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  1. If you do not already know the setting and idea of Dangan Ronpa from the game, and the animated series; let me explain.

    A number of teenagers, people in their years of highschool are chosen to go to an academy that would said to be for prodigies and for the special. Those kids go to said school, and are instantly trapped in by a 'stuffed bear' named Monokuma, in which he says they're going to stay there forever. The kids of course deny that fact and panic, and then Monokuma says that there IS a way out, but it is to murder a fellow classmate without getting caught. Getting caught will result in immediate execution, and there's a trial after a certain period to investigate the murder- if one occurs. The school is completely foolproof as well, all the walls to the outside have a sheet of metal in them, a lot of walls are barricaded, and the windows are bullet-proof. Except, the anime and the game go in a certain direction where certain picked out people are killed...I have another plan.

    We'll play the characters of Dangan Ronpa, but we'll write our own story on who gets killed and when.

    A character has to be killed at least once every two weeks
    Literacy is required
    No god-modding
    No metagaming (Applies to above) (Unless your Monokuma and ONLY A LITTLE because he runs the place)
    Iwaku rules

    Now onto the character assignment;
    Although you can't play original characters for Dangan Ronpa, sadly, I just wanted a twist on the story. Not a whole different story. In your post 'audition' let's call it, you have to prove you can play the character, and get passed approval. You can't just claim approval. Once you're that character, decent activity in the roleplay would be great. Again, at least every 2 weeks.


    [​IMG] Monokuma - Open!

    [​IMG] Makoto Naegi - Open!

    [​IMG]Kyouko Kirigiri - Open!

    Byakuya Togami - Taken! - Played by Adachi Tohru

    Sayaka Maizono - Open!

    Chihiro Fujisaki - Open!

    Kiyotaka Ishimaru - Open!

    [​IMG]Celestia Ludenberg - Open!

    Touko Fukawa/Genocider Sho - Open!

    Mukuro Ikusaba - Open!

    Mondo Oowada - Open!

    [​IMG]Yasuhiro Hagakure - Open!

    [​IMG]Aoi Asahina - Open!

    [​IMG]Sakura Oogami - Open!

    [​IMG]Leon Kuwata - Open!

    [​IMG]Hifumi Yamada - Open!

    [​IMG]Junko Enoshima - Open!


    [​IMG] Ibuki Mioda - Open!

    (You have to have a LITTLE creativity RP wise, and Ibuki is one of the best in the series despite her being from the second game and not the first like the rest)

    So yeah...Post away! Another note - The roleplay will start when 25%+ of the characters are taken, and one of the characters needs to be Monokuma.

    If you don't know anything about the series or characters, and don't want to watch or play the anime or games;
    This link will inform you on everything you need to know about the characters.

    The roleplay story-wise will start in the gymnasium after the students get to the school, and there is NO leaving the school. Every exit is blocked. The kitchen is filled with food and is restocked daily, and each character gets their own room. No internet connection.
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  3. "The Togami Family is a family that rules the world."

    The notion that any other family ruled the world, would be a complete and utter lie.

    Byakuya Togami was a young man beyond the simplicity of most unwashed commoners. Armed with a superior strategical sense, there was no battle he couldn't win. There was no conquest he couldn't successfully orchestrate. Which was why when a company that threatened to compete with them surfaced, he was instructed to challenge its head. Normally, Byakuya would have scoffed at the blatant idiocy. Any company threatening to challenge and overtake the Togami family was usually akin to a bad joke. The Togami family had consistently reigned supreme throughout the many years it had been around. Which was why he had breezed through the headquarters of the Akiyama Family, immediately headed straight up to the top floor, and stood face-to-face with the leader. The leader of the Akiyama family was a pitiful looking young man, brunette, with sickly pale skin and olive green eyes.

    The point needed to be made, that competing with the Togami family was unacceptable. Such a low-born, ratty company would never be accepted as competition. Yet, the sickly-looking young man had persisted.

    A simple game of chess.

    Ridiculous. Byakuya usually would never entertain another's request like this. But backing down from such a simple challenge would smear his reputation. This was why Byakuya found himself sitting at a chess board, with the Akiyama Family's leader. Their surroundings were barren. No other people to interfere, only the tranquility of an office, therefore nothing remained to break his concentration.

    Byakuya lead his chess pieces in the way that a king lead his troops into battle. Every movement he made was precise, every strategy was intricate and complicated. The black pieces began to pile up on his side. No ill-mannered, uncouth opponent would best him. The Chess Knight was consistently placed close to the action throughout the mental battle, while the king huddled behind the many pawns. Byakuya was by no means a 'safe' player. All of his years of experience piled up against his paler opponent.

    "Checkmate." His voice was sharp icicles on a frigid winter day. His eyes raked across his opponent's face. With the amount of money gambled by his opponent, Byakuya had utterly destroyed and wrecked the opposing company while only adding to Togami's immense fortune. "Now if you're done with your ridiculous tomfoolery, I have better places to be." Byakuya's movements were swift, as he got up from his chair gracefully, and walked out of the luxurious office with nothing but a scowl. A proper waste of his time, it had been. Or maybe he just didn't want to admit that the enemy had almost one-upped him.

    [[This is sooo bad and cluttered. @.@ I'm sorry. ;w; ]]
  4. @Adachi Tohru Accepted. Now I think I need to somehow move this to a proper signup later xD
  5. Thank you so much! ;w;
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