Dangerous Adventure

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    Crypt, level 18, male, move set Sucker punch, faint attack, glare and hidden power (fire)


    Phantom , level 18 , female fire fang, flame charge, faint attack and curse

    N was always careful around people never grew up trusting alot of people in his life seeing how they treated their pokemon and it broke his heart. He smiles as he walked through the small town and noticed alot of people in their homes and raised eyebrow and saw why a bit far beyond his sight. N sat on his Arcanine as it growled slightly seeing a hoard of pokemon swarming around the town. As much as he rather leave it that way he had a heart and saw a trainer in deep trouble with a snivy that looked ready to faith . "Phantom flame charge, Crypt faith attack" he said and the pokemon sprang into action and cleared the area around the trainer to keep it self from the wild pokemon. N walked over swiftly "you need to heal your pokemon" he said slowly as his Arcanine growled at the warm of pokemon that growled and yowled back at them. The Zoura used sucker punch catching a pokemon and slammed it backwards sharply.
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    Serpentine, level 13, female, move set: Vine whip, leaf storm, scratch, and charm.
    Whisper, level 12, female, move set: curse, dark pulse, shadow ball, and will-o-wisp.

    Black looked at the other trainer and nodded, his shiny snivy leaped up onto his shoulder. He called her serpentine because of her snake like body, "Whisper enough!" He called to a dark blast. A Misdreavus flew over to him, she gave a worried cry when she saw the cut on his cheek from one of the pokemon. "I'm fine," Black assured her, she just looked at him before nodding.
  3. N nodded and let his two pokemon keep their flank clean and they came to the pokemon center and they came in slowly "Here heal up your pokemon and get the cut cleaned" N said as his to pokemon sat beside him and he feeds them barries and smiling gently. He grinned and relaxed as his large Arcanine sat beside him wagging his large fluffy tail barking and the Zoura sat in his lap happily purring.
  4. Black took his pokemon to Nurse Joy, she brought him in with her to clean his cut and bandage it. He came back minutes later Serpentine riding on his shoulder and Whisper by his side, " hey thanks for helping us," he said. Both pokemon let off calls thanking him as well, Serpentine nuzzled Black and he stroked her.
  5. N nodded gently "no problem we love helping" he said as his Pokemon nodded gently and the arcanine barrled deeply before licking n face happilt
  6. Whisper swirled in the air making cooing sounds as she hugged Black. Black sat near N, "so why are you here?" He asked as Serpentine laid in his lap her brown eyes somewhat closing. Whisper sat/hovered on Black's shoulder nestling against his neck still making cooing sounds.
  7. "I.saw the town in trouble with hoard of Pokemon" said n slowly as his arcanine sniffed the snivy. The zoura stayed in lap of n happily
  8. Serpentine sniffed the fire dog, she pulled away nuzzling black. Black nodded, "we were on our way to the gym, we felt we were ready," he said both his pokemon nodding.
  9. "Well you might need some help doing that" chuckled n as he pets his large dog and it barked nodding happily. The zoura slept happily
  10. Black nodded, "Ya we might," he said, Serpentine gave a cry of agreement. Whisper just nestled deeper against Black her eyes glowing slightly and eerily.
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