dangerous places and pretty faces [SIGN-UP]

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  1. Boys (2 spots left):
    Taken by moi - @mendesokwow

    taken @Sienna

    Girls(3 spots left):
    taken @Janeen
    reserved for @Whisper
    taken @Incandescent
    taken @Kitsune


    if you make this nice you get my cookies that are supposed to be for santa

    header thing that describes your character // header thing that matches skelly // gif of your fc (PICK ONE)



    traits: +,-

    who are you?: (social class ya feel, like who are your parents and what not, what are YOU known for)

    bio/backstory: (optional)



    "Aalano, it's Hawaiian for Light Bringer, but call me Aaron. "
    Aalano 'Aaron' Lyons

    "Legal enough for you, yet?"

    "A little bit of everything you like and need mixed together."
    +Chill/Easy-going, Religious (but not devotedly), Patient, Humorous; -Sarcastic, Obnoxious (when angered), Rude,

    "I don't care much for associating myself with my mother's social affairs."
    - Mother's dating the mayor so he's seen as 'Privileged' by those who don't like him (which is most of the town because of the whole "Privileged" thing, if you see where I'm going...)
    - Besides that, he's known for his humor, and the huge parties he throws

    "Hey you're the guy who throws those rockin' parties!"
    "yup, that's me."

    "If you want to know about me, ask me. I've got plenty of time, baby. The question is, do you?"
    N/A. Will reveal as roleplay goes on.

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  2. Bad News
    Sean Castillo

    Seventeen|Drug Dealer

    traits: +,-

    + Adventurous
    + Exciting



    bio/backstory: (optional)

    Sean came from a poor family in Mexico, which consisted of his abusive father, his mother, and his younger brother and sister. He moved to the U.S. with his uncle the second he was offered to. However, considering Sean and his entire family didn't have much money, he moved into a 'bad' neighborhood. The kids there got him started on marijuana when he was only fifteen. Sean later started to get into drinking. Ever since his life has been centered around late night flings, alcohol, and drugs. Despite this he is pretty popular in school. Or at least well known. Probably because he's had his name called on the P.A. system numerous times, but he somehow manages to get away with whatever her does.



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  3. Do I get those cookies you were talking about? ;) lol.
  4. @Sienna accepted! I love your fc ;) ❤ And yes of course haha
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  5. If you want I could also make a girl, since it looks like we're short on those.
  7. Sounds fun, ill post one up for a girl :)
  8. @Sienna let's wait a bit and see, and if we end up not getting a lot of girls, and your offer still stands i'll love to take you on it! (:

    @creational.meth.od yeah you also use dylan o'brien ;)) use your asian minho

    @Janeen cool, thanks! i'll reserve a spot for you
  9. [​IMG]

    Lipsticks, Flasks & Caps

    " You don't know a good girl, until you've met the bad girl hiding in her shadow."


    Rachel Graham


    Traits: +,-
    Extroverted, Optimistic, Caring, Sweet, Laid Back, Funny, Sarcastic, Responsible, Aggressive, Secretive, Dominant, Seductive

    Who are you?:
    A young wild girl with high dreams and aspirations.

    Growing on the west side of the city, Rachel lived in a stable home with both of her parents and her oldest brother Jimmy. Her parents, a physician and a lawyer, maintained careers that gave her an academically swell life. In reality, all Rachel ever wanted to do was to become a model and she enjoyed graphic arts. She never hung out with the right crowd, she loved to drink liquor and smoke weed with her stoner friends. Her parents never approved of her career choice nor her choice of friends. They told her that her lifestyle will have her cut off. She left one day and lived with her Aunt Jeanne and began to work and go to school. In her down time, Rachel sneaks out late at night.. to abandoned places to do graffiti and roam the night. She lives wild and free!


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  10. [​IMG]

    "She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond."

    Carmen Sanders

    17 years old

    Traits: +, -

    -Sarcastic (at times)

    Who are you?:
    A girl who's seen too much too soon.

    Bio/Backstory (optional):
    To be revealed in the roleplay.

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  11. Ms. Reckless, #800000

    Name: Victoria Santiago
    Age: 17 Years Old

    Traits: Reckless, ignorant, independent, chill, and gullible.
    Who are you?: Infamous for her recklessness.
    Bio: Victoria Santiago, born into the Santiago family. An opulent family who bathes in their riches. Despite the family being rich, within the family a rotting core spreads within the pretty picture. She was born to a greedy man who only wants money and a woman who hates children. They share no shred of love or care for their daughter, but they do take care of her, or at least pays people to care for her. Victoria could care less for her parents but part of her loves them to death. With her parents not caring for her she started doing whatever. She began to fill her empty void with doing crazy stuns and a large intake of alcohol. Whatever takes her mind off of being unloved.
    Other: N/a

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  12. @Janeen accepted! (:

    @Kitsune Love your fc! <3 Accepted! I like your "who are you" part. :thumbsup2:

    @Incandescent Accepted! love your creativity on your skelly.
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  13. I want to post, but, then again, I don't want to since I don't know how we're starting. >.<"
  14. @Kitsune I'm really glad you didn't, thanks! (: Yeah, I just wanted to wait and see if anyone else would join so we could get some guys and then I would post the starter. I could post the starter but we'd have to wait for everyone to reply.

    Group vote: should I post the starter or wait for anyone else who might want to join?
  15. The roleplay has begun. (: I'd like everyone to get at least one post in before we freely post!
  16. Hey guys it's been a while just trying to remind you that the roleplay is up (:
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