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Dangerous Deal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MusicalT, Aug 23, 2015.

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  1. (Like most of my roleplays, tags are *possible* features.)

    Within the normal world, gangs and "mafia" happenings all over the world, in plain sight. That dead body that was found in the river with a shot wound you heard about on the news? It was ruled as a suicide, but Taryn's (my character) father knows otherwise. This is the life of one in the business. You sell, deal, kill, or be killed.

    Despite his job ruling almost half his life, Ben is able to keep his life as one of the most successful mobsters away from his sixteen year old daughter Taryn.

    However, this secret and his power comes to an end when one of the most powerful gangs in the game are after him, with some unfinished business (that can be up to you, if you want). In return until they get what they what, they demand for his daughter, or his business, or his life, will be gone in seconds. Taryn is willing to go with them to save her father's life.
    But will she be pulled into romance- or murder, first?

    (The role of Ben is open for anyone!)


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