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    "Did you hear that Robert and Elayne were seen together yesterday? Behind the stables!"
    "What?! No! I can't believe it! Elayne was with Daro last week."
    "Well, she is the city whore.."
    "Shh, somebody might overhear!"
    "It's true! Everybody knows it! Now she'll end up breaking up Robert and Lynnia's marriage!"

    Coryn was doing, in her opinion at least, an admirable job of looking interested in the gossip that filled her ears like an incessant bug. She was sitting in the garden of one of her friends, having tea. As a result, she was filled in on all of the things that had happened in the past several hours that she was unaware of. She honestly did not care and knew that most of the things she heard weren't true, but she was forced to sit here anyway. What else would she do? Lay in bed? Simply unheard of at this hour. She had no husband to cook for and no children to raise. So this was all that was left.

    It made her want to tear her hair out.

    She longed to do something.. different. Her green eyes strayed away from the ladies and she turned her body just slightly, getting a fantastic view of the lot across the street. The Duke's guards were over there, practicing. She knew that her friends liked to stare and giggle and comment on how attractive the men were, but Coryn's interest was entirely different. Instead of staring at muscles and wishing she could touch them, she was admiring the blades and watching the effortless technique that came from the years of training the men had. It was all so unfair. Why couldn't she do something like that?

    After another two hours of mindless drivel and bland tea, Coryn managed to politely excuse herself. At least she had a good reason - her father wanted her home early to prepare for dinner. No doubt he had invited her intended husband over again. She loathed him with every fiber in her being, but of course she could not say so. No, instead she had to be charming and polite to Edwin Pinpointe III. Or, as she preferred to call him, Mister No Personality. He was as bland as a rock. Too old, overweight, illiterate, and he smelled like rotten eggs. He honestly had no redeeming qualities about him, other than the fact that he seemed to adore Coryn.

    She shuddered at the thought, walking down the street with a frown toward home.
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    Davian looked around the street as he walked down casually dragging a large sack behind him with relative ease. His eyes gazing around like a predatorial cat studying everything but also carrying a very kind and thoughtful heart. For Davian he thought he was going about normally, where as others thought that he was slightly out of place with his large sack. The looks he was getting made him smirk as he knew full well the stench coming from the sack. The street behind him tinged a slight red coming from the large sack. Whatever was inside of it seemed to be making the road red with a metallic substance.

    All he did now was go out and find things people wanted dealt with. He had many names from this... people called him the 'Inquisitor' due to his fables involving the dead.... As well as the 'Wizard' as he came silently and never spoke only to disappear the same day, or most commonly the 'Hunter' due to his frequent visits to this area in specific. It was never clear to him why he had recvieved such names... It wasn't like his cargo was uncommon... for him. To him it seemed like any other day. His life was anything but uneventful. It was always an interesting adventure no matter what he was doing.. especially when he came into town on the rare occasion to bask in civilizations well doings...

    The street infront of him seemed to clear ever so slightly as a group of guards approached him. Davian glanced around and held up a hand. In it was a odd looking rune all but unknown to the guards except for a single instrument in the middle which was a lightning bolt and hammer infused into one signifying Vindication. The guard nodded to him without speaking and walked into the guard house only to return with the captain of the guard which extended his hand to him.

    Davian took his hand and simply shook it "Have what you are looking for here... A Nothic and a Bugbear.... Both ugly but beautiful creatures... " He stated before drawing a beautiful curved and inscribed blade. He sliced the bag open with absolute ease revealing the two creatures to the public right in the middle of the street making them scream and back up. He couldn't help but laugh at their reactions "Relax! They are both dead and you do not need to worry about them... For now atleast.." He mumbled the last part for only the guards to hear. "You have a serious HobGoblin and Goblin proud southwest in an abandoned battlement... This Bugbear was leading a squad of Goblins. I thought it would be good to bring proof of it." He stated.

    The captain nodded slowly "Very well... What do you propose we do Hunter. " The captain said making Davian twitch at the nickname. He hated the nicknames and felt that they were... useless at best. "Well! You could burn the entire battlement but by my estimates.. you do not have a mage... Sorceror or wizard.... So! I will cut you a deal... Give me a three day stay at a good Inn... Food, Supplies and.. I need meat for my pet... It gets hungry. I will then set out of the first day after some rest to deal with this problem." He proposed.

    The deal was infact in the guards favor as it didn't cost the city money or even much needed material. "Deal! I expected some over priced slayer.... Very good Hunter! The rumors of your kindness are infact true.. Generosity among your proffession is not common." The Captain said before leaving. It was in a whole that made Davian the way he was. He didn't have a need for money in the sense that others did. He found it to be useless when he could simply perform a action for those in need for what he truly needed in return... nothing more nothing less.
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  3. Coryn glanced up, hearing some sort of commotion. What now? She tilted her head, seeing people seeming to step out of the way of somebody else. A man. Well, that was interesting. He didn't look like anybody she had ever seen before. She watched him for a moment, then realized that he was leaving a red streak behind him thanks to whatever was in that bag. Disgusting. A hunter of some sort, then. She moved a little closer once he was off talking to the guards. Hmm.. whatever was in that bag did not smell nice, meaning it was dead. He could hunt, but could he fight? Perhaps that was the solution to her problem. If he wasn't from around here and she got him to give her tips, he wouldn't know who to run to if he wanted to gossip about it or turn her down.

    She considered that for a moment, then realized she was running very late. Her idea would have to wait. She sighed and went home, deciding that she would have to find him again later if he stayed in town. In the meantime, she had to deal with her family. Her mother was a sweet woman. Delicate, polite, very pretty. She had once been a dancer, from what Coryn had heard. Apparently her mother gave her father a run for his money, flirting with him and several other men until he managed to tie her down. Now she was quiet and reserved. It was like marriage had broken her, somehow. Coryn didn't want to end up like that. This wasn't the life she was looking for. Getting married and popping out several babies to take care of while keeping a house clean and dinner hot on the table did not sound like her personal paradise. Where was the excitement? The thrill?

    Her father, on the other hand, had strong opinions. He had been a member of the guard before retiring to open a shop with Coryn's older brother. In his eyes, Coryn was simply a female who needed marrying off, and he was all too happy to oblige. He had found his version of the perfect suitor, and he expected his daughter to simply go along with it. She found it infuriating. He didn't even think she should have any say in the matter, just because she was a girl. What if she didn't like him? Didn't matter. She scowled at the thought, though she quickly adopted a polite smile instead as she walked into the house and saw that they did indeed have a guest over for lunch. How unpleasant.

    "Coryn, I would like to speak to you privately," Mister No Personality said after they had finished eating. He had already lulled her into a bored stupor with his talk about his flourishing business. She was only half listening, so she wasn't even sure what he did. "Would you care to go for a walk outside?" he invited, looking at her expectantly. Oh no. Was this where he was going to formally ask for her hand even though she was all but promised to him anyway? It was just a formality. If her parents agreed, it wouldn't matter if she said no. And judging by the smile on her father's face, they already had. Fantastic.

    "I would love to," she lied, standing up and following him out. She took his arm as she was supposed to, though she wanted to gag. He needed a bath. As they walked, he prattled on about how fond he was of her. This was sickening. She couldn't take it. So, in the middle of the sidewalk, she discreetly placed her foot just in front of this. It worked like a charm. The buffoon wasn't paying attention and immediately tripped, sprawling on to the ground. "Oh, I am so sorry, how clumsy of me," she cooed innocently, her eyes betraying her amusement as she watched him flail around like a fat turtle.
  4. With the transaction complete Davian shook the guard captains hand leaving a slight tinge on his gauntlet. "Very well done Sir." The Captain said to Davian before he simply nodded. He picked up the Nothics head and with one swing decapitaed it with absolute ease. The head came off and he held it up to scan its features "Disgusting but vastly misunderstood creatures... Hmm... Ill take this.. You can have the body." Davian said in a very commanding voice. The Captain looked puzzled "What are we to do with them all?" He asked the 'Hunter'. Davian shrugged "Do with them as you wish.. not my problem now. I kill them... Burn them or somthing.. before the Nothic's decay makes you all sick... its flesh is abit toxic."

    With that Davian tosses the Coin up in the air that he was given by the captain and made his way towards a local inn. It was then he saw the signs for.... No weapons inside. The thought made him squirm in the half plate that he was wearing currently. He kneeled down on the ground and took a box out of his large backpack. He dropped it on the ground and jumped back. It opened revealing several sets of teeth and began to spin around as if it was alive. "Hey! Arn! Enough.. Listen... I got you some food but I need you to stay out here since I cant bring all of my equipment in with me." He asked the large box that was continuing to grow to the size of a full blown chest.

    At his command it seemed to immediately relax and it opened up. The teeth it had were gone and it appeared to be a normal box except for the fact that one size was larger than the other. Its mouth was on one side as it moved around its insides for storage. Peice by peice and weapon by weapon he stripped off his equipment and placed them into the Mimic. Finally he took a Muttun Chop out and tosses it into the other side and heard a large gulping sound followed by a groan escaping from the box. "I have gotten us both alot of food for our deal here... You will eat well.. Especially if a theif tries to get you open.. I will be inside." He told the box as it began to literally root itself to the ground. Its gold and Ornate stature almost asking for Theives to try... That was the life of a Mimic Man Eating Chest.. Appear appealing and you shall eat. Nothing left... not even steel.

    Once inside Davian went up to the front desk and to the Inn Keeper and held up both the Sigil of unknown origin.. Thought to be lost but known meaning and the Coin given to him by the Guard. The older man's face seemed to liven up immdiately and clasped Davians hand "The Moon's Light is a Vidication of the Innocent." He said to Davian. Davian's face instantly went from stoic to lively "And in the Sun our Retribution against the dark is swift." Davian responded making the Inner keeper begin to laugh. "Good to see you Davian! It has been some time... nearly 5 years.." The man said. Davian nodded "It has... Alot has changed... The rumors of the Beholders returning from the Underdark is... steifling... I have been a busy man... to think it all began for me... Six years ago..." Davian said with a sigh before a scream steifled the night outside.

    The Inn keeper nodded "This city has been plagued with.... people who prey on women at night... You above everyone else are akin to the night.. Go out Davian.. Do us another favor." He said maing Davian roll his eyes. He didn't want to but he couldn't decline to a person in need especially in this circumstance. "Ill be back alright!" Davian said before breaking off into a run outside. The chest opened and a loud but disguting belch was heard as it upchucked a sword onto the ground infront of Davian's path. "Good job Arn... Your aim is getting there." He called back and picked up the curved Sword Wyrms Tounge.

    Within seconds he began down the empty streets and saw a ledge nearly six feet above him. He took a deep breath and leapt up into the air using his Physiology to reach the ledge with relative ease making those in the homes watching gaze out in Awe. It was obvious now that he wasn't a human. The situation continued to grow as the noise of someone closer to him continued to cry out although quieter as if being steifled. It was there... in the alleyway below him that he saw the man... or men holding the girl down. She couldn't be any day over eighteen... Such a life...

    Davian outside of his armor and only wielding a short sword silently krept down the side of the building and into the alleyway. He stood behind them all before raising a hand causing a odd electricity to form around it. He walked up to one of the men gathered around the scene as they cheered their leader on who was subdoing the girl. His hand clmaped down on one of the mens shoulder and a horrible cry echoed out. The electricity poured through his hand and into the man causing him to spazam as the nerves firing began to fire faster due to the current passing through him.

    It was at that momment that the other thugs turned to look at him in half horror and surprise that they were snuck up on. But in the shadow of the alleyway only one feature was noticeable about Davian... the glowing blue Iris almost like blue fire rising from a furance. "Leave her be or face the consequences.... Your friend is not dead... only knocked out and twitching for the next day... It could be far worse." Davian issues to them. The thugs just laughed and their leader drew a dagger as he let go of the girl. Her whimpering could be heard and Davian saw her crawl away into the closed alley and curl up leaving her out of the danger zone.
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  5. Coryn waited in amused silence as her husband-to-be continued to squirm for a few moments before regaining his balance and getting back up to his feet. His clothes were now covered in bits of dirt and dust, giving him a more peasant-like look than he probably cared for. Not that she minded. She thought the entire thing was hilarious, especially since he kept stuttering out embarrassed apologies. He obviously hadn't noticed that she was the one who tripped him in the first place to shut him up. Idiot. She simply smiled at him, assuring him everything was fine and perfect and she was just oh so concerned about his wellbeing and was he sure he hadn't injured himself in that heinous fall?

    They wandered around for a while, which was awful. She had been hoping that he would get bored and want to go back home to do absolutely nothing, but he seemed to have realized that he had no personality whatsoever and was attempting to make up for it by chattering endlessly about things Coryn had no care for.. namely himself. He went on.. and on.. and on. She sighed inwardly, rolling her eyes when he wasn't looking. He soon went on to talk about her, but only as she applied to him. Once they got married, she would of course be responsible for his household, and he was confident she could handle it. The cooking, the cleaning, not to mention handling all the children she was bound to have with him - he wanted at least three, preferably boys, if she could manage that.

    She felt sick.

    It wasn't until they heard screaming that he seemed to realize they were out after dark. He looked distinctly uncomfortable, leading her away from the sound quickly to go back home. She protested and tried to insist that they go back to help whoever it was, but he refused. Now annoyed, she went along with him back home and bade a quick goodbye, claiming to be exhausted by the amount of 'fun' they had. She went off to her room, starting to strip off her annoying dress as soon as she was behind a closed door. Rummaging through her closet, she found a simpler dress that was easier to move in. Her mother would find and destroy any sort of leggings or trousers, so she had none. She locked her door, then slipped out the window, going off to find the source of the noise to see if she could help. It wasn't long before she heard the fighting. She came to the alley and peeked into it cautiously.
  6. Davian raised his sword up and held it in a defensive position. He blinked and everything began. The men not taking the hint lunged towards him with their fists and a dagger giving him the upper hand. Immediately he dropped the sword and raised his fists to duck under one of the strikes to swing up and strike the man on the button of the jaw. The strike lifted him off his feet slightly causing Davian to loose slightly balance due to the strength of the punch. Using his off balance to his favor when the next man swung with the dagger he moved out of the way by falling backwards into a roll and falling out of the Alleyway.

    There was a girl peeping in and his priorities changed. The girl being attacked was gone now there was a civilian in the area. He had to be careful. He took a deep breath and clapped his hands together before holding them out in another type of fighting stance. "Come on then! You yellow bastards." Davian said making the man with the dagger move in to strike him. Davian batted the dagger out of the way and clamped his right hand on the mans face. Davian grunted as a large pulse of electricity surged through him and into the man. His body flailed as he lethally cook his brain. "Alright then! Next! You hurt a girl and I hurt you.. So in that case... I ow the other two of you this same punishment."

    With that the two began to run in the same direction making Davian laugh. He raised a foot and stepped into a spell. A wall of blue mana poured infront of the barring their exit causing them to begin clawing at it only to be shot backwards. "So, What did you want to do with that girl... Maybe I should feed you to my box!" He said and let out a ear aching whistle. There was a small phase and Arn appeared near him. The chest opened its mouth as it began to show its true form. "Well... Justice is served Arn.. enjoy your meal." He said as the chest began to somehow move forward. It launched itself at one of the men and swallowed them whole. The second ran back towards Davian who tripped him for Arn to come over and swallow up. The chest had eaten its fill and sat idle as if it was a true chest.

    Davian then turned his attention back to the girl "So! Bad timing I have to say on your part. Luckily they werent hungry any more after the girl they had in there.. but you.. my dear would be a stunning desert for such idiotic individuals such as those preadtors."
  7. Startled when the man rolled out of the alley, Coryn automatically stepped back and blinked at him. He seemed to be the source of the fighting since it was three on one and he was alone. She glanced in to the alley again, noticing that the girl she had seen a moment ago was gone, probably run off to safety. The men, however, were still there. She watched them, keeping close against the wall so that she was out of sight for the most part. It was thrilling. The way they fought and moved. She tilted her head a fraction, observing everything in a manner more fitting to somebody who wanted to join in than somebody who wanted to run away.

    Which was what she should be doing, she supposed.

    Instead she remained, though the sight of a chest eating people made her stare. That wasn't normal. She was tempted to go over and poke it, but then she was interrupted as the man whom she had assumed started the fight came over to her.

    "It was not bad timing, it was perfect timing," she argued before she could stop herself. "I only came here because I heard you fighting," she added, glancing around. Empty streets. Nobody else had come to see if they could help. The only people out and about at this hour were men similar to those he had just killed off, and those who were in taverns getting as drunk as possible before the sun rose and their wives realized they hadn't come home for the night. She wasn't sure if she could trust this man at all since she didn't know him, but there was nobody else in town who could give her what she really wanted.

    "Can you teach me how to fight like that?"
  8. Davian smirked at her response "Good timing? Dear girl.. you area an interesting one indeed aren't you. But! Never the less intriguing.. Also, you look alittle to proper to be out and about at this time of the night... and coming to see the fight.. not smart.. especially if I chose to eliminate them all in one fell swoop.. Good thing I noticed you.. you know." He said to her before walking past her and into the alleyway to pick up in elven short sword. He walked back out and kicked the side of the chest causing it to swing open.

    Without any finess like before he dropped it into the mouth of the chest and turned to her as she asked him about training. "Oh, I could but why would I want to is the question...?" He propesed to her with a large smile "What would you offer me that I do not already have in this beastie here." He said and motioned towards the chest and fidgitted. "But.. you do look like you have spirit.. but why me? Im just a run down individual without any armor you know..." He said testing her with a large smile. Infact he was far from that in all aspects. He was wealthy in all other aspects than money.

    Never the less her looked her up and down "Where do you live? Maybe we can talk about this before I make my decision because it will not be easy and you may never be able to do the things I do. Trust me.... im not normal." He said with the last part in a stone cold monotonic life as if trying to push the thought of being the last of his race out of his head. He took a deep breath and smirked "Sure.. I can give it a try actually... You wont find another like me ever again... sadly..." He mumbled before turning and kicking the chest again.

    "So! What would I call you and what are you willing to do and how far are you willing to go to be trained by an individual like me! I offer you these terms because without them I guarantee you will die three days later without a thought going through my mind! Alright, Rule 1! Be ready at any time to get up and leave... Do not be tied down and always be on the move! Rule two! You no longer have a home... the road is your home and charity is your name.. I do not do what I do for money.. I do it because my peope did it long before they... I was born! Rule three! At any time you can die! This is the most important rule and not much of a rule but a very important stringy and spongy statement! What do you say to this!" He rambled off as the chest spit up a small sword. "Also, if you say yes.. we will leave now as soon as possible because I have a feeling you want to get out..."
  9. Coryn felt as though she was watching somebody who needed some of the herbs men sometimes smoked. They claimed it helped them relax. That was what this man needed. She watched him in confusion, attempting to interrupt several times to respond to him, but he simply kept talking. Finally she gave up, watching him as he moved and fidgeted and looked at her. She crossed her arms, giving him a scowl as he eyed her. Rude. He went on and on, giving her no chance to respond until he finally announced that they would be leaving town immediately.

    "Wait," she said, exasperated. It was like keeping up with an overly excited child. She shook her head, trying to recall everything he had said, but she knew the most important part was that there was no way she could leave town right now. Abandon her parents? What about Mister No Personality? She had been promised to him, and to leave would.. well, it would be thrilling and she would adore it, but she would have no home to come back to. Her parents would disown her without a thought. Females were not supposed to have such wild urges. She'd be a disgrace. Not that she minded, but she hadn't expected to be told to pack up when she asked for lessons.

    "I can not leave. I have.. too much here," she finally said, sighing. This was a silly idea. He was leaving and there was no way she could tag along without losing everything she had in hopes of maybe learning something. "Sorry. I guess that answers that question. It was nice to meet you," she added with a half shrug, turning away to go back home.
  10. Davian watched her movements and stopped speaking when she said wait. "Ok." He said and waited. He then realized what the girl had been going on about for several minutes with trying to get him to stop talking. It was kinda hard since the last time he had a traveling companion was almost two years ago and she sadly died at the hands of a Mind Flayer. Never the less... she had some sort of spirit about her. So, he let he interrupt him for sure and smiled as he waited for a reply. Then he looked up into her emerald green eyes and swallowed hard. He looked away quickly and it looked like he was having a fit. Her eyes stared into him and made her twitch. He couldn't look at her eyes.. to bright.. to beautiful... it was hard!

    Then she broke the news that he had expected to hear. Not many people would consider this life at all over the others. "Don't worry.. I expected as much. I didn't have my hopes up so don't worry yourself alright. Uhm... coud you let the towns body bagger know about this mess then.. I really should be getting back to the Inn... So! If you change your mind you can come see me there.. if im still around in another day.. things seem to happen around me all the time since that run in with the Undead Beholder.. dreadful creatures.. "

    With that he waved to her and gave the box a tug and lifted it off the ground. He carried it with her back to the Inn where he dropped it outside and went inside. He sat back down at the barstool and looked at the Inn keeper who smiled "Any luck?" He asked Davian. Davian nodded 'Got a few of em.. but found somthing much more curious than thugs..." He mumbled before eating his fill of food and going upstairs to his room. It would be a long night and those eyes were emblazoned on his mind. He didn't want to go back to her.. they haunted him.. driving him forward and it made him feel weird. He enver ran into eyes like that before.. so brilliant and.. deep..
  11. Coryn sighed, curling her arms around herself and she walked down the empty sidewalk to the coroner's home. He was likely preparing for bed, but he should at least be alerted before dawn broke and somebody else discovered the mess. She frowned, pondering what had happened. It had been a risk. He was foreign and seemed to know what he was doing. At least, she assumed he did. She was obviously inexperienced but he had looked better than the guards did when they were practicing. It was a shame he had such rules. She wanted to learn and was desperate to escape the chains of her life, but she could not afford that price. Her family. All for a chance to be something different. Something better..? Maybe..

    She knocked on the coroner's door, soon telling him about the mess. Of course, she had to make up some sort of story as to why she was out so late, but she relied on the charm the other girls had always bragged about to get her through. She smiled and lied through her teeth, but he didn't seem to notice. He believed her immediately. The thought that she was lying and covering for a man that she didn't know didn't occur to the coroner at all. He nodded, thanked her and left. She blinked, leaving as well and going back home to sneak in through her window.

    Nobody had noticed she was gone. At least that was going in her favor tonight. She dressed for bed, soon sliding in to the warm covers and watching the shadows of her room cast by the moon out her window. It was soothing. She decided to push the idea of fighting out of her mind for now, and with that, she easily fell asleep.

    Her dreams were bizarre. Normally she had frivolous dreams of nothing more than having tea or getting married or other nonsense. Tonight, things were taking a darker turn. She felt tense and scared but also oddly.. excited. Anticipation was building inside of her and she was running through an unfamiliar forest as if she knew where she was going. She kept running and running for what seemed like hours, until she fell down a muddy slope. Now filthy, she stood and came face to face with a creature she hadn't seen before. It was black and smelled awful, with sinister eyes and claws. She raised both hands with a yell, falling over backward as some sort of bright light burst out of her and the creature began shrieking in pain.

    "Coryn! Coryn!"

    She flinched awake, startled by her mother shaking her and asking what was wrong and why she had been yelling in her sleep. Unable to provide a good reason, she apologized and watched the older woman leave, then settled back against her pillows with a frown. What in the world was that supposed to be about?
  12. That night his dreams reflected his mindset. He remembered back to those days within the Beholders lair... That eye... Those green eyes of the girls... So alike.. so terrifingly beautiful but hiding such a terrible truth. Immediately he raised his sword and moved to the side as the beholder let out a massive blade of Energy from its central eye. He rolled under it and lifted a hand as eldritch power crackled into being. A massive blast of power shot up impaling the creature from below causing it to bellow out in pain. It was then one of its over eyes came down and whacked him in the shoulder plate knocking him back.

    The beholder floated away before its mouth opened and it looked like it was going to swallow him. He moved just in time and drug his sword across its eye causing it crack and seal shut. Now blind in its main eye its dozens of other smaller eyes began to peer around looking for him. Then.. he saw it.. that emerald eye in the distant before he was shot backwards. The Beholder broodmother had arrived from its lair and began to unleash its wrath upon him. Completely out manned and under strength he put a hand on his chest and began to concentrate before light erupted from his chest. His eyes began to light up and he smirked.

    "From the fires of the deep I come for justice!" He roared as he raised the Sigil he carried up. Fire and ligth errupted out of it cause the beholders to began to howl at an incredible volume. "Die foul beasts! Burn in the purifying light of Tyr!" He roared before gripping his sword and turned on a dime. With the beholders blind and burning her made a fast exit from their lair.He then suddenly sat up and gripped his chest before groaning and roll over and off his bed to hit Arn which found its way into the Inn. The chests mouth opened thinking he was dead but one look up by Davian made its mouth close.

    "Alright Arn.. My armor." He commanded it before several peices of the armor he had collected began to spit itself out. He donned it one by one over a period of nearly half an hours before linking his helmet to the belt that he wore around the waist. "Alright Arn... I think we may be leaving prematurely.There is nothing here for us. We were fed.. now we must get back to our business.. we have much to do and we have. forever to do it." He said with a smirk knowing that his aging would not happen for a long time.

    Now in his armor he picked the box up and carried it outside before setting it down and nudging it with his foot. "Need anything else to eat before we head out." He asked the box. It didn't open its lid so he took it as a no. With that he took a look around before nudging it again "Alright shrink down." He mumbled before the box began to decrease in size. He reached down and picked it up before pocketing it in his best.
  13. Coryn sat and thought about her dream for several minutes before she realized there was no way she was going to be able to get back to sleep despite the late hour. Or was it considered early now? She didn't know or care. All she knew was that she couldn't stop thinking about the offer she had gotten earlier. Leave home and learn more than she could ever learn here. Sure, she might die within a few hours, but wasn't that better than dying from boredom with Mister No Personality while taking care of all the kids he wanted..?


    She slid out of bed and quietly got a bag from her closet. It was difficult to decide what to pack since all she had were dresses, but she realized that she could easily buy more practical clothing later. So she packed only three simple ones and all the coin she had, as well as several pieces of jewelry she could sell. She added everything practical she could think of other than food, satisfied when the bag closed and was not too heavy to carry. Now dressed again in the same dress she had left home in earlier, she climbed back out her window and headed down the empty road to see if Davian would care that she changed her mind.
  14. Davian tucked the chest away in his pockets before rolling his shoulders making his armor spark with eldritch power. He began to laugh at feeling the energy pusling through him. It was an invigorating feeling over all. Somthing he relished no matter what time of day, what time of month or year. It made him feel alive more than anything else. To feel that power rush through his armor and backblast back into him was a feeling unlike anything else. To him.. it was life itself forcing its grip on his soul.

    Then, he heard somthing running down the road and turned to pick out like an eagle the girl in the crowd. She carried somthing with her and was heading his way. He let out a small smirk and before she could say anything held his hand up. "Before you continue... My one rule... about family.. I say it only because of what you may become.. you will not want ot return to the life oyu had before. I myself wish I could but I can not as I do not have a life to return to.. this is my life now and it is what I make of it." He explained

    He then put a hand on her shoulder and began to walk around her "You have the spirit but do you have the strength girl! It will not be an easy journey but.. you will live. Because I wont let you die. I promise you that." He said with a smile before a bug landed on his armor and igniged from an electrical charge. It was odd enough.. when he touched her it didn't spark but when somthing else touched it... the armor sparked and killed it. "Be careful.. This armor is alive my dear.. Its older than both of us combiend." He said with a smile "So, if you want to get going... then we best be off.. we don't want anyone looking for you now.. do we?"
  15. Coryn walked along the deserted streets, getting more confident as she went. She could do this. Sure, she was leaving the only home and the only life that she had ever known, but so what? It wasn't much of a live to be leaving. Between her upcoming marriage and the thought of doing nothing but managing a home and popping out babies until she died, there was not a single pang of regret in her heart. The only thing she felt even mildly guilty about was leaving her family behind, but that quickly faded once she reminded herself that they would not be concerned for her once she left. They would only be irritated and angry. She sighed at the thought, shaking her head a little and not looking up until she heard people. Ah, there were always people in front of the inns and taverns. At least there weren't too many to notice her. She did see Davian, though, so she paused in front of him as he spoke to her.

    "That's fine," she assured him when he spoke of family. She wasn't going to want to come back anyway. Shrugging a little, she tilted her head as he circled her like a vulture. What a strange person. She watched him closely as he questioned her strength. "I'm not weak," she pointed out with a frown. She watched the bug spark and die, glancing at his armor for a moment before looking back up at him. Just what was she getting herself into? He was certifiably crazy if the way he talked and acted was any indication, but he was also her best chance for getting out of this damned town.

    "No we don't. Let's go."