Dancing with Wolves: The Curse ((Limited Sign-Ups))

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  1. "Long ago, my grandfather use to share a story with me and my siblings about how he was raised by wolves. Not just any kind of wolves though, magical wolves. It was the coolest story I have ever heard, but Grandfather would get mad because it was no story; it was the truth. Mother would tell us he was just getting to old and not starting to make any sense, but deep down I felt he knew what he was talking about. Me and my siblings all sort of wished we lived like he did, living with wolves but Grandfather said it was not all fun and games. The wolves were in constant fear of a curse that was sent upon them by an evil wolf demon known as; Weretum Esperitus. Apparently the curse would cause wolves to transform into unknown creatures who looked like them but walked like a human. Grandfather tried to save the wolves but was unable to stop Weretum... grandfather stops talking after that for hours on end....Wonder if those wolves are still okay?"
    Albert Farkas, a grandfather of three grandchildren, claims he was raised by wolves long ago. The pack was known as Crescent Paws but they were no ordinary wolves claimed Albert; but magical. In his younger years, he learned skills and knowledge that no human could ever learn just by staying in the city and because of that he was well known as Wolf Man. Though no one truly believed his story nor did he have any proof other than a scar of a crescent moon on his left arm. According to Albert the pack vanished after he failed to stop Weretum, though some of his grandchildren wonder if they really did. In 2003, Albert Farkas passes away due to natural causes and the grandchildren are now teenagers. The only thing Albert left behind for the grandchildren was his stories and a crescent talisman. The grandchildren wishes to figure out the truth behind the story of their grandfathers and decide to head to the woods to find out if the pack is still there. Luckily for the teenagers they did not have to look hard as the wolves appear to come to them, but some look a tad different than their grandfather's description, were they cursed? A couple of the wolves guide the teenagers to the Alpha/ess, only to apologize for their loss. Now the wolves are asking for the teenagers help as they are the only ones who can....Can they stop the curse?

    1. Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. Proper Use of Grammar and Paragraph Posts (5 Sentences)
    3. No God-Mod
    4. Don't be Shy, If You Have a Question Ask~
    5. Try to Follow the Story Line
    6. Enjoy

    Needed Spots;
    Three GrandChildren {Last Name Farkas}
    Weretum Esperitus
    Cursed Wolves
    Magical Wolves

    Pack Must Fill Ranks:
    Wise One

    The Difference Between Cursed and Magical

    Magical: Wolves with unique properties and understand the human culture.
    They may appear with special markings, auras, objects, or horns. (No Wings)
    Magical Wolves still walk on all fours and act similar to an ordinary wolf in the wild. Magic
    powers are very limited, ask before using.

    Cursed: Wolves that are unusual in appearance but no longer magically unique.
    They walk, talk, fight, and interact similar to humans. Many are not accepted
    into the Crescent Paws Pack, but due to increase of the cursed; the pack has
    made an exception. The Cursed can help or destroy the pack. The Cursed could be very similar to the idea of "werewolves". **The Cursed also lose one form of senses but in turn are physically stronger.

    Character Sheets

    Species: Human/Cursed Wolf/Magical Wolf
    Pack: Crescent Paws/ Enemy

    Appearance: If using a picture, please try to stay away from anime. Description still required.



    Magical Property: What is Unique About the Wolf? (MW Only)
    Magical Power: If Any (MW Only)
    Lost Sense: Hearing, Sight, Smell etc (CW Only)


  2. Reserved for Accepted Characters
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Gaia White Spirit the Wise One
    Gender: Female
    Species: Magical Wolf
    Pack: Crescent Paws

    Appearance: Gaia is a white wolf with tints of grey and blue entwined with her fur. She has very distinct smokey eyes as they appear to have "eyeliner" from the end of her eyebrow to the beginning reaches of her snout. Gaia has thick fur, long bushy tail and looks well suited for winter in any season, but is constantly surrounded in a smokey spiritual aura that helps her appear more of a spirit.

    Personality: Very calm and collected, prefers to make peace than fight but will become very hostile if attacked. Gaia tends to appear uptight and snobbish if someone ignores the wisdom she shares, though is caring to those that matter.

    Likes: Watching the Sun, Walking, Eating, Being Acknowledged
    Dislikes: Being Ignored, Foolish Ones
    Relations: Alone
    Skills: Predictions, Identifying Possible Traitors
    Weaknesses: Close up Fighting
    Magical Property: Spiritual Aura, Spirit-Like (Half Physical/Half Spirit)
    Magical Power: Predictions of the Future (Psychic)
  4. Hey! May I have two characters? I'd like to play a wolf and one of the grandchilds
  5. Sure go ahead! :)
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  6. Might post a magical wolf cs tomorrow if that's okay? ~
  7. That is fine. Can't wait to see it.
  8. Name: Leah Farkas
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Pack: Crescent Paws

    Appearance: She is a tanned skinny girl of just 161 cm. She has brown curly hair and deep honey-like eyes.

    Picture (open)

    Personality: Leah is a calm, peaceful girl, but will kill and do anything in order to protect those she cares about. She is really protective with her brothers/sisters. She is also a nature-lover.
    Likes/Dislikes: She loves animals and hearing/ telling stories. She hates dishonesty.
    Relations: alone
    Skills: She is really good with her bow. She can hit a target in move 20 meters away. Leah is also really fast.
    Weaknesses: She doesn't know a thing about close combat and it's more trusting than what she should.

    Biography: She is the grandaughter of Albert Farkas. She loved hearing stories about the Crescent Paws pack but always thought they were just fiction. Anyways, she and her brothers recently found this really special pack.


    Name: Tars
    Age: 3 years
    Gender: male
    Species: Cursed Wolf
    Pack: Crescent Paw
    Appearance: He is a completely black male with pretty long fur. He can easily walk in two legs but will be faster with four. He is excepcionally big and has a scar on his right eye.
    Picture (open)

    Lost Sense: Taste

  9. The CS for my wolf is a WIP. I wanted to have some more information about the cursed wolves before I created his story. How are they created? They used to be magical wolves?
  10. Once magical wolves, now the cursed who have none of the magical properties from before. There are two ways this curse can spread; Weretum attacks them up front trapping them in a shadowy aura. A lot of wolves who witness this believe that any wolf who was attacked are no longer able to keep mentality making them run off before anything else happens. Of course that may not be true for any/all of them. The second way to become cursed is if a magical wolf basically "wishes" themselves to be cursed.
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