Damon; Vampire Diaries-ish. Please?

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  1. Apologies if this is brief/ babbling/ any sort of mess of thought. I'm sick, and can't keep my thoughts too straight.

    I've wanted to do something along the lines of a writer, meeting one of her characters, for a while. Then, I got the idea of her being a reincarnation of a vampire's companion.
    Anyhow, I want that vampire to be Damon. Just to change things from the original plot of the show. I want the girl to have been the vampire who made him. He was sired to her, and had begged to be with her. She was friends with Katherine; Katherine still turned Stephan. But Damon was with this other vampire; her name was Bethany.
    They were together for most of his life as a vampire; until, one day, Bethany disappears. Damon assumes her to be dead. Half the time, he's almost positive he saw her die, but he just can't quite remember it.
    Now, years after, he catches wind of this writer going on about things she could never have possibly known. He reads the works, and it's them; everything him and Bethany had ever done.

    He shows up in town, and finds the girl. Except it IS Bethany. Or, at least it looks exactly like her. She's got light hair, and a silver ring in her nose, but he'd know that girl anywhere.

    There's more to it, but that's my babble thought.
    If anyone's interested in playing a Damon for me, I'd probably bake you cookies. I just ask that you can keep to his character. Keeping in mind the heartless side, as well as his loyalty to anyone he loves. All of his character, not just parts.[​IMG]

    I'm more than willing to play something, for you, if there's anything you'd like to do. I'm generally pretty fantastic at sticking to characters; or so I like to think.
    Provided I'm familiar with the character, or you can explain them well enough. Or, I can make one, or I can show you some of my characters that I've already made. Trevor, in particular is generally a fan favorite. Either way. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.