Danced with a Phantom

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    The masterss family was over for a party over the red moon tonight. The servents ran around and got everything ready. Kelshi was his name an amazing dancer and once a prince. Though living a nice life with vampires was always hard and had alot of work he always had his free time to go and roam and be free unlike many servants. Kelshi made sure everything was nice and ready for the vampire family. he had met them twice and the younger vampires always ran to him and wanted to learn more dance moves.

    Night Time and the party

    The house buzzed with noise and laughter. kelshi was teaching the younger vampires how to do some amazing dancers and keep them out of their parents hair. He was dressed amazingly nice compared to other servants of the house. The outfit he wore actually came from his homeland he had it with him for a long time. He smiles as kids demanded what to do at different steps and he showed them .

    He smiles as they went off to tell their parents what they had learned. kelshi then sat down and watched the outside slightly making sure no unwelcome intruders happened to pass by. he was also like a guard of the home as well, living a life as a prince once in the desert one learned to defend himself. He laughed gently as some of the pets went over to him and kept him company smiling to himself. The pets where his favriote, they all had different personality and mamaged to make friends with alot of them.

    His master was a different story of his own. he had feelings for him but knowing his standereds he wouldn't stand a chance against other vampires who came and might asked him to go out on date or just relax. No Welshi was too busy and too hard core of a worker for such time to do that, besides he was only a human and a servant. He smiles as the cat curled up in his lap but he soon went off to the kitchen to get away from everyone. he needed time to breath and sighed leaning on the counter slightly in the kitchen thinking.
  2. Luka smiled at his guest and greeting them. Wanting to take a breather and feeling rather hungry he walks to the kitchen. His longish black hair feel in layers along his neck and bangs were in a fringed side sweep. Walking in he found Kelshi. "Kelshi come here I need you." He says his eyes turning red. "Now!"
  3. The servant blinked and went over swiftly "yes you need something?" he asked worried blinkig at his master with his stone green eyes. He blinked gently a small smile on his lips but quickly hid it.
  4. "I'm hungry." He says pulling him close to him. His teeth gliding across his neck slightly. With that his fangs piece his neck. Blood poured out of him. Luka moaned slightly as he lapped up the blood with his tongue.
  5. Welshi winced slightly getting bitten was never that much fun. He blinked feeling slightly woozy but waited for Luka to be finished. Welshi blood was rather spicy and had a kick to it.
  6. Luka pulled his fangs out and licked the wound. "Sorry about that." He says before smiling. "Meet me in my room tonight after the party." He says with a small smile.
  7. Welshi blinked slowly and nodded slowly "Ok" he said gripping the edge of kitchen island woozy. But he recoved rather quickly and went off to the party and smiles as kids dragged him off to go play some kid games. he sighed smiling as the night drew to a close he sighed saying bye to all the little kids and he blinked. He went off to luka's room as he was told and knocked.
  8. "Come in." Luka says as he starts to undo his shirt. He was standing in the bathroom ready to get in. His red button up shirt was made of silk. His long fingers undoing the buttons. He had already taken his pants off and a maid had already started his shower all was left was to take his shirt and boxers off.
  9. Welshi blinked gently walking in slowly "you wanted to see you?' he asked slowly blinking his eyes gently.
  10. "Yes. I have noticed something lately. You act differently is there something you wish to tell me?" He questions stepping into the shower.
  11. He sighed and shook his head "no i do not" he mentally muttered to himself Not like you would care to hear it
  12. "Don't lie to your master." He growls. Luka was not a mean person unless he is mad.
  13. Welshi sighed "fine.......I like you" he then swiftly left the room and off to his room and locked the door and sighed angrily into his pillow sighing darkly to himself.
  14. With that said Luka smirked. "This could be fun." He says to himself before turning off the shower. Stepping out his slender tall toned body dripped with water. Grabbing a towel he dries off and pulls on boxers.
  15. Welshi growled gently to himself curses. Oh he could never go back to his land again, Oh what pain that would be later. he sat up and sighed annoyed and looked at the ceiling and drifted to sleep.
  16. The next morning one of the maids come to wake up Welshi. "Its your turn to wake up the master.' She said before walking away.

    Luka was in his bed. Laying on his back with on arm under his pillow and the other draped over his chest. His head was turned to the side and his lips parted slightly. The covers had been thrown to the side off his body. His hair was slightly messing. You could hear him slightly breathing.
  17. Welshi grumbled gently as he got up and walked off to his room and slipped inside and nudged Lukas "Master time to get up" he mutters. He huffed slightly he better not be diffcult today i'm not kissing the guy Me mentally though sighing and waited for Lukas to wake up or he would do the next best thing.
  18. Luka rolled over and groaned slightly. "If I have no work why wake me" he groans rolling over and curling up.
  19. "thats a good question you know i don't know why but you make the maids wake you up every morning now up or shall i have to roll you off the bed?" he asked crossing his arms
  20. "Why don't you come join me?" Luka says half asleep and still slightly drunk from the night before. "You know you wanna cuddle up with me. Hell maybe we can have some hot steam boy fun." He smirks in his sleep.
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