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    Salutations, my pretties! I'm currently craving RP's oriented around Supernatural. Recently, I finished watching Season 8. Glob, it was intense! Two more seasons to go!

    Due to my busy art schedule, my posting speed varies. It ranges from several times a day to once every few days. If that doesn't bother you, read the information below!


    #1.) You must be willing to play both genders. If you're adamant on playing one gender only, please leave.

    #2.) You must be willing to portray more than one Canon character.

    #3.) If you're capable of 2+ to multi-paragraph posts, I'll be forever grateful!

    #4.) No one-lining.

    #5.) Decent grammar, please!

    #6.) Please contribute to the RP. I don't want to plan everything out and do all the work.
    Crossover Mania
    Here is a list of my favorite Supernatural Crossovers:

    ☑ Supernatural x Harry Potter.
    ☑ Supernatural x Criminal Minds.
    ☑ Supernatural x Walking Dead.
    Original Character Act
    Original characters are welcome! However, you must be willing to portray Canon characters.
    #1.) Most of my ideas contain Crossovers, especially SN x HP.

    #2.) Most of my ideas contain Canon x OC & Canon x Canon.

    #3.) Supernatural will experience Canon divergence.

    #4.) I try my best portraying Canon correctly, but I'm not perfect. I don't expect my partner to be perfect. If you want to add your own twist to your roles, go ahead! As long as it's not OOC to the extreme, I don't care. (Ex. Super girly Dean who giggles a lot.)

    #5.) I prefer MxF, but I'm totes fine with MxM. (However, I don't like FxF.)



    A few weeks passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. One day, during her grief, Carina Potter ventured out in the Forbidden forest, seeking solace. She stumbled across the Resurrection stone accidentally. However, when she touched it, her magic reacted, summoning all the Hallows. Reuniting the Hallows granted her the title of Master of Death. Unfortunately, it came with a price.

    Years later, Lucifer was freed from his cage. When he completed his ritual and summoned Death to bind him, what happened if Death was already bound? Who is this mysterious Master of Death? Team Free Will struggled finding a way to Ice the devil. However, what happened if Bobby uncovered information pertaining to a legend. Is the Master of Death real? When the boys tracked him down, they meet a young woman, no older than seventeen. When she revealed her true age, the boys are skeptical. How will they react when Castiel pointed out her magical heritage?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 5.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Gabriel x Carina Potter (Female!Harry.)

    ✖ Warning: Squib!Winchesters! (The boys aren't aware of their heritage.)
    Five years passed since Team Magic moved to America. In the beginning, the group left for a fresh start, or clean slate. The team settled in a quiet neighborhood near a large forest. Despite living in the muggle world, Team Magic resided near New Orleans, Louisiana, home of one of the largest wizarding communities in America. A year later, the group stumbled across the hunting world by accident. After much consideration, Harry and his friends became Team Magic, hunting dangerous creatures and saving lives. Unfortunately, since their magical, Team Magic is prone to being exposed by hunters. Will they be able to hunt and maintain the Statue of Secrecy?

    The hunts are becoming intense. More demons run amok, forcing Team Magic to focus on demon activity than their usual agenda. During a case, Hermione discovered something strange. When she researched it, what happened if she uncovered information leading to the Apocalypse? How will Team Magic react to the supposed end of the world? Despite their skepticism, no one could deny the signs. Team Magic is faced with more responsibilities. Hunting is one thing, maintaining the Statue of Secrecy is another. However, what will happen when Team Magic meets Team Free Will? How will the boys react to a hunting group full of wizards and witches? If they teamed up together, do they have what it takes to stop the Apocalypse?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 5.

    ✖ Main Pairing(s): Will be discussed. (Warning: Harry x Hermione!)

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Squib!Winchesters. (The boys aren't aware of their heritage.)
    #2.) Team Magic consists of Harry, Hermione, OC & OC.
    #3.) Harry Potter's timeline will be altered.
    A month passed since Sam released Lucifer from his cage. Team Free Will struggled finding a way to Ice the devil. What happened if Bobby stumbled across information pertaining to a powerful God? A sentient being granted an uppercase G, not lowercase g. When the boys start searching for the God, none of them realize an important aspect: their target is a Goddess, not a God.

    Veles, Goddess of Magic, Trickery, and Death, roamed across Earth for centuries. Due to a "misprint" in history, Veles was painted as a man, not a woman. Her sole purpose was gifting people worthy of her magic and carrying souls to her underworld. Since she was worshiped internationally, she traveled across the world. One day, one of her Ankou, or Reaper, approached her, revealing information about a group seeking her out. Veles grew curious. Who would be foolish enough to track her down? She was aware of the Apocalypse's reign. However, what happened if she didn't care? If Team Free Will located her, would she be willing to help them?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 5.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Gabriel x Female!Veles.

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Veles is a God from real folklore.
    #2.) Despite her status, I don't intend to godmod, metagame, or powerplay.
    After the death of their families, a small group of teenagers decided to become hunters. One day, an older, more experienced hunter took them in and taught them everything he knew. His name was Victor. However, he had ulterior motives. When the Winchester boys discovered his ploy and saved the kids, what happened if Dean called in a favor?

    Carina Black, hunter extraordinaire, lived in America for a few centuries. Due to an incident years ago, she was cursed with immortality. Despite her magical heritage, she joined the hunting world. However, she wasn't your typical hunter. She didn't shoot first and ask questions later. Sometimes, she gave monsters a chance to live. Due to her status, Carina masqueraded as an ordinary human. Only a few selected people knew her past. Ironically, the Winchester boys were included in the list. What happened if she received a call from an old friend, asking to mentor a group of kids? How will the teens react to living with a witch?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 8.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Will be discussed.

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Based from the episode, Freaks and Geeks. The small group of OC's replace Krissy's group.
    #2.) Harry Potter's timeline is set in 1500's.
    #3.) Carina Black ↔ Fem!Harry Potter.
    #4.) Carina experienced the same incident in Master of Death.
    A few months passed since Dean was dragged to Purgatory. A distraught Sam drifted from place to place, coping with Dean's disappearance. Instead of hitting a dog, what happened if he almost hit a girl?

    Years passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. Despite Voldemort's demise, not every Death Eater was captured. Zarina Ravenwood, Hit Witch extraordinaire, was sent to America to track down a group of Death Eaters who moved abroad. Unfortunately, her partner and her were ambushed and captured. After enduring weeks of torture, Zarina escaped. On the run, she apparated to evade her captors. However, due to her condition, Zarina didn't have control over her destination. When she popped to safety, Zarina appeared in middle of a road. What happened if she was almost hit by a car?

    Sam swerved to avoid hitting the girl. However, her appearance was a mystery. Where did she come from? Why was she bloody and beaten? An unlikely romance stirred between Ex-Hunter Sam and MIA Hit Witch Zarina. After Dean returned, Sam was forced to leave his sanctuary. On the other hand, what happened if Zarina tagged along? How will Dean react to his brother dating a witch?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place in Season 8.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Sam Winchester x Zarina Ravenwood (OFC)

    ✖ Warning: Squib!Winchesters. (The boys aren't aware of their heritage.)



    A few months passed since Maeve's death. What happened if Spencer requested a long-extended vacation? For the first time in years, Reid needed a break. He might of loved his job, but he couldn't handle the nightmares anymore. After Hotch approved, Spencer scheduled a road trip. He didn't have a destination in mind.

    Nathaniel Winchester, older brother of Adam Milligan and half-brother of Dean and Sam Winchester, was a hunter. After the death of his brother and mother, he changed his surname and dedicated his life to eradicating monsters. Fortunately, his older half-brothers took him in and taught him everything they knew. Once Dean was dragged to Purgatory, Sam abandoned Nathaniel in his grief. Unlike his older brother, Nathaniel searched for Dean, including Kevin. On the other hand, luck wasn't on his side. During a case, he met a young man named Spencer. Something about him piqued Nathaniel's interest. He was incredibly brilliant, but undeniably lost. What happened if the monster he hunted targeted Reid? How will boy genius react to the hunting world?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Criminal Minds x Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 8 of Supernatural.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Spencer Reid x Nathaniel Winchester. (OMC)

    ✖ Warning: Due to the different timelines in both Fandoms, Criminal Minds' timeline will be altered.
    Hunting was about sacrifice. She couldn't live a normal life or else innocent people would die. If a close friend perished, she couldn't wallow in her grief. Not only was hunting about sacrifice, it was about moving on. She couldn't stay in one place for long or establish connections. Once folks met her, they weren't safe. Hunting was all she knew, but what happened if she got out?

    Nikita Malakai, or Nikki, grew up as a hunter. She lived with her twin brother, Finnick, and her eccentric mother, Johanna. Her mother was a legend, one of the best demon hunters in her prime. Hunting was all Nikita learned. Finnick and her were raised without a father, who disappeared mysteriously months before they were born. After years of practice, the twins surpassed their other. Unfortunately, it came with a price. Nikita couldn't count how many times she lost a loved one. A few years later, the death of her brother was the final straw. She wanted out. Nikita turned to her last resort: Bobby, her uncle. After pulling some strings and calling in a few favors, Bobby did the impossible: have her recruited by the FBI.

    Working as a federal agent was against everything she was taught, but Nikita endured. Due to her sharp intellect, she rose through the ranks quicker than normal. One day, a severe-looking woman approached her, introducing herself as Erin Strauss. She offered Nikki a proposition: transfer to the BAU, or Behavior Analysis Unit. Despite her inexperience with profiling, Nikita accepted. How will the BAU team react to an ex-hunter?

    Working as a Profiler was different. Instead of hunting monsters, she tracked down serial killers. Time passed and the team accepted Nikita, admiring her capabilities. Unfortunately, her past demons resurfaced. During a case, Nikita realized a horrifying discovery: their target was no serial killer, but a monster. What happened if she recognized the beast's signature? Will she be able to gank the monster and protect her secret?

    ✖ Fandom(s): Criminal Minds x Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 4 of Supernatural; Season 8 of Criminal Minds.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Spencer Reid x Nikita Malakai (OFC)

    ✖ Warning: Due to the different timelines in both Fandoms, Supernatural's timeline will be altered.



    Nathaniel Winchester, formerly Nathaniel Milligan, is a hunter. Originally, he lived with his mother and younger brother in Windom, Minnesota. However, when he returned from a hiking trip with friends, Nathaniel discovered a horrifying truth: his family was murdered by monsters, or ghouls. During his return, Nathaniel met his older half-brothers, Sam and Dean. After the ghouls were ganked, the Winchester boys offered to train Nathaniel, teaching everything they knew. Similar to his brothers, Nathaniel joined the hunting world for one thing: vengeance.

    A year passed since his family's death. Surprisingly, Nathaniel adapted to the hunting life perfectly. He excelled in his training and joined his brothers on several hunts. At one point, he changed his surname. During a solo hunt, what happened if he received a call from a certain someone? His baby brother, Adam, was alive. When he arrived at Bobby's junkyard, how will Adam react to Nathaniel's change? Will Nathaniel be able to protect his little brother?

    ✖ Fandom: Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 5 of Supernatural.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Will be discussed.

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Recycling a character from Certified Hunter.
    #2.) Supernatural will experience Canon divergence!
    #3.) In this RP, Adam Milligan will be saved from spending an eternity in Lucifer's cage!
    Instead of dying by the hands of Abaddon, what happened if Henry Winchester survived and returned to his own time? How would life turn out if Henry raised John to be a Men of Letters?

    Dean Winchester, a former perfect soldier and hunter in his father's eyes, became a disappointment to his family's legacy. At an early age, he struggled conforming to the Men of Letters lifestyle. He hated studying and learning unnecessary text. He failed almost every exam, never initiating in the beginnings of the inner circle of the Men of Letters. Sam, his younger brother, was a Men of Letters prodigy. Unlike Dean, he excelled in his studies and passed all his exams, becoming the perfect son in John's eyes. After Sam initiated in the beginnings of the inner circle, what happened if Dean left? Since his brother was prepared and safe, Dean fled, becoming a hunter under his "Uncle" Bobby's guide.

    Years later, the Men of Letters decided to join the 21st century, initiating an alliance with the hunters. The organization sent a liaison to establish connections. What happened if their recruit was Sam? How will Dean react seeing his brother for the first time in years?

    ✖ Fandom: Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: 100%AU; Takes place after the episode, As Time Goes By.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Dean Winchester x Castiel

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) The RP is 100% AU. After Henry returned, the timeline altered drastically.
    #2.) Biphobiac!John & Biphobiac!Mary.
    #3.) Mary Winchester isn't a perfect angel.
    #4.) Somewhat A+ John Winchester parenting.
    #5.) Clueless!Sam. He will become a hunter eventually. (However, it won't be easy.)
    #6.) The hunter life became organized. After the timeline change, hunters decided to affiliate with the police and create a separate branch in the system. Most of the world remained clueless of monsters, but not the police.
    #7.) Several Canon characters are featured in the hunters organization, including previously deceased members.
    Natasha Hawthorne is a hunter. She, along with her best friend, traveled across the country, ganking monsters. What happened if Natasha possessed a dangerous secret? During a case, Natasha is forced to reveal her secret in front of her best friend. How will he react? Will he accept or shun her?

    When the Apocalypse is unleashed, Team Free Chill, a name given by her best friend, struggle maintaining the secret. If word got out, it would create a catastrophe. What happened if Team Free Chill met Team Free Will? How will the Winchester boys react if Castiel realized Natasha's secret?

    ✖ Fandom: Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 5.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Original Female Character x Original Male Character

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Supernatural will experience Canon divergence!
    #2.) A couple of Canon characters will be saved in Season 5
    Returning from Purgatory left Dean raw, scarred, and broken. After realizing Sam didn't search for him once, his feelings worsened. Weeks later, Dean struggled coping with his time in Purgatory, fighting monsters relentlessly. One day, the boys are reunited with an unlikely face: Adam. How would of things turned out if Adam became a hunter?

    After Dean was forced to leave Adam's soul behind years ago, Crowley decided to resurrect the youngest sibling, manipulating him in a ploy to destroy the Winchesters. With no soul, Adam complied to Crowley's manipulations. In the beginning, he tracked down his brothers, eliciting a heartwarming reunion. However, the boys aren't aware of Adam's sinister plot. Bitter about his imprisonment, Adam vowed to kill the Winchesters. Will the boys be able to save Adam and bring back his tattered soul? How will he be able to heal from the experience?

    ✖ Fandom: Supernatural.

    ✖ Setting: Takes place during Season 8.

    ✖ Main Pairing: Will be discussed.

    ✖ Warning(s):
    #1.) Supernatural will experience a heap of Canon divergence!
    #2.) I have a surprise in store for restoring Adam's soul.
    #3.) The RP might not be Season 9-10 Compliant. Expect the possibility of a different ending for Season 8!

    ✎ Warning
    More ideas will be added later, so stay tuned! ❤

    If you have ideas, feel free to share!
    ❦ Favorite Pairings
    Here is a list of my favorite pairings:

    ღ Castiel x OC.
    ღ Gabriel x OC.
    ღ Dean x OC.
    ღ Sam x OC.
    ღ Adam x OC.
    ღ Dean x Castiel.
    ♔ Favorite Seasons
    Here is a list of my current favorite seasons:

    ♢ Season 3.
    ♢ Season 4.
    ♢ Season 5.
    ♢ Season 7.

    ♢ Season 8.
    ♬ Canon Portrayal
    When it comes to portraying Canon, I'm not perfect. However, I try my best. Here is a list of characters I played most:

    ♮ Sam Winchester.
    ♮ Dean Winchester.
    ♮ Bobby Singer.
    ♮ Castiel.

    ☒ Despite the small list, I'm capable of playing more Canon characters.



    Thank you for viewing this thread! If you're interested, comment below! OC's are welcome in all my scenarios, so don't worry! I'm totes fine playing a Canon character for you if you're interested in Canon x OC. (However, you must return the favor.)

    Here is a list of my favorite scenarios above:

    ✔ Guardian. (SN x HP)
    ✔ Certified Hunter. (SN x CM)
    ✔ Wayward Son (SN)
    ✔ Hunter and Proud. (SN)

    If the plots interest you, I'll be forever grateful! ❤
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  4. I'm open to Non-Crossover plots. If you read the Supernatural Central section, I implied it by encouraging players to state their own ideas. (I don't have any ideas right now, but it doesn't mean I'm unwilling.)
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