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  1. OK this is simple enough I think. I have a ton of ideas but two keep coming back to me. Now both have a hint of romance that could lead to more. How heavy that would settled later. This RP isn't about sex or anything like that. It would be about romance and fun. I like to have fun in my RP's and yes even some drama.

    I like to bring characters to live and make a story. A short one, sure but to have fun too. Now I do require that my partner have good spelling and the like. I'm not perfect but taking the time to not use "Txt tlk" would be great.
    I also like it when the other person offers up more than two lines of action. If
    "we" are writing a story as it were. Or an RP if you rather, then make it something fun. Throw in some detail, add some color, a splash of life and noise I say.

    Now back to the ideas.

    1.) My character is shy but very kind janitor that works for a dance studio. He watches everyone dance and wishes that he could too. He cant afford the lessons and is dismissed by the owner so, he cleans the floors and polishes the floors always watching never being part of the action.
    **Your character is a student that takes him as a partner and things.... happen. *** (I like to leave that part open its more fun***


    2.) My character owns a bar and is madly in love with a stripper that works at his club. (Yes this hints towards adult so keep that in mind but it I don't want it to be crude OK) Anyway, he is a bartender that is love with a dancer and he wants her to leave the bar and go to a professional level and stop stripping because she is too good, but she wont since the money is to good. A whole moral issue thing along with friendship and so in this one.

    So, again just ideas. We can add too or take away from them. Nothing is set in stone. I'm a very off the cuff type person. I play mostly M/M but I'm willing to branch out for this and do M/F or M/M I'll try F/F but trust me I might not be that great at it. Everything is changeable. I want the RP to be fun and easy, nothing over the top with drama to much work.

    PM me with ideas or questions. Thanks.
  2. Hello I am a newer membe of iwaku. I think your first idea sounds amazing and I would love to do a M/F roleplay with you. I used to do chat room roleplay on another site so this is kinda a new thing for me. I would try my hardest to keep up. So if you would want to take me in under consideration please pm me. :)
Thread Status:
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