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  1. Hello my lovelies! How bold of me to address you so casually! //gasps
    I hope I swooned you...beautiful, haha, I'm quite the promiscuous one, aren't I?

    Anyway other than wooing the reader, lets get to business. I am in search of an advanced level writer, so I expect the writer to be able to be able to convey a character emotions, describe their surroundings – intricately, and is able to interact with the other character. I want my partner to write at least +4 paragraphs per-post, am I scaring you off? I hope not. My partner should be able to have minimal limits (bedroom/general).

    Other than the requirements I will tell you about myself as a writer, yay! I am advanced as I said before, so I exhibit a good amount of vocabulary and grammar. Unlike most people I am not a quality over quantity; quality and quantity is equal, regardless. Surprisingly I enjoy playing both genders, up for writing any gender whether it is transgendered, male, female, anything. My standards are a bit higher than other advanced role-players, but don't run off! Despite my draconian standards I am quite lenient, so I'm a bit of a ironic mess. I'm not as deft as a writer I say I am, I make mistakes. Please don't be shy to call me out on my mistakes, I am always open for constructive criticism.

    My posting requirements is one a day at the most. It's the holidays and we're all busy, but if it passes a week I maybe discouraged that you are no longer interested. Please warn me beforetime if you cannot get online. Also be straight with me. If you say you're busy (with other stuff outside of role-playing) and I see you joining other role-plays I will get upset. I love a candid person rather than a liar sparing my feelings.

    Now the fun part! I have a strong love for romance, like its bad. I need my romance fix daily! But it is not always necessary, some plots don’t require romance and that’s cool. I am a history junkie. Most of my 1x1's will be historical -- Chinese Dynasty, classical noir (70s, 60s, 90s,etc), ancient Greece, feudal Japan, Civil War, civil rights movement, anything! I crave that history. I also do enjoy steampunk and sci-fi (low-tech). Along with that I have a strange enjoyment of corruption of clergy, dystopia's, and wars; if we ever do these they will require psychological elements. Most of my plots will involve mature content so yes, bedroom time will be involved, our characters may or may not have coitus, but that is completely up to how the plot goes and with your/mine consent. A warning beforehand -- I am an aggressive one -- prepare yourself lovely.

    • Modern day mystery
    • Queen X Conquering Knight/Warrior
    • Pirate X Princess/Captive
    • Model X Model (Preferably homosexual relationship, or a transgender as one of the models)
    • Victorian Era
    • Sci-fi Dystopia
    • Fantasy world inspired
    • Insecure X Positive Friend
    • Genie Inspire roleplay
    • Hunchback of Notredame inspired role-play
    • Mermaid role-play
    • GoT (Game of Thrones)
    • Historical inspire role-play (Anything I'm pretty sure I'll be into it)
    • Geisha X Samurai
    I will update this eventually, if I get any ideas.

    I am quite a loquacious one aren't I? Anyway thank you for taking your time for reading my submission. Please PM me or post a message on here. I will respond to you ASAP!

    Partner Count: ???
  2. Hello.
    Pirate X Princess
    So yes I will play with you.
  3. @HollowEastWord
    Ooo, I'm quite surprised to see someone interested. Sure PM me and we shall elaborate from there on.
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