Dangerous Assassins 1x1

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  1. The title once was Dirty Assassins but I wasn't sure if that would be alright. Anyway...

    I am looking for a Roleplay about assassins. My character will be a female in need of a partner for a few missions. I am open to anything that happens during the roleplay as I’m flexible. A lot of the time I like to wing things but it is nice to have a plan in place. I would like it to be an earlier age where the horse and carriage still exist and are frequently used.

    I like to write a good 3-4 paragraphs but I will work with 1-2 as long as they have meat to them. I feed off of what my partner(s) write.

    If anyone has a good idea for this then you can either PM me or leave a message here.
  2. Sounds interesting. What kind of smut is this? What ratio to story and smut do you like?
  3. I like a story line to go with the smut, or at least that's what I'd imagine. This would really be my second smut RP before. I like to experiment and I'm open to suggestions. :)
  4. So, would you prefer regular smut, dude smut, chick smut? I would also like to know how experienced is our character. What type of weapons we could have. Any plot type going on? What is the plot?
  5. Chick smut would be interesting, so would male/female. I'll go with whatever character you have in mind to use. I'll put of my character sheet if you like so there is a reference because, I have found I do like to have character sheets. Never used to but it grew on me. :) I don't really have a plot in mind, maybe just starting off in a ball or something so our characters can meet on a mission they'd been assigned together.

    I am not as great as I would like to be with plots unfortunately.

    Character Sheet




    Appearance: (The use of descriptions or pictures welcome)

    Personal Info:





    Here is my character I plan to use.

    Name: Isabella Faith Young



    Isabella is small and scrawny but tough in a scrap. She has sharp features that have been compared to a hawk. She has pale white skin, piercing blue eyes, and long golden blond hair that she either dyes it or finds whatever she can to make it darker. She tries to put her hair in a braid as much as she can.

    Personal Info:
    She was born and raised rich till she was taken from her home by bandits at the age of 8. They wanted to sell her back to her family for ransom but they refused. Instead of killing her right out they used her for whatever they wanted. Over time she learned the tools of the trade and struck out on her own under the cover of darkness. It took her a while to get the hang of things but as long as she was away from them she was happy. She never once thought about going back home to her family because if they didn’t want her that was their problem.

    Medium sized battle Knife

    Throwing knives

    hidden blades, lock pick tools, and other tools of the trade, bow and arrows if need be.

    cautious (More explained in RP)
  6. If there are anymore questions I'm open. :)
  7. Name: Cauis Mallius
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (wears cape when not on missions) View attachment 13195
    Personal Info: Doesn't give personal Information.
    Prim.Wpn: (attached on hips, chain facing forward) View attachment 13194
    Sec.Wpm: (attached on back) View attachment 13193
    Equipment: throwing knives, lockpicks, poison needles and blower (I don't know what its called, the thing people use to blow darts), faked doctrines and papers of superiority.
    Personality: very lethargic and lazy. Only on missions does he commit to being serious.
  8. Could we possibly make it a dude smut?
  9. I could change my character if you would like M/M.
  10. Alright, give me a sec to change things around. Sorry for being a little slow right now, I'm a little foggy brained. Curse the thyroid and all it does when it malfunctions.
  11. It's all good. No worries.
  12. Name: Javier Keisler
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance] http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/Wolfmaster91/Decorated%2520images/3357921.jpg he does not wear colors other than black, grays, browns, and the occasional camouflage when he’s working or having down time. His clothes are plain and blend in quite well to whatever he is a part of.
    Personal Info: Unknown
    Prim.Wpn] Samurai sword and wakizashi
    Sec.Wpn] Throwing knives
    Equipment] hidden blades, lock pick tools, other tools of the trade, and a manrikigusari (for choking people to death).
    Personality: impulsive, quick to temper, determined (More explained in RP)
  13. He's hot. :p
  14. LOL, so the question is....who wants to start and how?
  15. You, during a mission.
  16. Alright, I got the post all typed. I think I'll post the IC in the Mature section if it is alright. :)