Dangerous Sidewalks

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  1. It's 2016. In one night, shit has hit the fan. People had begun fighting over sports matches that occurred in the day like in vancouver, punk-ass skater kids began grinding all over the place like in the USA, and everything immediately descended into chaos. The Police patrol the streets armed mostly with non-lethal weaponry in an attempt to take back the city of New Metro, a few misunderstanding turning into fist fights, then unarmed wars in a way.

    Take it easy on your weapon and inventory, because not everyone can be loaded like a fucking space marine. And no: There will be no supernatural douchebaggery of the sort. I don't want people casting spells and shit, but there's still gonna be some insane action movie stuff going down. Green Street Hooligans/Roadhouse style street fighting, top class looting, complete with breaking of window glass and seeing people get tazed as tear gas fills the air.

    You can be a member of the streets. Just some random dude caught in the madness. Maybe you're looting and taking advantage of this. Maybe you get into bareknuckled battles. Or, you just want to survive. Regardless, you've been damned to hell on Earth. AKA the streets of a dystopian city.

    Then you got the Maniacs. Nuts who kill, steal, and rape. The highest form of evil. Now, you probably aren't one of them. They can't really commit to entire conversations and whatnot, they're just there to cause trouble for EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE. Avoid these guys at all costs, because they're in large numbers. (MANIACS ARE NPC'S ONLY)

    Then there's the Fuzz. The armored folk who like to beat people about the sensitive areas with blackjacks and hide behind shields, APC's, and tear gas. Sweet sweet tear gas grenades. They've all but abandoned squad cars, taking up motorcycles and riding around like something out of Judge Dredd, their main base being a building with a giant pink neon sign of a turtle holding a gun.

    If this does well, I may just make a non-jump in roleplay version with a central plot. See, this version is FREE ROAM.




  2. Gordon Bentley was scared bloody shitless. The poor bastard was a caucasian male with jet black hair and brown eyes, sporting a Red T-shirt and dark blue pants, along with black/red high-top sneakers and a green jacket. Shit had hit the fan, and he wanted no part of it. Sadly that wasn't possible, with him being in New Metro City, now a sanctuary for creeps that stole televisions and shit from store window displays, broken through with crowbars and cleats, fires going all over the city last night, the night when the madness had occurred. A signal for the madness to come.

    He stared up at the building with the pink turtle sporting a handgun. He had to avoid the cops on the street, and get into the facility to arrange either shelter, and or a chance to leave town. He had managed to escape a group armed with canes and chains, sleeping the night off in a book store, where he assumed no one would bother going into to attack people.

    "My Life is fucking over…" He cursed. "New Metro is hell…"
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  4. Issac looked out the window of his dirty and ratty apartment. Issac looks at the chaos; fights breaking out, windows crashing, the sheer noise of the chaos pierced his ears. He thanked the heavens for letting him be inside while all this happened. "My God, this place has gone to shit."

    Issac brushed his snow white hair out of the way of his face, came back in the apartment, and grabbed a pistol and a metal baton. He did a quick check of his items. Everything was there and he was ready to venture out, he knew that if he stayed here, he would die. He put on a small messenger bag that he filled with some food and water then opened the door into the rather cool hallway of the apartment building.

    He quickly shuffled down the steps and took one step into the new world, a one that replaced the old one. One that replaced order with Anarchy, peace with war. IT was a new world with a fresh start. Almost immediatly upon exiting the building he was bumped into and pushed down. All the while he was thinking "this fucking sucks"

    (a pic of him Issac Winterfield 2.jpg )
  5. Andrew was not expecting any of this at all. The streets were crazy it was like he was living in hell. He tried his best to move out the crowd and avoid anyone and anything at all cost. Metro city had turnned into a shitload of a place. People stealing anything they could get their filthy hands on. People were now getting into meaninless brawls orver absolutly nothing. And the crazy part was there were innocent people in the cross fire. He hid into a small part of the wall that was damaged before anyone could see him and he dashed right into a store and from the looks of it a book store. It didn't seem like anyone was there so he slid onto the floor behind of of the isle of books. " This is fucking insane".

  6. Ten stories up high, in a dilapidated apartment building, a sniper rifle watched over the New Metro riots like a camouflaged spectator.

    Behind the scope was an unblinking, preternaturally blue eye. It belonged to Karin Ponti, a sixteen year old orphan who had, up until two hours ago, been living at Blue Skies Orphanage for Teenage Girls. They had tried to keep things orderly, and it worked for about the first fifteen minutes, until the rioters broke the windows in. Any semblance of order gave way to mayhem. Some girls still stayed, but the older ones, like Karin, had escaped. What was the point?

    Karin much preferred her current state. Alone. The sniper rifle was a nice surprise. It must have been someone else's secret spot. The apartment was so run-down that it was hard to notice the purposefully placed planks of wood that made a path up to the top unless you were looking for it, or had an eye for these things, like Karin.

    A white-blonde bang fell in front of her eye, which she promptly brushed back irritably. Her hair was already short like boy's, but it still managed to get in the way. She was considering just getting a buzz cut, doing away with the whole hair business completely. She was used to floating through the congested streets of New Metro unnoticed, genderless and elfin, her albino coloring making her appear spectral against the night sky.

    You'll have to do it yourself now. Obviously. That's if you even survive,
    she thought wryly.

    She looked back through the scope, angling it towards the sidewalk right below the building. It seemed ghostly empty amongst the clamoring of people in the city, smashed glass and cars screeching as they peeled around tight corners.

    A frightful cry snapped Karin's attention to her right peripheral. A figure appeared suddenly around the corner, gasping heavily.

    Karin froze. The scope magnified the figure's brilliant copper hair, long and wavy. Although Karin couldn't see her face, she knew it was her. Eve was two years her junior, a fellow orphan at Blue Skies. They hadn't spoken much, but Karin always found herself staring at her hair.

    Karin wanted to shout out, but her lips quivered as she forced them shut. Whatever was happening to Eve, Karin knew her invisibility could only help.

    The head of copper curls cocked back, and Karin could see Eve's face, tear-streaked and desperate. There was a large bruise under her eye. Karin's arm twitched.

    Eve staggered against a wall, and put her palm flat against it, catching her breath. Karin could now see her face. She seemed to have relaxed a bit, but her eyes were still darting from side to side.

    The perpetual roar of the city riots made it hard to discern the flurry of heavy footsteps that rounded the corner.

    Eve let out a weak cry as two officers narrowed in on her. One had ripped the sleeves off his uniform, so that it looked like a biker's muscle shirt. The other had a rolled cigarette, clenched between his lips.

    Karin kept the target on the one with the cigarette. He seemed the closest.

    "So," he boomed. His voice was loud, even to Karin. "You thought you could get away with stealing, eh?"

    "Fucking street vermin," said the other. "Think you can get away with anything just 'cause there's a riot." He spit to the ground next to him.

    The one with the cigarette smiled, taking a drag, and inching close to Eve's face and blowing, clouding her with smoke. Karin's teeth ground together, but she waited.

    "Look up at me." Eve slowly looked up at him. Karin could tell by the look in her eyes that she hadn't given up, her mind was still racing, hoping. Karin softly fingered the trigger.

    "We can get away with anything too," he said, lifting her chin roughly with one hand. "If that's the game you shits want to play, you're going to get punished like you deserve."

    He grabbed her and she let out a scream that was quickly dampened by his hand forcefully clamped around her mouth. He turned her around, and began forcing her pants down while his partner held her thrashing legs together.

    "Should we kill her after?" asked the partner holding her legs.

    "Nah," said the other, "let's leave her around as a treat to taste from time to time."

    "I like the way you th-"

    He never got to finish his sentence. His torso slumped lifelessly, bits of his brain dripping down Eve's legs and his partner's shaking hands.

    "W-What the -" He had forgotten about Eve, who was staring down at the body in shock. He pulled out his gun and aimed frantically above him. He began shooting above him, the bullets comically missing Karin, who only flinched slightly as one whizzed past her.

    "Should've ran," she muttered. The target was right over his head.


    She adroitly shifted the target lower, and shot. He wailed, clutching what remained of his genitals.

    By now, Eve had grasped the situation. She looked up gratefully in Karin's direction, managing a grateful smile. She then looked down at the cop, whose gun had dropped from his hands as he writhed in pain. She picked up the gun, her fingers tremulously brushing the barrel. She then gripped it with both hands, aiming resolutely at his head.

    His eyes looked so hopeless as he took notice of the gun. He opened his mouth to make a futile plea, and that's when Eve shot him directly in the face.

    She stared for a few moments, and then looked up at where the shots had come from.

    She nodded, gratefully. Then, she looked around carefully, slipped the gun into her coat pocket, and ran.

    Karin stared at the bodies of the cops. It was a small victory, but she knew that was only a fraction of the corruption that was rearing its ugly head.

    She stood up, and gave the sniper rifle one last, appreciative look. She patted her switchblade in her pocket. That was all the protection she had until she stocked up at a weapon store.

    Could years of playing pretend ninja in a big city, first person shooter games, and informal sparring lessons prove useful to survival?

    Karin took one last look at blood still seeping from the cop's exploded skull. His fingers were still curved, as though holding onto Eve's legs.

    Karin smiled for the first time since she ran away from Blue Skies.
  7. Issac threw that man that fell on him off and stood up. He looked around for anymore incoming hazards. He had his hand resting on his pistol, ready to pull it out and shoot it on a moments notice. Not seeing any immediate danger he pushed onwards to find some refuge in this god forsaken place. After walking he spies and empty book store. The very one that Andrew was in. He didn't see anyone in there from the outside so he went in to escape the chaos, if only for a moment. He needed a rest from avoiding the brawls and ruined streets.

    He ducked into the store avoiding contact with the other people and once inside he closed the door and examined the place. The place was very empty. The shelves that were once lined with books contained only a scarce few and ones that were there were burned or destroyed. Issac also saw some overturned book shelves collapsed on each other. Deeming this a relatively safe place to hide in for the moment he hopped over the counter that had a forced open register with no money in it and ducked behind the counter hoping nobody would see him.

    He planned to use this time to find a way out of this hell hole and find a way to survive. Issac took a quick check on supplies in his bag, opting to eat one of his granola bars he brought with him. The crunching was rather loud. but he didn't care. He didn't think anyone would be in the store but him, oblivious to the fact that Andrew was hiding in the same store.
  8. Andrew leaned against the bookshelf as he tried to calm his nerves. Everything was shit and there was nothing he could do about it. He froze where he was when he heard the souund of the door being open from the bookstore. Crouching down he leaned out to see a man looking through his items and then he moved away out if sight.

    Thinking over on what he should do, he sighed and then stood aproaching the man cautiously. " Are you hiding too?". He asked as he looked at the man, he wasnt sure anyone else was in the store but him and the other man.

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    Issac whipped around to see where the voice originates from. He thought the place to be empty. He turned around to see a man whom he had not seen before. He seemed to be friendly, probably like me hiding from the chaos outside. Issac responded, "yeah, I'm hiding here. I was trying to make my way out of the city but we're just in the heart of it, so it's gonna be a hard trip out of here. In short, yes I'm hiding here for the time being to check supplies and rest. If you want you can have some food."

    Issac was kind of glad to see a friendly face that didn't want to smash your face in for no reason. He was hoping he would join him in getting out of the city. Traveling in groups is better than being picked off alone.
  10. Andrews looked the guy over and then then around the bookstore. He haden't expected anyone else to be in here since eveyone was either in a building on pumbled to beath on the cruel streets. When the guy mentioned leaving the city he was glad he wasn't the only one. " Yeah im trying to figure a way out of here myself but were going to need a plan, weapons, and medical assistants, and deffinitally more people. The guy seemed nice so he was glad and he sat nest to him leaning his body on the wall.
  11. "you're right about that. We do need much more than we have, but we need to take things one step at a time. WE can scavenge whatever we can find from this place, however little supplies there may be here and then we have to leave this place before they find us out."

    Issac looked around for what little supplies he could gather. Whatever would be of use to him, weapons, food, anything. He looked behind shelves and even in the dark corners of the store. Nothing. Not one single piece of anything we could use. This place has been looted already and the books inside have been burned. This means that this will just be a rest stop and that we'll have to go out soon into the chaos. I had something to defend my self with though, that guy over there doesn't. Issac put his hand on his pistol to reassure himself. He was hoping that that guy could find a weapon or something, he couldn't survive the outside world without weapons. "Hey guy! what's your name? and do you have a weapon?"
  12. He watched as then man whent to check the store for anything useul but Andrew already knew there wasn't, i mean they were in a bookstore and they only thing that was in there was books, books, and more books. He stood up and leaned agaisnt the wall watching the man look around. When he came back he watched as his hand rested on the gun he had. " Nope no weapon but i did boxing and wreasling so im fine for now". He sat in the chair that on in the front. " We should stay here for now until the streets clear a bit".

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  13. Blood started to run down his face, but it wasn't his own blood. The FAL battle rifle that he carried around with him was smoking from its barrel, all around him the world was in shambles. Screams could be heard, the sounds of firearms, the cries of bystanders making a last ditch effort at survival, society around him was beginning to fall and crumble. A crazed maniac started to make his way towards the man, the man let out a single shot of his rifle, and down went the man, blood pouring out from a shot to his head.

    "You pathetic soul..." He stared down at the man that was dead in front of him. He pushed his glasses back up against his face and ruffled his black hair a bit. He let out a sigh, unloaded his empty clip, and inserted a fresh clip.

    "...so many lunatics, so little bullets..." He let out a sigh and started to scope out the area, there were many different people crowed around the city street. To the man with the FAL, they painted a picture of organized chaos, small segments of the overall group of people forming small scenes of despair. To his right for example, far off in the distance, a crazed man was in the midst of throwing a woman to the ground, having torn her shirt off.

    "Bitch! You think I am going to take your shit!" The somewhat overweight man held a baseball bat in his right hand, his other hand held a bottle of whiskey.

    In front of him he could see a group of swat members making a sad attempt at returning the peace to this horrible scene. Their force was strong but the crazed rioters greatly outnumbered them, the city was a war zone and the authority were no exception to the list of climbing causalities.

    To his left a small group of bandits were making there way into a local bank, having thrown a fire hydrant thru its windows, and were proceeding to run off with any loot they could come across. A woman with long flowing brown hair wielding an AK-47 made a signal to the group, she ran in first, automatic gunfire could be heard as she entered, the rest of the bandits could be seen following in after her.

    The loud shot of the battle rifle was heard...

    The man attempting to take advantage of the woman fell to the ground with a thud.
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    Sophie had never seen anything like the riots in her life. She'd also never thought of herself a criminal, either. Although she was in her late twenties and quite together and mature enough for what the real world used to be, somehow, the riots excited her. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of inner rebellion and turmoil of surrendering to the Man, these riots were the culmination of everything she'd fantasized about - lawlessness. Chaos.

    But it was still dangerous, and the only place that seemed free of the danger was the bookstore. She'd gotten in unscathed, save for a few bruises from the sheer force of being run into by rioters. It was quiet, and oddly so. She made her way towards the back where the children's section had been, keeping her eyes open and alert for anyone else in the store besides herself.

    That's when she heard voices - "...until the streets clear a bit." That sounded promising... non-threatening. She swallowed her initial fear, and managed to choke out a timid, "H-hello?"
  15. Issac looked to the newcomer and shot her a surprised look. She had come in rather quietly and surprised the inhabitants of this bookstore. "Hello. What brings you in here? Wait, never mind. The riots of course. Anyway, what's your name?" He spoke this clearly and crisply sounding like a determined leader. As a boy he had been a boy scout and knew a bit on how to lead. He also knew a bit about shooting through the shooting sports merit badges. He had picked up skills and methods on how to be a leader, or at least make people think your a leader. He was the first one though. "would you like something to eat? It's a crazy world out there, you must be tired." He sounded a bit too friendly when he didn't mean to, but he couldn't help keeping all of his food to himself. He took out a couple granola bars and fruits that he had packed from his apartment.

    It was a crazy city and they had to stick together to survive, especially when he planned to escape the city. He took a quick peek outside at the chaos. It was rather tame, well as tame as it can be in a riot, outside the bookstore compared to the rest of the city.
  16. She felt somewhat overwhelmed by his tone at first, but as he spoke, she felt oddly soothed by the leadership in it. He sounded controlled and like someone whose words she could heed.

    She nodded to him with a small smile. Formalities were to be upheld in her mind, if she was to hold onto a scrap of her sanity. "I came from the residential area. The rioting has spread, and the looting has carried over into the private homes. They tried to get it under control, but the Fuzz came racing through the center of town, forcing the chaos out towards the suburbs. Probably why it's quieting down out there..." she blurted.

    She remembered to be polite. "Apologies. My name is Sophie Goddard. I can say that I'm not particularly hungry at this point - a little too rattled, if you will. And who are you? Where were you when this whole thing started?"

    Sophie looked around, remembering that she hadn't had the chance to acquire a weapon of any type, incase the Fuzz came back to look for anyone who may have gotten away with minor injuries.[h=6][/h]
  17. "I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Issac Winterfield, and to answer your question I was in my apartment when the riots started. Things were chaotic, but I managed to slip out with some supplies. I had a plan to escape the city through the side roads. We could escape through the main road, but that would be suicidal and chaotic. I also plan on finding a means of transportation like a car when we escape the city. I don't want to be here when the the shit really hits the fan." He started to pace around the room and think of the best route to take. He didn't want to go through any of the heavily populated areas. Maybe they had some input, "what do you think?"
  18. (Do you guys think this kind of seems like a zombie apocalypse? Anybody willing to make a change to the storyline? Maybe the riots develop into an apocalypse? Because seriously... there would be no need for explanations regarding why the violence is happening..)