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  1. It is 20 years after God, Micheal and his band of original archangels, Lucifer and his arch demons mysteriously vanished from the midst of war. Battles continue to be fought between angels, fallen angels and demons. Come and be a part of the chaos or the ones who crave peace after eons of battle.

    Are beings of pure light. Ever since Micheal disappeared, almost no one has spoken to God directly. Their courts and rules are still preserved by Micheal's successor John. Angels are split into 6 houses with different flames.

    Angels NEVER lie.
    All lives are precious to God and his angels with the exception of demons.
    Always respect your fellow angels, especially superior and those stronger than you.
    Acts of procreation are sacred and not to be taken lightly or in lustful manner.

    Micheal's House
    White Flame: The most sacred of all the flames. This flame is only passed down from its' own family and one of the rarest flame to be inherited. Family with this flame are seen as sort of a royalty in Heaven. It is the strongest flame in existence.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as John
    Rapheal's House
    Red House: Lead by General Alexander, the Red House is guarded and gifted with red flames that increase their strength and might. They are the warriors of righteous and guardians of the weak. They thirst for battle, especially in the sight of injustice.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as Alexander
    Gabriel's House
    Blue House: Lead by Pashear, daughter of Gabriel, blue flames represent calm and healing. They are angels equivalent of doctors and nurses for both physical wounds and emotional wounds.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open. Female only.
    Uriel's House
    Purple House: Open seat, the purple flames are seen both as a blessing and a curse. They see visions of the past and present, of the beauty of life but also the dark side of life. Most angels with this flame and gifts choose to remain neutral but loyal to heaven. They are the most passive house.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.
    Raguel's House
    Yellow House: They hold the yellow flames and also the knowledge of the universe. Angels from this house craves knowledge more than anything else.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.
    Sariel's House
    Green House: Wielding the green flame, they are closest to nature and animals of all kinds. These angels enjoy life on earth more than anything else, many of them even choose to become human's guardian angels, guiding them and living with them,
    Moderator (open)
    Character is open.

    Fallen Angels:
    Angels who broke their rules to protect all sacred living things of God and disregard lives of fellow angels, humans and animals will slowly taint their wings and once their wings become pure black, there is almost no turning back. When this happens, they also develop another flame. The taboo, black flames. It has a little of all 6 flames' trait but to a very small degree. Most fallen angels have no loyalty to heaven or hell but those who followed Lucifer and Kunari would live in hell.
    Moderator (open)
    Me as Kunari

    There are many species of demons in hell. The pure demons mostly don't have human forms and forced to live underground while some learn to adapt and adopt a human persona. Some demons even go so far as to be known as demi-gods with god-like powers and minor immunity to angels but they are still seen as demons.

    Demons have three ranks:
    High Level Demons: These include demi-gods and demons who earn the title of Arch Demon. Lilith, Queen of Succubus earn her arch demon title therefore belongs in this category. High level demons rarely leave hell if ever, preferring to delegate their dirty works to demons beneath them.

    Mid Level Demons: Everyday variety of demons who dwell with humans, creating havoc and fighting against angels.

    Low Level Demons: These are disposable demons and shadow demons that are usually use to collect information and do chores.

    Arch Demon 1
    Moderator: Marquies as Astorath
    Arch Demon 2
    Moderator: Me as Lilith
    Arch Demon 3
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 4
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 5
    Moderator: Character is available
    Arch Demon 6
    Moderator: Character is available

    Neutral Parties
    Death and his Shinigami
    : The Angel of Death might be an angel but he and his followers and beyond the war. They hold the balance between the living and the dead, not just of angels and demons but humans and every other creature.
    Moderator (open)
    Tendinicus as Death aka Arthur

    Guardian of Time and Space: Everytime someone manipulates time or reality, they invoke the power of the guardian and this guardian keeps time and realities on course and not collapsing into each other.
    Moderator (open)
    Character is available

    (Moderator positions are open for active rp-ers only.)

    You can find this group in the Clan section, under RolePlay (duh~) with the same name: ~Dance with Death~

    I am looking for role players of all types, as long as you commit to at least several post a day on a daily basis.

    It is pretty free and easy and you can have as many characters as you wish. Build your own personal life that'll intertwine with the grand scheme of the plot.
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  2. Hmm seems interesting. Could I join in from tomorrow? It's 2:30 am and I need sleep first.
  3. Sure. This rp is a clan type rp. You can check it out tomorrow. =3
  4. Heyo! I love this rp, It seems really interesting I just wanted to check and make sure Age isnt an issue?? ( Im 16, and i have been coming across a lot 18+ only rps so thats why im asking!)
  5. It's no problem at all. Check out my group.
  6. Hello, I see that the spot for Arch Demon 3 is open, I don't know if I can make several posts a day but possibly on weekends I can make, I'd estimate, about 20-30 posts, full multi-paragraphs. I do however check every day but sometimes it might not work out and all the highlighted roles seem very important (I have a few questions but will include them later), I can have a character ready for Arch Demon 3 sometime this afternoon when I wake up. I am 17 and can't really get into a school right now so I am using that time to RP and entertain myself this way. One of my questions however is if the Arch Demons have pre-created characters or is it up to us RPers to come up with the character ourselves? Next question would be is it possible if you have a general out-lire of the character sheets? Final question exactly how detailed are we aloud to go or is there any limit to that?
  7. Hi, several post a day requirements in kind of a stretch as we sometimes only make one post a day so whenever is convenient for you is totally ok. It is just that if you're involve with a few other people, you'll need some time to catch up with us but we all help each other along so it won't be a problem. For arch demons, there are no pre-created characters so you can do whatever you like with it. We will be interested to see what you can come up with. Because so far we only have arch angels and fallen angels on the roster, the angels and fallens have a general rank, systems and rules but because we don't have a solid demon, there isn't any to that but if you feel up to it, you can totally create a system that demons follow and their set of rules or just go with the flow. Lastly, because this group has been around for a while between me and two other of my rp partners, we have gotten kind of lazy and we always do like a two to three line rp (>W<) but if you enjoy detailed rp then we can definitely adapt to that no problem. If you kinda want to see what we have going on, do check the clan discussion list and get a feel for the environment.
  8. Okay, thank you very much. I'm glad to hear that there isn't any pre-created characters, but at the same timed a little bummed because I go into a ton of detail. I will probably start making my character around 9-12 now since I decided to stay up a little longer then I should have. Oh and, if you guys would rather RP semi and one liners I am okay with that, I can shorten myself to paragraphs and semi's if you want to so you guys don't have t change pace. I'm very open so if you want to have something changed with how I made my character then tell me, I do try to limit what my characters can do but go over board when they are as powerful as an Arch Demon. I might even make another character later when I establish this one. Thank you for your quick response and do enjoy your day/evening (I don't know where you are in the world so I always add both).
    P.S. Oh I almost forgot what is the name of the group that this RP is taking place in? I have interest to try and get started as soon as possible (after sleep so later on today).
  9. It's a clan type of rp. Here's a link, you can take your time and read through it and check things out. Error | IwakuRoleplay.com
  10. So where do I go make character sheets?
  11. is this still looking for people? I have a great demon I could use, and I also have an idea for an angel, if you were ok with multi-chars?
  12. Hello, I would like to take the position of Arch-demon #4 if you are still looking for RPers, Do I ask to join the clan then apply or do you want me to PM a character sheet to you? This RP really sounds awesome. Anyways, requesting to join.
  13. Would love to join so sent a little request to the linked forum :)
    Got my favourite demon character I could use for this^^
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