DanganRonpa! Shopping Spree



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TAP TAP "Yo homies? Is this thing even on? I hope ya'll can hear me! I wanted to wake you sleepy ducks up. Teenagers these days sleep in until midnight and then just lay around in their rooms all day! Well I'm here to tell you ungrateful jerks to get out of bed! I've got a store to run! I mean, teens love the mall, right? They spend all their free time loitering there and trying to find the coolest clothes and eat cool people food! So maybe you won't even think being trapped here is that bad! Upupupu! I guess we'll see! You can go back to sleep, We've got awhile before this even starts!"

DANGANRONPA! Shopping Spree of Despair or A Dangerous Discount on Despair Is a competitive DanganRonpa Roleplay group hosted by ☆☆Umeko Sato☆☆#8535 on discord. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a friend request and ask away. Right now I'm giving people around two months to fill out the app. This way people have enough time to fill out the app since it's a longer application. Right now the due date for apps will be set around August 15th, but that's subject to change. The actual start of the Roleplay is undecided as well, these date will change depending on when some of my current roleplays end. I am opening applications now so that when my other roleplays end I can get this one started up instead of waiting a month or so to get it started!

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