Danny, Dakota and the Wishing Well

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  1. There's this song by the band A Silent Film and every time I listen to it I feel like it would make for such a great RP and I was wondering if anybody would be interested in doing it with me. One of us could play Danny and the other could play Dakota.

    Here's the song

    And here are the lyrics:

    In life you’ll wish for wonderful
    In love you’ll wait, you'll wait
    You can walk away from the water, you could run away
    You could start again with another
    There’s a setting sun where you once found you were in love

    Danny met Dakota looking deep into the wishing well
    Danny couldn’t write so Dakota taught him how to spell
    Dakota told Danny she was falling in love
    But Danny couldn’t speak when Dakota grew up

    Dakota spent the summer chasing boys and smoking cigarettes
    Her first tattoo was a violet on the back of her neck
    Dakota left school when she moved down south
    She never knew why Danny wouldn’t open his mouth
    So she, she ran away, from the wishing well

    Danny got a job and he kept every promise he made
    Dakota got married let the memories slip away
    Danny never wrote though he often cried
    Dakota missed Danny but she didn’t know why

    Dakota found her husband in a hotel with her very best friend
    She tried to make it work but she couldn’t trust him again
    Dakota moved back to the wishing well
    But she never told Danny cause she couldn’t tell
    If he still held a flame for the love
    That Dakota stole when she went, away, from the wishing well

    (Go back, go back, to the wishing well)

    Months went by Dakota knew where Danny could be found
    Once a year he waited by a deep stone hole in the ground
    Dakota found Danny where they first had met
    She took his hand and she told him, “Friend, don’t let me run away
    Again, from the love we found when we met looking deep into the wishing well”

  2. It sounds interesting, I am more comfortable playing guys myself. I would request playing Danny. If you're still interested let me know!
  3. I think it sounds interesting...
  4. oh my gosh a rarity. It would be a challenge for me to play a girl but I'd definitely be willing to play either one.
  5. Also the other detail we would have to find out is where in the story do we want to start.
  6. Exactly, or the character development. I have an idea for Danny, but I would like to make sure it's something you're a: comfortable with and b: would like in your story. I am okay being the passive in rp's (though I tend to usually be aggressive), I just enjoy being part of the imagination/creativity process :) I'd say PM me, but I'm still a nublet to this site and am not allowed to PM apparently =/