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  1. It was a bright afternoon as the air seemed warmed as the start of spring had come to the city of Harayaka. In the sky a shift seem to take place as the air seemed warped and strange before the sight of it glowing would fill the sky revealing a strange creature that seemed to pass through.

    The creature in question seemed to be a small fox that seemed to be more like a stuffed animal then an actual fox, on her back a bag seem to rattle.

    As she seemed to fall with little control as her drop lead her closer and closer to a building, moving her paw into her bag she withdrew a leaf that seemed to expand slowing her descent down to normal levels.

    It took only a moment before she was finally able to touch down on the roof of the academy.

    "Finally this must be the world my father sent the pieces I must find them quick" She slowly slid the leaf back in her pack.

    "I must hurry they won't be to far behind me!" She said knowing the abyss had followed behind her in her attempts to escape her kingdom.
  2. The first thing Keuken noticed about this world was the light, the second thing he noticed was the building he almost smashed into. Se-sa let out a wail of fear and jerked off towards the left, clipping the side of the building with one of it's legs. If the Abysitte had been scared before it was terrified now, flying down streets and screeching as loud as it could. For the time being it was all Keuken could do to keep a good grip on the creature since he couldn't see much beyond his nose. After nearly being thrown from the creatures back for the third time he managed to calm the beast, although escaping the maze of buildings probably did more for the creatures nerves than Keuken's screaming.

    He really hoped nobody had seen that ungraceful display, he would be a laughing stock if word about this ever got back to the legion about this. He halfheartedly glanced around, realizing that he had lost the princesses trail while he was darting around, not only had he made a fool of himself but he had messed up the mission. There was no way he could go back without her but he didn't have the faintest idea where to begin looking in her. He glanced down discouragingly and noticed some movement down below him. The building was miniature compared to the monstrous one he had almost flown into yet it still managed to be taller than the trees.

    Curious he flew Se-sa closer and almost cheered, the princess was right there! He hadn't lost her after all, he could lie and say that he had been chasing her through the buildings. His reputation within the Legion was saved! Smiling softly he flew down close to her, planning to simply snatching her by the tail, unfortunately Se-sa let out a loud cry before he could do that. He didn't mind though, he hadn't thoroughly explained the plan to the Abysitte so it didn't understand the need to remain quiet. Besides, it wasn't like the princess could get away from when he had Se-sa's manuverbility on his side.

    "Princess Soyo, you are under arrest for conspiring against Lord Abyssial and stealing the Miracle Spirit. The punishment for these crimes is death but if you behave and hand over the Miracle Spirit now Lord Abyssial might be merciful enough to just imprison you for the rest of your life. This is a once in a lifetime deal, I advice you take it," he said, trying very hard to keep his face straight but the corners of his mouth kept rising slightly.

    "Well Princess, what shall it be?"
  3. Tebelis had fallen from the 'heavens' not long after Keuken. Just before Tebelis smashed into the ground, he whipped on of his chains around a nearby lampost, and swung from it. The force of it destroyed the lampost, but Tebelis had landed safely, a kilometre away from Keuken.

    Much to Tebelis' displeasure, his mission was to tag along with Keuken, in case the fox princess didn't have the Miracle Spirit, then find it. Basically, Tebelis was the back-up plan, something Tebelis found undignified for an Abyss General. How was he even supposed to find the Miracle Spirit if the princess didn't have it? It was just a massive game of hide and seek, one Tebelis didn't want to play.

    "At least," Tebelis thought, "I can play with some women along the way. Earth girls are by far the prettiest." Tebelis didn't see a need to take his mission seriously right now. His attitude would soon change though.


    At the time of the crashing, Ellie was trying to study at home. She had a massive test tommorow, and didn't know anything she needed for it. But Ellie didn't like studying, and used any distraction to procrastinate as much as possible. So when she heard screaming from a street away...

    Ellie hoped her parents didn't come to check on her, since all they'd find was an empty room with an open window. Without even taking a coat, Ellie had clambered out of her window, and down an oak tree. Now on the streets, Ellie started strolling over to where she believed the commotion was coming from.
  4. Mitsuhoshi Kanae sat on a park bench with a book open in her lap, her eyes quickly reading over its pages as she turned them. It was a very interesting story based on an old legend in which a princess transformed into a fox and fled from her kingdom. Although Kanae was truly enjoying it, reading the book was also very bittersweet for her. It was just the kind of tale her grandmother used to love telling and being reminded of her made Kanae feel somewhat melancholy.

    She sighed and looked up from the book before closing it and placing it in her bag beside her. Taking notice of her surroundings for the first time in nearly an hour, Kanae was surprised how quiet and empty the park was. It was such a lovely evening out one would expect people to be taking walks or playing with their pets in the park, but there wasn't a soul in sight. But then again that was what Kanae enjoyed about this place. It was always peaceful and served as a place where she could be alone to gather her thoughts. It also helped that it was only a short walk from her school, meaning she could spend time there before and after classes without fear of being late.

    Rising from the bench and shouldering her bag, Kanae decided it was about time for her to be heading home. She had almost made it to the street her house was on when she heard a loud crash that sounded like it was close by. Hesitant at first about checking it out, Kanae stood on the corner for a moment pondering what she should do. It would probably be best to go get help instead of investigating things alone, but it also might not be anything to worry about.

    Clenching the strap of her bag tightly, Kanae went off in the direction of the noise, hoping she wouldn't run into any trouble. She was just one lone teenaged girl after all, and she hated to think what would happen if it actually did turn out to be something bad.
  5. On her way to the place she believed the noise had came from, Ellie saw her class mate-Kanae- walking in front of her. It seemed that Kanae was heading in the same direction as Ellie, to check out was going on. Although, from the way she was clutching her bag, Kanae seemed to be quite scared. Even though she didn't know Kanae too well, Ellis thought it wouldn't be too bad to have some company while finding out what was happening. After taking a moment to consider how to greet Kanae , Ellie crept up behind Kanae, next shouting "BOO!" right in Kanae's ear, with her hand curled around Kanae's shoulders. A cheap trick, but one that amused Ellie greatly nonetheless.


    Meanwhile Tebelis was working his way over to Keuken, to see if he had the Miracle Spirit yet or not. If Keuken was going to get it all, of course. Tebelis dearly hoped Keuken was in, or was going to be in, possession of the Miracle Spirit, as right now Tebelis was busy chatting up a young lady, who had been returning home from work. She didn't seem to be particularly interested in Tebelis, but when somebody's gripping two heavy chains in their hands, you're unlikely to be offending them.
  6. Soyo's ears would quickly pick up the sounds of crashing as well as the loud cries of the bird like abyssite, it was only natural that she her pursuers were right on her tail literally. As she heard the general out her options were dwindling with each passing moment as another general seem to make his slow approach. "Even if I knew where the pieces were I would never tell you anything, you can take your offer!" She said through bitter words as she still hadn't forgot the sheer destruction left in the wake of the abyss that had started to ravish her kingdom.

    Taking a few steps back she felt the edge of the building glancing down at the fall below. One option would be to try to run but the flying abyssite would surely grab her without fail however something unexpected might had been in her favor, closing her eyes she would drop back off the ledge picking up speed with her fall. "Its now or never Soyo" She said as her falling destination was nearing the two girls that just happen to be passing by.
  7. Keuken wasn't sure where he went wrong, one second he has her in the palm of his hand and the next she is plummeting to the ground. For a moment he felt despair, what had she said? She didn't have the pieces or know where they were? If she died from the fall then they would never be able to find the Miracle Spirit and everyone would blame him! Keuken felt his blood run cold as he heard the all to familiar clinking of chains, he dared a glance over his shoulder and realized that Tebelis was closer to him than he would have liked.

    He might have been able to catch her if Se-sa hadn't used up all of his energy escaping the glass maze, now he could only watch her hurtle to the ground. He saw two humans walking almost underneath the falling princess, he opened his mouth to yell at them but the sound got caught in his throat. If he yelled at them they might start asking questions, like who he was and if he wanted to 'hang out' later just like everyone else. If he didn't he would have to scrape the princess off the ground and bring her back, he knew Tebelis would never let him live down a failure like that.

    "Hey! You guys down there! Catch that fox," he hesitated for a moment, "Please!" Now they had to do what he said, even if they didn't respect his rank they had to respect his manners.
  8. Kanae nearly shrieked in terror when she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and heard someone shout right into her ear. She gasped out loud before quickly turning around to see who it was, backing away cautiously as she did so. To her relief, it turned out to be Ellie, a classmate of hers at Kakkaku Academy.

    "Oh, it's you, Ellie. You scared me to death!" Now that she was over the initial shock, Kanae felt somewhat relieved that Ellie was there. Although she did not know her very well, having Ellie accompany her meant she would not have to investigate the strange sounds by herself.

    "I heard a loud noise. Sounded like it came from around here," Kanae said, glancing around but not seeing anything out of the ordinary nearby.

    Suddenly, she heard someone shout from above. Craning her neck to look upward, she saw a young man peering over the edge of a tall building and something rapidly falling towards her and Ellie. The object was small and hard to make out at first, but as it continued to fall she was able to make out what looked like a furry stuffed animal.

    Her mouth gaped open as she realized the stuffed animal's arms and legs were flailing as it fell and that it was alive."Is that... a fox?!", she asked aloud, marveling to herself at how the night seemed to be getting stranger and stranger as it progressed.
  9. "Fur, ears, tail, yup, that's a fox," Ellie commented, straining her eyes to see it, "D' you think we should catch it, or something?" From the amount of flailing the fox was doing, Ellie didn't think it was some Happy Meal fluffy toy some rich kid had dropped, which could be ignored. It was more like an actual, impossibly small, fox, that some weirdo had dropped. Even though she couldn't make out what the guy was saying, he didn't seem to happy about the mini-fox's descent. As the fox thing fell, Ellie prepared herself, ready to either catch or ignore the fox, upon further command. While the whole premise of the situation was odd, Ellie basked in the thrill and originality of the situation.


    As soon as the words "Catch that fox," had left Keuken's lips, Tebelis had swung to his side in an instant. Looking downwards like Keuken was, Tebelis could see the bratty fox, falling to an undesirable fate below. Which meant Tebelis would actually have to take the oh-so-fun job of looking for the Miracle Spirit-not without that idiot Keuken's help though. A growl escaped Tebelis' lips, as he tried to imply that he was the one in charge now.

    'Catch that fox,'; the words echoed inside Tebelis' head, and before he knew it, Tebelis was jumping off the edge building too. It was unintentional, espcially since it was obvious that he'd never get to the fox in time. At least he could get to the fox first though, and without killing himself, thanks to his chains. But now, mid-descent, Tebelis noticed two girls below. For a second his mind considered commanding them to do something, but it was soon pushed aside by the urge to ogle at the young pair.
  10. Soyo would frown as the sitution was getting more and more grim for her, there was little time to really debate another plan. She wanted to avoid what she was about to do.. however the circumstances warranted it and if she was gonna get away from the pair this seemed to be the only way. Soyo took a moment letting her body realign a little as she quickly pulled a leaf out of her pack as the small thing expanded and her landing area was right on Eliie's shoulder.

    "Listen I have no time to explain but you need to run and take me with you two, those are very bad men and I could really use some help" Soyo blurted out aware that she might have just scared them off.

    However she could feel something from the two as there spirits seemed bright and shining which was rare to say the least. Though with such bright spirits she knew that somehow she could trust them in the least. That made this crazy plan of hers just more likely to work however it was up to them to accept her request or not
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  11. Before Ellie knew what was happening the fox-toy was on her shoulder. "Listen I have no time to explain but you need to run and take me with you two, those are very bad men and I could really use some help," it sort of squeak-blurted in Ellie's ear. Stunned for a second, Ellie just stared at it. The, with a grin on her face, Ellie said, "Feel like going for a run, Kanae?" Ellie grabbed Kanae's hand, then started sprinting away, dragging Kanae with her, hoping the fox-toy could hold onto her shoulder. Ellie had no clue what was going on, but it was exciting, and that was good enough for Ellie.


    Only after Ellie had ran a few meters away, did Tebelis hit the ground, with a ka-klunk of his chains. The pair of pretty girls below had turned into more than just bystanders, meaning Tebelis no longer cared what happened to the girlies. As long of that damned fox princess didn't get away, he'd happily harm a few beauties. The girl with red hair was running in front, so Tebelis decided to take down the other girl first, the blue haired one. Bringing his arm backwards first, Tebelis then whipped his chain towards her foot, hoping for it to wrap around her foot and trip her over.
  12. Saki was running toward the commotion when she ran into Ellie and falls on her butt. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" She stands up, dusting herself off. She looks up to see her classmates. "Oh, hi Ellie! Hi Kanae!" She smiles, completely unaware of what's going on.
  13. For a moment Keuken just stood there, shocked by how quickly everything had been pulled out from under him. He should have known better than try to be polite, if he had just clubbed the princess when he had the chance this wouldn't be happening. Although he really wanted to skin the fox and maim the girls he was hesitant, he couldn't tell what was going on in Tebelis's head and he didn't want to accidentally push any buttons.

    That being said there was no way he would let Tebelis steal his mission form him, turning on his heel he ran to Se-sa who was whimpering for some reason. He took a moment to calm him down before getting on the Abysitte's back, he quickly managed to catch up with Tebelis. He considered talking to his senior general, something along the lines of get the fuck away from my target, but he decided not to at the last minute. The important thing right now was getting the princess back, there would be time to argue later.

    "Screeching Blast!" Keuken yelled, pointing the palm of his hand towards the fleeing girls. A small portal appeared and from it flew a cloud of Abysitte, they chattered excitedly at the chance to prove themselves and quickly flew after the fleeing girls.
  14. Before Kanae even had a chance to figure out what was going on, Ellie had grabbed her by the hand and pulled Kanae along as she took off. From what the fox creature had said (Had she really heard it speak?!), they were all in danger. While Kanae was all for running away from trouble, she still did not have the slightest idea what they had gotten themselves into, and she was beginning to fear they might not make it out alive if the ones pursuing them ever managed to catch the girls and the creature whose side they had taken in this.

    "Ellie-san, wait!" Kanae said as she ran stumbling behind her classmate."I can't... keep... WHERE ARE WE GOING?!" she finally managed to gasp as she struggled to match the other girl's pace.

    Before Ellie could answer, Kanae felt something cold and hard wrap around her ankle, tripping up her already unstable footing as she ran. As her leg was pulled out from under her, she instinctively wrenched her arm free from Ellie's grasp so as not to cause the other girl to fall as well. Kanae then collapsed sprawling on the ground behind Ellie, scraping her knee and crying out in pain.

    She did not see Saki appear as she was mainly concerned with nursing her injured knee and and trying to frantically crawl away as their pursuers caught up to them. She heard someone shout, and suddenly a swarm of dark bat-like creatures could be seen heading toward her, furiously flapping their wings and chittering fiercely as they approached. Unable to get to her feet in time, Kanae raised her arms to protect her face and screamed as the winged monstrosities came nearer
  15. Saki moved between Kanae and the creatures, shielding her. "Stay away from her you meanies!" She closes her eyes, scared for her life, but stands her ground.
  16. Soyo was surprised as instead of running away if had seemed that they had actually listened to her, quickly feeling her sense of gravity shift she moved to hold on to Ellie as they seemed they were getting away from the two. However that proved useless as the two generals even would go as far to harm the inhabitants of the world to. It was then in a moment everything went wrong very wrong.

    One of the girls was tripped and not a moment later another attack seemed to fly there way along with another girl jumping in the way, someone that she could only assume was a friend to the other two girls.

    With the attack coming at them soyo didn't know what to do, she was weaken form the trip and didn't have anything left to defend with or help. "Oh no.." She said softly as she shut her eyes assuming the worst.

    In a moment her Soyo's bag started to glow as a grand light seem to engulf the girls and her in a soothing light.


    "Do you wanna the power to protect whats dear to you?" A voice seemed to come out of no where as all the girls could hear the voice though to each girl the voice seemed to sound just like there own.
  17. Saki was amazed by the voice. "Wha-?" She got a serious look on her face. "Yes. Whatever this power is, I'll take it."
  18. Along with herself asking for some mysterious power, Ellie was seriously beginning to ask herself if she was on drugs. Foxes, fighting, and now a magical feeling- if Ellie's drink had been spiked, somebody was in for it. Yet the sound of her pulse rushing past her ear, the chill of air entering her lungs, and the crispness of the images before her, they told Ellie it wasn't drugs she'd accidentally taken to cause these. It was real- really realistic- magic. Which, for a moment, stunned Ellie. Ellie didn't linger on anything though, so after that second of total awe, Ellie decided to make the all important decision: yes or no, ready or not, life or death...

    "Of course!" Ellie shouted back to her own voice, "The thing most dear to me is the thrill of adventure with my friends, and somehow I think a whacko, magic, power could help with just that!" As the words left Ellie's lips, a tingling sensation overcame Ellie's body. A sensation of magic, which she happily accepted.


    When Keuken let out his swarm of Abysittes on Kanae, Tebelis was pissed to no end. The blue haired one was Tebelis' kill, he wanted her at the very least. So, Tebelis complained to Keuken, "The blue haired one's mine! I don't care if you take all the others, but she's my toy, got it?" With that, Tebelis yanked the girl towards him with the chain around her ankle, freeing her from the bats. Then he called out, "Freeze chain!" throwing his other chain at her.

    As Tebelis did all this, though, Kanae seemed to enter a weird state. Her eyes went dreamy, plus she seemed entranced. And in her, Tebelis started feeling a familiar presence, one he was joyful and depressed to feel. From inside of Kanae, Tebelis could feel a tiny part of the Miracle Spirit, trying to grow. He'd finished his hide and seek game- now it was time to fish the Spirit out.
  19. Kanae braced herself for when the dark creatures would overtake her, but then, as if out of nowhere, Saki appeared and interposed herself between Kanae and the incoming swarm. Kanae couldn't believe yet another one of her classmates had ended up here in this predicament. At the same time she was both grateful for Saki's help and fearful of what would happen to her if the creatures attacked her instead.

    "Saki, no! Don't worry about me. Get out of the way!"

    Before she could warn Saki any further, Kanae felt a pull from the chain that still encircled her leg, jerking her out of the path of the bat creatures altogether. In that same moment, she was overcome with a sense of calm and peace as a soft light washed over her. Her scraped knee no longer hurt, and she felt filled with a soothing warmth and clearness of mind. A strange but comforting voice asked her if she wanted power. Not fully understanding what it meant but knowing she and the others still needed help, she answered firmly and confidently.

    "Yes. To protect myself and my...my friends. I accept this power!"

    The light around her seemed to faintly shimmer, and Kanae felt strength and determination welling up from deep within her soul. She was no longer afraid. She now knew she was not just one girl alone in the world, and the people who had been chasing her no longer seemed as terrifying as they had before. Her grandmother's smiling face seemed to appear before her eyes, nodding slightly as if to say everything would be all right.

    "Obasan, I promise I will make you proud. I'll never forget you." A single gleaming tear came to Kanae's eye and fell down to her feet, which now seemed to be floating on air.

    "Okay. I'm ready." Kanae said resolutely, hoping the other voice could hear her wherever it was coming from.
  20. As each girl agreed slowly the light seemed to shift and glow more brilliant.

    Your spirit is brimmed with adventure and you have a deep want to explore things to there fullest, a heart wanting adventure and a powerful will you process your spirit is your finest quality and this is a reflection of that.

    As the voice finished a red pattern makeup brush appeared in front of Ellie floating as if waiting for her


    Memories are precious and you know more about them then anyone, memories of the past help shape are future, happy memories help those we lost and to allow them to live forever with in us. Your finest quality is your value of precious memories and this is a reflection of that.

    With the voice finished a blue pattern make up brush appeared in front of Kanae

    Love and heart is a powerful thing and as you spread it love it grows and becomes bigger, the will to protect what you love and the kind heart to spread it. Your finest quality is your boundless heart of love and this is a reflection of that.

    The last voice faded as a pink pattern make up brush appeared in front of Saki

    Soyo looked in a amazement as she could hardly believe what she was seeing as she knew full well of the soul brushes but to make there appearance could only mean one thing.

    Nodding she would quickly move to her bag rustling through it as she pulled three boxes before giving them a toss at the girls. "Here! Open those boxes and slide those brushes across the mirror and say Pure Heart! Soul Link!"
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