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    Thank you kindly for taking the time to read through my post despite its length.
    I also would like to state that I reserve the right to deny any offer that does not interest me.

    If you have any questions in regards to what is posted in this thread or on my role-play resume, feel free to comment below or send me a message. It may take me some time to reply to you, just please be patient with me. Outside of the internet I do have a social life, as well as a job that tends to keep me quite busy. In the coming months, there is a chance that I may become even busier with work. I cannot guarantee a post every day, so if this does not work out for you then please move along. Role-playing is something that I greatly enjoy, but it is not my life's passion. Feel free to shoot me a message if I have not responded within fourteen days, but do not message me the next day asking if I will be posting a reply soon. If such a thing does occur, then I will drop the role-play and not accept anymore requests from you. Also, feel free to message me any questions, comments, or concerns about our role-play at any time. If you find yourself becoming bored with it, then let me know and maybe something can be worked out. If you wish to not continue it, then just let me know through a message and I will seek out a different partner. Below I shall list a few other things one may want to know about myself and my role-play needs...

    - I can post anywhere from two paragraphs to over fifteen within a single post.
    - Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is quite important to me; though I understand we are human.
    - Characters that are listed in my blog are available for role-plays; unless otherwise stated.
    - I do not offend easily and prefer my partner to be the same way.
    - Swearing, words considered to be 'foul/harsh/curse', and detailed sexual scenes will occur.
    - I am accepting multiple partners for numerous role-plays.
    - Though I prefer to role-play as males, I am capable of portraying females.
    - Male/male pairings are my favorite, but I can do male/female.
    - I am not comfortable with pregnancy in any way being in my role-plays, so please do not suggest it.
    - Role-plays may take place in a thread or private messaging.
    - All role-plays done in threads will be put into the Libertine[A] sub-forum; unless it is a group role-play or otherwise specified.
    - I am looking for role-players that are at the intermediate level or higher.
    - Feel free to leave any messages here or inbox me; I am not against answering questions to help my partner get a better understanding of what I am looking for.
    - Also, please suggest any plots you may have that fall in line with what I am into.
    Feel free to take a look at my role-play resume for more information on my role-play cravings, as well as to see an example of my writing and post lengths. I do not always write up posts that are that long, but they are very much capable of turning into something like that. One of the things I enjoy doing is writing. So do not be afraid if one day you log on and find a reply from me that is seven or more paragraphs long; I was just in a creative mood and was able to make such a post off of what was given to me. Also, do not feel that you have to be able to match what I give you. All I am asking for is a couple of paragraphs. The more you give me, the more I give you, and the more our role-play is capable of continuing on for quite some time.

    Over time I shall add to this request, so please check back for any and all updates. And do not be afraid to send me a link to a group role-play you are a part of and think that I may want to join. Though I am not the biggest fan of them, I do not mind giving some a try here and there. Just please make sure it falls into my interests : erotica [gay or hetero], supernatural/occult, mythology, sci-fi/futuristic, post-apocalyptic or dystonian, fandom, modern, psychological, fantasy [sort of], taboo situations, incest, Victorian era, horror/macabre, adventure, and romance.​

    Fandoms I am familiar with

    Fandom role-plays are something that I do not mind doing; canon or non-canon characters work for me. I have listed below the various fandoms that I am familiar/comfortable with. If the fandom is not listed below, then please do not ask me to do it. More shall be added to this list as they come to mind or I become familiar with them. I do have my own characters for some of these fandoms, but generally I do not mind playing canon characters.

    Tokyo Babylon
    Anita Blake & Merry Gentry
    Firefly [series/movie]
    Lords of the Underworld
    Doctor Who
    Black Dagger Brotherhood
    Fever series [Karen Marie Moning]
    Ghost in the Shell
    Vampire Chronicles [Anne rice]
    Sookie Stackhouse [True Blood]
    Hannibal [books/movies]​

    Plots that I have worked out

    Supernatural [Sam/OC] : Based on the TV show using the character Sam Winchester and my OC, Azriel. My character is an archangel that was woken by the Winchester brothers and Castiel after having been entombed for over 2,000yrs. After awakening, she used what little power she had at the time to gain the ability to understand and speak English by taking such things from Sam; this was done by kissing him and transferring the ability to speak/understand English from him. This role-play will find her traveling with the brothers because she is unable to use much of her power due to being entombed for so long. I am wanting some sort of relationship to form between her and Sam, even if it ends up being a purely sexual one; though I would like for them to have some sort of connection/bond. They are allowed to 'fall in love', but understand that Azriel is an archangel from the time before Christ was crucified, so much of the modern way of things will be confusing/lost to her. But that is also one of the other reasons why she is traveling with them, so she can learn about the modern world while she waits for her powers to fully return. For this they could be on a hunt, which she ends up helping them with. It does not need to take place at any particular point in the time-line, though I always envision the boys looking as they do in the later seasons. Other Supernatural characters are welcomed within this role-play; I can even role-play multiple characters in a single post.

    Incest [Brother/Sister] : This pairing would be a brother and sister in their twenties and part of a very wealthy, influential, and powerful company. Their parents had died when they had been in their early twenties, leaving the corporation to them; which the sister ends up taking control of to allow her brother to pursue other things in his life. The company was created by their family and has been in their possession since their grandfather had built it. Their sexual relationship has been going on since their teenage years, but has always been kept very secret. Now with the sister running the company it is even more important for the sexual part of their lives to be kept hidden. This role-play can be purely sex or it can have a bit of plot to it. This can also be my characters that I have pre-made for it, or we can just create our own and go from there.

    Submissive, possible abuse/BDSM/slave/rough : Generally I play dominant characters, usually male, and I am looking to change that up a bit. Lately I have been craving a role-play where I play a more submissive character, possibly someone that is forced into the relationship. Either way, I am not afraid of role-playing anything abusive or rough. If our characters interact and your character ends up raping mine, then so be it. I would just like to play the submissive character for once and see how I do with it. I have a characters that could possibly work for this sort of role-play, but I am also willing to create a whole new character. I am also to my character being bought by your character, or coming into their possession some other way, so that they are like their slave/pet.

    Multiple lovers : Another interest of mine is playing out a relationship between three individuals. The pairing could be a single female with two males or the lovers all being males. Now I am up for discussing who gets to be who, though I would be quite interested in playing the one that is with the other two, their love interest. As for how many people I am seeking for this, it can be done between two or three; either one person takes on two roles, or we have a person for each character. If you know someone who is interested in doing this role-play with us, please feel free to get in touch with them and let me them know about. Then let me know in a message that all three of us are in so we can work out the details.

    Group Role-plays


    Idlaide : Rays of Fortune is a group role-play set in a sci-fi setting. Humans have branched out, leaving Earth behind, and have colonized a system not too far off. But like just with any place that humanity resides within, unrest has risen up and forced them to build a force to help enforce the peace. A new form of nanotechnology has brought about a weapon known as the Rays; ships capable of great feats with an AI that is capable of possibly even surpassing human intelligence. In time these AI became temperamental, building a wristband that would attach to a pilot that they felt was best for them. Though scientists tried their best to find ways to remove the wristbands, it seemed that the ships just kept finding ways to outsmart them. Eventually they disbanded the Rays program, forcing the current Ray pilots to become soldiers of fortune. Now twelve Ray ships lay quietly in waiting. Sleeping until that one pilot comes along and wakens them up. Will you be that pilot? What sort of bond will you form with your Ray? How will you both alter the universe?

    This is a group role-play set to take place in the Sci-fi area of the site. We are still looking for pilots, so click the link and see if you are capable of piloting one of the few Rays still left.
    Idlaide : Rays of Fortune - Sign up thread
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  2. Thank you for the plug! May be interested in the incest or slave one.

    For the incest my question is what the company is. That might help determine the plot/sex ratio for me. If they're a big name manufacturer, for example, the importance of secrecy might take precedent. If they make adult toys or pharmaceuticals, there might be more sex.

    For the slave one I simply want to ask your preferred method of the master and slave winding up together, so we could build from there.
  3. No worries at all!

    As for first question : if you are wanting something more sexual, then the fact that the run a large company does not need to matter that much. The information is there to help get across that when they are among other people, they do their best to keep that part of their relationship secret. So to others they just seem like close siblings. But for something with more plot, the company is one that has its hands in numerous areas; much like Wayne Enterprises or even Grey Enterprises [Batman and 50 Shades of Grey]. It is not one of the largest companies, but it is big enough to have the attention of those around them.

    Now on to your second question : I do not really have a preferred method. It more depends on how much you would lile my character to resist your character in the beginning; how rough you would like this to be. Your character could buy my character, see them on the street and snatch them up, get them as a gift or payment from another, steal them from another who owns them; all of those work fine for me.
  4. For the slave one: Payment almost sounds like it could work. Like say someone's indebted to...I don't know, a crime boss or something, and they give their...daughter for payment. Said crime boss might give her to his son.
  5. Our interests seem to align quite neatly. Perhaps we can do business? I'm not entirely sure I could pull off idea #3 and it's been a long time since I left the SPN fandom, so I would prefer #2 or to come up with an alternative. Feel free to hit me up if you're interested.
  6. Quiet One : That could work out really well, actually. I am definitely liking that idea of how to set things up. Would you prefer me to play a male or female submissive?

    Lorerei : I shall be sending you a message shortly.
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  7. Female submissive. I have this rather amusing scene in my head where the crime boss is actually a woman, and when the debtor makes the offer she's at first annoyed at the implication, but then decides to give her to her son.
  8. Oh, that is very nice. I like that very much. Shall we move this to messages so we can work out the finer details? You can just use the message I had sent you in regards to Idlaide.
  9. I'd be willing to do something Sherlock with you! :) If not, I have an FxF idea that I think you'd be a good match for if you'd like to hear it!
  10. It's been awhile since I found anyone who likes the same things I do, I wouldn't mind doing the Incest idea or the Multiple Lovers, both would be fun and something I've been looking for as of late. Unfortunately I'm not the very best at playing Male characters so if you had a friend who would want to be the other male in the multiple lovers RP that would be good. As I said I am willing to do either idea.
  11. I'd hop onto the three way bandwagon with Arius if you're open to it :) males are just about all I play nowadays unless I get particularly inspired for a female character.
    I have a bit of a struggling social life and a job in retail that gets more demanding around the holiday season, so I feel your pain.
    (I also really love your bio pic :3 is it from a comic or manga? The art is beautiful)