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  1. A great many of legends speak of a treasure, that is said to grant the finder a power that transcends all realms. This treasure went by many names, however one stood out among the rest.
    This amazing treasure is called the "Miracle Spirit"
    This object of legendary power was held in the The Spirit Kingdom, where the item would find its protection for generations.
    It was on one fateful day.....
    A darkness as black and deep as the night sky would take hold of The Spirit Kingdom. This force of darkness came to be known as the Abyss Legion.
    With the sights of the legion focused on the miracle spirit, the forces of the legion traveled out hunting for the object for there own means.
    The king of spirit kingdom used the last of his magic to split the miracle spirit into several pieces. The pieces were scattered into a world far from the spirit kingdom.
    Now the hunt is own for the fragments of the Miracle Spirit
    [Magical Girl Pure Heart]
    Pure Hope​
    Pure Harmony​
    Pure Spirit
    Pure Memory
    ((Your allowed to pick your colors between red,green,blue,yellow,pink,black,violet and the magical girl spots are on a first come first serve basis))​
    [The Abyss Legion]
    Lord Abyssial​
    First General​
    Second General​
    Third General
    Fourth General
    Story Line
    Act 1: Pure Heart! Soul Link!
    -Last night a strange sight of several shooting stars could be seen in the night sky literally lighting it up, no word yet has been out on where exactly these lights ended up.​
    -School is out at Kakkaku Academy​
    Harayaka City
    A city located around Kyoto it is a thriving populace that much like there origins have a firm strength of spirit and a respect for them. It is the main setting of the story.​
    Kakkaku Academy
    One of the shining stars of Harayaka City the academy has put out some of the greatest students and has a very good reputation.​
    The Spirit Kingdom
    The Spirit Kingdom is a world filled of spirits known in short as fairys, they are responsible with the passing of spirits and deal with many factors involving them.​
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  2. Rp Terms and Basics
    Miracle Spirit
    A mysterious broach that gives off a powerful aura, it is said that the miracle spirit is the combined spirit of all worlds and all things. It is said the possibility with in the Miracle Spirit are limitless however its power differs based on its use.​
    Spirit Bridge
    A Precure transformation device in the shape of a decorative winged jewelry box that when opened up reveals a mirror on opening of the box and a compartment for Soul Brush at the bottom​
    Soul Brush
    A special brush that goes hand and hand with a soul bridge on the soul brushe's tip there is a different item, there are many different type of Soul Brush. When a soul link is slide across the the mirror of a Soul Bridge and the phrase"Pure Heart! Soul Link!" It allows the user to transform to Pure Heart​
    Abyss Legion
    A dangerous legion of darkness under the rule of one person. The Abyss Legion seeks the submission and the control of all worlds and all things. They are actively seeking out the Miracle Spirit in other to meet these means​
    Soul Blacken
    A technique used by the legion and it is the process of amplifying the darkness and despair in ones soul and spirit​
    The name of a monster created when a Abyss legion member uses there power to allow the darkness and despair in one soul to take over.​
    Soul Illumination
    The process of purification that a Pure Heart can do to undo the Soul Blacken inflicted on someone. This process balances them returning there spirit to a calm state once more​
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  3. OOC Starts Here​
    @Claire Looking pretty good so far keep up the good work ^^​
  4. Thankies! Can I just check on something? Could you just re-explain to me what a soul brush and soul link is because I keep confusing them :S
  5. Ah sure and to answer your question in character creation you can apply for one Pure Heart and one Villain and human normal characters your allowed as many as you think you can handle

    Also a Soul Brush is basically a transformation item along with the soul bridge and this brush slides across the mirror in the soul bridge.

    Soul Link is the phrase said after doing that to activate the items when doing the above
  6. I'll be keeping a character in mind. However, due to my schedule and the fact I will be at a convention beginning tomorrow, I may not be able to post daily or be here often.
    Also, them typos are making my head hurt. ; _;' So, I offer you a hand at anything if you need it in writing. c:

    I'll be lurking, though. <3
  7. Ok, thank you! Once I finish my Pure Heart, I think I'm going to make a villain as well. Then we can have plenty of charries to use. Also, I get the soul brush now!

    I hope you can still take part in some way Staci! Maybe you could lurk as a human? :)
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  8. @Staci that's fine it should still have spots open I reckon when you can join ^^

    Also please do excuse the typos I am having some friends proofread a few things.

    I wanted to make sure I have something up for characters and the information so you guys can get started on those things ^^
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  9. Okay heading to bed so if anyone has any question drop me a pm or reply here I'll answer them when I'm on agian
  10. Night, looking forward to the rest of the RP!
  11. Perhaps it was based on PreCure, or Smile! Precure!
  12. All magical girl series are quite similar :)

  13. Show Spoiler

    Character Name: Mitsuhoshi Kanae 光星 香奈恵

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Personality: Studious and quiet, Kanae is usually more comfortable with her nose in a book instead of talking to other people. While she is naturally very shy, she is also extremely kind and considerate. She tries to always be polite and courteous to others, and is very respectful to her elders.

    Appearance: ((case you don't wanna use a picture you can explain yourself))

    Bio: Kanae's parents often moved around because of work while she was growing up, meaning she rarely had time to make friendships or get used to any one school. As a result, she began to retreat into a world of fantasy, taking solace in the stories and books she read.

    Her one constant friend in the real world was her grandmother, who always encouraged her reading while also telling Kanae that she should try and reach out to other people more. The visits they shared were always treasured memories for Kanae, and so she was heart broken when her grandmother passed away. Kanae was 14 at the time, and her grandmother's death caused her to retreat from the outside world like never before.

    Now, after two years and her family relocating to Harayaka City, Kanae is just now starting to come out of her shell a little. She has finished her first year of school at Kakkaku, and is eager to begin another.

    Pure Heart Name: Pure Memory

    Pure Heart Color: Blue

    Pure Heart Appearance: ((case you don't wanna use a picture you can explain yourself))

    Transformation Phrase: A Soul that dwells in the past, Pure Memory!

    Special Attacks:

    Memory Burst: Kanae concentrates, forming a bubble of psychic energy between her hands, then hurls it at her enemy.

    Current Soul Brushes: Memory Soul Brush​
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  14. Another charrie! ^.^
  15. May I request two more Pure spots to be added or is it only three to choose from?
    I thought Pure Dream and Pure Logic would be good spots...

    But if all else fails, reserve me a black harmony for me, dear (if that is taken, then I'll reserve the Lord or second-in command.)
  16. [MENTION=3495]Nuein[/MENTION] Yes this rp takes a few ideas from Yes! Precure 5 and Smile Precure ^^

    Also about the spots I can add another to make five so your pick of dream or logic

    @Auntie Very nice auntie just wanted to add the picture deson't show and you can just have the memory soul brush on your current soul brushes ^^
  17. .... Let me think upon that for a few days....

    I am not sure on what to decide.
    Maybe I'll come back and check.
  18. Lumikou, how many people do we need to start? Because if we need more than a couple more I could make an ad for this rp or invite some friends to it.
  19. Preferably I would like to try to get like to get at least two more people however if we don't find anymore I'll just get it started.
  20. I hope more people sign up soon! ^.^
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