Danmachi: The Second Coming

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    Aura currently existed in a world that made no sense. She lived in this world, that made no sense, as an entity. The entity that she was wandered around the world and seemed to be going on an individual journey. With a wave of the arm, the entity could make other splotches of what-seemed-to-be existences disappear. These shadows that were wiped away would always say something as they disappeared.

    "You won't survive long."

    "Working alone won't get you anywhere."

    "You're not strong enough to go be an adventurer."

    It seemed that the entity that Aura was shared the same issues she did. The entity continued to move along on their own until they came across a similar-looking entity. It seemed that the entities had a mutual agreement for survival. Each entity relied on the other, seeming to engage in battle with other foreign existences/shadows. They destroyed each that they could find until there came a shadow that was so large it covered the entire world.

    Aura's vision went black for a moment before a small voice seemed to whisper to her.

    "Find someone to stand alongside."

    Aura's eyes opened slowly. She wondered what kind of dream she had just had. Was it a premonition? No. Of course not. Aura shook her head and stuffed her head underneath her pillow. She was very cold and still incredibly tired. She lifted the pillow off her face and sat up straight. "Alright! Up we go!" As she spoke this to herself, she swung her legs off the end of the bed and put on the normal clothes she wore. Clothing that provided a bit of padding for her when she went to battle. All of her parents had managed to gather enough money to get one of their friends to make at least a decent piece of clothing for her to wear. She was sure that it didn't provide any protection against enemies, but she appreciated the thought that her parents had put into it. She looked herself over in the mirror and then remembered the voice that had whispered to her before she had woken up. It was incredibly odd that something had spoken to her. Find someone to stand alongside? Hmph. Guess that voice thought that I wanted to work with someone else. No one could handle my level of skill at such a low level. I'm going to make sure that I get well-known without the help of a familia for the time being. Familia's are all about helping themselves, so I don't have a need for them until I need something that only a Familia can provide me.

    Aura noticed the grimace on her face in the mirror and immediately changed her expression. She didn't enjoy scowling, but couldn't help herself when she was talking about something as insignificant as a familia. A familia was something that was run by an arrogant god, who was, in fact, more useless than most of the people who couldn't even wield magic yet. Aura flipped her bubblegum hair behind her before she laughed arrogantly to herself. As soon as she got magic she could use, then she could use it immediately and didn't have to work towards getting a skill. She was leagues above the other candidates when it came to latent ability. She was better than everyone else, which meant that she couldn't work with anyone. No one was stronger than she was. She was the best. She was the brightest. She was... Aura.

    Aura walked away from the mirror. People will learn to fear my name in the future. I will be showered with riches and I will be known as the best adventurer this world has ever seen. Aura opened the door to the outside of her room and remembered where she was. She was in one of the dirtiest, grossest, and most dilapidated parts of the city. She shut the worn mahogany door, which had faded from a dark brown to a lighter, duller version of itself. She looked out some of the holes in the side of the building that she was staying. It seemed a few people were stirring. After all, it was pretty early in the morning. Aura noted to herself that she was an early riser, which she thought was better for herself. It meant that she could spend more hours of the day in daylight than in the dark. Aura walked down a set of stairs that were down the hall that she was staying. She quickly exited her place of rest as she went out into the dirt alleyway. She moved with a small shortsword at her side and a small pack to carry her items in.

    Aura moved down the alleyway and onto a cobblestone rode, which was much worse from wear. From what she heard, the part of town she was currently staying in used to be the center of commerce for most of the people in the city. Aura suddenly why they had moved the central hub for business. Maybe it was because it was closer to the God's counsel? Aura bit her lower lip a little and scrunched her eyebrows together a bit. She thought about it for a minute while she walked. That must've been the answer. The God's counsel. It made sense, while at the same time, it did not. The Gods normally didn't invite most of humanity into their 'domain', which made Aura feel like Humanity was essentially being put into the role of outcasts. Of course, she wasn't part of Humanity specifically. Since she wasn't human. She was a Pallum. She was shorter than most and she was made fun of quite a bit for her own size. The thought of being made fun of made her blood boil and the thoughts she had left her mind. She put her hands down at her sizes and walked in an angered fashion, bubblegum hair flowing behind her.

    Aura eventually reached the point that was in between the Dungeon and the Guild. She looked toward a small fountain that resided near the place and decided that it was a good idea to check her belongings and make sure that she was all prepared for the Dungeon. She yawned a bit as she sat down and put her small hand over her mouth. Alright! Once I get all of my stuff in order, I'll get a headstart on the Dungeon!
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  3. "How long do you intend to run away Ryder?! If you don't stand now then what will you fall for?!"

    Waking up with quite the start Ryder sits up slightly in his poor excuse of a bed. Taking time to calm himself and return his ragged breathing to normal he removes his covers from his body feeling a sudden heat overtaking him. "Argh! I need to stop drinking so late at night...well maybe not every night." Getting up he slowly makes his way off towards the small slightly broken mirror within his "living" space. Pausing for a second to gaze at his face he notices that, within his one good eye, a look he hasn't seen for years and sighs before wiping the sleep, or lack there of from his eyes. Knocking at least 5 empty bottles off of his small dresser he begins to pull out items to perform his daily rituals. His hair alone took around 20 minutes to fix as his trademark stand wanted to be a bit of a bastard this day, but eventually after 30-40 minutes he was finally ready to face another wonderful day. Ryder stopped in his tracks and gazed at the blade sitting within the corner, and watched it for a second trying to settle an internal conflict rising within himself. "No...now is not the time to bring you back. I'm still not ready." Almost as though he felt a form of sadness wash over him as he got close to the blade, but ignored it as simply a passing emotion and grabbed the short sword that still felt odd within his hands after not touching one in so long.

    Heading out from one of the back rooms of the tavern that he rents per night since he might as well pass out in the place that he drinks. Paying a small amount to have the waitress fill up his flask so that he can carry on towards the guild. He waves towards the early patrons seated within the establishment as most know his face by this point, so he makes a bit of small talk while he waits for his order to be filled. He gives the lass a small wink as she passes back his flask, and finally makes his way out of the bar onward towards his destination. "Wonder just what kinda bullshit awaits at the Guild this morning."
    "Make your choice Ryder! How long do you intend to wait? What will you fall for when your time comes?"

    Ryder stops dead center in the street and looks around as this has to be the only time in his life that the voice has followed him outside of his dreams. Looking around for a little bit more, but after finding nothing that he could see visually he carries on. Seemed to be a quiet morning as Ryder took a few small sips from his flask and watched the citizens moving about their business as part of their own daily routines. He finally came to the crossroads of the fountain and wondered if going straight to the dungeon was smart or simply stopping in at the guild would be better. "So deal with things that will kill me physically, or deal with people that shall kill me with boredom...so many poisons so little time." Deciding to be indecisive he simply sat down upon the edge of the fountain and waited to see who would enter the wonderful world of danger today. ​
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  4. "Morning already?" Marzipan yawned as she stumbled out of bed, her sandy colored clothes unkempt and wrinkled from tossing and turning in bed. She smoothed them out and gravitated towards her short sword and pack that lay right next to the bed. She grabbed both of them without much thought strapped on the sword to her side, then let the bag rest messenger style on the other side. Probably should stock up on provisions, she thought to herself as she went out of her room. She stopped when she was outside her god's door. Should I let him know? ...Nah, he's probably asleep. With that in mind, she went out of the place she stayed at with her god and into the city of Orario.

    The streets were already filling up with eager adventurers and supporters alike that made their daily rounds. Honestly, Marzipan wasn't used to waking so early in the god's place quite yet. If it had been her way, she would've been up before dawn to slay the monsters within the Dungeon. But no, the comfy bed was too much for her. She briefly wondered what Schadel Herr would be doing before entering a shop to buy some necessities like potions. ...It was only after the shopkeeper asked for money that she realized she was all out of Valis. Cursing her luck and herself, she told him that she didn't have it and that she'll put it back right away, which she did.

    Guess that just proves not to spend it all on trivial things, like all that food, she huffed, mood dampened quite a bit. She had adopted her neutral expression of frowning and scanning the area as she headed towards the square where the fountain was. Truthfully, the Hume Bunny wanted to go a bit deeper into the Dungeon today, but wouldn't she need a party? Hm...Well she could always holler that she was looking for people to join her party. And if they didn't? Well, she'd be fine on her own. Having reached the fountain, she took in a deep breath and began shouting. "OI! Is there anyone here that would like to form a party with me?" she shouted, turning the heads of several people. She shot a glare at some of the people that snickered at her.
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  5. Kei stared wide eyed at the ceiling of the dungeon, it was dimly lit and ceiling reflected a dark blue color. He took in one deep breath after another, it was a long morning for him, he worked himself to the point of exhaustion to collect as many gems as he could carry before he was over encumbered. Around him laid his knife and several dozen corpses of dead dungeon monsters. While he knew he had to fish out the gems from the corpses he was tired. and just wanted to sleep.

    This was a daily occurrence for Kei, there was never not a time where Kei was not in the dungeon. This was his daily routine and training exercise, this was also the one and only way for him to survive from a day to day basis. He was not a part of a familia and as such his day to day life was that much harder. He knew that he would have to join one sooner or later to get any better but as of the moment there was none that interested him nor did anyone want him because they were either full or were not interested in a human joining them. He knew full well that humans were the weakest race in all of Orario and as such he had to become strong but without a familia he would stagnate forever. Being stuck in an infinite loop made his outlook on becoming a hero that much darker. He let out a vocal sigh while laying on the cold stone like floor. He laid there and self loathed for a good while, this was also a daily thing, self loathing at the thought of never reaching his aspirations.

    Once a good couple minutes passed he snapped out of the self loathing and sat up slowly, he blinked his yes a few times and then kicked up and landed on his feet.「Well sitting here and getting all depressed won't get me anywhere.」He knelt down and picked up his knife by the handle. He looked at the blade and stared at his reflection through the various spots of blood. He flicked his wrist to the right of him, clearing most of the blood off of his blade.「Time to get to work.」He casually walked towards the first kobold corpse and knelt beside it. With a quick flip of his knife he was now holding it with the blade facing towards the corpse. Without a second though he thrust the blade forward and sunk it deep into the chest of the kobold. With some incisions here and there he was able to fish out the magic stone. With the magic stone in hand he brought it up to his eye and gave it a quick look. It was a small magic stone and the color was nothing to be amazed about. To think that such a stone is only worth a few Valis. He sighed to himself one more time as he moved from corpse to corpse, doing the same thing over again until his backpack was barely heavy enough for him to carry without struggling.

    After cleaning off his equipment for any blood he put his backpack onto his back and ascended the dungeon, he followed the dimly lit lights until he made it back to the exchange office. Before he went ahead and exchanged his magic stones he met with his guild adviser. The conversation was not long between Kei and the female adviser, she just wanted to know how far he had went down to ensure he was not putting himself in danger. Once everything was smoothed over he went ahead and made his way to the exchange. Undoing his backpack he flung it in front of him and poured its contents into the collection spot. The stream of stones felt endless but Kei knew very well he wasn't going to get a lot back in return, after all he was hunting one of the weakest monsters. In the midst of thinking to himself the person across the grate like structure presented Kei with his valis. Kei looked down and was a bit surprised while it was not a lot, it was more than usual for him. A smile came across his face as he picked up the valis. He was proud, but in an instant his facial expression changed from happiness to determination.「I need to make more.」He bowed his head slightly and thanked the person before him. Once he was done with formalities he headed straight back for the dungeon entrance as his day of prowling the dungeon was just getting started.
  6. Light spilled onto Seras's eyelids, waking him from the realm of sleep. He groaned as the light filtering through his skin set his head pounding. His tongue felt heavy, his saliva thick and gummy, he rolled over to escape the punishment of the bright morning sun.

    Seras's landed on the floor with a sharp thump shortly followed by quite cursing.
    Meanwhile: Fenrir whistled to himself as he tied a apron around his back. Behind him he had a wok heating on a wood burning stove, flames licked the side of the pan as it heated. Fenrir turned around, a bright smile on his face as he poured a but of oil into the hot pan. Next he threw in some cold rice from the night before, the grain sizzled and popped as it touched the oil. He grabbed the handle and quickly stirfried the rice.

    Fenrir looked up at the ceiling as he heard a loud thump and groaning. He smiled to himself and threw in the rest of the ingredients. Some eggs, carrots, onions, sesame oil, soy sauce, and dashi were thrown into the wok.
    Seras's struggled to his feet, he swayed precariously and tried to blink the grogginess from sleep away. At that point he was about fifty percent sure somebody poisoned him during his drinking binge last night, it felt as if his eyes were sand.

    His room was small, to say the least. It was situated on the second floor of a small house his familia owned. Seras's bed dominated half the room, it was surrounded by walls on three of its sides. A small window was cut out of the wall near the headboard of the bed. Next to the bed was a fairly large dresser where Seras kept all his possessions.

    Seras stumbled toward the dresser, well more toward what was on the dresser. He lurched and leaned heavily onto the edge of the dresser and grabbed a tankard. His hands lightly shook as he downed what was in it.

    Warm, stale beer spilled into his mouth and down his throat. Seras coughed as he dropped the mug. If he had been drinking that all night, he was surprised he wasn't dead. He glanced down at his sorry bedraggled clothes, he frowned and undressed. Seras fingered a few of his worst scars that criss crossed his chest and shoulders.

    As he finished dressing himself he grabbed his short sword and lute and strapped them to his body.
    Fenrir, still smiling took the wok off the stove and placed it on the wooden counter behind him. He grabbed a few bowls and silverware and started dishing out the steaming hot food.
    Seras glared down the narrow stairway, as if judging his chance of falling. Steeling himself, and practically hugging the railing, he started down the steep stairway.

    When Seras took that last step into the landing he let out a explosive breath. He tried to fix his flaming red hair as he stepped into the kitchen area. The smell of the freshly prepared food wafted into his face, it was sheer force of will he stopped himself from emptying his stomach.

    Seras grimaced and glared at Fenrir's smiling face. "Your looking a bit green around the gills there Seras, drink too much last night?" Fenrir laughed lightly at his familia members blight.

    Seras groaned jokingly and rubbed his pounding head. "If I looked as bad as I felt people would be afaird I was dead. Now I appreciate the work you put into this food Fen, but do you have anything stronger?" Seras practically pleaded.

    Fenrir frowned and grabbed a small bottle of wine from under the counter and slid it too Seras. "You should really eat something Seras." Fenrir chided. "You have to remember a healthy body is a healthy mind, and you nees both to survive in the dungeon." Fenrir said too Seras's back, who had grabbed the bottle of wine and was walking out the door.

    Seras grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. "At least be safe, somebody has to bring home the money other then me." Fenrir mused as Seras walked out the door and closed it.

    Seras manoeuvred through the early morning streets toward the guild hall. The short but ardous journey finished as he walked into the entranceway to the hall. On his walk he had been bombarded by smells, cooking food, incense, tobbaco, ect, it was enough to almost make him sick.

    A few minutes later he walked out of the guild hall empty handed, he had asked if they could pair him with a group. He was told his best bet was find other free adventurers outside. He tried to straighten himself up enough to not look like total shit for first impressions.

    Seras turned as, what seemed another adventurer, started yelling. Seras turned at walked toward her, when he was close to her he spoke up. "Now keep it down, I'm trying my best not too die." Seras said with a grave smile and a wink.

  7. "Coming and going like ants off to work. This city never seems to rest no matter the time of day as i've come to notice of late." Taking another drink from his small flask Ryder watches as some fellow adventures prepare themselves to head out just like him, or rather in a more careful and planned out manner than himself. Taking notice of one such soul that came back out of the dungeon not long ago with a pack full of his daily killings no doubt, but was a little surprised to see the lad come back with an eager expression as he made his way back towards the dungeon. "Buzzing like a working bee that one...hope he doesn't get himself offed to soon." He then turned his eye towards a fellow stumbling drunkard that he knew by the name of Seras as they had formed something of a little bond between sharing drinks after a hard day of adventuring. Both of their attentions were quickly drawn over towards a small little Hume that shouted out to the entire plaza of needing assistance with finding a party to adventure with. Quickly just shooting it off as a minor bout of noise he proceeded to focus his attention elsewhere...until he heard some of the local adventures and townsfolk poking fun at the "brave little bunny". Taking a moment to battle with his natural loner nature, and his anger over racist assholes Ryder eventually came to the conclusion of walking over for a small meet and greet.

    Taking his time as he took small, deliberate steps, as while his hangovers may pass off quickly, it was still a bitch to move about and think too much upon physical motions like movement. He saw that Seras had also seemed to take some form of interest within the lass who at the moment looked a bit peeved at the mixed responses she got from the locals. Seeing his lips moving a bit, but not able to quite understand what exactly he said did make him a bit curious, but not enough to murder a cat to find out. "I heard someone shouting about a group? If you needed someone then...i'm available." His last words were a bit forced not because he disliked the Hume, but simply him fighting the nature of preferring his own company within the fields of battle. After throwing the little suggestion out into the world he waited to get a response while also making time to flash a small smile to Seras.
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    Marzipan scanned the crowd, looking for takers. No, no, so far no- Her ears twitched at the sound of someone getting a small chuckle before he turned to his comrade and said something about her being a "cute wittle bunny." She immediately saw red and stomped over to the taunters. "Alright, we settle that right here and now," she said through gritted teeth, "I'm not cute. I'm not your toy. And I'm not going to stand for some idiot telling me that I don't amount to anything." She glared at them, hard while one laughed nervously and the other glared back, a cocky grin on his face. This would've gone on forever if someone hadn't come over, causing the adventurers to skedaddle.

    She let out a huff and turned to look at the two people that had approached her. "Parties get more money than soloing the Dungeon," she deadpanned, "I was just asking if anyone wanted to join up in one, we can split it even later." Her lips twitched into a small smile at the fact that one was taking up on her offer before she scowled again. "Got it. You coming too?" she asked Seras, eyebrow raised.
  9. Seras would have been downright chagrined that Ryder was interested in joining a party, but honestly he felt too horrible to care. Seras head pounded as the Hume rapid fired off the terms of the group to Ryder. What threw him was the small smile that rapidly devolved into a brutal scowl when she looked at him. In respond he acted out the most overdramatic and comedic shrug ever produced. "Maybe, probably. But I have a few questions. If there is three of us, wouldn't it be economical to hire a supporter to collect the loot? What are your familia's?" He leveled a blinding smile at Ryder. "Hey if we make it out of the dungeon, lets have her buy the first round of drinks." He joked.
  10. "Splitting money is gonna be a bit of a first as i'm more the solo type, but I guess I can make the exception this time." Still trying to convince himself that more money was worth the time and effort it would take to deal with others. Looking down at the small little toothpick compared to his regular preference giving him more reason to form up, as this would give him extra eyes to watch his back as he grew accustomed towards this size of weaponry again. He then looked back up and over to Seras who also began to ask a few bit of questions about hiring out a support type. The idea had crossed his mind, yet sadly he didn't really know any individuals that would even try and go out adventuring this early in the morning...let alone this sober. "If your looking for familia support then my title alone should speak volumes about the company I tend to keep. Though if you both have any connections that would even be moving around at this time of day then your free to call upon them." He gave a small smirk once Seras leaned over to speak with him and suggested that they let their new companion buy the rounds next time. "Nah let's go easy on the lass this time. When we get back i'm probably gonna hit us up as custom ya know all gentlemenly and the like." He gave a little bit of a laugh at the irony of the statement before awaiting to see if they had any options to slap down upon the proverbial table.
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  11. @Elofaki @Blitzfang43

    Ah, right, the supporter thing. Honestly, she didn't see much use for them, they would just slow the party down if they were attacked. But she wasn't gonna say that out loud, considering there were other ears there. "I'll stick with what we have now, thank you very much," Marzipan said, crossing her arms as she continued to scowl. She wanted to give off the impression she was too proud to get a supporter. In a way, she was, especially due to the slowing down bit. She began to walk away from the pair, putting a bit of distance between them and her newfound party before glancing back. "You coming or what?" she said, eyeing the two men.
  12. Seras opened his mouth to protest, he clamped his jaw shut with a intense scowl as the Hume walked away from him. The morning sun burned into his eyes, the coming warmth making his stomach flip. 'Boy what a day what a day to piss me off' he thought to himself. He shook his head and grabbed the small bottle of alcohol and pulled the cork out with his teeth. He poured the golden liquid into his waiting mouth. Warmth bloomed into his stomach as the whiskey burned down his throat. 'Its gonna be a long day' he though to himself. Without saying a word he trudged toward the Hume.
  13. "I guess I should have known better to expect pacing from a fast tracked race...for some reason I feel a case of extreme irony." Shaking his thoughts loose to get in gear and actually pay attention to the Hume. Seeing that they were indeed opting out of getting a support to assist in their endeavors. "Well it may be a hassel carrying the loot back ourselves, but hey at least its less shares to break even upon returning. Let's just hope we score big enough to make sure its worth it." After saying his piece he carried on alongside the Hume towards the dungeon. He then realized that maybe introductions could be done now rather than inside the belly of the beast. "By the way the name's Ryder just in case you wished to call me something besides 'hey you!' in the middle of a fight."
  14. @Elofaki @Blitzfang43

    "If you're that worried about having a support, I guess I could act like one for all of you," Marzipan grunted, "Just don't expect me to stay still if you're fighting a tough one." She glanced back to see the other two joining her, one of them saying his name. "Ryder, huh? Pleasure to meet you." She paused for a moment, as if trying to think of what to say next. "I'm Marzipan, Marzipan Loaf. I won't even bother if you decide to make fun of my last name. She looked up and could see the tower looming in the distance. And beneath it? The entrance to the Dungeon. She side eyed the two men with her. Hopefully they'll pull their weight when it comes to the fighting bit.
  15. @chaosheart13 @Blitzfang43

    Seras would have laughed, but he didn't want to insult the little hume. "Nice too meet you Marzipan, the name is Seras Light-fingers, master of language, music, and romance." He said, eyes glittering. "No we are hardly pressed to find a supporter. Your probably a as capable fighter as us, it would seem a waste too not use you to fight." Seras said honestly, then his hungover but nonetheless bright green eyes glittered. "Marzipan loaf, what a... Sweet name, I really enjoy how it rolls off your tongue. It would sound nutty if I didn't know better." He stressed, still somehow holding his mirth.
  16. "Seems like you left out master of making terrible puns. I'm surprised you didn't hurt your arm reaching for that one." This journey into the undergroud was proving to be more worrisome than he originally plotted it out to be. Marzipan seemed to be a fine woman and knew clearly how to hold a good blade, but he'd rather make sure at least one of them wasn't busted up too badly to not haul the treasure back. Finally putting his flask away to preserve it for the fights to come Ryder payed more attention towards his surroundings instead of his favorite piece of silver. Not wanting to waste anymore time getting the show underway he watched as the other two paused at the gate before giving them a nod, and made his motion to push open the doorway that lead underneath into the abyss. "Its showtime kids lets be sure to give them a great performance alright."
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    "Seras, huh?" she mused to herself as they headed towards the entrance, "Pleasure to meet you, then." Honestly, the puns flew over Marzipan's head, even after Ryder pointed out the obvious. "Wait, puns?" She shook her head to focus on what was happening up front, namely entering the very Dungeon where they all earned a living. She glanced at her other party members, her eyes telling how excited she was. Truthfully, this was her first time working with a party, she'd normally never yelled out for others to join her. But this time was different, she could feel it somehow. With a curt nod, she followed Ryder deeper into the Dungeon.
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  18. Seras sighed to himself, what a waste of perfectly horrible puns. "Yes, charmed I'm sure." He sulked that she didn't catch his humour, and we wasnt about to explain them.

    "How far are we going down?" Seras asked, hiding his nervousness expertly. "I would assume none of us are amazing fighters, so we should try not to get in over our heads." He cautioned.
  19. "Hah you two may not be, but trust me nothing on the first floors should be a problem. Just watch each others asses and we'll see daylight soon enough before ya know it." Heading down the descending stairway while grabbing a nearby torch to serve as a small light for later use just in case. He walked down at his usual sluggish pace down the modest stairwell which shouldn't take up a huge amount of time at max 5 to 7 minutes to clear at his normal pacing. His mind was currently becoming centered for the battles to come, as while they may still be on the upper and safer roads, but overconfidence and poor choices could still cost one his life. Deciding that the short trip down shouldn't be in complete silence, so he spoke up first. "So just for simple curiosity so we don't get messed up trying to interlace our styles at the drop of a hat how does everyone normally do battle? For me i'm what many call a berserker when I start drinking enough, but for today i'm luckily sober enough to simply fight as a swordsmen in the traditional sense." Taking a moment to draw his blade to the point of a blur in front of himself before sliding it back inside of his sheath. Making a slight noise of disappointment as he noticed that it was a lot slower than it normally should be, but after all this was meant to be a field test of some sorts.
  20. Marzipan shrugged at Seras. "I think going down as far as possible is a would be a good-" She stopped and listened to Ryder's words before continuing hers. "...Thing. I honestly wanted to train more on the lower levels, it would help me get stronger." She'd never done it with a party, though, so maybe they'd go down faster than normal? That was most likely the case. She frowned as she listened once more to the Lone Wolf. "I was taught by someone else to fight, we practiced many methods. The one I'm more comfortable with is wielding two swords, but since I can't afford the second sword yet..." She shrugged. "I like charging headlong into things, so maybe it's best if I act as a makeshift supporter, heh."
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