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  1. Dangan Ronpa: Academic Life of Mutual Killings

    The story revolves around 15 students who are trapped in the school under the control of sadistic bear named Monokuma. To escape, the students must “graduate” from the school. In order to graduate, one must murder a classmate. After a body has been discovered, the rest of the students must work together to discover the culprit, which is known as the "blackened" in game. If the culprit can fool the rest of their classmates, then they alone can graduate the school but the rest of the students will be punished. However, if the classmates uncover the true culprit, then they alone will be punished with a gruesome execution while everyone else remains unharmed. While Monokuma releases motives to encourage students to commit a murder, the students also try to uncover the secrets of the school, including why they were trapped there in the first place.


    Le Rules:

    • Any character is allowed! Mary-Sues, Gary-Stues, and the like. Just don't go to overboard, or you might be the first to go...
    • No God-modding, please. You are a regular teenager, so you do not have super awesome cool powers.
    • Your character may die, and you have to accept that. No new characters.
    • We are using the original rules from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which means the only way you can leave the school is by killing someone and not getting caught. If you plan to kill someone, or if you are the planned victim, please discuss this with each other in the PM. Do not post your plans in the OOC, or we will know the killer and will know who to vote for. Now, if you do not get caught, everyone else dies, so keep that in mind. With that in mind, if you are the victim, you get to describe the crime scene, but do not omit all signs of crime. We still need to have some kind of evidence to go by.
    • Follow all site rules, and if there are any questions, PM me or post it in the OOC thread.
    (Feel free to watch the Anime adaptation of Dangan Ronpa to get a feel for the scene. Character deaths should be more creative and different from the games.)

    As for characters we will need 15 different characters. ( 16 including me as Monokuma)

    Character sheets:

    Nickname: (If applicable)
    Age: (Between 14-19)
    "Super Duper High School" title:
    Picture: (Anime pictures, please)
    Writing Sample: (What was their reaction to getting the letter? 1-2 paragraphs please)
    Dialogue Color: (Nothing too dark)

    If you sign up for this role play PLEASE be active. It's really important that we are all active for this rp to work~!

    Spots open:

    1: Monokuma/HEAD MASTER MIND EVIL PERSON (@Miki Tsukine)
    2: OPEN
    3: OPEN
    4: OPEN
    5: OPEN
    6: OPEN
    7: OPEN
    8: OPEN
    9: OPEN
    10: OPEN
    11: OPEN
    12: OPEN
    13: OPEN
    14: OPEN
    15: OPEN
    16: OPEN

Thread Status:
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