Danny and Danny in the Mojave [OOC]

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  1. Game Master(s): Safudor Detanius, CosmicDrift.

    Planet(s): Earth(Post Nuclear Apocalypse)

    State/Province(s): Nevada, California

    Timeline: 23rd Century, Year 2282

    Basic Plot: Danny the Shotgun Guy and Daniel Stormheart decided to travel to the Fallout universe and make a trip to New Vegas for some gambling. However, the Mojave Wasteland is a dangerous place, and on top of that they will need to earn 2000 bottle caps to enter the New Vegas Strip.

    Mojave Wasteland Locations:


    A small western town in Nevada near the border between California and Nevada.
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    Meh, I'll add maps of towns and areas as we go along, but we will start in Goodsprings.
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  2. Cosmic's Cast

    Character: Daniel Stormheart (Danny)
    Fire & Lightning Elemental, Weather Manipulation & Terraforming, "Spectrum Shatter" Move, Advanced Elemental & Energy Capacity, Experienced Fighter, Skilled Acrobat & Crafter, Tenacious & Bold, ADHD & Quick Reactions
    Weak to Poison & Magic, Physically Limited & Lacks in Melee, Poor Strategist & Impulsive, Eager to Fight, "Be the Best", Cocky & Egoistic, Reckless & Daring, ADHD & Lacks Attention Span
    Eeeh, something in my post's format glitched up, so this is the best I can do for now.
  3. Safudor's Cast:
    Danny the Shotgun Guy (Danny)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: MHR NOMAD
    Insanity, Expert with Shotguns, Power Armor Training, Advanced Power Armor Training, Always wears Power Armor, Gene-319 Adaptability, NOMAD Training, Knows most locations in the Mojave
    Insanity, Hates tourists


    I will also play as the various NPC's.
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