Dante's Inferno+Literature RP (Looking for a female character)

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    Here's what to expect:​

    Dante's Legacy is an extensive RP that is set in an alternate version of Dante's Inferno. Heavily based on Dante's Inferno the video game, as well as Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, Dante's Legacy tells the tale of five unlikely "heroes" (if you can call them that) all united by fate, voyaging into the depths of Hell to fight for what their hero, Dante, has already acquired—a chance to be in Paradise. Having defeated Satan, Dante has become a culture hero for Hell's damned souls, and he has since incited a revolution of noble causes.

    Current characters are Orpheus, from Greek mythology; Mordred, from Arthurian Legend; Lady Macbeth, from the Shakespearean tragic play; and Ali Baba and Cassim, from One Thousand and One Nights, specifically Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.

    I am looking for a female character from legends, myths, or history, to achieve a pleasing gender balance within this team of misfit Damned.


    • The RP is very plot-driven and relies on character dynamics. Those currently involved engage in constant communication with one another. A lot of pre-planning is involved, but it isn't totally rigid.
    • As a GM, I will introduce to the party an ample amount of challenges that'll keep the story interesting.
    • There will be action. 'Nuff said.
    • Dante's Legacy is a plus if you're a great fan of epic legends, cultural folktales, mythologies, and early works of literature. If you're a book nerd, this will definitely entertain you a lot.
    • Friendly RPers.
    • Posts have little to no spelling errors, have a consistent grammatical form (if it isn't grammatically correct, it is poetic at the very least), and are 2-3 paragraphs minimum. Updates are also quite frequent.

    • Despite it being a Group RP, it is one of the smallest Group RPs I've ever seen/made. It'll only be 5 RPers.
    • If you find pleasure in making multiple characters, this isn't the RP for you. Only 1 character per RPer. I'd rather you exert a ton of effort into a single character than play two or three half-assed ones.
    • It is difficult for people who aren't well-read to appreciate this.
    • Despite the fact that there will be action and combat, they will never be the priority of the RP. Again, the RP is and will remain driven by both the plot and character dynamics.
    • We look at the big picture. That means, no one must be too much of a maverick RPer, who decides to direct the plot the way he sees fit. Any and all important plot points must be deliberated on by everyone.

    • At least some knowledge on literary works or mythologies, and a certain creativity to add to a fictional character's history.
    • Adept writing skills.
    • At least a day or two for this RP (we like the posts frequent)
    • A passion for writing, reading, literature, and fantasy (dark, historical, high, etc.).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.