Dancing in Fantasy, Staying there Never to Return OOC [ MikasaAckerman12598xRaven]

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  1. @MikasaAckerman12598 @Raven

    Your IC and OOC threads need to be separate. So, I made this one, and changed the title on the other to reflect that it is 'In Character'. Thank you.
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  2. Im sorry about that thank you for fixing that. @Supah Turtle
  3. Ah okay.
  4. @MikasaAckerman12598 So um... Where we picking back up at?

    After Nasir saves Alexandra and their moment... Like a time skip? Or you got something else in mind?
  5. Nope starting there would be great. You post first.
  6. Okay so the time skip idea like right after there moment?
  7. Yeah thats when to start.
  8. Ah Okay.

    So you want me to make a starting post then?
  9. Okay. I can do that.
  10. OK thank you raven
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  11. No problem. And let me know if I need to improve it that's just what came to my brain that might work.
  12. @MikasaAckerman12598 So um... I'm suppose to be hosting that Murder Game. Not that it seems as fun as when I started out planning for it now So my replies may be slow for a bit and alerts may not always work. But I'll keep an eye on the RP so I can reply.

    Also I um... replied in it too just not sure if you saw cause I'm sure like me you have a few other RPs that perhaps make the alerts act a bit off.
  13. Alright thanks for letting me know and gosh darn alerts thank you.
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  14. Yeah welcome and No problem :3
  15. So interesting news. So far the RP I'm hosting that is suppose to be going really fast. Well when I'm not on for the first time I miss only 3 pages. And when I am on it's easy to get caught up. So that leaves me every now and again time to post in other RPs. Not sure if this will last when school starts back up. But for now I just thought it would be something good for you to know.
  16. @MikasaAckerman12598 so school starts back for me tomorrow. But it seems I have two easy class that probable won't have homework and two that will. So that shouldn't slow down my replies by any. And also the Zelda MG hasn't been to fast yet for me. So I have gotten a reply to the RP in. I will Attack on Titan when I figure out another reply for it :3
  17. alright its cool no worries and yeah same here i start tomorrow too.
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