Dancing With the Devil

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  1. "Some times the questions are complicated but the answers are simple."

    Confusion. Fear. The minds natural response to a new situation. When does your mind fell those emotions... When does it toy with you? The asylum is said to be a place for the insane, but can you escape before you become one with it?

    The roleplay takes place in 2015 (modern day). You manage to wake up, stuck in a horrific, twisted tale of events. The whole world has turned, but can you stay right-side up? This will be held in the CATACOMBS.

    1: No Mary-Sues. Nobody likes the perfect, fit-to-survive character! Add some life into the roleplay!
    2: No God-Modding. That's my job, as the loveable, omnipresent voice.
    3: No Libertine Roleplay. Is this listed as libertine? No? Then don't do it.
    4: Stop With The Spelling Errors! I'm FROM another country, and still make my writing readable! Try to proofread what you say before you post it.
    5: Post Fast, Just Not Tooooo Fast. Nobody likes a slow writer, but if ou post like nobody's biusness, then who can catch up!?

    Jenny Casket: Jess Williams
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.