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  1. @Raven this was your post.

    Nasir was a bit confused and looked around he wasn't sure were to begin to get the kids. "Um alright..." He said heading off to where he hoped he had seen Cassandra and Cameron go or maybe Tobalth. He really wasn't sure but knew Alexandra was right the kids needed to be taken somewhere safer. "Cassandra, Cameron, Tobalth, Angela, Reed, Serena. Come with me" He called as he went off.

    Reed hearing Serena nodded and gave a small sigh. "Yeah I was just about to say the same." He replied not liking how it seemed to be a peaceful moment to once more the feel of danger. "Were should we head I'm not sure toward the others is the best right now." He said.

    Tobalth looked at Angela a moment. "Alright." He then shifted to his dragon form once more. "Uh you think flying might be faster?" He asked not sure how else to offer her a ride.

    "I love you too Cam. And I don't want you to get killed either." She replied and looked at him. Her ear then seemed to twitch. "Hu Cam we might need to go I think I heard something... And it didn't sound good..." She said not sure what was going on but swore she heard someone growl back where most of their families were.

    Ratha hearing him sighed. "I blame whoever miss said that cursed woman's name." She stated with a hirr. She could feel something wrong in the air as if it was evil amuna or essence of some sort. "Bad things usually happen after someone actually says that name..." She commented. "Oh Gwain" Ratha spoke in dragon tongue. She didn't seem to be happy with the change of clam to yet another storm.

    here is my reply:
    alexandra says sweety run hurry grab the kids and run i cant freeze this wolfs time forever. she whimpered her coats shine dulling as her magic seeped from her very life force to let her family escape.

    Serena says sweety reed they are calling us we need to find my dad get on my back she gets up turning wolf.

    Angela nods and says to my dad we go i will guide you her hand was against his head and he could see the scent trail to nasir.

    Cameron says cassy get on danger the dark wolves are after you my mom and serena we must go to my dad now get on cassy love please he was in his wolf form again.

    Alexander says sweety we must get to nasir and go help the kids right now they are in danger.
  2. Nasir gave a nod and took off. "Alright but just don't over do it then." He called before vanishing in search of the kids he went where he thought Tobalth went or Cameron and Cassandra had gone to maybe find them first. "My sister should be back with Alexander I would think in a flash well maybe a flash of a storm I mean..." He said realizing the comment might not make much sense even if it was a mix of a lightning style dragon and water dragon joke. He hoped Raziel wouldn't find out he made it later.

    Reed stood and then climbed on blushing a bit. "Um okay." He said hoping he could stay on alright.

    Tobalth felt Angela's hand on his head and his eyes closed for a moment then when they opened he swore he could see the trail of someone's scent he had one guess on who's because of the smell it seemed to have and the feel of amauna he could feel. "Okay let's go." He said and held out a hand taking Angela's free one.

    Cassandra listened to Cameron then stood and and nodded. "Alright Cam." She replied then got on his back trusting him to find her uncle, and his dad.

    Ratha hearing that nodded. "I agree." She replied and took his hand. "So should we fly or just run? I think Reed and Serena are headed closer our way but more to the right." She added after taking a breath her tail swayed a bit. "And I think something is near on their tail. I'm not sure what though..." She added.
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