Daddy's Little Angel

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  1. "Oh, my sweet Josie...," a low, masculine voice whispered in the darkness.

    The young woman, twenty years of age but smaller than most, just five foot three, sat up on her mattress and squinted in the darkness. She had been in this situation many times before, but each time her heart always propitiated and her brow grew wet with sweat. As her eyes began to adjust in the black of her bedroom, she caught the figure of a burly, rather portly looking man towards the doorway. Jim's hair was a mess on top of his head; he had probably been sleeping in his bedroom down the hall with her mother nearby, and the thought made Josie ill.

    The floorboards creaked underneath his weight as he stepped forward, and Josie brought her comforter against her chest, her heart beating madly. Considering the size of her childhood room, it did not take long for Jim to reach out. And suddenly his hand was on her hair, stroking it gently and pushing it behind her ears.

    "I promise you'll like it again, sweetie pie. Just like last night..."
  2. Will was a man of 30 years of age and was much taller than Josie. The only difference was that the two were in love with each other. He was 6' even and had served a great Army career before coming into this town and becoming friends with Josie's family and even closer with Josie. They were intimate but they had to be secretive with their relationship lest her abusive stepfather would come in and hurt her even more that usual. Will was sure he could beat the shit out of Jim and he so wanted to but he never could get the chance. For him, Josie was everything and getting her out of there would be the best thing for the two of them.

    It was late in the night when Will got a text from Josie saying that her stepfather was up to something. When he got that text, he got in his truck with his army gear on, in case something happened, and rushed over to Josie's house as fast as he could. He banged on the door loud to wake/stop anyone in the house. Failing in getting a response, he unlocked the door from a key Josie gave him one day in case he had to use it. He rushed over to her bedroom and found Jim right next to her, probably getting ready to do something. "Jim." He was stern and ready to kick ass.
  3. Josie's intention had not been to get Will to come over - she hated to say it but she was nearly used to his treatment by now - but relief washed through her when she heard the front door unlock and his tall, muscular figure appear in the doorway. Will had always been a good friend of hers and though they had never been intimate, she knew that he saw her as more as than a friend. Only, with the things going on at home and Jim always taking her at night, she didn't want to start anything.

    Jim turned to see Will standing in the doorway, but he nearly unphased. His breath was heavy with alcohol and Josie imagined that was why he hadn't realized the true danger that stood now between him and his step-daughter.
    He wobbled over to the door and began to shut Will out, mumbling, "get out of here, kid. This is my fun time..."
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    Will prevented Jim from locking him out. Forcefully. "No it ain't Jim. I saw enough." He pushed the door to make the man stumble onto the floor. "Josie's getting out of here. Tonight. With her stuff. I'm not letting her stay here any longer with your ass you motherfucking rapist piece of shit!" Will didn't attack him but he would if he had to. "Get the fuck out of this room so the two of us can be alone without your bullshit." He got Jim up and began to drag him out of the room, making sure he couldn't get near Josie. No one was going to abuse her tonight or any other night.
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    Josie watched with wide eyes as Will forced the man from her room. Her eyes were teeming with tears when he finally reentered, and the moment that he had shut and locked the door behind them, just for safety's sake, she stood from the bed and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing. She had never told Will the full extent of what was happening with Jim, but judging from her aversion to touching and especially having sex, she imagined that he would gather enough from it all.

    Finally she pulled away and looked up at him, blue eyes big and wide and filled with tears still. "Are we really leaving?" she asked softly.
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    Will knew from when he first saw Jim next to Josie that something was up. He could guess when he first met her. His suspicions were confirmed in any event. He held her hands after she hugged him. "Yes we are leaving. Let's get your things and get them in my truck. You're not coming back here again." He smiled and turned the light on to help with getting Josie out of this resident hellhole. "And Jim won't be following you or abusing you again. I will make sure of that Josie." He began to pack her things.
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    Josie did not reject the idea; she knew that she needed to get out of here or she was going to go crazy. Jim had defiled her one too many times, and Josie was very thankful that Will had come to her rescue. She didn't want to bring too much with her, she just threw in a handful of panties, some clothing and what money she had laying around. When they were finished she smiled softly at Will, who now had her pink duffel bag in her hand.
    She sighed softly and wrapped her slender arms around his neck, "oh, thank you, Will."
    It was not long before they hopped into his truck and drove off. Josie at this point did not care where they went or if Will wanted anything from her. Anything would be better than what Jim had down to her. Josie brought her legs up against her chest and sighed softly as they rode the highway, headlights lighting the way.
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    Eventually they arrived at Will's place and Will got her and her things out of the truck in a tender way, laying her on his only bed and her things on the floor. "Sorry that there's only one bed. I guess we'll have to share." He chuckled and held Josie in a protective hug. "Don't worry. Everything will be better from here on out. I'll make sure of it." He kissed her on the lips and smiled. "And I won't do anything like what that man did to you. Only if you want to Josie." He kept holding her and stroked her back and ran his hands through her hair. "Only if you want it."
  9. Want it? Josie certainly did not want to go through that again... And though she knew that Will would act nothing like her rude and vulgar step father she was still a little apprehensive about making love to him. After all who would want to be with a woman that been brutally raped by a man multiple times that was meant to be her protector and guider? She had lost her biological father to cancer when she was only two but Jim had never taken his place and never would. As far as Nosie was concerned she had need had and will need have a father figure in her life.

    She buried her face into his chest and took a deep sigh inwards. She was still afraid and scarred from what Jim has done but at he same time she was glad to be out of there and with Will. He had always promised to help her I'd something was wrong and though she had never said the word. She was glad that he had come for her this time around.
    "I just ... I just need to rest right now. Is that ok, Will?" she asked quietly.
  10. Will put Josie into the bed and kissed her goodnight. "Goodnight Josie." He smiled and went to sleep next to her, holding her to reassure her safety. The next day would have Will waking up to fix Josie breakfast in bed. He brought it to her and gently woke her up. "Morning Josie. Did you sleep well?"

    Well sort of. Most of his morning was spent doing his routine and securing the house everywhere to keep that drunk out. He was just glad to be with Josie again.
  11. Josie groggly blinked awake and stared in Will's handsome face. Sleep and age had done him well; his dark hair clung to his forehead, and his angular jaw was precisely masculine, deep and defined. Josie loved him dearly but had always distanced herself because of what Jim had been putting her through. She had not wanted to bring someone else, especially someone like Will, into this.

    "It... I sleep okay," she nodded her head slightly. In all honesty she had been prone to nightmares, ideas of Jim breaking in and killing them all. That man turned very angry when he drank too much and Josie knew it would only be a matter of time before he came to Will's place to track her down.

    She graciously took the breakfast platter from Will and began to nibble at her food. She wasn't entirely feeling good, but knew she would have to keep up her energy. She cast her eyes downward slightly, "I am sorry that I have put you through this, Will."
  12. "No no no Josie. Don't be sorry." He reassured her that there was nothing to be sorry about. He sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. "There's nothing to be sorry about. I have no regrets about helping you out. It's all ok." He kissed her on the cheek and smiled. Today we're going to get you settled in here and forget about that man. We're not speaking of him again." Will walked around his place fixing it up so that Josie could be more comfortable in it. He returned a short while later to keep her company. In all honesty, Will thought she needed someone around to keep her safe so why not him?
  13. Josie quietly ate her food and re-evaluated the situation in her head. She was very thankful and relieved that Will had saved her, but the same time, she knew that she would ahve to go back eventually. She was in her first year of college only, with no place to live and barely a penny to her name. She knew that Will would gladly accept her with open arms but she certainly did not want to put that burden on him. She knew that he loved her as she loved him, but still, it was not fair to put that on him... in my ways, she was still a small child.

    When he re-entered the room Josie had put the half-eaten breakfast on the side table, her stomach rumbling in protest of the food.
    She looked at Will as he sat on the edge of the bed and just surveyed his expression for a moment. He always looked so determined, no doubt a result of his intense army training and the train that he had served.
    Josie put her head down slightly, "they are family, I know that I will have to go back. I cannot simple stay here, forever, Will. What's in that for you? You know I am broken and what if I never heal? You won't want me, I know that."
  14. "Josie..." Will knew she had to if she had no other choice. "Don't worry. I don't mind at all." He was sincere that Josie wouldn't burden him but at the same time, teaching her everything and taking care of her would be a very daunting task. He would help in any way he could but she had to accept his help first. Will wasn't going to let her go back to that abusive hellhole if he could help it. Before he could speak, he heard a pounding of a very angry drunk at the door. "Shit." He found them already. Will threw his combat vest and helmet on, locked Josie in the bedroom, and met the drunk at the door. "What do you want?"
  15. Though Jim's eyes were droopy and he was stumbling around a bit, he was completely sober - most likely just going through withdrawal and completely distraught over the loss of his step daughter. They all knew that eventually her mother would find out the truth and probably dump him over this. And though Josie knew that her mother was happy with this man, she doubted that she would love him when she found out that he had been raping her daughter after he bedded her. Josie cringed at the mere thought of it.

    He leaned against the column at the front of the house and looked up at Will, he stood a good few inches taller than him and was probably twice as wide across the shoulders. "Look, kid," he mumbled, wiping the sweat from his brow, "that's my kid in there. You best be giving her back to me and her ma, because she needs someone who can take good care of her. You're jumping to conclusions, I was just bringing her a glass of water last night. Whatever she told you is probably just a nightmare or some silly stupid those kids make up."
  16. Will didn't buy it. "So all that talk was just warming her up for her water?" He knows what rape looked like and he knew then that something was going to happen. "Jim, you're not going to get her back for a long while. I saw what you were about to do so why don't you get out before something happens." He closed and locked the door, making sure he couldn't barge his way in. He returned to Josie and hugged her. "I hate that man so much..." Then he asked about her college education and what else he could to do help her.
  17. Luckily it was the beginning of summer and Josie would not have to return to college for several months. At this rate she wasn't sure if she'd be able to go back because Jim's hefty bank account had paid for it all. Right now she was not about the worry about that, though. Instead she just curled herself against Will on the couch, almost like a child would, in his lap. She sniffed softly and clung to him like a koala, feeling his warmth and protection. Above all else, he had cared for her and loved her dearly; why couldn't he have always been in her life?

    Josie looked up at Will and sniffled against, running her hand along his neck and muscular shoulder. She murmured, "I wish that my father had been like you, Will. Strong and protective... not letting any harm come to me. You will make a good daddy to someone, someday." She smiled softly and kissed his cheek.
  18. Will kissed her back. "It's ok's ok..." He hugged her all the same. He had the cash and the time to help Josie out...but raising her? Was the man up for this? Could he raise Josie like a father? There wasn't anything else to be had here anyways. She ran away from Jim with his help after all and if she wasn't returning to Jim, he sure wasn't letting her roam the streets in an even worse situation. He figured on asking. "Why not..." He paused. "Why don't I help you have a daddy for once? A father figure in your life without the...bad your life?" He smiled. "You deserve nothing better than what you've been robbed of Josie."
  19. Josie, still cuddled happily in his lap, stared up at Will for a moment. He was dead serious she could see, and her eyes searched his, trying to understand the meaning of his words. He wanted to be her daddy? Perhaps not in the biological, traditional role, but in a position where he could protect and love, cherish and care for her. In the end, that was all that Josie had ever wanted from Jim. When her mother had first married him, she had been excited, remembering the fun times she had seen her school age friends have with their fathers. However, Jim had robbed her of her dreams early on.
    So was he giving her a second chance? It seemed so. Of course Josie did not want to backtrack and become a child again, but he was willing to teach and protect her, she was surely willing to submit to him.

    "My daddy?" she asked softly, biting at her lip. The word rolled off her tongue easily; she had never called anyone that before, never knew her real father and Jim had certainly never gained that label.
    Josie smiled softly and cupped his head, "you really mean that? You... you will, be my daddy? Take care of me?"
  20. Will nodded yes and smiled, even shedding a tear. "Yes Josie. If you want, I can be your daddy." He kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly. "You deserve that after all this time. I'm willing to teach you everything." He smiled and held her in his arms. Of course, he was committed. But was he ready? Surely this was going much farther than he originally intended but it was too late to back out. "After all, it's only up to you Josie."