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    "Are you familiar with this town's legend? The moment something good happens or a moment of happiness is experienced, an orb of light appears. No one knows what they are for sure, but it's clear those lights are symbols of happiness, and if you obtain one, any one wish can be granted."

    Hikarizaka has little to offer: A prestigious school, a relatively peaceful suburbia, and a small marketplace with the essentials for everyday life. Yet... Joy. Sorrow. Anger. Fear. Hatred. Love. Though we differ in ideals and appearance, our hearts all share the same emotions and feelings. The desire to be close to another. To be accepted. To belong. At first glance, this town tells the story of the mundane and ordinary... but take a closer look, dig a bit deeper... and the beauty shines brighter then the most beautiful rainbow.

    Dango Daikazoku is a high school/slice of life roleplaying forum that is set in the world of Clannad. Familiarity with the series is purely optional and characters can range from students to siblings to even an electric repair man, as the high school is an integral part of the greater town around it. In the world of Clannad, it's less about the drama and turmoil that high school inevitably brings, and more about the deeper bonds and lessons we accrue along the way. We are an active but small forum looking to expand the family to other passionate roleplayers.
    Shall I take you to a place in this town where dreams come true?