Daily songs with Anri!! Yaaah! (jazz hands)

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  1. So, I like music, and if you are not an evil, you probably do to. *Searches suspiciously for Evil doers*

    Now, my taste in music, is.. interesting. Basically I can enjoy anything (other than scree-mo, yelling is not singing, sorry scree-mo fans.) As long as it has a beat I can get into. My preferred genres include pretty much everything and dependent on my current mood, I like to play music of a particular genre over and over again throughout my day.

    This causes certain people (my roommates) to hate me for putting songs on repeat for hours on end. Now, I am currently up waay past my bed time and have decided to do something fun. Every day (hopefully, I am a total flake and will probably forget about this, sowwy to the people who wanted part three of my plot explanation series, it is coming!) I am going to try and post my favorite song for that day. (IE: the one I was listening to for exponentially more than the reasonable time allotted for a single song in a day.) Do what you want with this, reply with feed back regarding the song, post a song of likeness. I do not even care if you simply want to yell at me for flaking out on whatever project I was working on last. This is a no judgement environment, go ahead.

    But yah, have fun and enjoy the tunes

    ~Sincerely, A.

    PS: 90% of these will be amv's all you haterz can just deal.

    Pss (or is it PPs?): Say the title of this thread in a corny/melodic daily show type style. If you know what I am saying here you get a neko. Yay for you!
  2. I know I said ONE a day, but let's be honest.

    I lied.

  3. So, my day started off a little more hardcore than usual, come get some tunes yal.

  4. I wanna learn to play the violin..

    but for now,


  5. Best. Song. Ever.

    Best anime ever too.
  6. One minute to tomorrow, might as well throw this up xD


  7. Wait, so I just share a song I like?

    Oh, yush, that sounds simple to do!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.