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Hey guys I have officially fallen head over heels for the youtuber danisnotonfire or Dan Howell. So I decided that it would be awesome to do a roleplay including him. Yay! This RP is supposed to be a romance RP. Moving on there are some rules and requirements.


1. Absolutely NO rape scenes whatsoever!
2. Must post at least two sentences
3. Be active at LEAST once every two days (preferably more)
4. All Iwaku rules apply
5. If you lose interest or something comes up and you can't roleplay anymore please contact me and make me aware that way I'm not constantly waiting for your reply.
6. Be nice

Requirements and Other things you should know

1. You must be willing to roleplay as Dan Howell being this is a danisnotonfire x OC pairing RP
2. I only Roleplay female so this will be FxM
3. For this RP I would prefer more plot over porn
4. I post about one smallish paragraph to three smallish paragraphs depending on how into the RP I am.
5. Also it's okay if you would like to play AmazingPhil or Phil Lester as well as Dan


Name: Mikayla Bennett
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Originally From: United States
Appearance: Short, dark brown hair with blonde highlights to her mid back with side bangs, brown eyes, tan skin.

So the basic plot for this RP is my character moves to London from the U.S. She has never heard of Dan before until she meets him when she finds out they will be neighbors. They end up falling in love so on so forth.


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I'd be interested if there was doubling.