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      "A long, long time ago, gods came down to this world. The world of us, their children seeking excitement. And they decided that they would live here with us, forever in the lower world. They decided to seal away their divine power, and enjoy life with all the hardship and inconvenience that it entails. They can offer only one thing: the power to fight monsters, what they call their blessing. The children given this power become their servants, their familia."

      Plot (open)
      In a summary of the quote above, this roleplay is based off of the concept from the anime Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls From A Dungeon? It will contain a lot of action-adventure and have drama, along with romance, sprinkled into it. In this roleplay, we will guide our characters through the many floors of the Dungeon and defeat monsters as they grow stronger. None of the canon characters will be in this roleplay.

      Roles (open)
      These are the few roles, or positions, that you are able to roleplay as. Each position has a short description of what it is.

      This position is of any mythology. In other words, the Gods and Goddesses are from any mythology that the roleplayer sees fit. They are the Head of the familias that are created in Orario. Despite being Gods and Goddesses, they don't have any kind of powers for they sealed it away when they came down from Heaven.
      Adventurers are people who are apart of a God's, or Goddess', familia. Using the blessing that their God/Goddess gave to them, they go into the Dungeon and fight monsters daily, getting stronger as they do. They can be of any race.
      Supporters are also people who are apart of a God's, or Goddess', familia. Adventurers can hire them if they are from another familia. Supporters can also support their own familia members, who are usually a higher level than them. They help Adventurers by collecting drop items and other things, carrying spare weapons and armor, etc.
      Civilians are people who aren't adventurers or supporters. They may have other types of jobs, like working at an inn of sorts, or helping Adventurers. Sometimes, they belong to a familia and other times they don't.

      Things To Know (open)

      Locations (open)

      Races (open)
      There are two main categories. One is Kemonomimi, or Beast Humans, and the other is, well, Other.

      ::Kemonomimi/Beast Humans::
      Humanoids that have animal ears and tail. Some examples are Boaz (boar features), Runarls (fox features), Cat People (cat features), Hume Bunnies (rabbit features), Chienthropes (dog features), Werewolves (wolf features), and War Tigers (tiger features).

      Anything that is not a Kemonomimi, basically. This includes Humans, Gods/Goddesses, Spirits, Amazoness, Elves, High Elves, Dwarves, Pallums, Half Elves, and Half Dwarves.


      GM: Kitsune

      1. Follow Iwaku's rules that are stated.
      2. Do not post in the IC until your CS is accepted.
      3. Any problems that arise shall be taken care of in PM, or can be directed towards me and I will find a solution.
      4. Wait two posts, or more, after you post in order to post again. I don't want pages upon pages of the same two people roleplaying together.
      5. Don't be afraid to create your own scenarios! It's your characters, so do what you'd like with them.
      6. I am allowed to change the rules as I see fit.
      7. Be active! At least post two times a week!
      8. If you're going to be leaving, or gone for a while, don't just poof! Tell me about it.
      9. Any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions are welcomed!
      10. Please don't create a CS, and then never post in the IC.
      11. If you've read—heck, even skimmed—the rules, then put "Goddess, I want to become stronger." somewhere in your CS post.

    • Character Sheet (open)

      "A quote that relates to them, or something that they would say."
      [Anime Picture/Gif]

      B A S I C S

      [Last, if they have one, First]
      [Explain how they got each one and who calls them this. Are we allowed to give them nicknames?]
      [Self-explanatory. If creating a God/Goddess, you can put the age that they appear as well as their actual.]
      [Any and all sexualities are allowed! Along with romantic preferences.]
      [One of the roles that were stated in the Overview.]

      P H Y S I C A L

      [Height, weight, eye color, skin tone, etc.]
      .:General Clothing:.
      [What do they usually wear?]
      .:Health Ailments:.
      [Do they have anything like asthma, or something of the sort?]

      M E N T A L

      [You're allowed to list their traits and explain each, or write a paragraph.]

      B A C K G R O U N D
      [Optional. You can reveal this during the roleplay.]

      R E L A T I O N S H I P S

      [Optional. Can leave open until your character develops a crush.]
      .:Significant Other:.
      [What is your character's thoughts on the other members of their familia?]
      [What is their thoughts on people outside of their familia?]

      M I S C E L L A N E O U S
      [You are allowed to add or delete things in this section.]

      [English and/or Japanese is fine with me.]
      .:Theme Song:.
      [Anything else we need to know?]
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  1. I'm down for this. C: Can we make "God" characters? Or just members of the God's Familia?
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  2. We were hashing that out in the IC, honestly. But I think we ended up with being able to make both. If I'm wrong I will be struck down by the GM.
  3. Ah, just noticed that. Sorry, slow internet. xD Hm, might make a character soon. But I'll play the waiting game for others to see the IC.
  4. No worries... although... most of this OOC is a WIP. XD
    The rules and some of the stuff in tabs wasn't there before.
  5. Ahaha, alright alright! :D Like I said, I'm just going to have to wait till others make theirs.
  6. I'm glad that you're interested! ^^
  7. I would be very interested to roleplay here. ^^ Just let me know when you're fully done. I'll make a character then.
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  8. I'm still interested in this.
  9. I shall make my CS soon. Just need to finish my forsaken exams. C:
  10. Yes. Forsaken them. Like you should.
  11. More like forsaken my procrastination because it's preventing me from finishing ;n;
  12. Be like most American companies. Let someone help?
    Outsource it all! >8D
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  13. I most definitely should.
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  14. I'm interested in this
  15. Alright, gentlemen. Shall we make our CS now? C:
  16. I would love to make one. Though, I prefer there be a Character Sheet skeleton, I will make it. ^^
  17. also you said there would be gods or goddesses. even though there were only goddesses in the anime
  18. There were gods, like the guy at the end.
  19. guy at the end?
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