Dangan Ronpa: The Despair-Inducing Game Brought to Life! (NO SLOTS LEFT)

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    The Despair Inducing Game Brought to Life!


    Misery and sorrow

    Academy of Hope

    Bring the world into its ultimate destruction

    Savage and sadistic

    Pain surrounding

    Youthful lives departing

    Blood stains dance in our vision

    Masters in their art forms

    Naiveté ran through them

    Unaware the sadness they would find themselves in

    Paint it all in crimson

    Mask the weakness

    Delve into the madness

    Bid farewell to all that has been

    Treated like prisoners

    Trapped in a world filled with nothing but despair

    A game where it’s kill or be killed

    We were lured into the devil’s lair

    Losing faith with whom to trust

    We were being taken out one by one

    Never-ending misery

    Were we ever going to see the sun?

    Despair- Miss P


    Hello Hello Boys and Girls! My name is Mirai- The Ultimate Despair Creative Writer! And Today, I bring you a Interest Check based on the Visual Novel franchise called Dangan Ronpa! Since Dangan Ronpa 3 Future Arc and Despair Arc are currently airing still, I decided I wanted to do a RP on one of my favorite game franchise. So what will this RP hold you may ask? Well, I present to you the story-

    In this world (like ours) Dangan Ronpa is nothing but a Visual Novel and a game at that. After all, wouldn't it be Despair-Inducing if the killing game was brought to life? Well of course it would be!

    Taking place in a prestigious multinational school located in the United Kingdom, this roleplay will focus of 16 students (like the game) who are forced into a game of killed or be killed by the titular mascot from the game. Will Despair win? Or will Hope Prevail overall?

    That's are story boys and girls! So, who's wanting to jump into the RP world of Hope Vs Despair that is Dangan Ronpa: The Despair-Inducing Game Brought to Life?!




    Interest Check: Launched September 4th, 2016

    OOC/CS Thread: Launchef September 5th, 2016

    IC Thread: COMING SOON

    Participants: 16/16
    Character Sheet (open)

    If you want to treat this like an interview that is optional.
    -Insert Quote of Character Here-
    (Appearance must be Anime)
    Full Name: (First/Middle/Last)

    Nickname(s): (If the Nickname has meaning please explain)

    Age: (Between the ages of 14-18)


    Gender: (Doesn't have to be Male or Female.)


    Sexual Orientation:

    Zodiac Sign:









    Physical Appearance-



    Blood Type:



    Place of Birth:

    Full History: (Please explain in your character's history how they began with their talent. Also explain how the got into Estorra Academy.)


    Family: (If they have any)

    Friends: (If they have any)

    Pets: (If they have any)

    Enemies: (If they have any)


    Face Claim: (Anime Only Please)


    Character Banner: (I'll provide you with this if you want me too. Must include your character's name and SHSL Title. You must use this in the RP.)

    Color of Dialogue: (Feel Free to add another quote here if you'd like ^^)

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  2. I'm interested as long as we're only using info available from the first two games and/or Zero. :o
  3. Yes of Course! :)
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  4. You have my interest, as a fellow Dangan Ronpa Fan.
    Gundam Tanaka is bae.
  5. Excellent. Welcome aboard ^^.
  6. A Dangan Ronpa roleplay, you say? Well, I'm not all that well-versed on the game/anime. Like, at all. Would knowledge from the first two games and/or Zero be required? I could do some research (gameplay, anime, etc.).
  7. Will there be stuff from Zero? It's not exactly easy to know it exists if you're just playing the Steam ports, so...
  8. Not really. I mean, knowing anything about Dangan Ronpa isn't required. And I'll explain the series and how the game works throughout the RP (Monokuma will help too.)
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  9. Hmm....

    I'll give this a try. Count me in~ c:
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  10. I haven't thought about it. Although I think I might add mention to the First Mutual Killing of the Student Council.

    Show Spoiler

    If I remember correctly, the first mutual killing game of the student council was mentioned in Zero. From what I also remember Izuru and Shoshun Murasame were the only survivors and Izuru Kamakura killed everyone. However in the recent despair arc, we learn the student council killed each other.
  11. Thanks Kitsune. If you have any questions feel free to tell me.
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  12. Yeah, I figure the extent of it would just be mentions of the history behind Hope's Peak, if anything. Just thought it should be clarified. :o
  13. I see. Yeah I think that might come into play with the story. Since the Mastermind would have knowledge on Hope's Peak Academy's History as well as the game.
  14. Ooooh! I havn't done a DR RP before. I loved the anime and the first game, I might have to do some research. Keep me tagged up, when this thing progresses!~ ​
  15. Of course! Thanks for showing your interest :).
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  16. As long as the final "Chapter" of this RP won't be breaking any common sense like the actual games do. xD

    Or we can do it "Future Arc" style. :P What do you plan on doing, Mirai-chii? :D
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  17. I would be up for this woo
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  18. I mean I think not having a "mutual killing game" might be really interesting. After all, I found that the plots of Ultra Despair Girls (not counting the inappropriate sex jokes with children) and Future Arc/Despair Arc are very interesting. Like, seeing what is going on on the outside, and stuffs.

    I'm def interested.

    I wanna make the ultimate weeb. nah kidding, I'll figure something out
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  19. Danganronpa? Sign me up!

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