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  1. New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts** This is a 1x1 between @Scorpio Queen and @~Happily.Ever.After~ **

    Students attend this 'refined' academy to prepare them for a life full of music, theater and dancing and all of the dramatic arts.

    Elthrial Mortelle ~ 26

    Damien Stark ~ 27

    Mara Anastasia Argyris ~ 25

    Hyder Parker Winston ~ 27

    Hyder P. WinstonLaughter would have been the understatement of the year when Hyder had recieved his acceptance letter to NYADA. Hyder wasn't really the musical, theatrical, dancing type... but he was actually a pretty good dancer though he did fall rather flat with other theater arts... not quite as talented as either of his siblings, but he had figured all those years ago when he had applied that it might be fun to try. Now he was in his last year and was always looking for local auditions to take part in... even though his chances of landing a part were slim to none. Wandering around the building, Hyder stopped outside one of the studios and just looked around, watching people go to and fro, letting the time pass and hoping one of his friends might pop up.

    Mara A. Argyris"Ready and step, step, back, step, plie, jete, sashay, sashay, grand jete, triple turn, leg, leg, leg, grand plie first position, releve, good..." as the instructor finished, Mara simply struck her finishing pose and walked back over to the back, left side of the room when the music ended. Grabbing her water bottle she took a much needed drink before slipping it back into her bag with her ballet slippers and lifting it onto her shoulder, heading out of the studio.
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  2. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial stoodles on her toes in point shoes as she picked up her feet. she was in Ballet classes private and class she did jazz lyrical and quite a few others. She loved ballet, she was good at it. she had been accepted to NYADA and was on her last year looking for jobs on Brodway even off Broadway. She was dancing with her male Dance partner when he dropped her again for the 4th time that day. She was skinny and didn't weigh that much. He partner was sucking even for an under class man. He went to help her up," No stop stop. I will not do this dance till you give me someone who won't drop me." She said . Elthrial stood slowly and went to take her shoes off." Wait." the instructor said. He peaked his head out and saw Hyder." Mr.Winston please come in here now." He said." We need you to dance with one of our ballerinas the first years don't have the strength to lift her." The teacher said and led him in. Elthrial was stretching on the bar. She looked up and over at Hyder.

    Damien Stark

    Damien had been at the school almost all his years in college. He was always late but very good at what he did. He stopped outside the ballet studio. he stood and peaked in as he saw Elthrial and Hyder. he smirked and went to look in the other room He spotted Mara and smiled as he watched her Dance.
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  3. Hyder P. WinstonLooking at the instructor as they popped their head out the door, Hyde gave a small shrugg and walked in. He had always been strong, always a jock and lifting the girls had never been an issue for him... but he did remember several of the other guys falling flat with the girl landing on top of them or on the ground next to them or something until they got their strength. Walking into the room he grabbed a spare pair of the mens ballet shoes off the rack and wandered over to Elthrial "Hey Ellie" he said calmly, standing next to his friend. Hyder wasn't completely sure if she actually liked being called Ellie, and he had never been told to call her that, he had sort of just started to after being partnered up with her a few times. It was easier on the tongue than Elthrial was. "You just start, I'll try to catch on... I'm pretty sure I've seen you practicing this before anyway" he said, giving the younger girl a friendly smile.

    Mara A. ArgyrisAs she walked out of the studio, Mara wasn't paying much attention, her mind buzzing as she exited and quickly she found herself bouncing off of Damien and falling ever so ungracefully to the floor. The normally graceful, five foot, one hundred and five pound young adult looked up, blushing from embarrassment. "Sorry Damien, I was zoning out again..." she said, feeling foolish. Her bright, light golden amber eyes revealing her apology. Picking herself up off the ground she looked up at him "What are you up to today?" she asked after a moment.
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  4. Elthrial Mortelle
    Elthrial smiled when she saw him and sighed. She turned to him." Sorry about this." She said." Just Follow Marcus." She said and took her leg off the bar. she smiled and started the music. She danced across the floor and Marcus had Hyder mirror him. She told Marcus not to attempt to lift her at all it hurt to much to keep falling. She stopped the music and had Marcus sit out." Okay Hyde lift me unlike Marcus." She said. She started again on her toes. She spun and flowed with Hyder. He dipped her and she looked into his eye's. She moved smoothly with him, He lifted her and placed her gently. Her face was close to his.The teacher clapped and so did Marcus." well done Hyder would you be willing to be in this dance with Elthrial that was perfect." He said. Elthrial blushed and looked away from him and stepped out of his embrace. she was breathing heavily and sweating.

    Damien Stark

    Damien leaned on the wall and when she bounced off him He helped her up." I am sorry, it's okay my bad I was watching you." He said and smiled crooked at her." Meet nothing no classes today. You done for the day?" He asked her." If so let's go grab Elthrial and Hyder and see what is up." He said
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  5. Hyder P. WinstonReleasing Elthrial as the song ended he sat back and ran a hand through the back of his hair. Listening to the teacher he thought for a moment and gave a small shrug "so long as it doesn't interfere with any of the other things I have to do for the school I don't see why not. Ellie and I have worked together quite a bit" he said, flashing a quick smile at her. After half listening to the instructor nod and ramble about how it was good there was still some talent left, now the newbies just needed to get talent, Hyder walked over to Elthrial "Hey, I think the other two are outside the door" the dark haired man said lightly when he spotted Mara and Damien outside the clear studio door.

    Mara A. ArgyrisGiving a slight nod, Mara headed off down the hall "I'm done, I'm pretty sure Elthrial and Hyder and finished too ... I could be wrong, but I think they are. I also know Elthrial is down here since we walked to class together this morning, Hyder is your gue... nevermind, he's with her" Mara said lightly, leaning against the door frame of the ballet studio her friends were in.
  6. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial looked at him, and nods. she was stretching. She was in sweats and a later date and her tights underneath. It kept her legs warm. She lifted one leg on her sweats it was a dancer thing. She looked out the door and nods to her friends." One more time. then we can go." She said.

    Damien Stark

    Damien laughed and shook his head at her. They walked to go for dinner Elthrial." I don't know where Hyde.. Ahhh never mind." He said spotting him. He watched Elthrial nod and pull one leg of her sweats up. It was a dancer thing. He watched the two and saw their moves." dang not bad." He breathed." form is good Hyde just need to tighten his body a bit." He said. He leaned on the door and smirked when the two came out." What we should get you two sewn together." He said and laughed looking at Hyder."nice man not bad." He said" So you guys free the rest of the day Me and Mara wanted to hang out." He said
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  7. Hyder P. Winston"Alright, you ready to go again then?" Hyder asked after a few minutes, letting the duo catch their breath. As they ran the song again Hyder realized he was definitely a little out of practice. Ballet was definitely not his style of choice... and he was wearing pretty baggy sweat pants, but overall it was a decent performance. After they finished again the tall male caught his breath wuickly and walked over to the door with Ellie. "Thanks Dame ... I'm game, Ellie?" he asked looking at the pretty blonde next to him.

    Mara A. ArgyrisWatching her friends dance she nodded in agreement with Damien "they are a really good match together. They have the talent and the pleasing aesthetics... everything a judge, director and choreographer looks for" the youngest of the bunch said knowingly. Mara was fortunate enough to have been modelling 'professionally' since she was seven, while still living in Russia. When they moved to America ten years ago she had started doing voice work, even landing her first animated movie at the age of twelve. Aside from that she had picked up a few local performances between new york and minnesota, but she still was not nearly as fulfilled as she wanted to be.
  8. Elthrial Mortelle
    Elthrial only let Hyde call her Ellie it didn't suit her but she allowed him the other's learned the hard way where her name was concerned they called her by her name or El. She still preference her name," Sure what in the heck are we doing? May I shower first been sweating a bit." She said.

    Damien Stark
    He laughed and smiles and looked at his friend." Yeah how about we meet in a half hour court yard." He said. He smiled and to them. He was going to go shower and get ready for tonight. He waved to them and started to walk for his room shared off campus with Hyder. he showered first and got reasy when his roommate cane in her smirked." So your always paired with El. what you think of the girl." He asked
  9. Hyder P. WinstonWandering back to the off-campus housing with Damien. Hyder changed his clothes quickly, though not needing the shower since he really hadn't sweat at all. Hyder didn't sweat easily, he never really had. Pulling on a decent pair of jeans and a button up short sleeve shirt, watching the TV in the living room while he waited for his friend to be finished. Looking up from where he sat on the couch he gave a slight smirk but shrugged. "I like her, she's fun ... but definitely has a temperment on her ... knid of like a firecracker. What about you and Mar? I feel like I always see you and the youngster together" he chuckled, standing and heading for the door again "we ready to go?"

    Mara A. Argyris"See you guys in a half hour" she said lightly before heading off. Unlike the boys, Mara lived in an on-campus dorm. It just seemed more convienent for her. Deciding that a shower probably was a good idea, espeically after six hours of dancing, Mara finished up quickly, slipping into a pair of skinny jeans and a nice blouse. An outfit that was perfect for comfort but also to go out in. Heading to the courtyard, Nene arrived about five minutes before the scheduled meet-up time.
  10. Damien Stark

    Damien laughed and shook his head as he dressed in jeans and a black shirt and converse." Yeah but it makes it more fun besides you have a temperament as well and she doesn’t seem to take it out on you often." He said." Me and Mara, Well she is sweet and kinda quite and young but I like the girl." He said and walked out with his friend" come on let's go meet up with the girls ." He said.

    Elthrial Mortelle

    She nods to them and went to her single apartment off campus. She showered and slipped on jeans a tank top and a sweat shirt. she did her blonde hair and make up. She zipped her boots up and grabbed her card and ID. She made her way down for the others. She was slightly and jumped on Damiens back." Hey miss me." She laughed and got off and went to sit on the table next to her friend Mara.
  11. Hyder P. WinstonUpon arriving at the place, Hyder slid into the empty spot at the table, across from Elthrial "So, anything new happen in the last half hour?" he joked lightly, looking at both the girls. Once the server came around, Hyde ordered with everyone else. He hadn't even realized how hungry he was until he saw the food.

    Mara A. Argyris"Geez, what took you three so long?" Mar joked as she took the seat next to the window. "So how are everyone's other classes going? Obviously we know ballet is not an issue for any of us really" the twenty five year old asked, trying to bring up casual conversation. The young woman, who's name literally translated to 'silver' in Greek had like a hundred thoughts zooming around her mind: family, vacation, auditions, graduation, everything just seemed to be coming up so fast!

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  12. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial Sat by her friend and ordered when the Waitress came up. she sighed and leaned on Mara. She laughed at Hyder's comment yes I won the lottery." She said. She was being Sarcastic as always. she let out a small yawn ando kept leaning on Mara." Classes are fine, just long and stupid freshman keep dropping me, thank God Hyde stepped in." She said.

    Damien Stark

    Damien sat across from Mara and smiled. He snickered at El and Hyde." Yeah you guys are cute together do such a good job of telling the story." He said and saw Elthrial blush. She nods." Yeah Hyde is and awesome partner" she said "so sign ups for the nutcracker are up who is going to sign up?" Damien asked.Elthrial raised her hand" Me always Damien you know this." She said. He smirked Elthrial did always do it she was always three Queens and some other parts. she also did theater so she probably be in a musical as well.
  13. Hyder P. Winston"Yeah, that freshman should probably think about spending a few more hours in the gym and a few less chasing his love interest like some smitten high schooler" Hyder agreed before biting into his burger. "Ya know, it's a good thing neither of my theater inclined siblings are here with us. They'd probably end up being competition for you three... hell they'd beat me in a heartbeat, especially Val" the dark haired male stated, an icy tone rising slightly as he said his sister's name. Yes, it had been almost twenty years now that his mother had passed away, but he still blamed Valeria for the incident. If she had never gotten sick and ended up in the hospital then their mother would never have gotten in that car accident.

    Mara A. ArgyrisMara watched the serene scene outside the window for a few minutes, not really paying attention to much. The semi rebellious-good girl was aware that her friends were talking and that El seemed to be using her as a pillow, but overall was trapped in her own little world, something she found happened every so often. As Damien mentioned the nutcracker, Silver tilted her head to the side, looking at him "I probably will sign up. I remember seeing it once as a child when I still lived in Russia. It was truly beautiful" the brunette said thoughtfully. It was true, she had a lot on her plate for the time being, but it would certainly be fun to do it... especially if all four of them managed to land roles. It might actually be the first performance they were all in together.
  14. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial had been using her friend as a pillow as she waited for her salad. She looked at the other's and smiled." Yeah try outs our tomorrow afternoon if you all want to go together." She said. she would love to be in it with them, she loved being with them and around them. El sat up when her salad came and sighed. She was ready or tomorrowsomething classes and The nutcracker auditions. She always went for more then one thing. She tried for the sugar plum fairy but never found a good match for her. They had said.

    Damien Stark
    Damien smirked and shook his head as his friends."yes tomorrow at 4 pm when classes have a break."He ate his sandwich. He watched Mara,"so what would you want in the nut cracker?" He asked her. He was curious what she tryout for.
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  15. Hyder P. WinstonListening as he ate, Hyder gave a sort of sigh "I'm not sure, I might sit this out. Ballet isn't really my favorite type of dance... though I'll be more than willing to help you guys practice" he said before frowning as Mara made her statement "aw c'mon Precious" he smirked, knowing how much she just loved the nickname, "if I don't try out it's just less competition for everyone... besides, what's the likelihood of us actually being paired together during auditions and the show?"

    Mara A. ArgyrisTaking a small bite of pasta, Mara thought about Damien's question before answering. I'm not sure, I think I'd be happy with any part... though I feel strangely like I would be Clara or Louise thanks to my height" the short lady said lightly "what role do you want Damien?" Nene asked after everyone else had answered. "Oh, and Hyder don't even think about not showing up... I will personally come drag you out of that apartment, and I'm pretty sure I can get your roommate here and Elthrial to help me" she smirked almost deviously. Mara was a pretty gentle soul, but she was certainly not afraid to take chances or fight her battles... no matter how big they were.

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  16. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial rolled her eye's and looked at her friends. she pushed the salad away from her and sighed. She got up and put the salad in the trash and left money on the table." I don't know about you 3 but I am not missing the audition tomorrow no matter what and today I am not missing the pool and the weather outside since we never get days like this." She said. She winked at Hyde. She walked out of the restaurant.

    Damien Stark

    Damien laughs and shakes his head." You would be great as Clara." He said. He looked up at Elthrial and sighed. He looked out the window." She is right about the pool and if your not their tomorrow Hyde I will drag your sorry ass to chick flicks for the next year." He said. He smirked but El is right we should go enjoy the day.
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  17. Hyder P. Winston"Damn, that's low dude" Hyder joked. He probably would show up to the auditions, at least to support his friends, but he still wasn't sure that formally trying out would be a good idea. Watching his roommate and the 'spunky midget' as he often referred to Mara, not that she was actually a midget, she was just smaller than everyone else, he couldn't help but feel they would probably end up together at some point. It just seemed like they would work together well at least. Waving back as they went their separate directions, Hyder sighed a bit as they reached the apartment and he pushed open the door to his chaotically unorganized and messy room. For a twenty-seven year old he sure kept his room more like that of a teenagers. Pulling open a drawer and rummaging through until he found a bathing suit, Hyder changed quickly and walked back out, waiting for Damien before heading to the pool to meet up.

    Mara A. ArgyrisGetting up and walking out with the guys, Mara found herself next to Damien and looked up "Hey, you never gave an answer... what part do you want?" she asked, playfully checking him with her shoulder. It would be a nice day for the pool, and it was pretty warm out. As they neared the area where they would have to separate Mara gave a wave and smiled "I'll see you guys by the pool in a bit!" With that the small statured female walked on up to her dorm, gave a quick hello to her sophomore roommate who almost always ignored her for reasons Mar was still unsure of, and changed into a bikini and tossing on a nce cover-up and her flip flops, she tossed a t-shirt and jeans into her beach bag along with a towel and sunglasses so she wouldn't have to go back to her room wet. Once the college senior was finished she walked out of the room, then back in to grab the key she immediately forgot and back out again, headed for the pool.
  18. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial had gone to her place and changed into her bathing suit. She was by the pool side and laying out in the sun. She was waiting on the others. She had her sun glasses on and was just waiting as she soaked up the rays. Her body was sun kissed and she liked it like that. she looked over when she saw her friends enter.

    Damien Stark

    Damien waves to Mar and smiles. He goes up to put his swim trunks on. He walked down with Hyde. He smiled and looked as the met up with Mar." To answer your question I was hoping to get the prince/ nutcracker." He said to her. They walked for the pool." Well looks like El definitely beat us here." He said and nods to her in a chair. She had reserved place for the others.
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  19. Hyder P. WinstonHyder walked slightly in front of Mara and Damien, not feeling as thrilled about the upcoming addition but glad to be doing something fun with his friends. Sure, he had other friends around the school, but he had become closest with these four over the past years. They all started together as freshmen and were now all seniors together. Pulling off his shirt as he walked over, It was easy to reflect just how different NYC was from Riverside, Washington... but he liked it here, this definitely suited him more than some small farming town by a river. "You got here quick Ellie" Hyder said shooting his pretty dance partner a pleasant smile as he tossed his shirt on a chair and looked around, as usual Hyde forgot his towel... again. It seemed to be a pretty re-occuring thing with him: goes to pool with friends = forgetting his towel or forgetting to change into swim trunks. "So, which of you are we tossing in first?" he smirked, looking at Damien to make a decision. They might as well have a little fun while they were here.

    Mara A. Argyris"heh, if we both land those parts we'll be having an awful lot of partnering together" she smirked, successfully avoiding a blush over her own comment. As they walked through the gate enclosing the pool Mara walked over to a lounge chair and put her things down, spreading her 'You had me at Aloha' towel across the chair and slipping her belle flip-flops off before pulling off her cover up and sun glasses and stowing them in her tote, trying to keep things neat. Funnily, both Mara and her sister Marina had names that dealt with bodies of water... yet neither of them had ever spent much time near the water... and she was pretty sure neither of her parents had either.
  20. Elthrial Mortelle

    Elthrial had been their laying out. She sighed and tossed a towel at Hyder." I figured you would forget. I brought you one." She said and shook her head. she watched the boys as Hyde asked who they should toss in. Damien nods to El." I think that Elthrial should go in." He said. Elthrial glared at them." Don't you dare." She said as Hyde picked her up. She let out a small squeak and kicked her legs lightly. She held onto Hyde.

    Damien Stark

    Damien smiled." Hey now I am sure we will and if we do. We will spend a lot of days and nights together." He said. He winked and nods to El when Hyde asked who should go in. He laughed his head was shaking and just watched Hyde and El. He looked at Mara and smirked." Screw it." He picked her up and went to jump in with her.
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