Danger in the swamp

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  1. This game is already fully casted. I am just going to post character sheet here.

    Character sheet

    Name: (you will need to choose from the list of given names and surnames that applies to all of you)
    (obvious for journalist but for villagers just write down what you do in the village, e.g. helping in the farm, tavern, crafting something, etc.)
    Appearance: (you can either write it down or post a picture, if you post a picture put it in spoiler please - that's the forth icon from right in the third row if you do advance edit)
    Your view about the mystery: (what is your character thinking about what has been happening)
    Your relationship:
    (this applies only to the villagers. Just write down whether you are close friends, foes, acquaintances, etc.)

    So far there are no rules apart from one - Have fun and don't get too scared ;)

    Also, this thread will serves us an OC thread in case you have a question or an idea or you just want to chat with your fellow players. (It can also serve for you to shout at me that I am a dumbass who gave you nightmares ^_^ )
  2. Name: Halász Margit (surname first)
    Age: 19
    Profession: Margit takes in sewing and is now the woman of the household.
    Appearance: Margit has long, almost-black hair, braided and pinned to the top of her head as is customary for a married woman. She's about 5'3" / 1.52 m, and slightly pudgy. Her brown eyes and thick lashes are her best feature. She embroidered her cap with flowers and birds, and she's quite proud of it and won't wear any other cap, but that's the only fancy thing she wears. Otherwise she wears plain dresses conducive to all the work she does in a day.
    Your view about the mystery: She's torn between horrified, intrigued, and a strong desire to protect her family and go about her business. Margit's rather practical and tends to think first about how events in the village will affect her family and what she can do to make it less so.
    History: As the oldest of five children, Margit has often been the most responsible of the family while her father, a blacksmith, and her mother, who takes in sewing, did their own work. Margit helped out in all the ways she could growing up, and took care of her siblings.

    Her parents were able to arrange a marriage between Margit and the only son of a big fisherman in town, Halász Károly, when she turned 18 and a year later they were married. The two are just getting used to one another when the disappearances started, and since then Margit has split her time between her new household and spending time with her younger siblings to make sure they are safe.
    Your relationship: Married.
  3. Name: Judit Nyilas
    Age: 22
    Profession: Journalist.
    Appearance: Judit has shoulder length brown hair that has a reddish shine in the sun, which she wears loose. She's 5'5" and sort of slender. She has light brown eyes, and brows with a slight arch. She wears simple, but bright dresses and always carries a brown bag that holds her papers, and other writing instruments. Judit has a golden locket, given to her by her father, that she never takes off. It's a simple, oval shaped locket with two crossing arrows engraved on the outside.
    Your views about the mystery: When she first heard of the strange ocurrences happening in the village she thought it was probably some sort of prank being pulled by some mischevious teenagers. She at first, thought it was just the poor village vying for attention. Still skeptical, she has decided to travel to Csikaró to get to the bottom of the mystery.
    History: Judit is an only child, her mother died soon after her birth. Her father was an archer who hunted to provide for his family. He fell into a depression after his wife died; knowing that he wouldn't be able to take care of his child, he sent Judit with his sister in the capital. A small locket was his parting gift to her. She grew up hearing stories of her father and her mother, always wondering why she couldn't go with her parents. She later learned that her mother was dead and was told that her father was also dead, though that was untrue. She grew up to be a studious child with her skin thick know how cruel life can be.
  4. Name: Halász Károly (surname first)

    Age: 23

    Profession: Fisherman

    Appearance: Károly is your typical village person with a strong, healthy look and some visible muscles. He is not as strong as a farmer because of his profession, but he is still rather large, and on the tall side. He has short, black hair and brown eyes, and he sports a large moustache that he is proud of. He usually wears plain, cheap and strong clothes so they don’t get messed up by the nearby swamps.

    Your view about the mystery: Károly is frightened by the disappearances, but at the same time, he is very intrigued by them. He also wants his village and family safe from the monster, so he is willing to do anything to get rid of it.

    History: Károly is the oldest and only son of the village’s famous fisherman, whose wife died in childbirth. The old man gave him a somewhat strict upbringing, but as a result, he knows his way around the swamps surrounding the village, not to mention he knows a great deal about the small rivers and the lake. When he turned 22, his father caught a serious illness, and in a desperate attempt to carry on his bloodline, he forced Károly to marry Margit, the daughter of the blacksmith.

    Károly does not really like this new marriage, but he is willing to put up with Margit for the sake of his family and the village, as good fishermen are always needed.

    Your relationship: Married
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  12. Name: Alexander Arany
    Age: 24
    Profession: Journalist
    Appearance: Alexander.jpg See picture -->

    Your View About the Mystery:
    He is a bit skeptical about the whole mystery and believes that the villagers might have something to do with the disappearances themselves. However, he has not fully discounted it as a hoax, but believes that if there is an external force acting upon the village, that there is a perfectly logical explanation for it.

    Either way, he believes the mystery would be a good addition to his portfolio.

    Alexander was born and raised in the capital. Regardless of this, though, he was often neglected growing up because his parents were never around. They left very early in the morning and always returned during some unknown time during which he slept.

    Alexander had few friends and spent lots of time alone at home during the evenings. His parents bid his neighbors to make sure to get dinner to him in the evenings and that's how he ate.

    So to stave off boredom, he set about reading the newspapers and quickly fell in love with journalism. As he grew up, he slowly made a name for himself, getting his big break when he was hired by one of the capital's leading newspapers.
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