Dante's Legacy (A Dante's Inferno based Fantasy RP)

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    Dante's Legacy takes place in Dante Alighieri's depiction of Hell. 1,000 years after Virgil and Dante defeated Lucifer and encased him in the frozen lake of Treachery, Hell has become increasingly disorganised. Dante has become a heroic figure to the Damned of Hell, proving to them that the Lord of Darkness can indeed be triumphed over in the name of love and humility, and there was, after all, forgiveness even in perdition. Because of this, the souls revolted, feeling what they haven't felt in eons—hope. From all Nine Circles, groups of repentant freedom fighters who wished to be reconciled with Heaven mustered the strength to escape their eternal plight and after centuries, the humans found unity. Many men and women escaped to Limbo, where the Virtuous Pagans offered any and all Damned a sanctuary in their Seven Gated Citadel of Limbo. Though the revolution was sparked by the collective hope the punished felt, the poet Virgil was elected leader, seeing as his contribution to Dante's escape from the Inferno and ascension to Mount Purgatory was deemed by all to be a worthy and noble act. From a mere Citadel, Limbo has since become a grand and marvellous city. While it still paled in comparison to the burning City of Dis, the Polis, as it was called, provided enough defences, resources, and comfort for the people. It has since become a base of operations for revolutionaries fighting for a noble cause. Inspired by Dante, who even had a statue erected in the Polis to honour him, five mighty heroes must take up the most dangerous job of all.

    Meanwhile, the captivity of Lucifer has enticed its own form of chaos, as demonic loyalists work behind the scenes to free their master and quell the rebellion.

    This RP will be very one-dimensional for players to adhere to the story. There will be only five human heroes, each coming from five different Circles, and each with his or her own set of skills and abilities. They must be either historical figures (Socrates, Plato, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, etc.) , or human heroes from mythology and Legend, aside from mythical creatures (Achillies, Lancelot, Calliope, Merlin, Robin Hood etc.) They are enhanced by the magics or resources of Hell (such as, in the Dante's Inferno video game, weapons that stolen from demonic guards or forged from the mystical metals found in Hell, and magical spells are learned, not inherent), while demigods retain the powers they had on Earth. In any case, historical figures, mortal heroes, and even demigods share an equal footing in Hell, and are, in many ways, no different from one another. To conclude and to further prevent any unnecessary digressions in the story, while maximising character dynamics, there will only be five (5) characters, all human, and each coming from a different Circle. No demonic characters will be used, as all demons and sentient inhuman creatures are Satan's forces (non-sentient demonic creatures, like Hellhounds, demonic steeds and other mounts, and other animal-like creatures can and are in fact used by the Revolution).
    Character Sheet

    Name: The full name. If you'd like, you can also add any epitaphs or nicknames beside the full name.

    Age: Because of the fact that you will be playing a human character in Hell, just add whatever age your character appears to be. It need not be the age your character died, or how many years he or she has spent in Hell.

    Appearance: You can post a picture, write a description, or do both. I prefer both, so as to get every detail. Pictures of real-life persons are not allowed, and I discourage anyone from using anime. Find realistic art, or nicely drawn portraits of your character. If all else fails, then Anime is fine.

    History and Circle: This speaks for itself. Write a short historical background of your character (just one paragraph, since you'll be playing an existing historical or mythological character, anyway.) Answer basic questions like, from where did your character come from? What special event happened in his or her life? How did they die? The real history begins afterwards—where was he or she condemned in Hell to spend eternity? What did they feel after hearing the news about Dante? And how did your character escape to Limbo? Of course, I'd like you to be a discreet as possible with the details, in order to provide a sense of mystery.

    (The reason why the History and Circle section came before these sections is I'd like you to have a foundation of why your character acts and feels the way they do, and what changes they encountered to acquire their powers and equipment.)

    Personality: What is your character like? What are the things he or she likes and dislikes? What were they like as humans, and how has Hell changed them? Include both positive and negative traits.

    Skills and Equipment: What skills or mystical abilities, if they had any, did your characters possess in the land of the living? How has Hell affected, weakened, or strengthened these skills?

    Any takers? Basically, this RP is heavily based on Dante’s Inferno, the game based on the epic poem, and the series of animated short films based on the game, based on the epic poem. I believe the post frequency should be about 1-2 posts per week at least, or 3 if you’ve nothing to do. These posts should be at least 2 paragraphs, or hopefully more. Since I’m only looking for 5 people, I expect only a single character to be played and I’m looking for diversity in the backgrounds and dynamics of the bunch, as well as the differences that came from being tortured and punished in their Circle; and some gender balance for a team, say two men and three women, or two women and three men. As the GM of the game, I’d be prioritising on controlling Hell’s forces, whilst still leading the team. However, to promote the contribution of the team, I’m going to be playing someone from Limbo i.e. a pacifistic, virtuous pagan type, if you will. That way, the action can be left to the remaining five warriors. I'm sorry for the OOC post there, but yeah, I just got lazy to type. I've copy pasted it lol.
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  2. Damien, I love you and your hellish work, and I'm most certainly interested in joining. But you do know that a full OOC belongs in a Group forum?
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  3. Catching up on some stuff right now, but I'll give this a more thorough read ASAP and will probably join c:
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  4. @The Philosoraptor My apologies. I've had this for a while now, BBcodes and all. I've just gotten lazy to type a basic premise, so I instead copy pasted it. No worries though, I've not intended for this forum to be the OOC/Signups anyway. I'm just waiting for maybe a handful of people to express their interest in this.
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  5. If you want, when you're ready, I can just move this thread to the appropriate forum.
  6. Interested! I'm calling dibs on Queen Guinevere, who was incarcerated in Lust for her affair with Lancelot, or Myrrha, from the Malebolge. Choosing is hard >.<
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  7. I'm thinking something like Gilgamesh in Limbo, or Mordred in Round 1 of the Ninth Circle, Treachery, for killing his own father.
  8. Go with Mordred then, because I wish to play Orpheus the musician. He's locked in Limbo :) The timid, sad musician with little to no fighting skills will be the little group's young Virgil.
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  9. Woo-hoo! Traitor time, baby! Selling my group out to LU-CI-FER!
  10. You just revealed the big twist to your personal plan? It's interesting yeah, but lol, would've kicked ass if like, you didn't say it.
  11. Ah, but you see, there's always room for more twists!

    And I might make some changes to the basic character of Mordred. Nothing in the lore, but a few hundred years of torment can do a lot to a guy.
  12. Whoop I think an OOC forum's a-coming *wink wink*
  13. NAW, really?

    But yeah. I think he needs a person, though.
  14. @The Philosoraptor You're right. For all we know, I could leading us to failure, haha!

    @Weiss Maybe late tonight or tomorrow! I'll make a full OOC post with rules and all. Myrrha's a nice character; her story's beyond interesting and you could give her plant-based powers. Cool, eh?
  15. I'll be making the OOC now :)
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