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Dangan Ronpa: The Despair-Inducing Game Brought to

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  1. Mirai Presents.....

    A Despair-Inducing Group Roleplay....

    “Have you ever stopped and wondered the question 'What if Fantasy became Reality'? Surely all of us had at some point in our lives. Whether we were young and watching cartoons on the television, or when we were in our twenties playing MMORPG's online, there was a time when we thought that question. Maybe it was over some supernatural superpowers you read In a dumb magazine, or reading a fanfiction about you and your waifu or husbando dating. Who knows? I'm not you. And even still, I have no time for Comic Books or Silly Fanfiction about Cartoon Characters.”

    “I hate to break it too you, But that sentence we asked ourselves has a pretty despairing answer. The answer is 'No'. Fantasy can't become reality. No matter how hard you try and wish, a game world will never come to life, your waifu or husbando will never be real-not to mention their shit anyways-, and you'll never get superpowers. But there is one way you can achieve such a question. With Talent. In this world, there are two types of people. The Normal and the Talented. The talented are capable of anything. They can make fantasy a reality if they set their mind to it. Aah Such Hope. It's silly really. And there's such a school for said talent. It's name is Estorra Academy. A school built from the ground up in London, Funded by the United Kingdom itself, to bring the promising talent of today-into the future of tomorrow. The school has been around for over Ninty-Five Years. Can you believe it?! And the entirety of the school is based off of Talent! Aahah...Such Stupidity. And that Stupidity is what led to it's downfall. It's downfall into udder Despair. Something that was achieved by the same thing they gave so much Hope to....”


    Who I am, What I do, or What I've done isn't something you specifically need to know right now. After all, you'll learn later in the story. But for now, gather round boys and girls as I tell you a tale. About how The upmost talent destroyed hope. About how I-a Talented Individual-managed to bring fiction to reality. About how the School nicknamed the 'Academy of Hope' turned into the 'Academy of Despair'. This is a story about light and darkness, the good and the bad, the best of the best becoming the worst of the worst. What starts out as a tale of Hope and the Future....Ends in Tragedy and Despair.”

    “Bet you're wondering how it gets there..”

    “Guess we'll find out!”



    (Montgomery Tengan's Execution)
    The scene switches from a dark screen to a ominous silhouette on screen. The silhouette is shaped like a bear it appears. As the camera moves slightly closer to the silhouette, a spotlight shines over the bear. The bear is shown to have two different colors. On the left side was right, and on the left side was black. Also on the black side is a wide smile and a red lightning bolt as an eye. On his white side was a normal eye and mouth any bear would have. The-appears to be-stuffed bear is sitting on the floor with a big red "Button". The the background it appeared that the bear was in a abandoned old classroom. The floors were a checkered black and white floor and the walls had a rusty white paint to them. The floors, walls, chalkboard, tables and chairs were covered in grime and dry blood. The tables and chairs were either scattered to the front and back or the sides of the classroom or were entirely destroyed. The camera pans to across from the bear, showing a main tied to a chair blindfolded. From his appearance-he was about in his Mid 20s or Early 30s. He had scruffy and unkempt black hair, and was wearing a white button up sleeve shirt that was as unkempt as his hair, with black dress pants with some bullet holes in them and black dress shoes.

    Now what could've possibly happen to this fellow? Well we'll never know. And things are about to get worse from here for him.

    Seeing the man struggle, the black and white bear raised his white arm and slammed his paw onto the red button. A smaller version of him appears on the button with the words -START- underneath him as rocket appears behind the man. The man is placed inside the rocket that is shaped like an iron maiden with the face of the black and white bear. Slowly, it launches into the air-drilling it's way three floors and the roof of a school into space. After losing speed, the rocket comes slowly crashing down as the rocket makes re-entry into the atmosphere. And just like that, the rocket comes back down into the classroom right where it left, slamming into the checkered floor.

    It slowly reopens, as a Skeleton appears-dropping out of the rocket. The camera shoots back to the bear, as the Monochromatic bear gave a muted, spastic, evil laugh.
    The camera then moves to the back of the room to show a shady individual. It appears that had come to witness the execution first-hand. Sitting on a clean chair in contrast to the disgusting room and it's chairs-the individual gave a sadistic grin, satisfied with what they witnessed.

    And this wasn't the end, Ladies and Gentlemen. No....this was just the beginning.

    Dangan Ronpa: The Despair-Inducing Game Brought to Life!
    -G A M E S T A R T-
    (Click the title for the opening)
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  2. It was a sunny yet chilly day when it all began.

    The day was August 10th-a Wednesday to be exact. The sun was out with a few clouds of different sizes in the sky. The temperature felt like it was spring-even though it was still summer. A great day to go out, whether it be by yourself or with your friends. But for many-it was time to return to school. Yes School, or what Many young kids and teenagers call it-Prison. While it's universally despised, School is an important part for learning and one's future. Many Schools opened it's doors for a new semester of learning as students prepared to return to the school routine. Likewise, It was also time for a certain school to open it's doors and start another fantastic hopeful year in the city of London in the country of the United Kingdom. Above any other, this school was well known for years-decades even. In fact-The School is celebrating it's 95th anniversary with opening it's doors to the newest class of the school. But there was more planned than just a measly 'Welcome Ceremony'. And sadly, no one would see it coming. The bright new day for the future would only get bleaker from here on out.

    On a bustling street in the heart of London-a black taxi is seen driving amongst cars, passing car after car, street after street, as the taxi was driving to it's location. While it looked like a normal taxi, it had a certain emblem of a Star with a Light Grey outline, and Wings with a Black outline on the doors of the taxi. Inside however, wasn't anything particularly extraordinary. It was simply a man-the driver, driving a it's passenger to their destination. However, the man was wearing a pin of the same emblem on his uniform, and the passenger, had a letter with a seal of the same emblem as well. It became very clear on what this meant. The Taxi, Taxi Driver and Passenger were heading to Estorra Academy.

    Estorra Academy-The aforementioned 'certain school' above- is a well known school located in London. It wasn't just well known in the United Kingdom however-as it was universally known across the world. Why is this? Estorra is a multinational school that accepts teenagers between the ages of fourteen to eighteen from all around the world to attend. However there are two requirements to get into the school. The first-and most obvious-is that you had to be a high school student. The second being you had to be the best at what you do. The school's main and primary focus was on the talent of it's students. Students with extraordinary talents would come attend the school, hone their skills, and graduate to bring hope to the future. And then you rinse and repeat. No ordinary high school student could enroll there. The only way into attending the academy is if you're scouted by the school itself. People from around the world say that if you graduate from Estorra, you'll be absolutely set for life. How could anyone turn that down? The school practically gave you enough freedom to continue furthering your talent, and if you graduate your guaranteed for absolute success. The country Estorra originated in also is extremely dedicated to continue it no matter what. The school is funded by the government as well, and even has services to help it's students in their move from their homes to the school. Estorra also has it's own Taxi service to bring Students to the school. So the taxi you see is a Estorra Taxi taking a new student to Estorra Academy.

    And who is this student you may ask? Her name is Naomi Aries-Daughter of the famous New York composer Mae and well known boy band choreographer Daisuke Aries. She was-only to a few however-also known under the alias of Saya Nano, the Confident, Rebellious Frontman of the Indie Pop-Rock Group known as POPSUGAR. Having created the group back in her middle school days, the group has recently gained popularity after their performance at the Indie Music Festival Band Contest which they won in. They've also released 3 Albums, 51 songs (45 original songs, 6 covers), and had a growing fanbase. And all of it was made possible by Naomi's determination. This was enough for her to get scouted by the school itself to continue her work and be a inspiration for other young Indie Musicians. Recently, she had just got off the plane that took her from her home in New York of the United States to London of the United Kingdom and was now riding inside the Taxi heading toward the school for her first day.

    She leaned against the clear pristine window, looking out as the city passed her by. Naomi still couldn't believe she was in London. She had figured the first time she would be in London was with her fellow friends-possibly performing there as they were invited to. Yet here she was, by herself, attending this prestigious ultimate school. While on the plane ride to London, she broke down questioning if she was doing the right thing. The right thing being leaving her friends and family behind to attend a school just to be guaranteed success in life. And even when she arrived in London, she was still questioning it. She turned to her light pink string backpack decorated with desserts as her crumpled acceptance letter was on top. She picked up the letter and read one last time what was said:

    Dear Ms. Naomi Aries,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a young Indie Musician.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    That's exactly what the acceptance letter said from start to finish. It was amazing truly, how she was selected to attend a school like this. But it was also sad. She wanted to attend a normal high school with her friends, but instead they encouraged her into attending-for POPSUGAR's future. She remembered the last video they made was her and the rest of the group saying POPSUGAR was taking a small break due to her attending Estorra, but promised to continue making music while Naomi was attending. There was something to look on the bright side. And Naomi was certain Estorra would help her with that.

    Stuffing the letter into her string bag she made sure she had everything as the Taxi pulled up to the open gates of the school. She only had her string backpack with her- as all her luggage was at the school already, courtesy of the school itself. Exiting the Taxi she thanked the driver for taking her to Estorra and the Taxi driver tipped his hat and said it was no problem in the slightest. As Naomi watched the black taxi drive off she turned on her black ankle boot heels and looked at the school from the open gates. The massive school towered over all the other buildings in the bustling urban area. It's like the school stands at the center of the entire city-let alone the world. With a deep breath Naomi was nervous yet prepared. The minute she set foot on the campus her start at Estorra Academy would begin. “Here I go.” She walked down the long white walkway to the main pristine school building, taking in the sights around her. In the center of the white walkway was a rectangular pond with three fountains in it. On the outside of the walkway were hedges with flowers in them. Behind the hedges were scattered small trees and sidewalks that led to other parts of the building. She walked up the steps of the school and reached for the one of the doors handle, opening it. Entering into the Main Lobby she found it was a mixture of White, Royal Blue, Black, and Light Blue. It looked like it definitely matched with it's outside exterior. She noticed a hand weaved basket with a Yellow Bow on top of it's handle on the desk. The basket also had a computer paper taped to it with the text '95 Class' in black on it. Walking over to the desk, she found that inside the basket was a bunch of small letters with names and titles on them. The Titles being 'Super High School Level ____' on them. She had heard of said title before, but couldn't pinpoint exactly where. She wasn't sure if this was part of the school, since she never read anywhere that they give you titles. But seeing it was for her class, she might as well go along with it. Sticking her hand into the basket, she searched around for hers, coming across a few titles such as Super High School Level Engineer, Super High School Level Archer, Super High School Level Boxer, and Super High School Level Architect. She also found interesting titles such as Super High School Extreme Sports Athlete, Super High School Level Doctor, Super High School Level DJ, and even Super High School Level Witch. She was rather disturbed upon seeing a Super High School Level Poisoner as well, but prayed they weren't crazy or psychotic. She assumed these were the talents of her fellow soon to be classmates. All of them had such interest talents, and then there was her-being in Indie Music. She finally found hers and fished it out, seeing the same emblem deal that was on her acceptance letter. Likewise with her letter, she peeled the seal off and stuck it to the back of the small letter and opened it up.

    Dear Ms. Naomi Aries,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the music field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    That's exactly what the small letter had said, and Naomi would've taken it a lot more seriously...if it wasn't written in crayon. The handwriting looked it was written by a Grade Schooler. Maybe it was written by the Headmaster's Child-although she has learned that the headmaster is the second youngest headmaster in Estorra History. The first being the founder herself Celeste Fitzgerald. She closed the letter and read her name and title that was on it.

    Naomi Aries - Super High School Level Indie Musician

    Shoving the letter into her light violet hoodie pocket she figured it was about time to head to the gymnasium. Although from the time on her phone-which she had to change to fit the United Kingdom Time Zone-it was 7:15 precisely. It would be fifteen minutes until the rest of the students arrived. That-and Naomi's curiosity to check out the rest of the school got the better of her. Cautiously walking over to the left door-she tried to open it but to no avail. It seemed it was locked. Sighing, she went to the right door and opened it, seeing it was opened. And of course it would be open-it was for the students to head to the Gym. Before heading through, she leaned over the Desk and found a color shiny rock and placed that against the door, leaving it open. She walked through to the first Hallway Naomi stepped in. Walking straight down the hallway, she noticed several hallways and classrooms were blocked off leaving her no choice but to continue forward. She found one hallway that wasn't blocked off and turned right-passing what appeared to be a indoor pool.

    She found the gymnasium after passing the indoor pool, seeing it on her right side with the double doors opened. Peeking inside, she found over 200 chairs were set up facing what appeared to be a stage set up. On both sides of the stage were a ridiculous amount of flowers, a podium with a microphone and what appeared to be a banner being held up by a easel. Heading inside, she looked around the gym with a twirl, taking in the sight. “Holy Cow...” She breathlessly whispered, turning her attention to the stage and read the banner that said 'Welcome to Estorra Academy 95th Class!'. Instead of taking a seat in one of the many foldable fancy looking chairs, Naomi instead took a seat on the stage right next to the podium. “Alright so..this is cool. I guess I just have to wait for the rest of my class...” She thought aloud, looking out at the sea of Chairs set up for the ceremony. “And that'll take forever!” She whined, covering her eyes and leaned back against the stage. Uncovering her eyes she looked to see something long in the corner of her eye. Sitting back up properly she turned around to spot...a surveillance camera. A surveillance camera? What is a surveillance camera doing in a High School Gym? Her eyes narrowed at the camera, her attention later turning to see three more cameras that looked the same in each corner of the room. She felt a sudden uncomfortable feeling overcome her, as if she was being watched. By who–the teachers? She hadn't seen any yet, let alone the headmaster. She figured she see at least one supervising adult while heading to the gym. But no-no adult in sight. Maybe they would appear later, but for now she had to wait. Wait for her fellow classmates to arrive to begin her daily life here at what was nicknamed 'The Academy of Hope'.


    .:Location:. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Nervous
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  3. image.jpeg.jpg

    If it had been any more perfect this life would have to be a dream.

    Humming to himself a teenage boy casually walked down the street with his hands in his pockets as his eyes focused on everything but the path ahead of him. Today was the day he would finally be able to make steps to forever get away from his shit family, all he had to do was this school and boom. Instantish successes! It was perfect! Away to get away that didn't require more illegal methods! Well...no more illegal than him running from his family and leaving japan without a passport you know that kind of slightly illegal thing.... However! To him that didn't matter, it wasn't something he could concern himself with, not now. Not on the day his life was going to finally take the turn he needed.

    In his hand that hid away in his pocket was the letter he received only a few days after he won that international competition. He had to admit it was a surprise to get the letter. Mainly because the place he was living at didn't have his name, not his real name at least. But this letter, not only did it know where he was, but it had his actual. Which in all honest freaked him out a bit, till he learned exactly where the letter came from. When he learned it was from this school? Well nothing but excitement and joy filled him! Hell the people that lived across him had to come over and make sure everything was okay from all the racket he made after receiving the letter.

    He had reread that letter so many times, just to make sure it was in fact real. Which without a doubt it was, honestly after getting the letter he barely slept for more than two hours. He was so thrilled at the accepts to this amazing university, one he was able to get in without his parents. That he ended up feeling unbelievable inspired to make several designs for different types of buildings. One which he had made for a company that hired him a day after the letter was given to him. His first sale of a design and he made a lot off of it. Just amazing.

    "I won a competition, got accepted into Estorra Academy and sold a design~ Hahaha! If I had known I just needed to ditch them to get all of this~ I would have done it a hell of a lot sooner!" The words of delight left his lips rather suddenly as extended his arms, his hands still remaining in his pocket so the coat opened wide as if he were looking for an embrace. Something he would never do, but he just felt too proud to care about the looks he was given as he walked on. Just a block let and he would be at the academy. Just a block left till he actually would be able to truly begin his career as an architect, a career he couldn't wait to rub in the faces of his parents.

    Just a few more minutes and he arrived at the Academy and when he did he didn't enter right away. Rather he stood in front of it and smiled brightly. "Amazing." He whispered to himself marveling the design of the building in front of him. He already knew how the building looked, hell he actually knew the blueprints about the building as his curiosity of the structure had made him look into it. But hell, the building looked several times more impressive in person than it ever could on a picture. The make of it all was just so grand, if only he could have been the one to have made such a building... No, one day. One day he would, that had to go without saying. After he finished his tuition the first thing he would do, is build something that everyone in the entire world would know by just the name.

    Shaking his head and letting out a sigh he walked forward. 'I'll have time to fanboy over the building later, first thing is first.' He thought as he made his way up the beautiful steps that were in his path. He didn't take much time to look at the gorgeous scenery, as it really didn't interest him as much as the academy itself. And again he could look at all of this later.

    Once he entered the building he soon arrived at the main lobby and when he got there he stopped at a basket that had caught his attention. Going over to it he saw several letters there and with the bow and the tag of class 95. Well he knew one of these were likely meant for him. Pushing some of the letters aside he found his and picked it up. But before he opened them he grabbed the other letters as well and shuffled through them. "...Well then, I didn't even know some of these would classify as talents... Seems like fun~" Chuckling to himself he returned the letters to their spot before opening his own.

    Reading it through and through he smirked. "7:30? Lets see is 7:18 for me soo kind of early, oh well I'm sure I can handle a few minutes of nothing to do~" Stuffing the letter in his pocket he made his way down the school halls to locate the gym. As he walked he was a bit surprised how quiet it was, honestly he expected there to be several teachers or other students bustling around to get the final preparation done for the ceremony. But hey, maybe they had so much faith in their skill to host an event that they didn't need to do final checks.

    As he walked he hummed a small tune to himself after looking at a few open doors on his way and passing the dreaded pool he arrived at his destination. The gym. He entered immediately like he owned the place and when he did he stopped for a moment to look around. A low whistle left him as he seemed impressed. "Looks sooo much better than my other shitty school~" He said with a light laugh as he let his gaze take in the entire room. After a moment his eyes landed on a girl that was at the stage who seemed to be the only one there at the time being. Walking down the middle he headed to the stage.

    "Either you are a very young teacher or you are another student in this class~" Ken said with a light hum as he arrived at the stage. Rather than use the stairs that were present at either side he simply jumped up with ease onto it. "I believe you and I will be classmates missy~" Giving her a grin he moved to a seat that was just one down from her and sat down.

    Leaning back on it with his legs stretched out he seemed completely and utterly relaxed right now and he even half closed his eyes a bit. His hands were still in his pocket all the while. "Grand place isn't it? I haven't seen this many chairs in one room since...well ever." A light laugh left him as he looked at the chairs before them. "Guess we better get ready for a wave of people soon huh? Pretty bare right now, you know with there only be two people. Last time I went to an entrance ceremony it took me forever to find a decent seat in the crowd of humans~."

    His eyes then looked over to the girl and he smiled at her. "I think i'll be introduced later, but I'm the great and only Ken Tanaka." Honestly doubted the girl knew him just like he didn't really know who she was. Unless she kept up to date on the last in art and architecture that. As he looked at her with his laid back grin, out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a security camera but really didn't pay much attention to it. As for the time being he didn't see a reason to worry about it.

    .:Location:. Street > Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Waiting for the Entrance Ceremony
    Unbelievably excited
    .:Interactions:. Talking to Naomi
    .:Mentioned:. No one
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  4. [​IMG]

    In the early twilight hours of August 10th, where the dim lights of the overhanging ceiling barely light Bon's watch to show the current time of 6:30. Bon was to be picked on Hartmann Rd. by 6:45. Least, that was what he was told by the Taxi director when he phoned him ten minutes ago from a local pay phone.

    Taking a deep breath, the short Turkish man took a seat on his only piece of luggage. It was a dark blue duffle bag filled with a few spare sets of clothing, his tooth brush, a comb, a few letters, and his boxing gloves along with some boxing tape. It was odd when he sat and thought about where he was sitting currently. Just yesterday, he was saying his good byes at the orphanage. Now, he's in the United Kingdom thanks to Estorra Academy. He just up and left his or what was his life in his homeland to come here and try to do something different No more neighborhood fights, no more small time boxing matches, and no chance to make it up to Aslan.

    Shaking his head to throw off his train of thought, Bon quickly reached into his bag to retrieve the letter that had changed it all. Slipping his fingers into the already ripped top to the letter, his bright brown eyes read over the words once more.

    Dear Mr. Bon Avci
    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of boxing.
    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy
    This letter was his chance of redemption. His chance for change here. To get away from the life he had at home and to shift away into something new. Something that he could return home to look his friend and his father in the eye once again. Putting the letter back into his bag, he looked back down on his dimly light watch. 6:47.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"where the hell are they?"[/BCOLOR]

    Just as he thought about it, he could make out the shape of a black taxi from the small light given off by the rising sun. The small black taxi blending in with the still dimly light sky and other passing cars. But the gray outline of the Academy's logo, the same one on the letter, stood stamped on the doors of the taxi. Quickly, Bon stood grabbing his bag and quickly ushered into the vehicle. Slightly irradiated by the lateness of his ride, bon took a breath as the car took off swiftly to merge back with the ongoing traffic.

    Bon's eyes were glued to the windows as the car whipped in and around the early morning streets of London. The rising sun seemed to give the city life, as people were starting to shuffle their way out onto the streets. Street Lamps turning off, Doors opening, and the smell of early morning coffee rose throughout the air. His driver was relativity quiet, except for a few grunts when making too tight of a turn around a corner or even yelling some gibberish when some eager citizen walked out into the crosswalk when he was about to drive into them. Bon Silently chuckled to himself as he held his attention back to the streets. The buildings, the roads, the people, all were very different from his coastal hometown.

    Bon's scenic sightseeing was cut short as he could see the large campus ground from his back sight view. He could only really see the large wall that far from his current post, could make out the bars to an open gate. "The gates to a whole new world." Bon thought to himself once the taxi driver had come to a full stop in front of the open gates. Opening up to a whole new sight of a large, bright, and pristine white building. Giving the taxi drive a short and unsympathetic thanks, he retorted with a grunt and quickly drove off after bon had shut the door. "Rude."

    Sliding his large duffle bag sling around his chest Bon carried off towards the Academy. The grass and trees seem to vibrate with their naturally green colors, the gleam of early morning sunlight adding a even brighter glare to them. Even the white sidewalk seemed to glisten as we walked upon it. Like no one had even walked over them before him. Whatever Bon passed seemed to almost glisten with perfection. The school seemed to appear with what it stood for. Perfecting one's talent for success. The whole thing made Bon shiver. Growing more uncomfortable with the outside, he shufled into the main building.

    Once in the main building, Bon was meet with a desk with what seemed to be large hand weaved basket. The oddity of such a thing attracted Bon more then the variety of colors within the room. Slowly walking toward it, he peered in. The basket was filled with letters with names and titles of all the other students. To Bon, the small amount for just the entire class seemed strange, but an elite school like this must not recruit a lot of students at one time. Unaware that the school also gave titles to it's students, even going so far as to call them "Super High School Level" seemed corny enough, but gave way to some concern as Bon looked through some of his other peer's titles. Like the Super High School Witch, Super High School Paranormal Investigator, Super High School Level Phantom Thief, or even the one they didn't even List. His peers seem to give his title, the Super High School Level Boxer, a mediocre feel. But it was his title, like his nickname, and it gave him pride. After counting and Shifting through the 14 letters, he retrieved his and quickly opened it.
    Dear Mr. Bon Avci,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the Boxing Field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    "....This is written in crayon." He muttered to himself. "Did some child write these?" Was all he could think of as he stared at the bright purple handwriting. It didn't matter, as he wasn't about to be late and it was his only lead on where to go for the current moment. Shifting his eyes to his watch, he saw it was 7:20. His eyes then shifted up to see the open door. Walking through it, it seemed to notice only one dark hallway filled with shut off classrooms and hallways.

    His Sandals clacked against the solid hallway floor. The dark and closed off hallway gave him the creeps. Though, as he peered down the hallway, he could notice only one other hallway that wasn't shut off unlike the others he had run across. As he walked down, he could make out the light peering through a open set of doors. His nose however guided him somewhere better, the pool. He could really see it through the see through glass in the hallway, but he could smell the chlorine from where he stood. Just the sight of water brought back early memories of the docks by his orphanage. A place of comfort from his usual tormentors. After another moment, he continued his walk. His sandals continuing to clack as they bounced between his foot and the floor. The bright Gymnasium lights Seemed to almost blind Bon as he walked through the threshold in.

    Bon stopped at the door, taking in the whole room. The large Gym held what seemed to be at least 200 seats, there were at least 2 people already here, and a large banner over the stage at the back of the room. There sat a girl on the stage and some man walking towards her. From his place in the door's threshold, Bon could also see the camera's on the ceiling at the back of the room. Which, to him, seemed odd and out of place, but for the moment didn't question in much further. Maybe the security around the place was just more uptight then other schools. However, the oddest thing to Bon, was the fact there were so many seats for what he counted at the moment 16 people. He saw 14 letters and now 2 people. Why so many seats?

    Figuring he would learn the answer at 7:30, Bon started his walk up towards the stage. His eyes cold as he twist and turned his head around, looking all around the room. His face held a blank expression as he took his seat on the stage. Bon sat on the other end, away from the other two people in the room. He just wanted to watch people as the entered the Gym. Not the thought much of the two already here. But he didn't see much to really know anything about the two just yet.

    As he sat, Bon started to think once more. It didn't take Bon very long to start to thin the place smelled of weird. Not like this place was going to be normal in the first place, but it was just odd. But Bon was just going to have to make due with it. He came here to try and change from what he had left back home. So sat there Bon, a short, tan, white haired man, waiting to see his peers walk through the door and waiting to make his next move.
    .:Location:. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Curious
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  5. [​IMG]

    Natalie began to grow impatient as the sleek, black taxi slowly approached it's destination: The Famed Estorra Academy. Estorra was known for taking in talented students and cultivating their abilities into the best of the best. At least, that was what Kelly had told her. Natalie wasn't really buying into any of the propaganda that she read about Estorra and it's amazing graduates. To her, they were just a private academy looking to make money off of talented individuals, like herself. In fact, she could care less about anything except traveling the world and headlining EDM festivals. It was the fast life she craved, not the endless days of monotony being holed up inside some prissy academy in the UK. If Natalie had her way, she'd still be taking in the festivities of her current place of residence: Amsterdam; a place known for it's nightlife and tolerance of... other "recreational" pursuits. Unfortunately, her best friend had different plans.

    Kelly, on the other hand, was a big fan of Estorra academy. She even dreamed of going there one day. It never came. But, upon receiving the letter, insisted that Natalie go. And so, Natalie enrolled in Estorra academy as some kind of DJ prodigy. For her.

    Kelly was the only person that Natalie knew that could sway her usually steadfast opinion and sometimes hated her for it, but the two have been best friends for years. If going to the academy and studying for a semester or two was what it took to make her happy, Natalie would do it, begrudgingly.

    Natalie had just touched down in the airport when she was greeted by some sort of chauffeur that bore the pin of the academy. He planned to take her directly there, ignoring her wishes to do some sight seeing. Pouting, she gets in the backseat of the Academy's taxi. The interior was fairly dull, though the pristine leather seats were comfortable to sit in. She voiced her complaints regarding her vehicle during the ride to Estorra. "This vehicle could use a bit of color, I think," she said, with a bit of annoyance. "It's too drab and doesn't exactly inspire excitement to future students," she finished. "However, having a chauffeur drive you to the academy is a nice touch." The chauffeur stayed silent throughout all of Natalie's musings. Annoyed at the lack of response, she pressed her face against the glass and watched the city scenery pass them by.

    "Hey, Jeeves. How long until we arrive?" As if to answer her question, the chauffeur slowed the car down until it came to a complete stop in front of an impressive, and imposing, looking gate. As Natalie exited the car with her carry on luggage, she stepped through the gate and strolled through the lengthy walkways leading to the main building. Despite wanting to loathe the time she spends at Estorra, even she can't help but admire the beautiful artwork and landscape of the academy.

    With a smirk, she adjusted her headphones and played old school hip hop. This was unfamiliar territory and the music she grew up with reminded her of home, despite how rough it was. She started down the road with a hop in her step. She knew that she was supposed to report to the main gymnasium for some kind of welcome ceremony. She smiled at the chance to meet her fellow students. The classes might suck, but if the students are as talented as they say, they might be able to make the semester a lot more interesting.

    Entering the main building, she was greeted by no one, but there was a basket with letters addressed to what she assumed were the other students of her class. She skimmed through each of the letters until she found her own: Super High School Level DJ. It had a nice ring to it, though it was a bit of a mouthful.

    She opened the letter and the contents had surprised her. In it was a pretty standard welcome letter, despite the fact that it was in written in crayon. Everything they did was pretty professional, up until that point. Maybe it was personalized for her. She certainly liked the fact that it was in crayon, but the other letters probably weren't in crayon. The year is shaping up to be an interesting one, if not a weird one.

    Checking the doors, all of them were locked save for one propped open by a shiny rock. Curious, she went through the open door and followed a very streamlined path through the school which ended at the door to the gym. Standing outside the gym doors, she took a deep breath and threw open the double doors.

    "Hey guys and gals! It's me, Nat Thompson, but most of you know me as Neon Machine Gun!" She cheerily introduced herself loudly and cheerfully. She struck a triumphant pose that she does many times on stage. The sight of the near empty gymnasium made her flinch a bit, but she still maintained her high energy. "And now, I'll be Estorra Academy's Super High School Level DJ," she gave her new title a test run and it was something that could grow on her.

    She pretty much skipped to the stage and greeted the other Super High School Levels. Maintaining her up beat attitude, she made eye contact with each of the other students. "Only three of us then? When do you think the others will show up?" Looking around, the girl leaning against the wall caught Natalie's attention. She seems familiar. A musician, perhaps? "And what would this cutie's name be," she said with a wink.

    .:Location:. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Curious
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  6. image.jpeg

    7:16 A.M.. A minute has already passed and Naomi was bored out of her mind. The over two hundred students had exactly fourteen minutes until the Entrance Ceremony would begin. Although there was something about this Ceremony that felt....unrealistic. Looking back at the basket, she noticed their was only a small number of letters rather than a larger number. In fact, the number of letter were barely under 20. So if their was a small number of letters, why were their 200 chairs? Was Naomi and a certain group within the class considered more unique or talented? Who knew. The answer would most likely be answered in fourteen minutes. Pulling her phone out of her hoodie, Naomi swiped the lock screen to check the time again. Still 7:16 A.M., No bars, No Internet Connection, No Nothing. Darn it... Naomi wanted to take the time to look around the school and take pictures. Not for herself, but for her friends back home. She remembered before boarding the plane to London that Mari asked her to take pictures on what Estorra looked like and send them to her. But it was hard for her to do that when you have no connection with the outside world. Or when every hallway is blocked off for the Ceremony.

    Three minutes passed until someone showed up. Hearing them come into the gym, Naomi didn't bother looking up at them and instead fiddled around with her dark blue plaid skirt out of boredom. It wasn't until they got up on stage with her that she stopped fiddling with her skirt to look up at the individual. "Either you are a very young teacher or you are another student in this class~. I believe you and I will be classmates missy~" The individual said. That individual was a boy with black hair and a black coat with fur trim. Naomi wanted to retort at the male, but instead silenced herself when he moved to a seat not to far away from her. Naomi-for the record-didn't look like a teacher of the school. In fact she hasn't even seen one yet. Naomi looked like a high schooler just like him. And her clothes obviously said that for her. She was wearing an oversized Violet hoodie that wasn't zipped up all the way with giant pockets, underneath was a button up short sleeve shirt with small pockets at the end of the shirt, around her collar was a disorderly red tie, dark blue plaid skirt, black tights and black ankle boots. What kind of teacher would wear that on the first day of school? The answer was no one, that's who.

    "I think i'll be introduced later, but I'm the great and only Ken Tanaka." The boy introduced himself while giving a smile to her. Ken Tanaka...Never hear of him. Naomi thought for moment on who he was, but came to a dead end in her thoughts. She remembered while looking through the letters in the basket when she first arrived she noticed his name along with the title 'Super High School Level Architect'. That might explain it. Naomi never had an interest in Architecture-finding it boring. But seeing a high schooler with a title must've made him a prodigy of some sorts. Then again-most students who attend Estorra are prodigies. “Ken Tanaka - Super High School Level Architect correct?” Naomi assumed, letting her hands grip at the edge of the stage. He seemed like a very nice and decent guy. Maybe this would be her first friend-who knows.

    A few more minutes passed and around at 7:20 A.M. Another student arrived. This time it was a short, tanned white haired boy who sat at the other end of the stage away from her and Ken. Naomi had always seen white haired characters in Anime, but never in real life. Just from his hair she wanted to interact with him-but was too nervous too. That, and judging by his distance and demeanor-Naomi assumed interacting with him would be a very bad idea. Maybe she'll learn his name and title later on. For now, she was bathed in the quietness of the gym until a third student arrived, this time bursting through the other double doors of the gym. "Hey guys and gals! It's me, Nat Thompson, but most of you know me as Neon Machine Gun! And now, I'll be Estorra Academy's Super High School Level DJ. The female voice loudly introduced herself in a cheerful manner. Now this was someone Naomi knew. Naomi had learned about Nat Thompson-or Natalie Thompson online after receiving an ask from a fan during a QnA if Naomi would ever want to collab with her. At the time, Naomi as her alias Saya Nano agreed-but in reality, Naomi was to timid to ask to collab with a Confident DJ like herself. As the older brown haired girl skip down the middle to the stage where she greeted the fellow classmates with her friendly demeanor, the DJ turned her attention to Naomi and approached her. “And what would this cutie's name be?” The DJ asked with a wink-which made Naomi's cheeks show a small tint of pink. “W-Who..Me?” Naomi nervously asked, pointing to herself. The answer was fairly obvious-the the brown haired girl did approach her. “My name is Naomi Aries. I'm the Super High School Level Indie Musician.” With her introduction, Naomi placed her hands on her skirt and bowed forward-while still sitting. “It's nice to meet you. And you too Ken Tanaka.” Sitting up normally, the black haired girl didn't forget about the first person who was talking to her, adding him in as well. She turned to the boy far away from them and hesitantly shouted to him it was nice to meet him as well. Now there were four of them. Ken, The White Haired Boy, Nat, and Herself. I wonder who'll show up next.. The young girl thought, turning her attention to the doors and then back to Nat Thompson.

    .:Location:. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
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  7. - August 9th | Evening -

    "The entirety of London media is focused on The National History Museum tonight as the infamous Phantom Thief makes his next heist! According to the notice sent to the police, he's coming at 10 PM to steal the legendary Golden Eye, a ring said to have belonged to Marie Antoinette herself!"

    The reporter's voice was nothing short of excited as she stood there, live in front of the Museum's entrance. The place was surrounded by the police; cars with sirens going off, helicopters with their lights scanning the top of the building, and all of the policemen circling the entrances. The place was buzzing.

    "It should be any other moment now! Let's get a look at the situation!" The camera panned away from the reporter and towards the museum building. The shot showed most of the building, except for the bottom floors. The Phantom Thief was notorious for making an entrance from above.
    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    "What a stormy night indeed..." A dark figure mumbled from the shadows behind the museum building. He was in the process of checking out the information of the police officer that he had captured, taking his uniform. When he was done changing, he hid the guy, who was tied up and gagged, in the bushes behind the facility. There were no police officers around, considering they were expecting him to make an entrance from above.

    When he had completed his disguise, he went back to the front of the building, walking straight to the entrance. With a mask on to resemble the person he was impersonating, of course.

    "What is your orders?"

    "To patrol the roof with the rest of the officers, sir!" He said, his voice sounding convincingly like the other guy.

    "Your badge and ID!"

    With confidence, he showed off his ID and police badge, introducing himself. Without further protest, the guards let him in and he set off towards the roof. He made sure to take the staircase that they weren't using, and as he entered the roof where the officers weren't seeing him, he ascended to the highest platform after shedding his disguise. Immediately riot broke out among the audience down below. He started speaking in a loud, clear voice.

    "Ladies a~nd Gentlemen! Tonight, may the police watch in dismay as I steal the legendary Golden Eye before your very sight!"

    Looking down, a smirk spread across his face when he saw the police officers crawling up the ladder to try and catch him. He produced a gun from below his jacket, shooting a hook connected to a rope out of it, immediately setting him ahead of the others. He intruded into the building while the officers were still confused at his sudden change in position.

    When they were closing in on him, he threw a smoke bomb. In the confusion, he disguised himself once again. When the smoke dissipated, he was once again an officer. In the midst of the panic and confusion, he yelled.

    "I saw the Phantom Thief! He ran off in that direction!" He pointed in the opposite direction of where he was planning to go, and set himself in the back of the crowd of police officers running off. When he saw his chance, he slipped off to the side and ran back to where they came from, setting off in the direction that he was actually going. Grinning to himself, he ran by, still in his disguise. He checked the digital blueprint of the place once again, muttering to himself.

    "If I go this way, I'll be entering through the balcony... and then with the rope down..." He finally reached the door, but instead of taking it directly, he went through the air vent, ending up just below the ceiling. Knowing that he couldn't touch the floor, he lowered himself down slowly with the help of his hook, intending to take the ring and bail.
    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    "You... you fools!" The Inspector was furious as he talked over the radio with the patrol of officers inside the building. "You lost him?! How?!"

    "But sir! An officer claimed to have seen him run in this direction, so we..."

    "You imbeciles! That could've been Phantom Thief himself, luring you off! Go back where you came from, it might already be too late! We have to get him this time!"

    Despite the setback, even if they weren't going to catch the Phantom Thief, there was no way he'd be able to steal the Golden Eye. The box was not only set to start an alarm when there was a shift of weight in the box, but if the weight sensor detects that the ring is gone, it'll lock and snap! catch his arm!

    It was brilliant.
    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠​

    "Sir! The ring is still safe! We have a status report! The Phantom Thief is nowhere to be seen!" The words came through the radio, and the Inspector let out a sigh of relief, demanding that they checked the box closer. When they got footage, the Museum director let out a gasp.

    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    "Not so fast, officers!" Smoke filled the room once again, and when it thinned out, the black-clad Phantom Thief was standing right in the middle of the room, on top of the glass box, producing the Golden Eye in his right hand.

    "I have taken the Golden Eye! Yet again, the London Police has failed to protect it from the hands of the Phantom Thief! I bid you farewell!" As he disappeared into the smoke, the officers noticed that the ring was still in place in the box.

    "Hurry up and disable the alarms! He might've been holding a fake!" When the alarms were disabled, the officers took out the ring and brought it to the Director. His face paled.

    "Sir... this one... is a fake."
    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    As the officers were starting to freak out, the Inspector included, a single officer slipped out through one of the doors, quietly making his way through the corridors to the roof. Shedding his disguise, the Phantom Thief took off into the night, producing a hang-glider from his cape as he flew off like a raven, ring in his hand. After polishing it with his glove, he held it up to the night sky.

    "Aah... another miss." He muttered as he looked through the beautiful, golden stone at the full moon. He landed on a nearby rooftop, removing his gear as he slipped the Golden Eye into his pocket. He took a pair of thick-rimmed glasses from his blazer pocket and made his way back to the museum. He checked his phone, seeing a few missed calls from the inspector and a message.

    "We need your urgent help! Come to the Museum right away if you can so help it!"

    When he got to the police line, he showed the message and his ID to the officers, and he was let into the room.

    "Aaah, young Mister Kaitou! I'm so glad you're finally here!" The Inspector came over and started explaining to him about what had happened with the Phantom Thief, and he listened, intrigued. He walked over to inspect the Golden Eye, and a frown crossed his face.

    "Have you tried checking your pockets, sirs?"

    At the notion, everyone started rummaging their pockets. With a gasp, the director pulled something out of his trouser pocket.

    "B-but... but how?! How could you know, Mr. Kaitou?!"

    "I'll have you know that I'm an illusionist myself, sir. If anything, I know what kind of games this guy plays. He's a show-off. He only wanted to steal the Golden Eye to show you that he could take it."

    As the Director inspected the ring, he focused on Gen once again.

    "How did he pull this trick off?"

    "That much... I am unable to tell you, as I wasn't here to experience it myself. Regrettably, I was caught up in preparations for my next magic show." Gen smiled gently; professionally. "But I'm sure... that you'll find this the best solution; the Golden Eye is safe... is that not plenty?"

    The Inspector broke into the conversation in this moment.

    "We have to catch him! He's been playing around with police all around the world for years! We can't just let him off the hook!"

    "I see, Mr. Inspector."

    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    "Young master, do you need me to come pick you up?"

    Gen heaved a sigh as he walked out into the streets of night London.

    "I think that'll be quite alright, Jii. I'll get home on my own. Thank you for your concern."

    "The ceremony is tomorrow morning. The cab will come for you at 6 o'clock sharp. Your luggage was picked up this evening."

    ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠ · ♠
    It was a mystery to him why his butler, Jii, was so worried about him. The Museum was but 30 minutes of walking from his home destination, so there was really no need for him to be picked up by a car. It was relaxing for him to walk through the evening streets of London. He would watch the cars as they passed by at a leisurely pace. He would watch the street lights casting circles of brightness on the ground below, and he would listen to the sounds of the city. The distant voices from inside the houses where parties were being held, the quietness of nature at night. Last, but not least, he'd breathe the air. The air that felt suffocating in daylight but was so fresh and wonderful at night. With those things passing through his head, it only took what felt like moments for the young magician to reach his destination; a London mansion. This was the mansion he had been living in for the past long time, an old place that belonged to his family. Right now, Gen was the only one from the Kaitou line in London, and thus, he ended up purchasing the house and making it his own.

    That was when he received that letter.

    When he entered the dark house, he was reminded again of its presence as it lay there, right on the dinner table. He picked it up once again, reading it through.

    Dear Mr. Gen Kaitou.

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a promising Phantom Thief Illusionist.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    Due to the circumstances of your identity, and the complications of publicly revealing your true face to the public, we have decided to hone your talents as a magician as the basis for us scouting you. Please remain discreet about your identity among your fellow students, as we want to see the biggest improvement in polishing and strengthening your talents.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    The first thing that hit him - how did they know? And if these people knew, what about the organization? He hadn't run into them for quite a while, and it was frankly a bit worrying. He needed to find out information about his father. He couldn't just let this pass.

    He put the piece of paper back onto the table, unbuttoning his black blazer and slipping it off. He pushed up his glasses, rubbing his eyes.

    "What a long day..." After the curt phone call, Gen would expect Jii to have gone to bed. But he hadn't gone to bed before he had put out a set of clothes for Gen to wear in the morning, and made some early preparations for breakfast. Of course, Gen's bed was also made for him. In a sudden fit of exhaustion, Gen walked into his room and proceeded to fall asleep on the bed, still in dress shirt and black pants as he had been wearing all day.
    - August 10th | Early morning -

    Downing a glass of coffee way too quickly for it to be healthy, Gen grabbed his leather bag and set off towards the taxi. The Estorra Academy was in the absolute farthest end of London from Gen's current location, which was the reason he had to be picked up at 6 AM, a whole hour before. Not to mention the traffic would be awful.

    Gen stepped into the fancily decorated taxi, waving off Jii. He felt bad leaving the man alone in the house. He had told Jii that it would be alright for him to go back to Japan while Gen was in the Estorra Academy, as Gen pictured he wouldn't be able to go home very often. The reason he wanted to go to the school in the first place was to find more information on his father's circumstances. He needed the freedom to do the research and at the same time be able to move about freely. This way, he wouldn't have to worry about those things, and he'd been promised that he would be able to achieve what he desired.

    The taxi drive was long and boring, and he knew he would have to sit through it until the very end. He sighed slightly as he adjusted his glasses, looking off into the distance.

    The minutes passed by painfully slow, and Gen felt like he could almost hear the ticking of a clock going tick-tock, tick-tock, even if there was no clock anywhere. Unless the driver was wearing an old-fashioned wristwatch, of course. As he sat there, counting the ticking sounds, they finally reached their destination, and Gen stepped out of the car and into the morning sun. Gen would consider himself a night owl. Being under the direct sunlight was weird for him, as he always operated in the night. Artificial lights were one thing, but the warm touch of the sun was something he was rather unaccustomed to.

    Casting only a single glance at the school building as he entered through the Main Gate, he set his sights on the entrance, walking straight in without much hesitation. This was a mission, as so many other things. He needed to be Gen Kaitou, Illusionist. Not Phantom Thief. He was a magician now, and that was how it would be. He knew that he'd been doing this before, but it felt different now. He knew how to act with police officers and an audience. But this was a school environment. They were his equals now. Maybe even... "friends". And that was something entirely new for Gen.

    Inside the Main Lobby was a flashy basket with a yellow bow on top of it. Talk about tacky and over-the-top. Nevertheless, it had his class name on it, so he inspected it. From what he could see, there were a bunch of letters inside the basket, all with a talent written on the front as "Super High School Level ____". Rummaging through them, skimming the titles, he found the one that said "Super High School Level Magician" and opened it.

    Dear Mr. Gen Kaitou,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in magic will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    "Distasteful." The letter was written in crayon, in what looked like a child's handwriting. It was off-putting, to say the least, but Gen also felt like he didn't have a choice. The message compelled him to walk forward. "Talk about ominous." He headed off into the hallways. A lot of the place was sealed off and inaccessible, not to mention that most doors were locked. The one door that wasn't locked lead him to a swimming pool. On the other end of the pool was a set of double doors with the sign "GYM" on top of it.

    "Alright then." There were some minutes to spare before the ceremony started, and Gen entered the gymnasium without much of an idea of what was going to happen from now on. When he walked in, only a selection of people had entered the place. There were four people, not including himself. Two girls, and two boys.

    They looked to be all over the place. Personality-wise, style-wise. Everything about them seemed so different. One of the guys had dark hair like himself, not to mention the same kind of Asian features as he himself did. The other guy had white hair and dark skin - quite exotic looking. The girl also had dark hair like Gen and the other boy, and looked quite normal appearance-wise. Nothing too crazy. The second girl had a hat on and brown hair. She seemed more energetic than the other girl, as well as confident.

    People's eyes turned on him when he opened the doors - not surprising, considering the loud sound they made, and he was forced to introduce himself.

    "Good day. My name is Gen Kaitou and I'm the Super High School Level Magician. I assume you are a portion of the students in the 95th class?" He really needed to be the normal Gen. The unsociable Gen. The non-crazy Gen. There was no room for the Phantom Thief here. He was a tool to be used to gain the information that he would need in the future. The tool that he would use to crush the Organization and find his father.

    .:Location(current):. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Suspicious, resigned
    .:Interaction(s):. Everyone (?)
    .:Mentioned:. Bon Avci, Naomi Aries, Nathalie Thompson
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  8. [​IMG]
    "I'll take care of mom and dad, so rest easy, okay?" The last words her sister spoke to her still resurfaced in her mind again and again. Sora leaned her forehead against the cool window of the taxi, letting out a little sigh as she remembered how the goodbyes went, the image of her sister smiling sadly still hasn't left her mind. She still couldn't shake the feeling of guilt after five years. Perhaps it was Sara's place to attend the school, her sister was perfect in anything. She could probably have become the ultimate perfectionist if it wasn't for the accident five years ago. And now, it was her chance to attend the prestigious academy, promising success to all who graduate from it. Sora's fingers tightened around the letter in her hands, hardly daring to believe that such a grand thing was actually happening to her. Did she really deserve it? Sora, in all of her fifteen years of life never expected herself to be anything greater than average. There were so many people out there greater than her. All the ultimate students might be even better than her sister! Can she really keep up with them at this rate?

    Fumbling with the envelope in her fingers, Sora flipped it open and read the paper again, tracing each letter with an idle finger.

    Dear Mrs. Sora Arakida
    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of helping.
    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    Helping really isn't a very prominent skill. Sora has on several occasions won several competitions on various difference subjects, including once drafting an entire meal plan complete with nutrition values and the approximate sum it would cost when her kindergarten teacher asked her to help prepare for the next day's field trip. But it probably wasn't quite outstanding, compared to the rest of the students of the 95th class. Sora couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness settle in her stomach, but she soon shook it off with unwavering positivity. New people means new friends! They might all be ridiculously talented, but they're all human, right? Surely all of them will be able to get along. Learning together, helping each other out as they grow... that was her ideal school life. Surely this prestigious academy wouldn't let her down! Her future filled with hope was starting now! Giving herself a small boost of courage, Sora walked into school with a small skip in her step.

    She was still wearing her maid dress under her coat, the chill in the air was too much for her to just go out wearing a maid outfit. After all, she didn't quite enjoy cold places. Once she entered the main hall, her eye was immediately caught by the small basket with it's bright yellow bow. Surprisingly, the yellow gave her a feeling of unease. It seemed like it was a flashing warning sign instead of something to brighten up the room. It might just be a feeling, but her intuition was rarely wrong. It was what usually helped her realise what people needed assistance is, but why would this school do anything bad to them? After all, they were invited. Shaking off the uneasiness with a small shake of her head, Sora walked forward and reached into the little basket. There was a variety of titles, a few which caught her attention more than others. The super high school level witch? Perhaps she was very good at chemistry, but the super high school level paranormal investigator? Not to mention the unknown... This school was getting more and more mysterious by the minute. The people behind those titles must be some really interesting individuals. It took her some time sifting through the titles to find hers, but she opened it quickly.

    Dear Ms. Sora Arakida,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent as a helper will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    Surprisingly, it was written in crayon, bringing a small smile to her lips. Isn't their headmaster the most unexpected individual? She wondered vaguely if his pen had ran out of ink and whether to lend him hers, but right now the most important item on her agenda was the meet the classmates. There seemed to be another boy that arrived before her, and she breathed and internal sigh of relief as all eyes focused on him. Usually hiding behind her sister, Sora has never gotten used to being separated from her source of confidence. Even despite telling herself that her school life will be fun from then on, she was still a little shy from meeting all of them for the first time.

    Listening intently to his introduction, Sora tapped his shoulder after the boy finished. He seemed to be the super high school level magician, Gen Kaitou.

    "U-um... sorry, but can I use you for a second?" Sora moved so she was peeking out from behind his shoulder, her voice barely louder than a nervous squeak. With someone hiding her from view, she felt slightly braver. Gathering all her courage, she spoke as loud as she could so the rest of them could hear her from their distance away.

    "My name is Sora Arakida, the Super high school level Helper! Please ask me if you need anything at anytime!"

    .:Location:. Estorra Academy --- Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
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  9. Amelie.jpg
    "Oh oh! Lucifer there it is!"

    The young witch began to skitter her way to the courtyard of the large estate. Boy was this exciting. Who would have thought such a fiend would be invited to such a place in the first place?! In fact, she couldn't recall anyone she knew around her home town that had heard of this school... What was it again? Ah yes. She began to run her hand through her jacket pockets. Let's see, it had to be her somewhere. Just a bunch of candy wrappers and broken twigs. Nothing out of the normal here. Her face smirked as she found the letter which had been slightly burned and damage between the time she got it and the time she arrived her. She pulled it out and began to read.

    Dear Ms. Amelie Dubois,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of advance magics and necromancy.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.

    She snorted slightly. For one, who knew her so well enough to reward her for the work she did? What a strange world we live in. She was being admirered and she wasn't even aware of it. How silly. She watched as Lucifer floated around her eagerly as dogs did. She snickered and opened her jacket a bit letting the dog fly in to hide away from wondering eyes. "Now now Lucy we don't want to scare the life out of every. That's my job..." She said while whistling and making her way closer to the estate. She paused seeing a guy just standing out in the front admiring the appearance. Wow what a weirdo~. Well, she wasn't one to talk.

    She made her way in looking around. However, she couldn't help but catch a small shiver. Something about this place felt... Off. But in the fun way. She sniffed the air slightly. Maybe it was buried on some sort of ancient native burial ground of maybe this was the place of some sort of genocide of some sort. It reeked of life at the moment so observing the place would be difficult. Her eyes shifted to a pill of letters. Well, it became a pill now that Amelie had messed their arrangement up so eagerly. She picked up the one containing her name and smirked.

    Dear Ms. Amelie Dubois,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent as a helper will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    Perhaps when there are less people it would be easier to get to the bottom of it, but for now, to the gym!

    She hummed and happily swayed her way to it. Once inside she gasped loudly seeing the people that was already here. Her eyes scanned from each corner of the room sporting her usual creepy smile. "Holy moly look at the bunch!" She said almost in a yell. "Hiya all! I'm Amelie Dubois! Faux et Mee t donc! Faux et Mee t donc!" She smiled and found a comfy spot to sit on the floor and looked around. Let's see.... She could imagine by the letters she remembered that there will be quite a lot of people here. Fun! More to play with that's for sure. Nothing like boredom to ruin a good party huh?!

    .:Location:. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
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    Seated inside the black taxi, Chantelle looked out of the window and sighed. She thought that going to London, one of the cities considered as the global "Big Four" fashion capitals of the 20th century, would give her ideas and inspiration for her next collection but as expected, she found herself dry and uninspired. Ever since people started making cheap and unimaginable trends, Chantelle just lost it. She just..changed. Ideas used to come to me so easily she thought I used to have collections and fashion shows every season but now.. Everything's changed. Fashion has changed. People nowadays doesn't care about the art of clothes anymore. All they care about is how good they look and how cheap the clothes are

    She caught herself before she started thinking about her hatred towards people and strayed her attention away from her surroundings, deciding to focus on why she's really in London. She looked at the bunny plushie on her lap and read again the letters stuck on its arms.
    Dear Ms. Chantelle de Blois,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a young and talented Fashion Designer.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.

    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    Chantelle has read the letter so many times that she almost knew it by heart. Of course she ignored the strange choice of using crayon as the writing tool and how childish the penmanship is because come on. She's a fashion designer. She appreciates art. She had heard about Estorra Academy and how only those who are extremely talented can be its students. That's why i received an invitation, duh! Besides, this would be fun. I get to meet a lot of people and see how horrendous their clothes are. Not only that but I think this would be a great opportunity to experience new things, to have new ideas.

    As the taxi signalled their arrival by pulling over, Chantelle sighed once again before heading out of the door. It was morning and for her the worst time to arrive. The sun was already oit and she cannot risk damaging her porcelain complexion! She opened ner black parasol and grabbed her bunny plushie before opened walking inside the Academy, not bothering to close her parasol as she approached the desk. She quickly took notice how unsettling the surrounding is but decided to shrug it off. Its part of the ambience she thought, grabbing her letter from the basket named as Super high School Level Fashion Designer.
    Dear Ms. Chantelle de Blois,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the fashiom field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    Chantelle looked at the huge wall clock and read the rime nefore entering the gymnasium, still not closing her parasol. To be completely honest, she didn't care if it looks weird. Its part of her outfit, for fashion's sake! No one would understand. She already noticed that quite s few students were already there and all of them look odd.

    One was wearing a purple hoodie, which Chantelle finds highly atrocious. Why would she wear a hoodie? she thought It does nothing to her body. Nothing at all Though she finds the girl cute wearing it, she still find her fashion choice horrible. Maybe I could let her borrow some of my clothes. Poor girl doesn't evn have a sense for fashion

    The next one was a male wearing a fur collared jacket. Chantelle had to admit, he looked quite stylish but not as stylish as hers. She liked how the fur collar somehow accents his facial features. Makes him look like a laid back yet cool guy buuut why do I feel like he can be an extreme jerk?

    She turned her attention to the next person, a white haired man wearing sandals. Her eyes almost popped out at such an atrocious fashion choice. WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!? was all she thought of him before moving on to the next one. She feared that looking at him any longer would drain all her fashion sense.

    A girl with heaphones. Chantelle doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who she is. She's clearly a DJ. Based on her clothes, I couldn't be wrong.

    Next one was a guy. Chantelle couldn't auite figure out what his fashion sense is so she decided ro not judge him..for now.

    There was a girl in a maid outfit. Chantelle couldn't help but giggle at that. The girl looks so adorable and cute! but of course, nowhere near as cute and adorable as her,. She figured that the girl may have a fashion sense similar to her but Chantelle isn't sure. She had to get to know her first.

    The last girl was French, Chantelle could tell by the way it speaks. She finds her fashion sense stylish..in a creepy sort of way. Even if the creepy french girl is wearing a hoodie, at least its different and unique.

    After silently judging everyone in the room, Chantelle decided to start introduing herself. She put on one of her sweetest and friendliest smiles before practically skipping towards the group. "Bonjour" she greeted rather cheerfully, spinning around and fluttering her black ruffled dress with red trimmings "Je suis Chantelle de Blois but you can call me Chanty (Shan-tee) or Telle. I am the Super High School Level Fashion Designer. Oh and this.." She said, showing them the bunny plushie she's holding "Is Monsieur Snuggles, my companion.We cannot wait to make you all so fashionable!"

    Location(current):. Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
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  11. [​IMG]

    Alexis was in something that could be called a bored and slightly annoyed mood as he was tapping the side edge of black small sized laptop. His gaze was focusing outside at the flowing of buildings as the black taxi was bringing him to his new school, on his ears a pair of unbranded headphones were showing a blinking blue led. "What is it mister Edward ? I thought the project was finished and my work was done with the documents I just submitted." Alexis attempted to keep a polite tone and hide his annoyance from the person at the other end of the line, a gesture of respect towards an older person. "Yes I understand, I passed thought the NDA a few times in my life. I don't see the point of worrying about what our client will do with our work." On the phone was a fellow engineer and his supervisor in the last project he just finished before he came in England. The man's voice was leaking worry or maybe fear that was slightly slipping in Alexis's mind and were making him thought about the implications of his work. "You now something." With a small sight his hand reached his glasses and removed them, the mental trigger removing all his doubts from his mind. "I don't really care if the project will be used for military purposes, we developed only the stability and drive modules and respected the clients wishes, we did our job and they decide how they use it. Plus if somebody would blame the team, I'm just an assistant that aided you mister Edward." With that words the LED on the headphones stopped from blinking and the call was cut with a simple push of a button. "Annoying..." Muttering the words he opened the lid of the laptop and pulled a 3D design of a piece of equipment looking like a platform with multiple wheels on the side and a central circular elevation in the center of it. With a few clicks the design shifted to show the inside components and the young men started to think about what the team created. No matter how he was looking at it, that was a weapons platform or better said a remote controlled drone that was just waiting a fitting weapon to be placed on top of it and from the specification was something of high precision. Letting another sigh he purged the files related to the project from his laptop and overwrote the memory to make sure there weren't any traces left, after all the client wouldn't want for that technology to be leaked to the outside world.

    The process was completed just in time as the black taxi pulled in front of the main entrance. With a sigh Alexis returned the glasses to their original position and placed his laptop in the backpack. With small movements he started to tidy the white shirt before he pulled a light grey jacket with a matching scarf on him and arranged his gloves. With his preparations done he left the cab and started to walk slowly towards the main entrance, the first thing that appeared in his vision being the colorful basket containing a few letters and being a bit curious he looked over them before he spotted one that was mostly addressed to him.

    Dear Ms. Alexis Reier,
    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the engineering field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    "Such bad taste, you would expect more for the principal." Alexis crushed his letter and turned in a small ball before he threw it to the nearest bin. The text itself wasn't the problem but it would be more useful to send the itinerary beforehand in a digital form rather than a childish hand written letter. After a small check on his phone he started to walk in the direction of the gymnasium but a bit of curiosity and worry was creeping in his mind, there wasn't any signal for his phone yet he could make a normal call before he reached there. Jamming... Why would they use something like that ? That was a bit to much in order to keep the silence during the classes and not saying that was illegal. With the thought in mind his pace started to slow down and with a few fast taps he lunched an application on his phone, there wasn't any visible wireless network but there multiple channels open in that area, soon enough he realized the reason as a small camera entered his periferal vision. Things were starting to get more and more weird with each step he took towards the gymnasium yet something was making him grin, a dark curiosity of what this school was preparing for him, a curiosity mixed with the fear of unknown.

    And so Alexis reached the hall that was serving as the place for the entrance ceremony, a place that was giving a different vibe from the voices of boys and girls in a place that was missing anything like that. The most natural course of action for him would be to get a first idea of the young ladies and gentlemen that were likely be his future classmates. One one hand there were the normal looking ones, a boy and a girl, that might be easy to pick a discussion with them without expecting noise and get something meaningful. On the opposite pole there were the one that were attracting a lot of attention with their outfit and expression, like they were shouting 'Look, I'm here.' In a way that type was easier to deal with as they were not really attempting to hide their emotions and thoughts. And there was somebody that was giving a hard time to reach a conclusion, a girl wearing a maid outfit that was looking shy. It feels like a colorful bunny... she might be useful. With a small motion he removed the headphones from his ears and let them fall on his neck while he spoke with a soft voice that would be picked only the ones that would pay attention to him, his gaze on the maid and the normal looking guy. "Hello, I'm Alexis and I guess I will be your new classmate."
    Location: Gymnasium
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  12. [​IMG]

    Celine and her family generally weren't the mushy types.

    When she had left for Estorra Academy, she was sent off with stern goodbyes and good lucks from her parents, and little more than that. She was fine with that though. It wasn't like there was much to be said. She may have been accepted to a prestigious academy, but the real accomplishment would lie in her performance and achievements there. That was going to be the real challenge right there. The girl never would have believed that her talent in archery, a field that people usually glossed over, would instantly get her accepted into a place like this, though it mattered little to her. She had always been a straight-A student anyway, so if there were difficult standard courses here, as would be expected from a highly known and respected place, then she'd have all that covered as well.

    During her ride to the academy by taxi, the girl opened her bag, stopping for a moment to glance at the things she had brought along with her. Her bow, a quiver of arrows with the tips covered up safely, general school supplies, very basic items. She didn't bring along any mementos from home or anything like that, save for a family picture that was taken when she was hardly more than a child then. Again, she and her family were never the mushy types. Sentimentality was something that came second in the face of the drive to be accomplished, to get ahead in life, though... Speaking of accomplishments...

    Pulling the two acceptance letters from her bag, Celine would take a gander at it and read through it again, just for the sake of it if nothing else.

    Dear Ms. Celine Ma,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of archery.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.

    Well, that was something. She could imagine that to some people, getting this kind of letter might have been the most important day of their lives, but for her, it was just Tuesday. It was difficult to elicit any sort of excitement from Celine, though her parents were certainly excited. Now, they would have plenty to brag about to the family during the uncomfortably toxic and passive-aggressive family reunions where the conversation topics always seemed to be about everyone's children and their academic accomplishments for some reason.

    When asking others about this at school, the most common reply was "It might be because you're Asian."

    She still didn't really get it. What did race have to do with anything anyway? Shrugging it off, Celine would then proceed to open the next letter with that.

    Dear Ms. Celina Ma,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the archery field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    Celine Ma - Ultimate Archer


    After reading through the second letter, Celine had the same thought in her head as when she had first read it, complete with even the same deadpan look on her face.


    ... This is written in crayon.

    It was such a mystery to her. Celine just had to wonder, why on Earth was the second letter written in crayon? Did the headmaster misplace all his other writing utensils? She couldn't fathom any reason otherwise, but even then, it was quite a strange scenario, thinking about it. Why couldn't he just go out and buy some more utensils if he had to resort to crayon? The presentation takes a sudden negative shift if one proceeds like that.

    Still, it wasn't like she could completely say with certainty that something was off. The mannerisms gauged from the words indicated to some that it was likely that it was the same person from before writing this, rather than say, the headmaster's child or something like that.

    Well, it can't be helped.

    When she would finally arrive at the academy and paying the fare for the taxi, Celine would begin making her way toward the school, looking for the gym, without missing a beat. Maintaining a steady heartbeat, even in this situation where perhaps a few other students would be otherwise nervous for whatever reason, the teenaged archer would eventually manage to seek out her destination, if only because she saw a number of other students walk there as well. Just in time too. Following them all inside, bag slung over her shoulder casually, Celine could only imagine that she would be forced to introduce herself and all that, so she'd begin rehearsing in her head. She may not be the biggest social butterfly around, but that didn't mean that she wasn't capable of communicating. Rehearsing for something so mundane, even though she didn't particularly care to make a notable impression or anything, just went to show to make sure that she wasn't totally incompetent.

    If that even made any sense. Maybe it furthered the point of the opposite, actually.

    Walking inside, greeted by the sight of a number of other people, presumably the fellow students, Celine would suddenly get what felt like cold feet. These jarringly bubbly people, open and sociable. So eager to make new friends, to introduce oneself. Not like her. Someone who wasn't familiar with these types of conventions. In the end, she was all talk. But she couldn't just turn around and leave now. She had to stick to the end. Tooth and nail if she had to.

    ... Still, she wasn't totally in the wrong as far as first impressions went. What the heck was up with that French girl in the red hoodie and green hair anyway?

    Hoping to blend in with the crowd, only speaking up if spoken to, like how it would have been back home, she would remain silent for the time being, letting others introduce themselves for now.

    She totally didn't want anyone approaching her first, because she totally wasn't too shy.

    .:Location:. Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Entrance Ceremony
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  13. [​IMG]

    A series of Vignettes from the life of Doctor Suyong Park:

    The seven-year old Suyong sat at the kitchen counter. She kicked her feet, as she wasn't tall enough to reach the floor quite yet. Her mother was in Shanghai doing work for a company there, her father was busy doing office hours at work, and her sister was sleeping.On the counter was a large book with the caduceus on the front. She was reading a book on medicine. She didn't know what her parents would say, so she read it alone. She absorbed page after page of medical information. Journals, textbooks, anything she could find.


    2010: Suyong stepped into the college building. She felt so small entering the large hospital. At twelve years old, Suyong had graduated pre-Med, and was on her way to becoming a full-on doctor. She stepped towards the Waiting Room. On the television was news about some British Protest nearly turned riot surrounding a school. An old man slept in a chair, and a child wearing a cast ran around the room pretending to be a superhero while his mom looked embarrassed.

    Suyong made her way up to the receptionist. "I'm Suyong Park? I'm the new intern. she said.

    The receptionist eyed her with suspicion. "I'm sorry, I'm going to need to see some ID."

    Suyong turned around and began to walk dejectedly out of the door. Then a doctor came through behind the receptionist. He glanced at her. "Suyong? Come with me, I'm Doctor Robinson, I'll be teaching you." He said.


    2015: It was fast. The WHO Medical Team never saw it coming. The pickup trucks drove up to their camp, and several soldiers with body armor leaped off of them. The doctors scrambled to pick up their supplies and abandon the camp. The UN Peacekeepers guarding the camp were gunned down by a sniper as they prepared to fight off the attack. The pickup trucks filled with armed men surrounded the camp, preventing the escape of the doctors. Those who attempted to flee were shot by a soldier.

    One by one, the soldiers filed off of the trucks and went through tents. Suyong has remained in hers until the soldier came in. He pointed his AK-47 at her and shouted in a language she didn't understand. Suyong was frightened and confused. A few minutes later, another soldier came in. Suyong held her hands up, and watched as the new soldier got close. He pulled out a cloth, and pulled the gag across her mouth, he then tied her wrists together so that she couldn't fight back. He shoved the AK-47 in her back, and commanded her in English to stand up. He led her outside of the tent towards a waiting pickup truck.

    "We can get ransom for this one." One of the soldiers said as they drove. Suyong was terrified and confused. She had watched several of her friends and coworkers gunned down as they tried to escape these armed soldiers. Suyong looked at her feet as the truck started up. She didn't know what the future held in stor for her,

    "Do you have your bag?" Kellyn said. They were waiting at the baggage claim at Heathrow airport. The young doctor had gone with Suyong on her trip to Estorra. Suyong grabbed the handle of her suitcase. Her parents or sister couldn't accompany her, but one of her friends did to make sure she was fine.

    "Yes, thank you, Kellyn for being here. It helps me." She said to the young man.

    He laughed and smiled. "It's my pleasure, Suyong. It allows me to help a friend as well as see London. Call me when you get to Estorra." The man ran his hand through his hair. "Oh, do you have your letter?"

    Suyong reached into her lab coat and pulled out a folded letter. At this point it was almost falling apart from having been folded many times over, but she still had it. She held it up, and read from it to make sure it was the right letter:

    "Dear Doctor Suyong Park,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a young and talented Doctor.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.

    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    Suyong folded the letter again and put it back in her pocket. "I'll see you at Christmas, Kellyn." She said nervously.

    "Yes, thank you, Suyong." The male doctor smiled, and made his way out of the terminal. Suyong made her way towards a taxi waiting outside. An older man drove the taxi. He looked into the rearview mirror at Suyong.

    "Where to, Miss?" He said in a jovial tone. "You look like you've got something important."

    Suyong looked at him. "Estorra Academy, please."

    "Right." The Taxi Driver said. "Nice place, you must be somethin' if the school let you in."

    The drive to the academy was uneventful. She and the driver made some light conversation, they stopped at on the way, and Suyong got some coffee, all because the long flight tired her out. The taxi finally pulled up at the school, and Suyong handed the man his money. The man wished her luck and drove off.

    Suyong stood in front of the building. She adjusted her lab coat and made her way through the front door. She considered giving Kellyn a call at that point, but decided to wait until after the ceremony. She moved a bang from in front of her eyes, and stared at the basket containing letters. Looking for the one labelled Doctor Park, she picked it up and read it.

    Dear Dr. Suyong Park,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the medical field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exicting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!

    Suyong laughed a bit at the letter and how it was written. It was unofficial, yes, but she found it cute in a way. She folded that back up and put it in her pocket. Still holding her Starbucks cup in her hand, she made her way to the gym with her bags in hand. Several dangling off of her shoulder, one rolling behind her. She looked like a Sherpa that she saw in Nepal.

    She entered the gym quietly so as to not disturb anyone, and made her way to a chair. She looked around the room. It was an interesting mix of people to say the least. A woman with green hair, people who looked normal. It was sort of like a convention. At least they all wore normal clothes. But then, here was Suyong, wearing a lab coat over her clothes.

    "I'm Doctor Suyong Park. We'll be together for the rest of the year, so it's nice to meet you. She said in a shy tone. She proceeded to take a sip of coffee from her cup.

    Location: Gymnasium
    Event: Entrance Ceremony
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  14. [​IMG]

    "Mister Ekis, we will be arriving shortly."

    Stirred from the beginnings of a pleasant nap, Aran thanked the flight attendant and started gathering his things. Unlike many of the students that would be joining him at his destination, Aran was not phased in the slightest by any aspect of his journey: not the private jet he was flying in, not the exotic destination, and definitely not the fact that it was all paid for by an old friend of his, a British ambassador who loved to see Aran take on new challenges. No, this was all very routine for him. Just another part of his everyday lifestyle. His talent, you could say. Fluency in dozens of spoken languages was a skill in high demand these days, and all manner of government officials from every reach of the globe were always willing to pay for Aran Ekis to fly out and assist in their latest international affair. Everyone knew he was the best man for the job, and that he was always pleasant to be around to boot.

    Aran wouldn't say he was famous, not by the usual definition of the word. His name was only thrown around among the highest rungs of the ladder; the average high school student probably wouldn't know his name unless they, too, were part of those elite echelons. He had been seeing his face float around the internet lately, however. For despite his efforts to keep his association with these top rungs indirect at best, he had been chosen to dive headfirst into one such endeavor: Estorra Academy. While putting all his things back in their proper places, he gave his acceptance letter its twelfth once-over that day:

    Dear Mr. Aran Ekis,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of universal translation.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.

    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    Aran muttered a curse in German and stuffed the letter into his messenger bag without much care for the fresh creases it had to endure. Do it for Mother and Father. The phrase had become a mantra to him over the past few hours, the only thing that could keep his optimism at normal levels over the long plane flight. A deep breath brought his smile back. Stay open-minded, he told himself. Education is important too. "I hope Adamas is okay," he said aloud, trying to keep his mind off things. His pet boa constrictor had been shipped to the school already, and while Aran knew Adamas was well-behaved and wouldn't hurt any of the academy staff as long as they followed his instructions, the trip would definitely stress the poor snake out.

    The plane's touchdown and Aran's transfer to Estorra Academy's private taxi was mostly a blur, pure routine. There was some light in that Aran learned the taxi driver's native language was French, and the two were able to have a spirited discussion that lifted both of their moods. Aran made sure to tip the driver generously. He didn't think much as he walked up to the academy, un-intimidated by its size and stature, and soon he found his way to the main lobby where he was greeted with a basket filled with letters, which seemed to be addressed to the members of the 95th class he would be part of. Aran found his letter and noticed that it didn't just list his name, but a title he had been given: Super High School Level Omniglot. It was extraordinarily pompous. But again, he had to keep an open mind. Trying to swallow his objections he opened the letter:
    Dear Mr. Aran Ekis,

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in the linguistics field will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!
    Crayon. The entire letter was written in crayon. Aran had to keep re-focusing on the contents and it was a struggle to get through it all. He'd been so used to seeing official sealed documents that such a childish thing was beyond his every expectation. Was this someone's idea of a joke? Not the best first impression, that was for sure. Feeling a little less at ease, Aran folded the letter in half and put it in his pants pocket. He only had a few minutes to get to the gym, so there was no time to give it more thought than it deserved.

    Walking in a brisk clip, Aran found his way to the gym, which was larger than the one at his old school but otherwise about what he expected. There were at least a hundred folding chairs arranged in a grid; Aran took a seat at the left side of the room, in a row near the middle, and stared straight ahead while waiting for some Estorra faculty to come out and get things moving. A few other students had already arrived, but Aran didn't pay them any mind; it was his job to stay in the background unless required.​

    | Location: Estorra Academy - Gymnasium |
    | Event: Entrance Ceremony |
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    "Hm? So you have heard of me? That is a bit on the surprising side architecture hasn't been give the limelight for a long while now~" Chuckling a bit as he honestly didn't expect people to know him yet. Though judging from the ask of confirmation she wasn't too certain, if anything it was a wild and lucky guess. All the talents were displayed on the letters and since she was the first to arrive it wasn't any shock she could guess who he might have been, though that was a really good guess. Leaning back in his seat he didn't say much other than glance around from time to time to look around the building. '200 people are suppose to be here at 7:30? Suuuuure.'

    When the doors opened again he saw a male with white hair, who seemed to be giving them the silent treatment. Simply shrugging it off Ken looked up at the ceiling a tad bored. Having only been looking at the design of the ceiling for just a bit his attention was snatched when someone came in and announced not only their name but their level as well. 'DJ....what the hell is a DJ?' He watched as the thrilled girl skipped down to the steps and simply gave her a greeting smile still having zero clue what the hell her talent meant. 'Must be something important since she was accepted into the school' Shrugging to himself he looked away from her and back at the door to see who else would appear from them, though he still kept his ear on the two girls incase they decided to address him. 'Four people, at least 200 and twelve more to go before 7:30 hits~'

    “It's nice to meet you. And you too Ken Tanaka.”

    When he heard his name he looked back over at Naomi and gave her a nod. "I know its a pleasure to meet me, after all...I'm me~~" He let out a light chuckle and shook his head his tone an obvious joking one. "Kidding~ Nice to meet you as well Nao~" his tone was a light hum as he already chose to shorten her name to three letters instead of five. Keeping his smile on his gaze once more returned to the doors just as they opened again revealing the fifth person. A male who seemed to be Asian much like himself.

    "Good day. My name is Gen Kaitou and I'm the Super High School Level Magician. I assume you are a portion of the students in the 95th class?"

    Ken couldn't help but grin at this. A magician? Oh now that...that was pretty awesome if he said so himself, he had seen a magic show once in his life. One of the more delightful times, and even then he was impressed with the magic tricks he had seen despite how simple they were. "That would be a very correct assumption~ The four of us are simple waiting for the rest of the students and all the adults to flood in here." He said with a hum keeping his grin on his face as he looked at the other male. Though the grin soon left as he saw a girl right behind the magician who seemed to be hiding from them.

    "My name is Sora Arakida, the Super high school level Helper! Please ask me if you need anything at anytime!"

    Taking his hand out of his pocket finally he simply gave the girl a wave and a smile, his hand then slipping back in his pocket. "Six~ Still have a lot more to go." Still being very laid back he didn't give off any hint of nervousness or shyness some of the others were. He couldn't wait till introductions were done! Once they were he might be able to find someone he could actual tolerate, someone that he can talk to who wasn't jealous of him or visa versa. Just the mere thought of the potential conversations was enough to keep him smirking.

    Then the doors busted open again and he was caught slightly off guard by not only by the loud introduction but the look of the girl that entered.

    "Holy moly look at the bunch! Hiya all! I'm Amelie Dubois! Faux et Mee t donc! Faux et Mee t donc!"

    That slightly surprising entrance got a chuckle from the architect but other than that he didn't say anything. Not because he was trying to be rude yet. Simply because it seemed that people were beginning to floor in and say hi to everyone would get a bit boring for him after a while. So he stayed in his chair and waited, time for the ceremony was getting closer that's perfect time to announce who he is to everyone. 'Seven'

    More people trickled in, a woman, a male, a woman and soon another woman. Each introduced themselves, well each except the girl that seemed to be wearing a very traditional Japanese outfit (at least that's what he assumed it was). No words left the architect as he just watched them with a smile enjoying the introductions completely despite how some of them were more....different. Then the others. 'Eleven so far... These are my classmates huh? Already over half of them are a hell of a lot more interesting then the last people I met.' Not really wanting to keep his thoughts to himself he looked around to see if there was anyone he could talk to right off the bat.

    And that's when his eyes once again landed on the girl that didn't introduce herself. 'Bingo was his nameo~' Getting up from his chair he moved over to the SHSL archer and smiled at her as he kept his hands in his pockets. "Should I assume your name is silence then?" He rather suddenly asked the girl. Not waiting for an answer he continued. "Well miss Silence, seems like you are going to be a classmate of mine~ Lucky you~ I'm Ken Tanaka, not to be mistaken for the name stealer over there who goes by Gen~ Next in line to be the best architect in the world~" he hummed lightly as he kept his smile on. Not really the best way to introduce himself but meh he didn't seem to care how he came off.

    .:Location:. Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Waiting for the Entrance Ceremony
    Unbelievably excited
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    Estorra Academy. The academy of talent. One would say that it is the most prestigious school in the entirety of the United Kingdom. It is a school where only the cream of the crop are welcome, and in that they cultivate the students' respective talents to pave way for their bright futures. Graduating from Estorra Academy guarantees unquestionable success in life. Needless to say, it is common sense for a student to dream of enrolling and graduating in this multinational elite school.

    Or that is what is considered to be common knowledge.

    You see, it becomes boring to talk about what is already common knowledge. You prattle about something you've already heard before. There is no excitement in that. What we are truly in here for, is the fact that with every virtuous school, there is ALWAYS a flaw. Even the prestiged academy of Estorra has its own dark secrets; some of which lingered throughout its near century of existence. The fact that the school tried to cover up these secrets was what made his viewpoint of the academy as corrupt and dangerous.


    "Such a pity that I have to make this school's history forfeit before it even reaches a hundred years."

    "...You up for this, Ardin?"

    "... It shall be done."

    Today, August 10th, was the debut anniversary of the upcoming 95th class of Estorra Academy. More than a dozen students with their own respective talents will be announced and have their orientation ceremony, as he had heard. A young man, coated in pure black, had arrived at his destination. He had parked his vehicle near the front entrance of the establishment and got out of it. The mysterious figure walked calmly and professionally as he approached the school. He picked up his phone and answered the call.


    "I'm outside the foundation. I'll be arriving in three minutes."


    This man's name was Ardin. We shall later get in-depth as to what his true motives are; but as you've already seen, it was quite obvious that he's here to disrupt the functionality of Estorra, permanently.

    As he treaded carefully, he had a quick analysis of his surroundings; particularly the outside structure of the whole school. It was indeed a massive academy, quite disproportional for the very few number of students enrolled every year. But it can't be helped. The multinational academy is funded by the government, helping it achieve its status today. It was a wide, open land with a direct path towards respective buildings. The greenery is kept tidy and orderly, fitting for a prestigious school like itself. And the academy's buildings were as bulky as its landscape.

    As his face is not very distinguished due to his line of work, Ardin wasn't very noticeable, allowing him to be move around in public. Heading towards the security system, he had slid his own Identification Card under the alias "Fresh Graduate Professor Morgan Treeman, aged 22, working as a new part-time teacher at Estorra Academy", allowing him to pass. Of course, if you haven't figured it out after all this time, the man is using this identity to enter and infiltrate the academy grounds and complete his objective.

    Once inside, he navigated through the first floor of the main building of Estorra Academy, maintaining his cool and manner of professional movement. His first order of business was to scout the whole area, looking for potential spots to escape to once he had accomplished his mission. During this time, he noticed a few number of the students arriving one-by-one as the morning passed by. One was a hooded female (SHSL Indie Musician), a rough and tough delinquent stereotype (SHSL Boxer) and others. Ardin had deduced that these were the SHSL students of the 95th Class. And his deductions were indeed correct once he found out the bulletin board containing 15 talented high schoolers. They appeared to be heading towards the gymnasium, as is also directed by the board. He heeded it no thought and proceeded with the plan.


    He had an immediate assumption that something was very, very wrong. After almost an hour of strolling back-and-forth, the young man had noticed not one, but two anomalies; the first one is that: most of the doors leading to various classrooms were locked, but the gymnasium is the only one that can be bypassed by the other students. Even the stairway to the second floor was completely blocked off by huge pieces of steel bars, preventing access. The lavatories? Also locked. How droll. The second one? It was quiet. Too quiet. For quite a memorial morning in Estorra Academy, it seemed ominously noiseless.

    "How awfully suspicious... Where are the other staff...?" Ardin pondered, questions popping out of his mind.

    Ardin expected the place to be bustling, but instead he found himself all by his lonesome in one of the hallways of the building. He tried to avoid contact with the rest of the students and continued his exploration and investigation as time passed... slowly.


    He should have just immediately left once he found out about these anomalies. Ardin really should have. It was a mistake... a very fatal mistake.

    .:Location:. Estorra Academy, Main Building First Floor
    .:Event:. 95th Orientation Ceremony (not a participant)
    .:Mood:. Suspicious, Alert
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  17. [​IMG]

    Ryder was supposed to get a taxi to Estorra Academy. Instead he was free-falling towards the prestigious school, probably to the chagrin of some poor taxi driver waiting for Ryder below. It wasn't like he'd done it just to piss the taxi driver off- taking a taxi seemed like the most boring method of getting to the school possible. After all, Ryder wasn't the... what did the acceptance letter say his talent was again?

    Dear Mr. Ryder Laurence,

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a young Extreme Sports Athlete.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    Right, he wasn't the Super High School Level Extreme Sports Athlete for nothing. Damn that title was a mouthful. Maybe he should just introduce himself as 'The Badass' instead, since that was a far more accurate description of Ryder's greatness. One could master extreme sports but still be a complete loser- surely his friend Coal was living evidence of that fact. Truly it was an act of pure kindness that Ryder hung around with someone so uncool, there was no way Ryder was going to miss that catastrope. Yup, Coal might have perfectly tousled hair after training, witty comments that always made Ryder grin, gorgeous emerald eyes that always seemed to be searching for new exploits, and... Ryder shook his head at how distracted he was getting from his dive. There was no time to be thinking of that idiot right now, Ryder had to focus on landing at Estorra Academy rather than in front of a car.

    Heart pounding, purely due to the dive and absolutely nothing else, Ryder prepared to activate his parachute. Ryder wished he could enjoy the free fall for just a little longer, but knew that a few more seconds without triggering the parachute and he might not slow down in time. So Ryder activated the parachute, and gracefully landed just past the school gates. Taking a second to bask in his accuracy, Ryder then untangled himself from the parachute as quickly as possible, leaving on the ground for someone else to clean up. Surrounding Ryder was beautiful scenery, which he completely ignored. No time for describing the scenery when there were peasants to piss off!

    After jogging to the Main Lobby Ryder noticed a woven basket labelled ''95 Class', promptly forgetting about it as he raced down the corridor. Directions are for pussies, Ryder could find where his loser classmates were congregating by himself. He could find them within minutes, it turned out, since most of the rooms were actually blocked off. Well that ruined his adventure. Time to make up for it with a most stunning entrance, fitting of 'The Badass'.

    Leaping into the Gymnasium like a mangled gazelle, Ryder proclaimed [BCOLOR=#3366ff]"Greetings suckers, the one true talent has finally appeared! You may all bow- ooh, nice hoodie Miss Creepy chick! Almost hides ya ugly mug!"[/BCOLOR] Ryder nodded at Amelie, beginning to actually take in his fellow students. They weren't all as bad as Ryder had thought they'd be upon first inspection: there was that freak he just shouted at, some buff guy he'd happily screw, and- [BCOLOR=#3366ff]"OH FUCK, ARE YOU NATALIE THE EDM DJ?"[/BCOLOR] Ryder screeched, jumping in front of Natalie, [BCOLOR=#3366ff]"Damn, I love to work out to ya shit! Not everyone here's a complete wasta time then!"[/BCOLOR] Grinning, Ryder stuck a clenched hand out to Natalie for a fist bump.


    Location: Estorra Academy - Gymnasium
    Event: Estorra Academy Entrance Ceremony
    Mood: Pumped.
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  18. [​IMG]

    I. Not Quite Platform 9 3/4 (open)

    Adventures are his thing, but Paolo Rafael Suzuki is not at all used to being away from his brother, Lucas. Still, he didn't quite expect it when his brother managed to convince their parents that he would accompany him all the way to England. It was a place unlike either of them has ever seen, but the moment they got off the plane, Lucas was already taking the lead, speaking his perfect English and figuring out all the directions faster than their father could activate GPS.

    Their parents went with them on the first two days. They helped the twins shop for necessities: school supplies, toiletries and clothes. Lucas was enrolled to a boarding school not so far from Paolo's and they dropped by to fix Lucas' papers. They left at night and their mother gave the twins tearful hugs and kisses, slightly embarrassing them both before their father collected her again. She told them to
    make absolute sure they use protection which nearly gave their father a heart attack.

    They went out on the third day, getting themselves acquainted with the surroundings and the local transport. They got lost twice, sacrificed their remaining allowance for the day to get themselves a taxi back to their hotel. Excited, Paolo had taken a lot of pictures of their misadventures.

    The day Paolo was getting picked up, Lucas was in a more sullen mood than usual. Paolo figured his brother was simply worried and brushed it off as they got to the hotel's restaurant for their breakfast. Paolo babbled on an on about meeting on the weekends to give their parents a call together and do homework together as they always did. But Lucas was mostly quiet except for short replies.

    "Remember that one time in elementary school where we switched places because you sprained your ankle?" Paolo chuckled over his pancakes. "If we pull it off here, that'll be huge."

    "We can't because we'll be speaking English here all the time, doofus. Unless you magically rid your accent, it can never happen." Lucas snapped, eating a piece of bacon and scrolling up on his phone which laid on the table.

    "Sheesh, if mom knew you're using your phone on the table." Paolo rolled his eyes and briefly checked the decorative mirror embellishments on the wall. He swept his wavy brown hair to one direction but it fluffed into its own position.

    "Don't lecture me when you're fixing yourself at the table." Lucas picked continued swiping and scrolling so Paolo peeked at his screen through the mirrors.

    "You're still not over my school?" Paolo asked. Lucas glared at him. "No. Everything about that Estorra Academy sounds off. They've been around for 95 years and is welcoming their 95th class? A school that big can't have only one class a year."

    "Yeah, I suppose muggles would think the same of Hogwarts." Paolo shrugged. "And I don't think they mean 95th class in the whole history of the school. I think they mean-"

    "95th class of their talented kids."Lucas finished, ruffling his identical hair. "And seriously, they accepted you on what terms?"

    Paolo readily took out his acceptance letter from his bag. "I didn't ask for the position, Lucas. I swear."

    "I mean, look at this." Lucas snatched the letter and flattened it on the table. "
    ...promising talent of Paranormal Investigation? Which part of that doesn't sound like a scam to you? And that's the thing, you get accepted into a school you didn't enroll in. That doesn't make any sense, specially in legal terms."

    Paolo diverted his gaze. He disliked when Lucas wants to break things apart, figure it out until he could hold a degree about it and then put it back together with what he knows. Part of him wondered if Lucas was jealous but he disliked thinking that way even more.

    "If they were so bad, they won't last this long, now would they?" He muttered, picking at the last bits of pancake. He looked anywhere but his brother.

    "Unless they had their connections. Solid ones." Lucas said, putting his phone down. "Finish your food, Pao. You need the energy. You'll probably have to figure out your school if you have time before class."

    "I'd appreciate if you'd just not complain about it anymore." Paolo grumbled as he stabbed his food and chewed angrily.

    "I've never heard of any other school taking in students for being great at hunting supernatural stuff." Lucas patted his lips with the napkin and leaned back slightly. If not for his mostly black clothes contrasting Paolo's fashionable coordination of colors and prints, they would have looked like a mirror image of the other specially when sitting and not moving too much. They didn't mind looking like each other but they agreed to disagree on wardrobe.

    "It's what I do." Paolo said simply, quite done with the topic and his breakfast. He stood up and Lucas followed suit. They got ready and made their way to the lobby, Lucas bringing Paolo's roller luggage. "Just saying, you're good at other things. Math. Physics. Those on your school paperwork would have gotten you better chances at NASA, just like you wanted."

    Paolo smiled, feeling a little better. Lucas truly knew him, indeed. Paolo's dream was to become an astronaut but he knew there could be a way to juggle that with his side job of sorts. They exited the hotel to wait for Paolo's ride.

    "It's just one year, I'll make things work. I always do." Paolo grinned.

    "Yeah, it's just your graduating year. No biggie." Lucas grumbled as they saw a posh looking cab. "Hey. Take this."

    Lucas handed him a small black bag. Paolo looked at him uncertainly but took the it.

    "You left your...investigating paraphernalia at home so I put a new stock with your inhaler here. And some antihistamines. And vitamins. Those are from mom. And the rosary."

    The fancy cab pulled up.

    Paolo happily took the small bag and stuffed it in the backpack he had slung on his shoulder. He pulled Lucas into a one-armed hug. "Thanks! I'll text when I'm settled. Say hi to mom and dad."

    Lucas nodded and he stood on the spot until Paolo's cab disappeared from the hotel driveway. He turned around and pulled out his phone. He continued reading about Paolo's strange school.

    II. Super High School Level Paranormal Investigator (open)

    Paolo would never admit it out loud, but "Lucas was right" were the first words in mind when he walked into the school. There was something about the "perfectness" of the school that felt strange for Paolo, and he knows his fair share of strange things. Just to calm himself, he paused near the Main Lobby to pocket the rosaryin the black bag Lucas gave him and take out an EMF meter much like the one he had at home. He briefly wondered how Lucas managed to get him one. The reading didn't indicate nearby ghosts and he breathed easy. A basket caught his eye and he looked in. Almost instantly, the title Super High School Level Paranormal Investigator jumped to him.

    Once again in his mind, "Lucas was right." It sounded like a joke.

    "Hunter would've sounded better. Or soon-to-be spaceman." He said as he checked the contents.

    "7:30?!" Paolo gasped, almost dropping his EMF meter. He spun about wildly, cursing to himself in Portuguese for not figuring out where the said gymnasium was. When he got there, he was panting heavily. At the very least he didn't get asthma from running about. He stood outside to regain his breath and check if he looked okay.

    He knew there was no helping his hair, so he made sure he at least didn't smell sweaty. He put the EMF meter in his pocket and entered. He didn't quite expect there to be only about a dozen people. But they were talking and looked pretty energetic so Paolo decided to come in as quietly as he could. He walked toward the group with confident runway strides and a small smile. He liked them all already.

    "Good morning, schoolmates." He said politely, making a small bow before he realized that it wasn't needed. He could feel himself going red around the ears from hearing his own accented English. He and Lucas practiced as hard as they could before they left their country, but Paolo would always feel tiny bit insecure about the way he spoke compared to his twin's flawless pronunciation. "The ceremony ended?"

    He looked at them closely. He was surprised to see a few familiar faces and resisted the urge to openly geek out. Instead, he shuffled on his feet and chuckled nervously to himself.

    He was secretly flattered to be with such a good-looking group, but he knew they must be talented beyond compare at whatever they do. He recognized Dr. Park from what his brother told him. Lucas wanted to go into medicine after graduation and looked up to the young doctor. He's heard of Neon Machine Gun as well but never in his thoughts did he expect to find himself in the same place as her.

    He was excited to tell Lucas all about it, but he may have to deal with being late, first.

    .:Location:. Gymnasium, not too far from everyone
    .:Event:. Opening Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Hyped
    .:Interaction(s):. Everyone
    .:Mentioned:.In thought: Dr. Park and Natalie
  19. [​IMG]

    From Bon's side of the stage, he watched as his peers filed in one at a time. Each a bit more different then the last. Not that Bon really expected anything else. There was a lady with green hair, A maid, a man that seemed even shorter then he, and even someone loud enough that Bon wished that he would just have his entire trap shut. Though, the doll of a woman was about to meet the end of his sandal if she kept looking at them like there were stupid. Her entire get up seemed cheesy and forced, much better appearing then his own attire, but it served it's purpose. His dark green attire, filled with his current white shirt, was also matched with his usual brown shorts. He wasn't a fashion fanatic like some, but least he didn't look like a complete clown.

    Of the current students, Bon was the only student that didn't feel like introducing himself until everyone had arrived. He only wanted to do it once, but seemed out of place compared to the others who introduced themselves as they walked in. Why do it then when you could just wait and do it once? Save you some energy. But the energy of the room seemed to fill with excrement as everyone gathered. Chatting and introducing themselves to each other. It would of been wrong had Bon said he did not feel the excitement in the air, but some of the oddities surrounding the ceremony kept him on edge.

    Seeing as there was only one person yet to arrive, Bon peered down at his watch. 7:28. Only a little longer until the ceremony would begin and the last person would arrive. Seeing as most of the people were present, Bon stood and jumped off the stage. Taking his spot in the front row of the array of chairs. He choose the spot closet to the alley of chairs, bringing him slightly closer to everyone else. Closer then his last point, but the closer he was, the more nervous he grew. Shaking his head, he covered his face and tried massaging it to calm himself. The sound of voices filling the room as he watched the time on his watch, waiting for the show to start.

    .:Location:. Gymnasium, In the front row of chairs.
    .:Event:. Opening Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Nervous
    .:Interaction(s):. No one
    .:Mentioned:.In thought: Ameile, Ryder, Aran, Chantelle Natalie
  20. [​IMG]

    So, this was it then.

    Connor laid back in his seat as the black taxi drove through the streets of London. The whole private taxi with it's own vigil was rather interesting. He had the letter in his left pocket. This whole thing was somewhat bothersome. But his sister had gone to it and she loved every second it. Then again, she loved everything.

    One day...

    He supposed people should be happy for this. Problem was, that everyone was happy for his sister when she got invited. He was the second, and therefor now it was just a family thing. Not that he cared, but it still seemed a tad unfair to lessen achievements because of the order. He couldn't complain though, as his sister was the entire reason why any of this had happened anyway.

    One day you'll get there as well.

    And here he was, sitting in a taxi driving to the academy.

    Dear Mr.Connor Anthony Boland.

    We are pleased to announce that you have here by been accepted into the glorious Estorra Academy thanks to your promising talent of being a Poisoner.

    Through your numerous achievements and success within your field you have been chosen out of the few to attend this prestigious school. If you wish to attend please send a reply by the end of the month with your answer.

    We hope to see you at the start of the new school year with the rest of the 95th Class.


    Montgomery Tengan - Headmaster of Estorra Academy

    He frowned slightly at the mention of his talent. Poisoner. The behind-the-scenes focus on one part of his talent. Perhaps this was a clear sign telling him what they wanted from him.

    He sighed and put the letter back into his pocket as the taxi rolled up to the academy. Connor left the taxi without a word. He squinted as he walked forwards into the academy. Certainly they wanted to make the whole feel prestigious. So even if you lived under a rock you would know as soon as you saw the place.

    They always tended to look the same. The whole prestigious thing made every thing look the same. With the hedges and trees and big chunky building. He entered into the academy. He took a few steps before he slowed down. More extravagance inside unsurprisingly. He peered into the basket that simply laid there with the title of 95th class.

    Sighing, he reached to get the one that had his talent labelled across it. Which wasn't hard, because it was the only one left. "They really love enevlopes don't they."

    Dear Mr. Connor Anthony Boland.

    We once again thank you for coming to attend Estorra Academy with your fellow soon to be classmates. We couldn't be more happier. Your talent in Poison will surely bring the brightest hope for the future! But before you start your daily school life there is the Entrance Ceremony. The Ceremony begins at 7:30 A.M., please report to the gymnasium that is on the right side of the school. May this Semester be Exciting and full of Hope for you and the Rest of the 95th Class!
    Connor frowned, it was written in crayon. A school that couldn't go a sentence without saying how prestigious it was had badly written a letter in crayon. That was certainly off. A part of him wanted to write it off as the school itself being "Unique."

    "Well then."

    He wandered around. Attempting to opening random doors. All locked. Strange. He looked around, not a single person. Student or staff. The ceremony was beginning soon. And yet there was no one to be seen. Everything blocked off except for one path. It was if the school was guiding them to the gymnasium.

    His frown deepened before began to wander some more. Eventually he saw some students. But only one or two walking past the hallway. Still far few little for this school. He didn't like this. Not at all. He took a breath, telling himself to let the school have a little leeway.

    He past by, judging by the rest of people that he had seen actually in the school. A student, he was dressed in all black. Connor walked past him. Before pausing slightly, looking back at the man. He stared for a second before walking away.

    Arriving at the gymnasium. He saw the numerous students who had already arrived.

    My classmates.

    He looked around, taking in the actions of everyone. Taking his hands out of his pocket he listened.

    "Well miss Silence, seems like you are going to be a classmate of mine~ Lucky you~ I'm Ken Tanaka, not to be mistaken for the name stealer over there who goes by Gen~ Next in line to be the best architect in the world~" Hearing somebody being advanced on due to not talking. Connor sighed.

    "Hello." He said sounding irritated before spotting the one who had announced themselves as a doctor. She had seemingly brought a whole wardrobe on her back and such it seemed fitting that she was the one sitting there patiently with some coffee. Connor walked over to her seat. He put one hand in his pocket.

    "Hello there, Suyong" He looked around. He knew who she was. World famous. A miracle worker one might say. "Awfully vacant for the first day don't you think?" His sliver eyes seemed to entirely concentrate on her.

    .:Location:. Gymnasium
    .:Event:. Waiting for the Entrance Ceremony
    .:Mood:. Curious
    Talking to Suyong
    .:Mentioned:. Pretty much everyone, Ardin.
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