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  1. Daichi Academy
    From Japanese (dai) "large, great" combined with (chi) "wisdom, intellect".

    Daichi Academy is just like any other school; there’s teachers, students, classes and dorms. The only difference between Daichi and any other school is that this is a Ninja based Academy. A ninja is a member who are trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in ninjutsu (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports). Here, students from around the world come to practice, sharpen, and/or learning skills needed to become great, wise, intelligent assassins of the night. Students can use their knowledge for either good or evil, to us it doesn’t matter but be warned, if you try anything to harm the school or its faculty in any point in time; you will be assassinated on the spot. Now just because you’re students of this academy, it doesn’t mean you’re save. Remember those papers you filled out when applying for this school? Yea, there was a release form in there that some of you might have missed and signed without reading it properly. Anything can (and most likely will) happen to you in this school, whether it be bullying, injuries, fatal wounds and even death. This is where you must put your skills to the test.

    The Academy’s three simple rules:
    1. Students are not allowed to fight amongst themselves unless there is a Teacher present to referee the fight and can chose to stop the fight if; 1. Students become too aggressive 2. Either opponent is unable to continue fighting 3. Either student is in danger of death.
    2. To each their own dorms. Here students come to sleep and live within the school grounds mainly because you can’t leave. Any and All students are required to stay in dorms when attending Daichi Academy and are only allowed to leave if they quit/graduate (no exception) [ 2a.] the dorms are separated with the females on the left side of the school grounds and the males on the right side. Neither of the opposite sex is allowed in the others dorm room at any time. Students found violating this rule will be subjected to expulsion as of immediate.
    3. Survive the classes and the faculty. Sometimes by teaching students to become great ninjas, a few end up dead. As Darwin once said, “its survival of the fittest” and only the fittest will continue on the path of the ninja.
    ((P.S. this isn’t like a Naruto rp! There is no jutsus here. Strictly hand to hand combat or with weapons like kunai’s, katana’s, ect. Images are welcomed here! You can have an image of your character in regular/school clothes and of them in their ninja outfits, your choice! Also please no one-liners ; o ; it’s so hard to come up with a response when a person only posts a single line.
    P.S.S.! Feel free to make teachers too! heavily under staff ; o ; ))

    OOC link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/daichi-academy-ooc-plot-discussion.34627/
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  2. Miyuki
    Miyuki wandered around the courtyard searching for her friend. It was hot and sunny, and these shoes made her feet ache. She had gotten an invitation to the school, which was no surprise really, her skills were just that good. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and stopped to rest underneath a blooming sakura tree. Sighing, she leaned against the trunk of the elegant tree and took out a bottle of water from her bag, helping herself to it. She looked around, taking in the scenery and smiled, delighted by the view. Putting the bottle away she stood up straight, wondering where her friend Sasha could be....
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  3. Sasha Wakahisa
    “What a drag….” Spoke a 17 year old girl as she walked into the school grounds of the infamous Daichi Academy. It had been a while since the young girl had actually appeared in a public place where there would be more than just ten people surrounding her. She had never been one to be social with others and hated meeting people since she was also so cold, distant and unapproachable. “At least Miyuki will be here… I hope…” Sasha wasn't too sure if her (only) friend would be gracious enough to attend this school but then again who wouldn't? Getting invited and or accepted to Daichi was one of the greatest honors any ninja could receive in their life time.
    With a sudden gush of wind, Sasha placed her one hand over her hair and the other holding her skirt down while she cursed her family for making wear a school uniform on her way to the school in order to look ‘normal’. As the wind calmed down, she glanced towards the courtyard where a cherry blossom tree grew, and noticed that Miyuki was leaning against it while staring off in the other direction in deep thought. Find it to be the perfect opportunity to get the jump on her friend, Sasha dashed in the direction of her blind spot and sneaked up behind her. Without warning the girl wrapped her arms around the distracted girl and hugged her tightly while whispering in her ear. “Gotcha Missy~! A ninja should never drop their guard, who knows who could be after them.” Not being able to stay serious with Miyuki, the black haired girl began to giggle while loosening her grip on her friends waist.
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  4. Miyuki Suzumiya

    Before she knew what was coming, Miyuki jumped when someone had embraced her. She looked over her shoulder to see her friend, Sasha, embracing her. The girls giggled in unison not long before calming down. Miyuki smiled, "I was just looking for you! You were always good at sneaking up on me." She huffed cutely and crossed her arms. "What's up with that get up Sasha? Is that what we were supposed to wear here?" She teased her friend, sticking her tongue out like a child. "Too bad I "lost" mine, they will just have to deal with it.." She giggled, bluffing, she wouldn't be caught wearing a uniform, they were oh so unstylish.

  5. Sasha Wakahisa
    Sasha smiled playfully at her friend as she slowly moved from behind her in order to face Miyuki as she fixed her tie. "You make sneaking up on you too easy that's why, haha." Ever since they were young, Sasha had always been light on her toes while Miyuki always seemed to be distracted by her own thoughts which just made her an easy victim of scares. As Miyuki made fun of her uniform, Sasha playfully smacked her arm while putting on a grumpy face. "Its not like I wanted to dress like this. My folks thought it would be best if I 'blended' on my way here so people would stare. You know how much I hate attention and besides.." Sasha looked down at her uniform and smiled softly as she did a small turn. "I think it looks great on me~! I bet you're just jealous of how cool I look in it." The black hair girl stuck her tongue out playfully as she giggled at her own comment but suddenly stopped when she realized that the school was pretty empty. She began to wonder if either everyone was late or were just hiding inside the buildings like she would have done if she had not spotted Miyuki.
  6. Ren Yu
    The 16 year old teen grudgingly walked to his classroom. His eyes scanned the vacant hallways. Everything was shimmering clean from the top of the doors to the corners on the ground. Not surprising for Daichi Academy. Looking out the window, the scenery of trees and mountains blew him away. Branches rustled against the cool breeze and petals of flowers flew across the school grounds. The sky allowed few clouds in the morning sky, but that didn't seem to matter for the sunlight beamed through, making its way onto the ground. The image reminded Ren of his home back in the countrysides of China. By the time Ren reached his classroom, nobody was in sight. Maybe the high school didn't have many students attending, seeing how Daichi Academy was pretty elite. Opening the slide door, he stepped inside, making his way to the back desk closest to the window. His eyes closed gently, as he prepared for his five minute snooze.
  7. Kimiko Azuma
    The white haired kunoichi mumbled groggily in her sleep, one pale green eye peeling slowly open as the harsh light from the sun glared and attacked her vision, forcing her to submit to momentary blindness. She muttered angrily, something about not being able to get rest without disruption, before sighing heavily and fixing herself into an upright position. She moved slowly, carefully, her joints aching from the unsavory position she had fixed herself in roughly fifteen minutes prior, hoping to quickly work in a nap to her busy schedule. Things already weren't off to a good start, while she could have been exploring and getting accustomed to her surroundings, she decided to sleep. Under the ominous shade of one of many cherry blossom trees. She yawned, stretching her body, her joints and limbs becoming looser and much less aggravated, she could feel her body returning quickly to its previous state. She mewed like a kitten, stumbling forward from the refuge of the tree. Her vision blearily adjusted to the pale yellow light, making out two figures that stood in the near distance. She placed her arm in front of her face to enhance her vision and block out the sun, but she couldn't quite make out the figures... "Huh, whatever..." She muttered to herself, deciding not to pay much heed, making her way slowly towards the school.
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  8. Miyuki Suzumiya
    Miyuki shook her head, "Yes because blending in would be wearing the school uniform, if anything you draw more attention.." She giggled and ruffled her friend's hair. Wherever they went, together they always were the center of attention. Sasha with her sophisticated look and herself with her own style and attitude. Miyuki smiled at her warmly watching her turn, "It looks good on you, you naturally have that sophisticated school girl look.." She teased and flipped her hair. She looked around before saying, "Maybe we should head into the building now, doesn't look like anyone could be out here.." She grabbed her friend's hand and started walking toward the building entrance, dragging Sasha along with her...
  9. Sasha Wakahisa
    Sasha couldn't help but make an angry face when her friend decided to ruffle her hair out of place but brushed it off when she so kindly agreed on her look. As the girl fixed her messed up hair, she couldn't help but notice a sudden movement in one of the cherry blossoms near them but was cut off when Miyuki grabbed her hand. "H-hey no need to drag me I'm not a rag doll." The girl glanced once more towards the the tree and saw a girl with white hair walking towards one of the buildings. 'Maybe she will be in one of our classes..' Shaking that thought from her mind, Sasha picked up her paced to walk beside of Miyuki while worming her hand out of her tight grip.
    As the two girl chatted on their way to class, Sasha couldn't help but notice that the school was unbelievably clean and was quite empty. She didn't see anyone or even hear so much as a squeak anywhere within the building, which made her wonder where the teachers were. "Hey Miyuki don't you think its, well, weird that we haven't met a single soul around here? Its like.." Right when the girls arrived at their classroom, Sasha opened the sliding door and saw a boy already in class sleeping. "...it's empty..." She finished her sentence in a whisper so she wouldn't awaken the sleeping classmate. Glancing over at her friend, she gave her an 'what should we do' look while pointing to the guy.

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  10. Kimiko Azuma
    Kimiko groggily made her way into the school building. Save from the two figures, the place was a ghost town. Maybe that was for the better... God, she hated large groups of people. This place was supposed to be for the best right? She'd see how good they were. After all, she always appreciated a challenge. Maybe someone here would be actually worth the effort... She didn't want to get her hopes up, for now all she knew was that her head was pounding and her mood was sour. She raked a hand through her thick white hair, approaching the school building, she went straight for her assigned classroom. Well, no harm in being a little early, right? What else had she to do? Absolutely nothing. Boring. Once she got there, the sliding door was blocked by two female figures and instantly she grimaced. They were staring at something... Tch... What a bother... She moaned to herself, she felt about as patient as a tiger chasing a wounded gazelle. She decided not to say anything, god forbid the two sprightly women get offended, so she just shrugged and moved forward. She deliberately pushed past them, but still managed to breeze right past them with animal like grace. "Tch..." She sneered, glancing back at them, before making her way into the classroom. In there, she spotted another person, sleeping, perhaps? It must have been what they were standing staring at. Hm, might as well save them the bother of waking him up themselves... "Oi, wake up." She rapped her knuckles on the desk, loud enough to disturb his slumber but not sharp enough to startle him. She leaned back against the window, arms folded. Her head began to throb, so to dull the persistant hammering she pinched her nose bridge, closing her eyes tightly. God... Why am I even here? When I could be back with them...
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  11. Miyuki Suzumiya


    While Miyuki was dragging her friend inside she glanced at her, wondering what she was looking at. Her eyes traveled in the same direction as her friend's, spotting a female with white hair. She shook her head and continued forward, not paying any mind to the other student. When they arrived in the class they were assigned to, she crossed her arms. Not bothering whispering ,she spoke aloud, "Well there is someone right here dozing off... and maybe I guess it is weird that we haven't seen much of anyone around.. Maybe it's a test or something?" She gave a questioning glance to her friend before looking back at the male. "Well, it doesn't matter anyway, we don't need teachers supervising us.." Before she could do anything else, she saw the same female outside brush past her. She had a sour face now. Shaking her head she gave the girl a dirty look back. Slipping a dagger out from under her sleeve, while the female wasn't paying attention, she threw the dagger right past her head, smiling at her. "Welcome to Daichi Academy.." She smartly remarked before turning to leave. "Let's go Sasha, I think we may be in the wrong class, this one is full of ignorant fools..." Miyuki started walking away, heading toward a training facility..
  12. Akira was wandering through the halls, he was very lost and tired and just wanted to lie down.
    His huge green and blue eyes darted across the halls searching for any sign of life, he could hear noise coming from farther down the hall.
    his feet barely lifted off the ground and he brushed some blonde hair off his pale face. he decided to just give up he sat down on the ground and stretched for his toes touching his forehead to hid knees, closing his eyes then taking out a small water bottle and taking a sip.
  13. Kimiko Azuma
    As if on cue, a dagger whizzed right past her head. White strands of hard defiantly danced around her face, clearly intimidated by the sharp metal, before settling softly back on her cheek. Hmm? Kimiko, however, didn't so much as move a muscle. Instead, she opened her eyes. Slowly, she glared back at the female who threw it. At her comment, her eyebrow rose ever so slightly, her eyes cold and extremely disinterested. How bothersome... What a brat. Her eyes narrowed in irritation, why were people so childish? She turned to leave with her friend, so Kimiko smirked. She called out to her, her voice icy and completely monotonous. "Maybe that's for the better." She tugged the dagger out of the wall with one swift motion, flipping it around to hold the business end before slamming it down harshly on the table in front of her, splintering the wood. "Better an ignorant fool than a brat with a terrible aim." She scoffed before turning her head away, eyes closed tightly once more. Despite her rebuttal, it was obvious Kimiko couldn't care less about what was going on. Just another idle waste of time... If she knew anything about anybody, this female clearly though she was the best of the best. "Oi, Sasha, is she daft? Class is starting pretty soon, wouldn't be too impressive if you just walked out." She remarked calming, but her voice was threatening, cold. She sat atop the window sill, fixing her gaze outside the window. "Ne, Sasha. You don't still resent me, do you?" Her eyes flickered to Sasha's, a kunoichi she had went on a mission with once. They weren't overly friendly, but it was a start compared to the other insufferable female she had walked in with.
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  14. Akira decided to get up and head to the sound he heard earlier he would love to just stay sitting but he had to do something, right?
    So he picked himself up and walked along the hallway silent and poked his head round the corner to see a girl with white hair on a window sill and a
    knife in a table. Brilliant he thought daggers in tables this room seems safe.
    he trudged into the room just standing there awkwardly thinking he could just shuffle out of the room and go read or stretch or something, but
    he had to be more social apparently, he just didn't like people he was a naturally grumpy person.
  15. Miyuki Suzumiya
    Miyuki stepped in a training facility, not paying attention whether her friend came with or stayed. She took a deep breath and sighed softly. Skipping class wouldn't hurt just this once, plus there weren't any teachers around anyway. She only had so much patience when it came to people like that girl. "Honestly, what a pain in the ass.." She thought and shook her head. She slid a screen open which revealed an outside area where some training could be done too. It was fenced in and there was equipment set up. She slid against the doorway, sitting down and leaning her back against it. Staring out into the distance, her mind went elsewhere, to the time when she was a child...
    "Hahaha, look at her what a weakling.." Other kids taunted and teased a defenseless little girl, stoning her, prodding and poking her with sticks. She cried, curled up in a ball. It wasn't her fault she was born differently from the others. A little boy grabbed her by her hair and swung her around, holding a kunai in his hand. "Look at her eye what a freak! What do you say, why don't we gave you a haircut?" He spat words out at her and began slicing off her silky aqua locks. The girl kicked and flailed her arms, but it was no use, others had pinned her down and started hurting her, while her hair was being cut off. Once the boy was done he laughed, "Now everyone can see that gross eye of yours you freak! Get out of here we don't need anyone like you around, why don't you just die!" He was about to slash her with the kunai before another girl jumped in front of him and put a dagger to his throat. "Leave her alone, or else you'll be killed instead.." Everyone backed away, afraid of the girl, knowing she was well trained and famous among the kids. The boy dropped the kunai and ran away with the rest of his gang, still yelling words off in the distance. The girl turned toward the other, hand out and smiled, "Hi, I'm Sasha, what's your name?"...
    Shaking her head Miyuki touched her bandaged eye which was hidden underneath her bangs. She swore that day she would get stronger just like her friend and be able to defend herself, especially against people like the one she encountered earlier. She hated when people looked down on her and wouldn't accept it. Miyuki threw a dagger towards a bullseye, hitting it right in the middle. "Bad aim my ass.." She snorted and hopped onto the grass, retrieving her dagger from the target. She unsheathed her katana and gained her stance. With a swift slice across the target's neck, she sliced the head clean off. She continued to practice her blows on the target, not breaking a single sweat..
  16. Akira studied the knife on the table, not touching it though he put his face right in front of it he ran a long finger over the blade.
    his finger began to bleed. He licked his finger and took the knife out of the table.He held it in two hands lifting it up and down.
    "mmmmm..." he hummed and took the knife by its handle and spun it in his right hand "yeah thats a good knife, perfect weight, good for harsh throwers
    nice handle" he babbled on about the knife and smiled as his hand moved to his neck and he pulled out a leather stringed necklace with a silver locket on the end and rubbed it. he then slid the knife into his bag. and got up to leave the room trudging out the door heading for the training facility.
    He slid open the doors not noticing or caring if anyone else was there. He took out the knife and took it in his right hand, stood straight and took aim.
    He threw and hit his target.Pleasure coursed through his veins.
  17. Ren Yu
    The male's eyes flickered, eventually opening to a wake. He glanced outside the window, up into the sky. The sun had altered from its previous spot. Must have slept for too long. Not that it really mattered or anything, teachers weren't present and more than half of the class didn't even show up. Ren slowly lifted his head only to find a fair girl of silver-white hair. Swinging a dagger around her index finger, she glared across the room. Just from the minuscule observation, Ren figured the two females didn't click. The two of them better learn to get along, or Ren figured he wouldn't be sleeping again any time soon. Leaning back onto the seat, he extended his arms, stretching himself awake from his slumber. Slightly yawning, he spoke, "So...is class going to start or what? I'm tired of wasting my time waiting." He slightly adjusted the leather headband which kept his jet-black hair in place.

  18. Miyuki Suzumiya
    Miyuki had sheathed her katana once she was done playing with the dead target. "This isn't fun with dead toys.." Feeling a little better now she began heading into the room again before stopping by the door. She watched a boy throw her dagger into a practice target. Scrunching up her nose, she walked into the room toward the target, retrieving the dagger to its rightful owner, her. Sliding it in her belt, she faced the male. "Nice throw.. But I believe this belongs to me.." She smiled sweetly..
  19. "Ahh, i found it in a classroom thought i might try it out" he explained mesmerised by the girls hair he had never seen anything quite like it, well then again he barely ever went out so it didnt surprise him how beautiful her hair looked to him.
    "well i have plenty, so i wont miss it, its a nice knife by the way" he chirped excited by the talk of knifes
  20. Kimiko Azuma
    Her eyes flickered to the male who had seemingly walked in straight after the other female flounced out of the room. Tch. Pathetic. Running from a little discomfort did absolutely nothing for you, and it certainly didn't make you a stronger person. She was hardly singing her own praises... She just didn't have the patience to care. The male from across the room strode over, taking the kunai she had hurtled at her out of the wood. She watched him with an arched eyebrow, but other than that her face remained stoic. He cut himself... Licked the blood... Then left. Certainly the school for the sane, that was one thing she could say about it. She sighed heavily, pinching her nose bridge once more. "This is all so... Pointless." She muttered incredulously to herself, this was an unrequited waste of her goddamn time. She didn't even want to attend this school. What benefit could it possibly do her? This was a school for the shinobi, not cold-blooded killers. Many failed to realize, there is a difference. She was torn from her pensee of thoughts as the male who had previously been sleeping stirred from his slumber, at long last, and spoke. She folded her arms, glancing away with the pained expression of boredom embedded deeply into her face. "Whatever. This is a waste of time anyway." She spoke rather harshly, but lightened up a bit with a disheartened sigh. "This is ridiculous."
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