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  1. Everyone has chores around the house. They help keep us tidy and for many of us it gives us our deposit back if we are moving. Some chores are easy, some are hard, some of them are so drawn out we push it off until shite hits the fan.

    What chores do you hate?

    Personally I hate folding clothes and doing the dishes.
  2. Dishes because I hate gloves but the soap is slowly destroying my hands lol... and on Sundays I have to rid the backyard of dog poop. BEST PART OF MY DAY.
  3. Putting on pants
  4. Putting away laundry. >:[ That one is the WORST.
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  5. Dishes hands down. After that... Picking up the little pile of dust I just swept into the corner. I dunno why... Sweeping is fine and dandy, but using the dustpan and getting that last bit of dust and dirt gets on my nerves.
  6. A brand new one, giving the dog his pill.

    He outright refuses to eat it... Our whole family has spent 60 minutes+ on it before, hiding it in different food, reverse psychology, pretending to eat it ourselves. He always spots the pill and pushes it aside before eating everything else.
  7. Crush the pill and mix it in with some wet food.
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  8. Didn't consider wet food yet... Thanks! :D
  9. Not a problem
  10. Mopping the floors and then slipping on them and going 'OW FUCK'
  11. Dusting. It reminds me of how infrequently I dust. Sometimes I sit on the end of the coffee table when I'm watching a movie or playing a game, so seeing a coffee table that's completely covered in a thin film of dust except for a little semicircle like so:
    Is understandably a little weird and unnerving.
  12. Does going to work count? Becouse I pretty much hate work
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  13. Doing dishes. I especially dislike being done with them only to have someone add one to the sink afterwards.
  14. Doing the dishes. I'm the only one in the house that does them and it seems like my sink is never empty. :(

    @Gwazi Magnum Try wrapping it in cheese. My dog woofs a slice of cheese down in a gulp and doesn't even notice the pill tucked into it.
  15. @Gwazi Magnum Small piece of bread and peanut butter does the trick for my dog! :3
  16. Cleaning the cat box. That little stank monster pees in the same exact spot like every single time and... it's not great.

    I don't mind doing the dishes when I finally coerce myself into doing it but sometimes it's just annoying how unending it seems, and I don't even have kids! I hear that makes it worse.
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  17. Oh yeah the litter!! I'm the only one who cleans it x.x I dunno how such an innocent face can create so much poo. I still need to find the best litter tbh.
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  18. Doing the dishes. Ever since I was like 8 years old the dishes were always my job. I can't stand it. I do it, but ugh. Also, putting away the laundry. Washing, drying, folding, no problem. But those stacks of clean and folded clothes will sometimes sit there taunting me for a week before I finally get around to putting them away.
  19. Dishes, easily.

    The old man is lazy and leaves his everywhere when the sink is literally three feet from any given place he sits.
  20. Laaaaundry.


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