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  1. Here's the plot: Dempf Ruinen City is a steampunk city that was built up from the runes of New York. Eleven years after the world has ended it's finally finished the city is quit the place, stores and merchants, little markets the place is heaven to most people there are a few types of species that live here:

    Morgnana: Morgnana are pure white skin people with blue eyes their hair can be either white, orange, or black.
    Malhana: Malhana are tribal people of the world they tend to have black or dark blue hair with varying skin tones. They all have black markings on their skin that cover their bodies.
    Tocalen: Tocalen are people who have animal like features wings, ears, tails, claws, gills, speed, etc.
    Medlicten: Are healing folk, they can heal others along with some other elemental powers air, earth, fire, darkness, etc.

    There are five main cities.

    Dempf Ruinen: Most developed city
    Ganlocten: city in mountains
    Unitalon: city in the grass lands
    Normaltenna: city in the desert land
    Ormaltanna: city on the coast (California area)


    (If you have one you'd like for me to add let me know)

    Here is the join form:

    Character name:
    Relationship Statues:
    Any other notes:
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  2. Character name: Shane Dalien

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Species: Malhana

    Homeland: Unitalon

    Personality: Street smart, sassy, shy (about his pas he's not good at letting people in.), strong, strong headed, secretly loving and caring.

    He wears a white button up shirt with a black vest and a pair of black skinny jeans with rips on the knees and thighs along with a pair of knee high white boots with black laces. His markings are mostly covered except for the one that looks like black veins going up to his left eye.

    Job: Mercenary

    Family: He has a brother Dorian, a sister Callie, and his mother Martha

    Relationship Statues: open

    Bio: During his child hood he lived on the outskirts of Unitalon with his tribe the Lonoiron, many of the Lonoiron people were Mercenaries, his father trained him to become one, at the age of 12 his father was killed during a mission leaving him the oldest of his siblings to be the man in charge. By the time he was 16 he was a well known Mercenary to the Lonoiron tribe.
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  3. OC- I'd like to join, but I was wondering if we were aloud to use REAL pictures or must we use Anime?
  4. ((Almost all of the characters listed are male and I had a really good character idea, so I'm going to create my own. I hope that's okay, if not please let me know!))

    Character name: Ayaka, nicknamed Aya
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Tocalen/Medlicten hybrid species
    Homeland: Ganlocten
    Personality: Aya is very quiet and reserved, not speaking to strangers unless necessary. She hates fighting but refuses to get involved in other peoples affairs. She will always help someone in need unless violence is involved. She is a very skilled violinist and carries her violin everywhere with her.
    Appearance: Aya's straight hair is naturally blonde, but she dyed in in the colors of the rainbow when she was younger to change her appearance. It reaches down past her shoulders but doesn't go farther than her chest, and her bangs are very long and pass her nose but are specially cut so she can see through them. She is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and is very light for her age, an affect of her Tocalen genes. She has a pair of white Dove wings that protrude from her back, but she usually keeps them folded down and out of the way. Her skin is naturally pale. She wears a black skirt that reaches her knees with white skinny jeans underneath, a lavender colored sweater over a black and white striped tank top, and black combat boots with lavender laces. She also wears a rainbow colored scarf around her waist at all times, and while working she usually wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.
    Job: Technically an outlaw, but not by the authorities. She doesn't have a job at the moment.
    Family: Her parents were killed when she was seven, and her older sister went missing about a week later. She doesn't have any other living relatives.
    Relationship Status: Open
    Bio: When Aya was five, her parents borrowed money from a drug gang and couldn't pay it back before the deadline due to sudden debts. The gang murdered them about two years later. Aya's older sister, Michiko, also went missing a week later, and Aya suspects that her rebellious and hateful sister had something to due with their parent's deaths. Aya was kidnapped by the gang for about a month but she then managed to escape. She's been on the run from the gang ever since, living through being homeless, abused, and beaten by the authorities for stealing to survive. She's been moving through the cities non-stop and has been to every one of them except Unitalon, where she is currently traveling to.
    Any other notes: Her father was a Tocalen and her mother was a Medlicten, making Aya a hybrid. Michiko had a different mother who was human and she didn't receive her father's genes (she's human). Aya has wings, but instead of receiving her mother's Elemental powers, she only gained the Healing abilities. She can heal most minor injuries as well as fly. So far, the only thngs she hasn't been able to cure were organ failures/punctures and bone fractures.


    Aya walked through the grasslands, her eyes tired from endless walking. She spotted the town up ahead. Unitalon, the City in The Grasslands. The only city she'd never been to. It looked so cute, so pretty, from where she stood. She kept walking. By now, she'd already passed several houses from the outskirts of town. The buildings were close together, rural style, and they seemed to be kind of old fashioned compared to Dempf Ruinen and Ormaltanna. It was nice. Quiet. Not very crowded. Aya looked around and realized she was in a market. There were little stands set up selling fruits and pottery and art, though there were few people in sight. She walked into what looked exactly like Times Square. It was now a marketplace, vendors and shops lining every inch of the place. She noticed someone in a cloak walk into a building a ways away. She assumed it was a man, considering the hide and build, but why that individual caught her attention was unknown. Aya walked up to the building and peered in the window in an attempt to look like she was browsing.
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