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    Alyss stood in the council room with her back facing the door. She gazed out over the school grounds, her facial expression a cross between proud and...Conflicted. She had planned a whole 'Hello I'm your lovely president!' speech, but tossed it out because she thought that sounded to pretentious and she didn't want her fellow council members to hate her. So then she figured she'd crack a joke before starting the first meeting, but what if they thought she was stupid then? Maybe she should just smile and wave? No, no that was stupid! What was she? The Queen of England?

    "AAHH I CAN'T DECIDE!" She yelled, gripping her head and thoroughly mussing up her hair.
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  2. "Uh... I thought your speech was just fine... No?... Alright..." In all honesty, Rineto had no idea how he would have won his position. He was so unheard of at his school. Everything had gone wrong for him this election, and still he won. His brain started hurting after thinking about it though, so he stopped. "Um... President? Do you even notice I am here?... Thought not..." He sat down at one of the desks and began clicking away at his laptop, typing up the results of the resent elections for archiving. The clicks of the keyboard reverberated through out the room.
  3. Alyss froze in her tracks, at the sound of a voice and the click clack of a keyboard. She whipped around, finally noticing that she wasn't alone in the room and that there was a boy in there with her.

    "Oh." Was all she had to say. How had she not noticed this kid? More importantly who the hell was this kid?

    Alyss mentally punched herself in the brain for that thought. She was the President for goodness sakes! She should know the students by face! Or at least by like...Hair or something. She stared at the boy for a moment, trying to place his face. He certainly looked familiar but-- THE HISTORIAN! She has completely forgotten that that position had been taken! She had thought it was still in the open along with the position of vice president and treasurer. Whoopsies. But really the kid--She really needed to find out what his name was-- was like a chameleon or something or one of those deep sea creatures that made themselves look like rocks so their predators wouldn't see them. Hmm...

    "So, Chameleon-kun, you thought my speech was good? It wasn't too long or too short?" She asked, staring at him intently.
  4. Mikan walked past the classrooms in the hall of her brother's year. Some of them would really edge away from her and some others avoided her gaze. She just smiled in a relaxed way. The authority she now held was cozy, a seat of power she knew she'll definitely enjoy. I'm definitely gonna have a blast before I graduate.

    She's not going to use-no, abuse- wait really, use her position yet, she'll calmly wait until after the first council meeting after the elections. Campaigning was fun, she actually established some support and not to mention fear. Never to mention fear, in fact. She'll never say there was some blackmail involved. There was none. She won cleanly. One could ask her brother for the statistics. Really.

    Perhaps this is why politicians cling to their positions? It's kind of addicting.

    She greeted some of the students whose eyes did meet hers. Some bowed, some shyly greeted back. Fortunately- perhaps more to the students than for herself- there weren't a lot of rule breakers during this time of the year, specially when the student council has been newly elected.

    She pushed open the door to her brother's classroom and stood by the door. "Ne, is Yacchan in?" She asked the students around, looking for her brother.
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  5. Touya was in the midst of waiting for the stuttering girl to finish what she was really asking. He didn't understand a single word she had spoken. He smiled and radiated kindness at her, but really he was frustrated that she couldn't finish a sentence without blushing and coyly looking down.

    Really now. He huffed inwardly such a frustrating girl. He was going to be late to his council meeting if she didn't finish talking. He ran for Secretary to avoid these sort of people in the first place. Well, not really. But it was a good excuse as any.

    He had a good amount of data about everyone he's met. He can't just carry a black book around with everything in it, what if it gets stolen or goes missing? He can't have someone else use the information he's collected. Being Secretary means he has unlimited access to all records and he just jot it down neatly there.

    When he heard a familiar voice, he looked away and smiled. Oh his sister, she was ever so useful. This was why he kept her around, always arriving when he needed her the most. That and well, she is family. He can sentimental too.

    Touya left the ridiculous girl and beamed at the new Disciplinary Committee Head.

    "Ah, Micchi." he greeted as he walked over, taking his bag from a classmate as he did. "Is it time already?" he asked her with a bright smile.
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  6. Mikan hung her elbow on her brother's neck, glad that she still could before he grows past her height. "Yeah, obviously. Mizushima's probably there already. Let's go."

    She dragged her brother with her and this time, more students really parted to give way. Mikan beamed at them. Then she focused on her brother. "Who's the girl?"

    Obviously, the girl was in his class. Obviously, she was confessing. But Mikan wanted very badly for this to be false. She doesn't want to let go of her baby brother just yet.

    They marched up the stairs.
  7. Touya shrugged from under her arm. "Thanks for picking me up." he told her, his sense of direction completely non-existent. He allowed her to lead him up and the stairs and past more corridors.

    Would you look at that. The students parted the halls like they were some kind of king and queen. Well now, yet another reason why she's so important. Look at the command she brings! It's brilliant.

    "The ridiculous girl?" he repeated and winced. "You know her. That was Zetsubou Ame. You know, the girl whose dad keeps trying to commit suicide for the tiniest thing?" he told her. "I really don't know what she was asking. She just kept stuttering."

    Keeping his golden brown eyes in front of him, he smiled as they walked. "What's Mizushima like, Micchi?" he asked they moved closer to their destination. "You've met her before right?"
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  8. "Oh her with the sexy but weird single dad." Mikan said as they rounded a corner. "Huh."

    She didn't have anything to say about that. It wasn't like she disliked the girl, she was pleasant...enough. Mikan would rather leave Touya to his being clueless on these things. That means he's not going to date just yet.

    They got to the student council's room and Mikan opened the door without so much as a knock. There was Mizushima inside and another boy. "Hey, Iincho." She greeted the President. "You know my brother, Touya?"
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  9. Touya rolled his eyes and stepped inside. He gave his sister a disapproving look (one they both know was fake) and smiled brightly at the person in the room. "Really Micchi, you should be more polite!" he scolded. He bowed slightly at their President.

    "I'm Kisaragi Touya" he introduced himself with a bright smile. "I'm your new Secretary. It's so nice to finally meet you, Iincho."

    His eyes looked over the room. "Aren't they coming?" he asked, noticing only the President in the room but had a strange laptop open on the desk of the Historian. "Did the Historian leave for a bit?"
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  10. Well, it seemed his typing had emphasized his presence. Chameleon-kun? Huh... Guess it fight well enough... At least a nickname means she knows I exist. Well, it was too late to change it now. He shook his head. "No, I thought it was fine Senpai. It resembled plenty of other speeches from some of the greatest speakers. It had a sense of pride, and respect, which really rallies others." Rineto had indeed read the different speeches throughout history, but he was indeed fluffing his words a bit right now.
  11. "You thought it was great?" Alyss exclaimed, taking a moment to bask in the historian's compliment before releasing a screech of shock and despair. Shock because some more council members had entered the room without her noticing, and despair because she had tossed her speech out the window. Literally.
    She let out a pained groan and slumped down into her chair before jumping up again and crossing the room quickly to approach the newcomers.

    "Kisaragi-san?" She said, a bit startled. "You won the election?" She didn't meant to sound rude, it was just that she didn't think the Student Council was the girl's style. Maybe standing in a dim lit warehouse with some poor sap with a potato sack over his head and laughing evilly, but the Student Council? Wow.

    "Uhh-- I mean err--It's nice to meet you both! I'm Alyss Mizushima as you already know and this--" She said pointing to herself and then at the historian. She froze then and cleared her throat. "This..This...Um...He is...Er--"

    Aw crap what was his name?! She couldn't introduce him as 'The Historian' after she had already introduced herself by name!
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  12. Karina's curled brown hair bounced with her every step as she almost skipped down the hallway. Yes, it was that time of day she got to go and formally meet her fellow student council. Though she knew most of them, either personally or at least just the name, she was still excited to get to actually know them. And she was excited to work on the inside of the school, instead of just being a bystander.

    Her blue filled with life as few people passed by her in the hallway, some taking just a moment to linger on her. Rin's height made her stick out just a bit, being only a tad bit taller then the regular height of girls, and her popularity made her stick out even more. She clutched onto her manga and American comic books and held them closer to her chest, trying to keep her cool. She didn't want to seem like an over hyper brat, which she normally was not. It was just today and the circumstance that made her want to bounce of the walls.

    Rin got to the room right as the girl she recognized to be voted as President was introducing people. By using her deductive reasoning skills, she figured the President obviously had to be introducing the two in front of her, (the brother and sister duo), to the Historian. Who Rin barely recognized or realized was in the room at first. She had looked twice because it would seem crazy for the President to be introducing these two to nobody.

    Peeking in she smiled, "Rineto Umigawa. Right? Historian. Ju-Sophmore.." Rin smiled at everyone and prayed that she got his name right and his class, the only thing she was sure about was the historian. And that was only because she knew who everyone else was so she figured he had to be the one she didn't know. She couldn't imagine how awkward that would be to introduce someone for someone else and mess up.
  13. Touya looked around in slight amusement and frustration. He looked around, cataloging everyone. Storing their actions in his personal data, he smiled at the newcomer. "Ah." he said, trying to catch their attention. He does dislike being ignored.

    Though it was really expected with his notorious sister, giving Mikan a hard look. He gave them a bright smile. "Rineto Umigawa...?" he repeated with a smile at the Historian. His mind pulling all information on the other. Sophomore, usually ignored by others, fascination with the supernatural --- divorced parents. He beamed. "I'm in your year." he said. "Pleased to meet a fellow year mate in here."

    Turning to the brunette who just came in, he smiled at her pleasingly too. "Karina Hale, right?" he confirmed with the Junior. His mind supplying all information about her, pulling the most useful ones at the moment, but really, the only thing that popped up is being an otaku and having senior twin brothers and a younger one. He needed more about her. "Your twin brother's are in Micchi's class." He pointed at his sister with a smile. "I'm Touya. That's my sister, Mikan. Nice to see that you won."

    Beaming at them, glad to have the naming people out of the way. It's such an annoyance, but it be helped. They all can't have Photographic Memory. "Iincho," he called out, moving to his marked station with a pleasant smile. "Are we expecting anyone else?"

    He turned to his sister with a shrug.
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  14. "Oho, Mizuchin." Mikan came closer to Mizushima. It was more of a prowl than a walk and there was something malicious about her eyes despite the polite little smile she had and the courteous tone. "I have little kohai and some good people in my year that do support me. There is absolutely no...misdoings in the election. I won fair and square." She held up a hand dramatically, appearing to be aiming for the President's head, but patted her shoulders instead. "So why don't we all just get along, after all we will be working together for a whole year."

    She seated herself on her brother's desk. It was true though. She did not cheat on the election. She just had some...assistance.
  15. Shooting Mikan a suspicious look, Alyss gave Karina a grateful smile and then strolled over to her desk near the window and sat down. "Well actually we have to wait for the Treasurer, the Vice President and the rest of the Disciplinary Committee, but since they're late we can get started."
    She folded her hands under her chin and then spun around on her chair--Which turned out to be a regular chair and not a cool rolly one, so she just spun herself onto the floor.
    "GAH!" She got up quickly dusting herself off and stood the chair upright again before sitting down once more and staying still this time. "Now then, for our first order of business--" She took a minute to shuffle through the stack of papers that the Principal had shoved into her arms earlier. "Um--Someone has sent in an anonymous tip about a weird looking old man lurking on school grounds. Hm...They think he might be a pervert, but he might just be a disoriented old person, so calling the cops is a no-no. What do you guys suggest we do about it?"

    - -

    Kasumi flung open the door to the Student Council meeting room and strode inside right up to the President's desk. "I'm here!" She squealed, throwing her hands up in the air and striking a pose.

    Alyss stared at the girl for a minute. Two minutes. Five minutes.


    "Who the hell are you?"

    Kasumi let out a huff of irritation. "I'm the Vice President!" She snapped, dropping her pose and crossing her arms.

    Alyss grabbed the stack of papers next to her and flipped through it before pulling out the Vice President application paper. "Um no...The Vice President is Katsuo Fujimoto." Maybe the girl was lost? Or she was vice president of some other club?

    Kasumi cleared her throat and reached up quickly, yanking off the luxurious brown hair to reveal a different less luxurious and dull brown head of hair. Then she spoke but this time her voice was a lot deeper and less girly. "Yeah, well I'm him too."

    Alyss jumped in surprise. A cross dresser? Well that's...Interesting. Why--He--Err..She didn't just say that in the first place is beyond me... Alyss thought then smiled at the girl--boy.

    "Okay well um--Fujimoto-san, if you would just have a seat. We were about to discuss a potential stalker wandering around on school grounds..."

    "Okay!" Fujimoto squealed, reverting back to girl form, and sauntering over to the desk nearest to Alyss.
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  16. Touya shared a look with his sister and hid an exaggerated eye roll. Katsuo Fujimoto. A crossdresser. Touya had NOTHING against them, it's just.

    Wrong. He shuddered in disgust inwardly. Looking at the President with a smile, he leaning his chin on his hand. "The old man?" he asked and made an oh! face. Zetsubou told him about an old man lurking around the girls' locker room recently. "Zetsubou did mention something about that." he said with a worried face, though he was anything but.

    He gave them a concerned look. "It can't be the School Principal, right?" he provided, glancing at his sister in front of him. "I mean...well, he's..."

    How does he say it kindly? Screw it. There was nothing around it.

    "I mean, doesn't he look like a pervy old man?"

    Touya pulled back and looking flustered. Though a look from his sister, he knows she knows he's faking it. "I mean, never mind what I said! I don't know why I even said that!" he said in a rush. "We could like raise security instead! I mean, there's not really any evidence he's a pervert!" he suggested, his brain going through possible scenarios. He shouldn't have slipped!

    "Are there any description of the old man, President?" he asked. "We can always have Micchi order---I mean, ask some people to guard the school and take a picture of any suspicious people."

    He smiled winningly. "If we have a description, Nee-chan and I can pull in resources and ..." he paused, a dark look filling his face. "...identify the man who's causing disturbance. And punish him."

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  17. "Ho. Looks like my kind of job, ne?" Mikan said, stretching lazily and cracking her knuckles at the mention of a pervert. Her plans of launching an attack was interrupted however when Fujimoto appeared. Mikan has come across all sorts of people in her life, specially through her part time job and Fujimoto, like Mr. Zetsubou, always caught her attention and her interest. "Oro, lookin' pretty." She commented. "But you'd look better with a caramel princess cut, shoulder length."

    Alas, out came Mikan's secret fashion obsession. She cleared her throat and listened to her brother. "Huh. Last I saw him he was walking there, ya. But Principal'd be too lazy to walk about there right?"
  18. Ka... Karina-Senpai knew who I was! That in of itself was enough for someone to strike Rineto's fancy. However he always did have a crush on her. He never did anything as he felt she never would even notice him. But that fear was obviously unprecedented. He was fawning a bit too much and before he knew it the meeting had started. "Eh? O-Oh! Hold on I will check the internet to see if there was anything on the news about something like this." He began typing into his laptop.

    Hm... No... No... No... N-No! Oh God no!

    He immediately slammed his laptop shut, his face bright red. "Nope-nope-nope, on second thought I won't."
  19. Karina beamed at everyone as she sat down in the council room, "My twin brothers are quite the people to know, I'm recognized because of them a lot. That's probably the only reason why I'm here!" Rin smiled and laughed a bit then continued, "It's nice to meet you all."

    She spread out her manga and comic books all over the desk then carefully organized them, she liked to be neat and orderly. That way she didn't look like a slob who spent her days playing video games and nerding out. She was a cute nerd, not a disgusting potato chip eating nerd.

    Karina was fascinated when the cross dr-the vice president, Katsuo Fujimoto, came into the room. He, she, reminded her a lot about Princess Princess, a manga she often read. She loved interesting people who resembled characters, if she could connect a person to something personal in her life it made her like them all the more.

    Karina pipped into the conversation, "I know for a fact the odd stranger is making some students a tad bit uncomfortable. But shouldn't we at least try to be nice? Maybe if we see him just ask him to leave the premise?" Karina believed in finding the best in people, and often finding the good and best in them lead to less conflict and more understanding.

    Karina couldn't help but notice Rineto when he shut his laptop, but she didn't really notice him fawning because her attention had been drawn to too many other places, she laughed at his bright red face and said softly, "Are-are you okay, Rineto? You seem a little... Flustered?" Her observance of people was good most of the time, that's why she was voted into Social Chair. She understands almost every kind of person, cross dresser to shy wall flower. But she was always scared to come right out and say, 'You seem like this,' or 'You sure are acting like this' because their was always a chance she read a person's emotions wrong, and she didn't want to be wrong about a trait she prided herself in.
  20. Alyss tapped her finger against her chin as she thought of Touya's aggressive suggestion and Karina's nice one and decided to go for that one. Because really, what if the old dude was just a harmless old man? Then they would be in deep shit for attacking him.

    "Okay! So how about this? Hale-san!" Alyss stood up and pointed at the Social Chair. "You look like the type that an old man would perv on, so how bout you go and approach him. If he shows any creeper vibes, Kisaragi the younger and his gangster--I mean Kisaragi the elder can take him down. But if he's just some regular guy who's lost or something then we can find out what his deal is and help him if possible." And with that, the President sat down looking very proud of herself.

    - -

    Kasumi sat at her desk, with her feet up as she scarfed down a bag of chips. Upon seeing the Historian's reaction she leaned over quickly, but he had already closed the laptop. Kasumi grinned knowing exactly what had come up. She turned to the Disciplinary Committee member with a smile, "I actually went shopping for a caramel cut wig, but they were all lame colors."

    "And how come I don't get to lure the old man into my bosom with my womanly charms?" She snapped after Alyss had finished speaking.

    Granted she didn't have a bosom, but how come she didn't get to lure the perv out?

    Alyss rolled her eyes, "Because we need you for muscle! If that old dude turns out to be some karate master or has a weapon or something then we need more than just Kisaragi 1 and 2! Because let's be real here, sure Kisaragi the elder is scary looking as hell--No offense-- But Kisaragi the younger looks like the type that you would want to dress up as a teddy bear or something. And chameleon -- I mean Umigawa-san needs to be able to record everything that happens for future reference."

    "Oh fine." Kasumi grumbled, slumping down in her seat and tugging her wig off.
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