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  1. So, a friend of mine and I were originally going to do this as a fanfiction, but I think having it as a roleplay would be way more fun! So, the idea of this is to play as characters from the original Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc game. However, their "Super High School Level" will be different. For example, instead of Ishimaru being the Super High School Level Hall Monitor, he's Super High School Level Otaku! The trick to this is try to get their character and keep them as true to themselves as possible while putting into account the different influences a different life would have on them. Here are the names and swaps with some descriptions of their characters with their new lives (feel free to tweak this if you'd like but here's some examples/ideas).

    Toko Fukawa ~ Super High School Level Fashion Girl
    Fukawa has been in the fashion business all of her life. Which is to be expected by a fashion designer's daughter. She wears nothing but the finest and most trendy clothing. She should wear glasses but finds them ugly so she wears contacts, instead. She changes her hairstyle frequently but never the color and she surrounds herself with friends who only hang around her because of her social status and her popularity. She's a complete brat and treats everyone as if they're beneath her but holds a huge secret, her other personality, which is a secret serial killer. This causes her to be extra cautious and careful. She rarely gets attached to people, ever.
    Hagakure Yasuhiro ~ Super High School Level Idol
    Hagakure recently became an extremely famous Idol, the lead of a boy band all the girls in Japan know and love. He appears to be sweet and kind and a gentleman, but really he's evil and uses all of his fame and power to get whatever he wants out of people and to manipulate them. If something happens that makes him look bad, with a flash of his smile and a wave of a checkbook if needed he can make all of his problems go away.
    Sakura Ogami ~ Super High School Level Programmer
    Sakura, despite her muscles, isn't the least bit interested in fitness. She only looks and eats the way she does because of her personal trainer father, who will severely punish her if she doesn't do what she's supposed to. Secretly, though, she loves to work with computers. Although she's extremely strong she would never hurt a fly, and spends every free moment programming and working on computers. She viewed Hope Academy as an escape from her father so she could focus on her aspirations and love for computers.
    Leon Kuwata ~ Super High School Level Gambler
    Leon-He has so many piercings and tattoos it’s not funny man. He’s great at lying, easily using this skill to make money off suckers who go up against him. He’s a huge flirt and would do anything to date any and all girls he could because he’s kind of a jerk.
    Hifumi Yamada ~ Super High School Level ???
    Yamada was good at his talent from a young age, but due to humility, barely spoke of his work. He’s still big but perhaps a bit smaller. He can’t lose weight no matter how hard he tries so he focuses on his talent. He becomes frustrated when he forgets his talent, since that was most of his life.
    Aoi Asahina ~ Super High School Level Hall Monitor
    Aoi always fallows the rules and makes sure everyone is in line, although she may seem like she can't do much she's very strong and very persuasive. She can be nice when she wants to and mean when she wants to. She's very ethical, but sometimes you can sweet talk her with a couple of donuts.
    Kyoko Kirigiri ~ Super High School Level Soldier
    She ran from home when her father abandoned her. She joined the fenrir, becoming a feared soldier, who focuses mostly on assassinations. SHe’s deadly and doesn’t talk much, also wearing big clothes to hide her battle scars. She’s smart and could easily get away with murder.
    Mondo Owada ~ Super High School Level Heir
    Despite the title, he’s actually not a good heir. He’s brash and has gotten hundreds of tattoos, covering his entire body. He’ll ignore you if you ask if his money got him not Hope’s Peak and will beat you if you persist. He’s also quite good at using foul language.
    Celestia Lundenberg ~ Super High School Level Author
    Celesia has always been great at reading and comprehending literature, as well as writing. She's good at talking to people and noticing small details of people. She's very cleaver and intelligent, she's able to think of solutions to problems logically and easily.
    Junko Enoshima ~ Super High School Level Baseball Player
    Known for her sudden fits on and off field she’s become a scary figure in baseball. She has a mean pitch and isn’t afraid to play hardball. SHe’s been known to have dangerous mood swings, almost killing multiple teammates. The only person she’d never hurt is her beloved twin sister, no rather, she'd kill to protect her.
    Sayaka Maizono ~ Super High School Level Gang Leader
    Maizono joined a gang when she was younger to prove to her older brother that she was stronger than he thought she was, working her way up the ranks until she surpassed her own brother.
    Makoto Naegi ~ Super High School Level Swimmer
    Naegi is a pretty excitable kid and has swam since a young age! He really likes the water and has instructed people, though he claims he’s not very good at this swimming stuff. He’s supposed to represent Japan next year in the olympics but really doesn’t know. He’s optimistic and makes friends with everyone he can!
    Kiyotaka Ishimaru ~ Super High School Level Otaku
    Ishimaru has been reading manga and watching anime since he was young, but you wouldn't be able to tell by just looking at him that he writes it. He does well in school but after school spends his time writing and reading manga. He doesn't have many friends except those he talks to about it, aka other writers.
    Byakuya Togami ~ Super High School Level Fortune Teller
    Togami became a fortune teller after losing his family’s competition. He’s the best at scamming people and is literally the best there is. He need glasses but refuses to get any, he wants to save his money. He has a love for detective novels. His hair is pretty shaggy and pulled back in a ponytail.
    Mukuro Ikusaba ~ Super High School Level Good Luck
    Mukuro ran away from home at a really young age. She only keeps contact with her famous twin sister. She lives in internet cafes and refuses to do anything. When she get’s invited to Hope’s Peak she does it for her twins sake and only that. She’s pretty socially awkward and often tries to avoid contact when she can.

    So, here's how the group roleplay would work. If you're interested in doing this, comment or PM me. If you have a particular one of these characters you would like to be, let me know in a PM. I will be playing the Monokuma (all of you Dangan Ronpa fans should know who that is) and he really won't have any changes to him. Now, this won't play out with the exact same deaths and mastermind as the first game. There will be a different mastermind, whom I will let know who they are. If you are wanting to be a part of this, I'd like you to send me a paragraph (at least) of your writing in the wanted character's point of view. It can be them arriving at the school, or whatever. We will begin with everyone waking up in seprate rooms and finding their way to the meeting area like in the game. The minimum writing for posts on this will be a paragraph of at least 4 sentences, which I don't think is too much to ask.

    So, the murders. This is how it will go down: If you are the mastermind you can not kill anybody, end of story. However, only the mastermind and myself will know who that is. If you are any other character but the mastermind, it will go as follows:
    Step 1: Know who you want to kill
    Step 2: Have reasoning and motive for why your character would want to kill said person (some motivations to kill will be given by me to the whole group, but yours has to be specific to your character as well).
    Step 3: Plan out exactly how they were murdered (with what, where, when, etc.)
    Step 4: Type up the following things into a PM and send it to me. Only one death may occur per day (within the roleplay, not necessarily our 24-hour time), and no deaths can occur during investigation/trials other than executions by moi.
    Step 5: I will approve/deny your request and will let you know. Or, if another death has already been scheduled, I will let you know that yours is being held until the next avalliable death slot.

    I will be narrating and steering things where they need to be.
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