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  1. Hiya, this is my first role play that I'll GM so please go easy on me. This well be a dangan ronpa theme RP where there well be 16 students trapped in an amusement park. For those who do not know what DR is than here a quick over view:

    You are a high school student who is the best at whatever you do, be it music, writing, programming, singing, or whatever else. You are to attend Hope's peak academy, when you are trapped in the school(or in this case an amusement park) by a weird stuffed animal named Monokuma. He tells you the only way out is to kill a fellow student and not get caught.

    Some things you should know, characters well die and not come back to life. There well be murder mysteries to solve, the GMs (@GreenSea and I) well give the evidence to be found in the OOC. I'll explain the rules when we get the sign-up/OOC thread up.

    Thank you for checking out our role play.
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  2. *Cough* somebody tagged me here? lol XD~*cough*
  3. I really like this idea, please make this RP idea a reality
  4. *Whisels and hides knife Grining*
  6. Sounds fun, I would really like to join if there are any openings.
  7. We have plenty of openings, we need 16 people
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