings

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Sir Basil

Original poster
Upon occasion, I like to pretend I can draw.
Feedback, please and thank you. <3
(Sorry for them being links, I tried to get them to actually show up, but it kept spewing 'undefined' at me.)
Ack, your details amaze me! >< I love how they look... Egyptian...? may be the proper word for it? XD I do really like them. ^_^
I'm with Loverless on this. o__o Those details are wonderful. <3

I'd offer some feedback, except I don't really know how. *terrible artist* I will say though, keep practicing human anatomy. Nicely done otherwise, Kumquat.
Pretend>? Dude, you have mad skills. Very original and creative. Can't wait to see more.

My favorite are the second and third ones.
Thank you everyone for your kind words. <3 I feel the love.
Basil, what tools do you use to draw with?
Markers and Photoshop Elements, a match made in heaven.