Damn your eyes.....

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I'm on this site nightly, checking in the various areas of personal interest..... Then I get this LURKER tag placed one me.... How the hell can I be a lurker? Just because I have lost the mental fortitude for RP? -rant complete.-
Lack of posting, The post above mine brought you you back to member status.


Should I move this to feedback, counseling or something?
Up to you. Just trying to state my case.
The lurker/member status change is automated and based on recent posting, not sure on the specifics, thinks its no posts in the last 30 days.
Thread moved.

If all you do is "checking in the various areas of personal interest" without actually posting, why do you mind the lurker-tag?

It's just a tag, you're "normal" again now, everything will be fine.
Vay got it right! It's an automative activity check system.

Lurker = No POSTS on the entire forum for 30 Days.
Inactive = No LOGIN for 60 Days.
Also, it means you're less than a man and equatable to a paedophile hiding in the school bushes, and we rightly despise you.
"...So get your knees flexin' and your arms T-rexin'..."
This has been answered - to maintain active status, you need to post. Otherwise, it's an automatic action from the site.
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