Danganronpa, anyone?

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  1. I wanna test if anyone, anyone at all, knows of the game series Danganronpa by Spike Chunsoft. Well, basically, I wanted to start a canon group rp (so you would take on the original characters) to rp various scenes at the players' own discretion.

    Well, this is, if anyone knows the series. Even explaining it would take way too long. xD
  2. Do I still count if I never finished the game? I'm in the middle of the first but my brother took his PsP back... I was on the case where Sakura died, and I'm pretty sure that rich asshole did it, but I don't know where my brother put his game system. >_< MAAAN, now I wanna play again.
  3. Ahaha, yes, suspecting Togami. Although you might wanna brighten your horizons at that.

    I would also highly recommend that you play the second game as well. In my opinion, it hit me harder than the first one. The cases are more interesting and the concept is different. xD
  4. *nod* I was so delighted to hear that there was a second game! I mean, Danganronpa is like the love child of Ace Attorney and... I wanna say that one anime with the chick who got her fingernails pulled off... (The name escapes me).

    Yeah, I've got to get on that. Must play!!
  5. I think that's Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. xD

    I can tell you that in the second game, the main character's hair is sort of... distracting, and at first glance he looks even more boring than Naegi (seriously).

    If you ever play it, for god's sake, set the Japanese voices on and not the english ones xD
  6. image.jpg
    Look at this case of extreme spiky hair xD
  7. ...I can't help but want to pick him up by that giant lock and dangle him like a damn keychain from my pocket.
  8. But his hair might stab you, be careful. xD ((and just fyi, we are convinced that that blonde guy is HOMO. ))
  9. I'm not sure that I could play a canon character... Mostly because I want to finish the game before I research, because I'm sure there will be spoilers.
  10. Oh, you don't believe how much there is to spoil for SDR2 compared to the first game. xD
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