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  1. Heya there! Welcome! ^^ I've got a bunch of time on my hands recently, and I always want some more art practice, so why not start an art thread? I hope you enjoy your visit~

    Other than NSFW and furries/anthros, I'm open to drawing anything, animals, humans, or otherwise. I'm fine with drawing fanart and pairings as well, lgbtq+ or otherwise. ^^ I would like it if you provide a photo reference or a detailed written description. If it's not too much trouble, I would also like a personality description or a pose reference to flesh out the character.

    Payments will be accepted through paypal. I ask that I be paid after I show you the rough sketch of the subject, OR beforehand if you're only requesting a sketch. (Due to current situations, this will be non-applicable until the 21st.

    - - - - - - N E W S - - - - - -

    [BCOLOR=#800000]2016/8/5[/BCOLOR] - Taking free requests until the twenty-first of August. Due to being out of country and in a heavily censored area with limited online access, many websites are inaccessible for me until the twenty-first. Please, no links to Tumblr or Deviantart; if you must take links from these two sites, please post them in image form. c:

    I will also not be taking any paid commissions until after the twenty first.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    [Prices are headshots/torso/fullbody respectively]
    Sketch Examples($2/3/4 USD) (open)

    Lined($5/7/8 USD) (open)

    Lineless($10/12/14 USD) (open)

    *Sketches will be blue ink on gray background unless otherwise specified
    **Additional characters are +$1-4 USD, depending on the style; scenic, detailed backgrounds are +$2-6 USD depending on style

    If y'all have any questions, feel free to ask!!!
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  2. @Daices does the free requests mean full body? Or just the sketches? Cause I'd love to get some couple art if you'd want me to drop a reference bomb for you? ^^
  3. They mean fullbody, or anything you want! ^^ Seeing as I need the practice, I have the time, and don't have reliable access to sites like PayPal, all requests are for free regardless of style. c:
  4. Heya! I have something needing drawing XD I'll edit in the pertinent information as I come across it myself :P

    Gimme a good ref or a detailed description, what style you want, face/torso/fullbody, then personality description so I can decide on a pose/give me a specific pose or expression

    Lineless Fullbody

    Foolishly optimistic, a sort of blind hope that laughs even in the face of danger. Always jovial and determined even to the end.

    references (open)



    more inc.
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  5. Can you access Imgur?

    req information to add in vvv

    to be added
  6. @noahex I will be able to in a couple of days. ^^ I have a few art requests to get through anyways, so it shouldn't be a problem. c:
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