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Have you seen Danganronpa and/or played either of the games?

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  1. Danganronpa: The Next Generation


    Years after the initial 15 students were trapped inside the abandoned Hope's Peak Academy, and even after the next group, a new band of characters has joined the party. After being accepted into the prestigious academy, your character wasted no time making their way there. After all, it isn't every day you are accepted into one of the best schools in Japan. Sure, they have heard things about the school, but nothing could stop them from going. Not even the feeling in your their that something, although they didn't know what, was going to go terribly wrong.


    • Any character is allowed! Mary-Sues, Gary-Stues, and the like. Just don't go to overboard, or you might be the first to go...
    • No God-modding, please. You are a regular teenager, so you do not have super awesome cool powers.
    • Your character may die, and you have to accept that. No new characters.
    • We are using the original rules from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which means the only way you can leave the school is by killing someone and not getting caught. If you plan to kill someone, or if you are the planned victim, please discuss this with each other in the PM. Do not post your plans in the OOC, or we will know the killer and will know who to vote for. Now, if you do not get caught, everyone else dies, so keep that in mind. With that in mind, if you are the victim, you get to describe the crime scene, but do not omit all signs of crime. We still need to have some kind of evidence to go by.
    • Follow all site rules, and if there are any questions, PM me or post it in the OOC thread.
    -Character Sheet-


    Nickname: (If applicable)
    Age: (Between 14-19)
    "Super Duper High School" title:
    Picture: (Anime pictures, please)
    Writing Sample: (What was their reaction to getting the letter? 1-2 paragraphs please)
    Dialogue Color:

    -Open Slots-

    1. (Taken by @Lilpuff)
    2. (Taken by @Haruka)
    3. (Taken by @Fantasy_Star)
    4. (Taken by @FetusMaknae)
    5. (Taken by @Kitty)
    6. (Taken by @Temm)
    7. (Taken by @Mimoza)
    8. (Taken by @SuperCreativeName)
    9. (Taken by @ShiroKiyoshi)
    10. (Taken by @Riddler)
    11. (Taken by
    12. (Taken by @Sepdemonium)
    13. (Taken by @cojemo)
    14. (Taken by @Darknessofthehart)
    15. (Taken by @Death Name Cry)

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  2. It will be really interesting to see how this will turn out,I'm most likely going to join~
    However,I feel like this should be in the sign-ups thread.. .x.
  3. *Fangirl screams* //Shot. May i join?
  4. I'm hella interested in this roleplay, I'll join soon.
  5. Name: Kaori Amaya

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    "Super Duper High School" title: Super Duper High School Photographer




    • Observant
    • Social Butterfly
    • Creative
    • Precise
    • Immature
    • Does not follow guidelines or due dates very well
    • Stubborn
    • Can be a erfectionist
    Backstory: Kaori is the second oldest child in her family. Above her is her older sister, Aiko, and below her are her young twin brother and sister, Ichirou and Haruka. Growing up, she was always looking for attention, which was hard to come by. Her parents gave lots of attention to her younger siblings, and were always praising her older sister Aiko for her success in school, which Kaori was not very good at. So, in order to gain an edge on her siblings, she joined the photography club at school. After being in the club for a few weeks, she realized she really loved photography, and when her parents saw her talent at the art, they bought her a new camera to use for her work. As she grew older, she got better and better at her talent, and finally got a letter from the elite school Hope's Peak Academy, where she was to attend as the "Super Duper High School Photographer". Ecstatic, her parents insisted that she attend, and happy about getting recognized for her skill, she accepted.

    Writing Sample: Kaori attached the lens to her camera, positioning it for the perfect shot of the sunset horizon. She looked through the lens, making sure it was centered, then..."Kaori! Ichirou stole my doll and he won't give it back!" Kaori flinched, almost dropping the camera that was in her hands as her little sister screamed about her toy. Kaori rolled her eyes, then yelled back, "Shut up! I'm working on something! Ichirou, give her the doll back!" Ignoring further cries of protest from either twin, she resumed her work, and went back to positioning her lens. "And...perfect. This will look great in my portfolio." Kaori packed up her camera, placing it carefully in her cloth camera bag, then went up o her room, grabbing an envelope on the way that had her name on it. Curious, she ran up the stairs and ripped it open.

    After reading the letter, Kaori was in shock. Her photography had never been more than a hobby, but now she was getting recognized for it by schools? That was amazing! She ran happily down the stairs, thrusting the envelope in front of her father's face. "Daddy, look! This came in the mail today! Isn't it great?" Her father gave her an annoyed look because of her yelling, but read the note. His reaction was similar. "Kaori, this is great! We all knew you were amazing, but now you are getting school acceptances for your work! You have to accept." Her father told her, impressed. She beamed, then went back up to her room, shouting for joy. This is the greatest day of my life! She thought as she flopped onto her bed, smiling and laughing. Of course, she had to accept! After all, opportunities like this don't come along every day, you know.

    Excited, she pulled out her camera again. The entire ordeal had her inspired, and she needed to photograph something, anything to commemorate the day. She turned the camera so the lens was facing her, and held up the acceptance letter, saying 'cheese' as the photo was taken. She looked over it and smiled bigger. She was so excited, it was crazy. Finally, she was getting recognition for the work she did. Looking out her window at the sunset she had just snapped a picture of she took a deep breath. This was going to be a great school year, she could just feel it.

    Dialogue Color: "Hey, guys! Can I take a picture?" -Kaori
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  6. Name: Shiki Fujiwara
    Nickname: -
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    "Super Duper High School" title: Super Duper High School Teen Icon


    • Sharp and sensitive sense of hearing
    • Calm and patient;does not tend to panic (unless exposed to blood)
    • Lacks emotional expressions (makes it harder for people to read her,which just makes her more mysterious)
    • Extreme fear of blood (her lack of expressions slightly conceal the complete terror she feels when blood is in sight)
    • Fear of the dark
    • (pretty much,her fears are her weakness)
    Shiki was born and raised as an only child by a rather wealthy couple who loved her very much.She seems to be more of a soft-spoken and shy type of girl,but at the same time she may express some coldness towards people she just met.She can have a hard time trusting people,especially in this situation,but when you get to know her and earn her trust,she's actually very sweet and cares for everybody.Although it doesn't look like it,she is actually well known as a 'teen icon' because of her job as a seiyuu(voice actor) and model.She also does some singing and she cosplays.She can be seen in a bunch of magazines,mainly teen ones.Nobody knows what the deal is with her cat ears and tail,but somehow they tend to move and twitch.When asked about them,she only responds with a head tilt,as if she has no clue about what the person is talking about.In other words,despite being well-known,she's still a complete mystery.

    Writing Sample:
    Shiki laid on her bed,her body facing the ceiling and her headphones on,sinking her into the music that flowed from it.It was the latest song that she sang:the opening for that one anime whose main character she voiced for.How long had she been a seiyuu?She can't really recall.It just seemed like it just happened that one day when someone saw her perform in a convention and got her to sign a contract.And from that,it just grew and grew until she found herself on magazines as well.If she had to think about it way back from the beginning,it might take her all day.

    She was already drifting away to dreamland when three beats seemed to be off key from the music."Hm?Was that suppose to be there..?" she thought,opening her eyes and refocusing her thought on the music.Then she heard it again."Shiki?Shiki sweetie,mail from the academy!" that's when she realized that her mom had been knocking on her door for a while."I-I'm here mom,c-coming!" Shiki got up on her feet and slung her headphones on her kneck,pausing the track before walking over to her door.

    She was about to reach out for the door handle and push it down when her cat ears then perked up."Wait,did she say the academy?" She took a deep breath before pushing the handle down and greeting her mom with a light smile."Here you go" her mom smiled,handing her the letter.She lightly bit her lower lip as she opened the letter,and then read it aloud.

    Shiki felt like her heart skipped a beat after she finished reading over it."Mother...am I dreaming?" she finally said,feeling her eyes slowly tearing up with joy.She was literally having the same reaction she had when she got on the first rank as 'Teen's Favorite'."No dear,no you're not" her mom simply said.

    She was completely out of words.First,her job as an idol,and now this.What else was there for her to ask for?

    Dialogue Color: "I'm sorry,but I'm not quite sure what you're talking about" -Shiki

    ((edit: I just made the title up bc I wasn't sure if we were suppose to choose from the existing ones or if we can make up our own.. > <))
  7. @Haruka, accepted! And yes, you did the right thing in regards to the title. You can choose from what had already been provided, but where's the fun in that? :) Anyways, accepted.
  8. Yay,sankyuu~

    And regarding what I said earlier(yesterday xD),isn't this suppose to be in the SU thread..? .x.
  9. Would I be allowed to play this iteration of SDHS Good Luck?
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    @Phantom Zero, go ahead! :)
  11. I'm just going to make a second Kirigiri, lol.


    Name: Yumimura Saeko




    "Super Duper High School" Title:
    Super Duper High School Detective
    Picture: [​IMG]

    • Very observant, first one to notice things.
    • High level of detective skills, able to solve the most complicated cases.
    • Great skills on reasoning.
    • Doesn't talk much, so not very good on communicating.
    • Hard to show emotions.
    • Not very good at comforting people or calming people down when they're sad/angry.
    Saeko was born into a middle class family in the city of Tokyo, consisting of an older brother and both of her parents. At the age of five, Saeko's parent got an divorce and moved to Kyoto with only her mother, never seeing her brother or father. Since then her mother was struggling financially and Saeko was getting badly bullied at school, at first Saeko couldn't handle it very well but she was grown to feel no emotion about it. Since her middle school years, Saeko was grown interest to investigating. She first started by looking for clues at a crime scene after the police did their lookings and send all the evidence they missed to them. Since then, she had a lot of fame from the police department and the public. By the time she was 16 she got a position as the head detective in the police department and now known as the top detective in Japan.

    Writing Sample:

    It was another long but yet an eventful day for Saeko at work, it was close to 5 in the evening and she was getting ready to leave. Today she had to look at a crime scene where the victim was decapitated and their limbs was chopped into a million pieces, it was overwhelming but blood and gore doesn't seem effect her at all. Saeko slowly zipped up her bag before she was interrupted by a knock on her office door. It was her lovely assistant, Yuki Aoi.

    I apologize for not giving this to you earlier Yumimura-sama but you've a letter from Hope's Peak Academy, I'm not sure what the letter is about but I hope it's good news," the women in her early thirties announced as she gave Saeko the envelope.

    Thank you Aoi-san, I was busy this morning anyway," Saeko thanked her assistant with a faint smile before opening the envelope carefully, trying not to tear the actual letter.

    Saeko began to read the letter, her smile grew a little bigger as she found out that she was accepted to Hope's Peak Academy. You couldn't see from the outside but Saeko was raging with joy, she was excited to go to a new school, a change of environment. She could sense an adventure just by thinking of going to the Academy.

    What is it Yumimura-sama?" Yuki asked Saeko, curious on what the letter said.

    I got accepted Aoi-san. I'm going to Hope's Peak Academy," Saeko replied with the same smile on her face, it was rare for her to actually smile.

    Really? That's great! When are you leaving?" You can see Yuki's overwhelming joy as she heard the great news.

    Tomorrow, so can you please let the other's know about this?" Saeko asked her assistant, she didn't want the others think she suddenly disappeared.

    Tomorrow? That's a little sudden." The assistant replied before saying... "I'll go tell the others about your departure but please be careful, I heard pretty bad rumours about it."

    I don't think the rumours are true but I will be careful." Saeko slowly picked up her bag as she reassured Aoi-san. "You've been a good assistant Aoi-san, please take care of yourself while I'm gone."

    Just like that, Saeko left her office room and made her away out of the Police HQ. Wondering what her new adventure will be like.

    Dialogue Color: "Are you sure you didn't do that? Because the evidence begs to differ."
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  12. @Princess of the Teacup, accepted! I love him! He is so fabulous, how can I possibly say no?

    @FetusMaknae, accepted. Although, maybe make the dialogue a tad lighter, if that is possible? It's a little hard to read against the black background.
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  13. @Lilpuff Oh sorry, I'll change it to red.
  14. It's fine. :)
  15. oahh. i want to join! i'll be back hopefully with a cs in time.
  16. @Mimoza, yay! I will reserve a spot for you! :D
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  17. Oh! I'm currently watching the anime and I'm loving it! Care to leave me a place please? I'm a little busy at the moment, but will post as soon as possible!
  18. Show Spoiler

    Name: Alexis Frost
    "Super Duper High School" title: Super Duper High School Baker
    Strengths:Silent which is helpful when keeping a secret though she never talks anyways, Creative, and knows self defense.
    Weaknesses: Horrible at lying, Can't control her self when is in a imperfect room or messy room and immediately starts to fix it., Has OCD, and is super curious.

    Backstory: Alex is a "Normal" girl who likes to be creative, she helps out with the bakery and bakes herself. She's is very silent so it's difficult to make friends though she always said she never needed them over than baking she is good at keeping secrets which can be very helpful when her and her siblings get in trouble though she could lie. Her parents had gotten divorced when left her with living with only her mother and her three younger siblings who she loves dearly. Everything had changed once she received that letter.

    Writing Sample: Alex was at the bakery sweeping and evening things that had gotten messed up. She almost completely lost it when she saw how uneven the bakery was. She sighed and shook her head, her mother had a rather busy day so she couldn't blame her for it. Alex hummed softly as she swept the floor. Once done cleaning she had placed the items to where they belong and headed to the back of the kitchen. She took placed on a apron and took out cake ingredients 'Nothing, like a simple baking to ease the day' She said with a chuckle before starting to make the batter and mix it. Who knew she would be stressed once again.

    "Big sister, Big sister!!" her siblings bursted through the kitchen screaming out big sister to her, which caused the girl to startle and drop the bowl. She turned around and glared at them. She had immediately started to clean the mess. "What on earth do you guys want" She growled, looking at them. "Oh um...we...well you got a letter from a academy.." One of the siblinga spoke up and walked over to her handing her the letter. 'A letter...from a academy...could it be...no it couldn't'

    Alex sat up in carefully opened the letter, not wanting to tear it for she might rip the paper inside. Her heart was racing but she didn't know why... "Uhm.." She concentrated on her hands as she slowly and carefully opened the letter. Her siblings facepalmed and sat down watching their older sister over react about opening the paper. She slowly took out the paper before reading, her eyes widen in shock and joy, a smile slowly forming on her face."So what's it about sis?" The youngest of the siblings asked with a smirk of her face "I-I'm accepted to Hope's peak academy~" She stood up and held the paper like it was a rare item. She felt so happy that she ran out to tell her mother.

    But was the academy really what she thought it would be?

    Dialogue Color: "Don't touch the cake it's not ready yet!"
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