Damn rednecks.

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So, one day, Buck was sitting on his porch, content after some nice bacon, ruminating on possibly drivin' in to town to pick up a stuffed goose for Martha, when an idea came to him. His train of thought went from goose to wife to boobies. From there, he tracked unto "Buck's Top Three Greatest Things"

1. Beer
2. Titties
3. Money

From Money he slowly wound his way to Ways of Making Money. He thought bout' all them fancy vidya games them youngsters had. He bet they made lotsa money. Shucks, Buck could make a lot of money, if only he could make a video game. From there, he got around to Making Games to Good Things About Games. Finally, he approached his destination, Games are Missing Something...

Buck rechecked his list, and had perhaps the greatest revelation of his life.

What if I put tits, into a video game! Now Buck wasn't the first man to come to this realization. The difference, is that the other men made actual worthwhile masterpieces, and incorporated boobies, God bless them.

But all Buck did was take the idea to another guy, who apparently had his ass so far entrenched in his anal cavity he thought it might be a good idea. So together, they made a bunch of ads with tits in them. Once they were done, THEN they realized they didn't have a game. Just a bunch of pictures and a name that was one letter away from a porn category, which is ironic, because Buck was quite a raci-

Anyway, they decided not to spend much time on the whole game idea and just paid a computer nerd to string three lines of data together and redesign every other free MMORPG.

So we have Evony.


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the occasional boobs jumping out at me. But don't offer a game that could possibly be the greatest free thing since pennies, and then give me some tactical bullshit where I raise a town by hiring paladins to turn gears on this statue....thing...
So there's tits, but no game?

Where's the bad?
I didn't read that, but yea. Red necks are whats wrong with the world.
So basically you're mad because a bunch of boobs made a game with no tits?
It was great at first, but it's false advertisement. D:<
No, there's a game, but no tits.


Tactical Dreadnought Rage Mode

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

*GMK inadvertently causes the blood god to look like a pussy with the power of his rage*
I'll stick with online games like Poxnora, all the women are half-naked.
All mmos worth their salt nowadays feature halfnaked women at some point.
Just like the rest of Western culture~
so be a pioneer and show COMPLETELY NAKED women in your games...while still making it a good game...
Too bad the Sims is too boring.

We need a game with a drunken, witty, Viking protagonist fighting through ranks of succubi to rape their demon queen.

(NOTE: X-rated because there isn't an article of clothing in sight.)
The viking must have FURY OF THE JOTUNS as a special move.

It involves him becoming HUEG (down there)