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  1. Hello, welcome to my thread. I'm going to list the various pairings I like but first I'm going to list a few of my favorite Fandoms, below that will be the various pairings I'll do.

    My favorite Fandoms:

    Harry Potter- (Any pairing really, Even Next generation. )

    Supernatural- (This is basically wide open.)

    Buffy, Angel- (Once again wide open)

    Charmed- (Open to compromise.)

    Vampire Chronicles/Queen of the Damned- (for this I would prefer Marius or Stewart Townsend as Lestat .)

    X-men- Rogue, Gambit Jean, Logan or Logan, Storm

    Degrassi the next generation- (Ellie/Marco or Clare/Eli)

    Batman Beyond (Dana X Terry)

    Frozen (Elsa/Jack frost)

    I'm also open to fandom suggestions so feel free to shoot me a pm

    My pairings:

    X-Vampire\ Human
    X- Angel/Demon
    X- Witch/Demon
    X- Gypsy/Prince etc.
    X- Witch/Mortal
    X-Princess/Knight/Peasant etc.
    X- Musician/ Band mate/Manager
    X-Rehab Patient/Therapist/Patient
    X- Lawyer/Client,Client/Lawyer
    X- Employ/Bosses Daughter
    X- Goddess/Mortal or Goddess/God
    X- Escort or Prostitute/Client
    X- Assassin/Target
    X- Fairy/Human
    X- Vampire/Vampire
    X- Werewolf/Werewolf

    (Now for a few plots. )

    Plot#1. The runaway-A young girl seventeen or eighteen years old get's into a fight with her parents, tells them she's going to run away. So she backs a few things, does just that. She manages to rent out a hotel room with some money she had saved up for whatever, stays there with no intent on ever going home. While she's staying at the hotel she finds herself feeling lonely, seeking companionship. (More can be added, please pm if interested.)

    Plot #2. This idea is kind of old but falls under one of my pairings-A young woman seventeen-eighteen don't really care how old she is anyways. She finds herself in rehab after her mother discovers drugs, alcohol in her room. While in rehab she could fall in love with an orderly or even one of the doctors I don't really care who she falls in love with but I love the drama that a rehab normally has, well the rest will just be added as the plot carries hopefully.

    The sorority girl. A young woman between the age of 19-20 so she's basically a sophomore or junior in college, she basically finds herself falling in love with either one of her professors. Or a boy from one of the fraternities on campus, of course at the various parties thrown on campus said girl could act like she doesn't like anyone. She could be constantly called slut behind her back because despite the way she acts her sorority sisters could think she's quite promiscuous, so on. (If you have any plot twists, or happen to be interested Please pm me.)

    The boss's daughter- A young intern or junior vice president at a large marketing company could suddenly develop feelings for his boss's daughter, he could attempt to ask her out but every time he does her father would explain why he doesn't want her dating him. But they could start dating against her father's wishes, things could really work between the two of them but her father could some how find out about their secret relationship sending him in a rage. He'd explain to his daughter that since her mother passed away she's all he has, he doesn't wanna lose her to some random guy especially one as immature as a co-worker.

    Good Girl/Bad boy- A heiress could be single or in an arranged relationship, she could go out with a couple of girlfriends. She could be drinking age, maybe she meets a guy at the bar or club. He could have a reputation maybe he's an ex-con or something to that effect, she could be pretty drunk so he offers to take her home or something yada yada.

    Forty five minutes in heaven: Similar to spin the bottle this takes place at a party, will involve multiple characters. Anyways two teenagers a boy, a girl maybe the shy quiet type kind of goth or emo to the point of where they kind of feel invisible. An item of theirs gets tossed into the middle of the floor, without even thinking they pick up the item of that person. Sparks fly while their upstairs, even though they just basically talk for the whole time they realize they were meant to be.​
  2. Still looking for Partners... Pm me if interested!
  3. Bump!! Still looking for Partners, just Posted a thread for a Pairing I'd like to do.
  4. Hahaha... I kinda like your bumps. (me being silly). I see a pattern in your preferred storylines. I'm open to any of your ideas. Being a creative mastermind myself, and all. Fantasy is my genre. I find I can write more flowerful in that kinda surroundings, with fantastic creatures. Still, I believe many of your proposed plots can be transferred to a fantasy location. What do you think? ;)

    (for good measure) *bump*
  5. @Gorgoniy That they could, Fantasy is an awesome genre. Which plot or plots would you like to put into that category?
  6. Good Girl/Bad boy- A heiress could be single or in an arranged relationship, she could go out with a couple of girlfriends. She could be drinking age, maybe she meets a guy at the bar or club. He could have a reputation maybe he's an ex-con or something to that effect, she could be pretty drunk so he offers to take her home or something yada yada.

    > heiress can be still be an heiress, bad boy can be a thug, dark mage, anything like that. Perhaps even a demon. Rather depends on how adventurous the little lady is. ;)

    The assassin/target idea floats my boat as well. I can envision he shadowing her to get to grips with her routines. Perhaps even meeting with her to gauge her spirit and disposition. All for research-purposes of course.

    So, what do you think?
  7. Either one sounds fine to me.. I'd like the Assassin/Target idea myself.
  8. Great! If you create a place for us to rp, I'll join you tomorrow. It's about bedtime here. And I have to mull my character over a bit. Do we do a cs, or would you like to jump in head over heels?

    Either works for me. Looking forward to the play.
  9. A CS would be a good idea, where do you think it should go?
  10. let's create a thread for the story and put the cs as first post. Easy reference, nice and tidy. Perhaps you'll start with your cs and I'll make an assassin to fit the profile. I'm truly off to bed now. I'll post right behind you. Could you create a thread here https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/categories/one-on-one-roleplaying.247/. And pm, or post here, the coordinates. That would be grand! :)

    I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. See you later!
  11. Bump!! I'm really wanting a vampire/Human Romance...
  12. Hi. I'm willing to try the vampire/human romance plot for you.

    Any suggested plot details and/or fandom?
  13. @Wedge Antilles anything but Twilight because granted I like the general idea of it Vampires do not Spatkle, or all original I'm open to that.
  14. I like the runaway idea, shoot me a PM if you're still looking.
  15. Hey. I'm a little new here but I love the plot of the boss's daughter and a fandom with Claire and Eli. Let me know if you want to rp. :)
  16. It's funny, then, because all I'm familiar with is Twilight and Vampires Suck!

    We can just do generic vampire if nothing else. Would the vampire be me, or you?
  17. It doesn't really matter. We could have a female vampire fall in love with a human male. Generic is fine with me. I love Twilight I just think the idea of them sparkling in the sun was a lame idea on Meyer's part.
  18. It seems your preference is to be the vampire to my human. That's good by me.

    Do you want to get it started then?
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