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  1. Dalvin. A land of adventure and treachery. Where there are all kinds of magic and creatures. Magic wielders have many different areas in which they can excel. Whether it be mastering the energy crystals like the Chromagicians do, or a more nefarious type of magic such as necromancy where the wielder uses the energy from the spirits of others. There are also those who prefer a more direct approach of fighting with they're blades and physical bodies. But whatever your race or path the universal cosmic energy Kidal passes through us all.

    Message me your Character Info if you would like to join this Role Play. Make sure to include:




    If I like it I will allow you to post. If not I will help you to adjust your character to better fit this world. Thank you for your compliance. :)
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Tom Heart

    Age: 19

    Race: Wingmen

    Background: Artifact hunter. Searches for equipment and spells to make him a more powerful firemage.
  3. Leeches, bugs, kolbolds, and a few jungle beasts. Yea totally a walk in the park for a bauble with a chromacrystal in it, he was gonna have to chat with Ralph when he got back in town. But if he got this bauble his ability with fire would increase ten fold. That was something he could take a few bites and and scratches for. The ruins he had found were, well ruined. They were Mossy powdery and covered in vines. He hopped over columns and flew over a small chasm to the collapsed entrance. He felt around and looked for openings in the destroyed marble. Apparently a long time ago this was a temple for Giants, which explains the hugeness, but was destroyed in the last Giant war which rendered them almost extinct. He walked up to the entrance and took out some pyrite chalk and drew a circle with some runic symbols on a chunk of marble near the center.

    " Holsef gra dun, bower ton flame, don gin." The chalk caught fire and runes burned, filling every crease of the rubble. Tom moved to the edge of the entrance and covered his ears. BOOM!!!
    The ground shook and the concussive force of the explosion blew out the debris. He came to the front of the entrance, gave the walls a cautious glance to ensure they were safe to walk through. After confirming this he walked into the dark hall.
  4. [​IMG]

    Seraph, walking next to the man she'd convinced to come with her, was glad when she finally spotted the ruins. The man, whose name she simply could not remember that this point, wouldn't shut up. He was always blathering on about something or other. She nudged him away when he tried to get close again. "There's the ruins, dear. Now we just need to get inside and-" She stumbled when a massive concussion shook the earth and a cloud of dust flew up from the center of the ruins. She grinned.

    "Well darling, it seems someone else is already here." She started forward again and the man followed behind her. When she reached a small chasm she used the water in her canteen to make a bridge. It took a lot of energy to sustain for her and the man to cross, but it wasn't anything too major. It didn't take her long to find the opening of the hall, and she stepped inside.

    "Come on, love." She said. The man tried to put his arm around her again, and again she pushed him away. "We've got work to do, dear. No time for that." She told him. Her patience with him was starting to wear thin. She started down the hall, only to find that is quickly branched off into several different hallways. She rolled her eyes. "Great." She muttered. "it'll take that much longer to find it now." She started to choose a hall at random, but she spotted a faint glimmer of light further down one hall. She started down that way.
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  5. There didn't seem to be any traps. Which didn't surprise him. After all this was just a Temple. However it was also a labyrinth entrance. Supposedly the only way to get through this temple was to be a chosen one by one of the giants heathen gods. He had a artifact that would lead him to the final chamber with the bauble of Dag. Although the compass could only be used once he would sacrifice it to get this new artifact. The bauble was worth the cost.

    So he took out the large compass. It was as wide around as a sundial with a little green chromacrystal arrow spinning on a bronze pin. It would point him towards the nearest source of chromacrystal ouside of a ten yard radius. A nifty little device that could detect which turns to take, even in a labyrinth such as this. Of course he would be smart enough to leave some candle runes on the walls to find his way back.

    It took him what he guessed was at least an hour. He flew down the halls using his wings to carry him He could only fly for a few minutes at a time though. Unlike most Wingmen, Tom wasn't accustomed to flying around like the rest of his kind. However to make up for this flaw Kidal seemed to have blessed him with a great love and affinity for flames. Because of this disability though he sought to become more powerful, until the point where he had no equal in fire magic.

    Finally he came to a room completely blank. There was no destruction no cracks whatsoever. The room was in perfect condition. He began to step forward towards a pyramid of steps in the center of the room. Until he heard a voice.
  6. Seraph followed dim, flickering candle runes for a long time. As usual she had the man with her, whose name she'd finally remembered was Hale, go ahead of her in case of traps. There didn't seem to be any traps, which was a plus since she'd have to have him fight whoever was leaving these candle runes behind. She was starting to tire when they finally reached a huge, undamaged room. She wasn't surprised to see someone in the room, but she was surprised to see wings. He hadn't glamoured himself.

    She spotted the small box at the top of the steps and realized that his goal was probably the same as hers. She tilted her head a bit. "That just won't do." She said mock mournfully. "You're not much of a gentleman are you, haven't you ever heard of 'ladies first?' I mean, it's just common courtesy." She clicked her tongue. "Come now, I'm sure that little bauble isn't worth much to a wingman like you." Hale stepped around in front of her and she smiled. "That's my good sweetheart, being all protective." She winked at Tom and gave him a sarcastic salute. She stepped away from Hale and started towards the steps while Hale started towards the wingman.
  7. Tom, turned around with a flash of speed. His red pony tail whipping around sending an angry wave of heat at both of them. The girl was blonde and had black clothes on. A man was accompanying her. " Don't come any closer if you wish to live human." He told the man. " And young lady, I do not usually kill women and I would hate to have to set you ablaze."
  8. She laughed at that as she got closer to the steps. "You'll 'set me ablaze'?" She asked. "Oh don't tell me, you're a fire mage? Oh no wonder I don't like you." Hale didn't even slow as he drew closer to Tom and drew a sword. Seraph gave Tom a wave as she passed him. "Play nicely, boys."
  9. Tom sighed. " I was really was hoping for an easy excivation today. Oh well." He reached his fist out in to empty space. "Rizzul!" Suddenly a metal handle started growing from the bottom and top of his fist. Elongating and growing a blade, until it became a scythe. " Goodbye." He said cruelly. He swung the blade in a wide arc and sliced the man in two. the blood steamed and dripped from the blade. He turns flaps his wings and launches in front of the girl and beats her away with the butt of his scythe. " I do believe this is my find miss." But the girl's form flickered and he stared at the girl with a grim amusement.
  10. [​IMG]

    Seraph was surprised when he knocked her away, and she crumpled to the floor a few feet away, normally the blow wouldn't have hurt her very badly, but the butt of his weapon was made of iron. When it struck her shoulder it burned her skin and her form started to shimmer and warp. After a moment of distortion her glamour vanished and her true form was revealed.

    She flipped her curly black hair off of her face. "How rude, sir." She muttered as she glanced at her burned shoulder. She pulled the water out of her canteen and put it on her shoulder with a wince. She climbed up to her feet. Her wings fluttered behind her. "What good can that bauble be to a wingman? Wingmen don't use magic." She put the water back into her canteen. "Yes, I'm sure it would be much more useful to a water sprite like me."
  11. "A fae. I should have known." He laughed darkly. "Well, why it is true I'm a Wingman, you a faerie should now better than most looks can be deceiving." He slashed the scythe in a circle blade slicing the the earth along with a jet of fire at the sprite. he then jumped up and grabbed the box. You see I'm a bit of whiz with fire magic. Now I may not like killing women but I'm fine with trapping them and leaving them to they're own devices."

    Tom snapped his fingers and explosions could heard from the entrance. " For instance all of the candle runes had an extra little spell attached to cause them all to explode as soon as I will them too. Now I don't know about you but unless you are adept enough with your water ability, which I doubt greatly since you couldn't feel the fire in the air, can keep your wings wet enough to keep from burning from these," He opened his hands and yelled, " Flame!" Flames erupted around the room. From the floor, walls, and ceiling. "To catch up with me. Ciao!" Tom rocketed out using the hot air to boost all the way to the ceiling. He blasted a whole in it with another spell and flew out.

    Landing on the roof with a smug on his face he sat down and looked at the box. It was dark outside he must have been inside for a lot longer than an hour. He didn't like the dark at all, so he pressed the but of his scythe on the top of the roof and created a candle rune to give him some light. After the area was well lit he dismissed his scythe. " Razull retor." The scythe receded into his hand and disappeared. " Now lets see what we have here." He opened the box eagerly and paused. Then yelled with anger. For the box he had gone through all the trouble for and wasted the compass on was a cracked chromacrstal. Not enough energy for a candle rune much less a bauble to increase elemental magic! but there was something else that angered him more a calling card. A blue bird statue made of stone. " Damn you, Blue Jay."
  12. Seraph dodged the first shot of flames, and shot him a glare. "Hey, that's dangerous. You could have hurt me, mister." She told him with her hands on her hips. She gasped and nearly fell when the explosions from the entrance went off and the concussion shook the floor. Her wings started to flutter angrily. If he thought she'd been captured that easily, he had another thing coming. Once more, she pulled the water out of her canteen and it swirled around her. When the fire spell went off in the room she let the swirling shell of water protect her as she followed him up through the hole he had created. It took a massive amount of energy, and when she burst through the ceiling the water fell away and flowed back into her canteen. She landed next to him and put her hands on her hips. "That was rude, I mean I at least need your name before you try to kill me." She eyed the box, then chuckled. "Blue Jay again? That man is good." She shrugged. "Well, I'm sure my 'water ability' surprised you, but there's nothing left for me here." She gave him another sarcastic salute before turning and walking back to the edge of the roof.
  13. "Yea run off before I burn you to a crisp, you... yo" He collapsed Extremely tired after all the magic he had just used. He looked at the sprite. "What are you looking at?" He tried to stand but he was to tired to do it alone. He needed water. All the fire had depleted his energy. He needed to recharge and get back to town or else he would pass out. In this jungle, that was the last thing he wanted. He would ask the sprite but he doubted the creature would help him without payment and a oath of safety. She looked tired as well but at least she could walk by herself. " How would you like to make a quick coin?"
  14. She rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, sweetheart. You're dehydrated. Gee, I wonder what would have happened to you if I had died in there?" She thought about it for a minute. "Well, it turns out I'm in a predicament too. See, I used too much energy trying to get out of your deathtrap back there, so I'm too weak to fly or use my magic. Which means I'm practically defenseless. If you swear to see me safely back to town, I will give you some of my water. But you must swear to me that you will not harm me in any way." She stretched. "And you better decide quick, because it's a three day walk through these woods and I'm leaving soon."
  15. "Yea yea sure. I promise that if you help me I will not hurt you." She just stared at him. " And I'll protect you until we get to town. Now please give me some water so I can get up and get away from here before a drakon or something shows up!"
  16. She smiled in satisfaction. "Good job." She tossed her canteen to him. "Now drink up, and lets start walking." She stepped off of the edge of the roof and used her wings to coast to the ground. "Come one, we've got lots of ground to cover." She twirled her staff again as she waited for him to join her, then set her staff down and tugged on her dark hair. "I guess I don't need to bother with a glamour again until we get to town." She said as she started to carefully braid her hair. It was too hot to have it loose and down. When her hair was braided she picked her staff up again. She knew a little bit of fighting with the staff, but not enough to be able to take care of herself out here. She depended on her magic.
  17. He grabbed her canteen and drank from it heavily. He stood. " Rules. One, don't touch me unless I allow you too. Two, you do what I say when I say or else we both die. three, if you so much as touch one of my things and I'll kill you." He smiled smugly. "For a faerie your not as good at word play as you think. I promised I wouldn't kill you. But I won't have to. I'd let my scythe do it. And as for protecting you, I would see it as putting you out of your misery not hurting you." He laughed a bit. "But I'm a nice guy so I won't resort to that. I don't like hurting women remember." Tom winked at her and said, "Lets go."He jumped off the edge of the roof fluttering his wings on the way down, so as to slow his fall.
  18. She shrugged as she spun her staff again. "I'm not too worried about it. After all, I'm too cute to kill." She winked at him and swung her staff up onto her shoulder. "Besides, don't forget that I'm a water sprite. I could drown you in seconds. All I'd have to be able to do is dodge." She turned and started towards the thick tree line. "Come on, get a move on sweetheart. We're burning moonlight."
  19. He followed her. "My name is not sweet heart, and unless your plan was to die we need to find someplace to camp." He was looking around at the ruins as they were leaving. Hopping over the chasm. "All this marble came from somewhere." I'm guessing there is a Marble quarry around and probably some caves to camp in. If you see them tell me." He summoned a small torch like fire to hover over his hand. To better see things. But mostly to keep the dark away.
  20. She rolled her eyes. "Well, until you tell me your name I can't call you anything else, sweetheart." She told him. "What is the matter with you, are you afraid of the dark? If we don't get moving now it'll just take longer later." She growled under her breath. She was impatient to get back to town, she had someone she needed to contact. "Fine, I'll looked for the quarry." She started to walk.
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